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This includes fine art as well as the applied, decorative arts and
2. He is both painter and sculptor whose works, aside from painting
and sculpture, includes graphic design, printmaking and mask-
making hardwood which “merge the human and the animal”.
3. This national artist is a brilliant painter who has “upheld the
primary of drawing over the decorative color.
4. He was named as National artist for Visual Arts for his countless
contribution in Phil. Sculpture that are iconic and truly a pride of
the Filipino people.
5. Francisco coching is a comic book creator, how many comic book
novels he published?
6. Carlos Francisco is more commonly known as what?
7. He is the country’s first national artist, heralded as the “Grand Old
Man of the Philippine Art”.
8. This national artist works are often praised to have “provided an
understanding and awareness of the harsh social realities in the
9. Cesar Legaspi was recognized as the pioneer of what?
10. Victorio Edades is the ______________ in Philippine Art.
11. He was born to immigrant Chinese parents and is one of the
most talented and energetic figures who began his flourishing
career during the 1960s.
12. Napoleon Abueva is considered as the or is known as the
13. This landmark catholic chapel was designed by the late
National artist for architecture Leandro Locsin.
14. This famous theater in downtown Escolta is another of
Nakpil’s Art Deco gems done in an exaggerated, geometric style.
15. He was involved in designing several religious buildings such
as the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Tala, Caloocan, Santo
Domingo Church and the Villa San Miguel.
16. It is one of the works of Ildefonso P. Santos Jr. and has been
the chosen sanctuary for well-known personalities, celebrities,
politicians and affluent families.
17. What is the pseudonym of Jose Garcia Villa?
18. Give the 3 most famous literary works focus in Philippine
19. Together with her husband a fictionist and novelist they
founded the Siliman University National Writers Workshop.
20. It is a painting technique used by Jose Garcia Villa which the
artist uses small, distinct dots of pure color to create an image.
21. Francisco Arcellana is considered as one of the
pioneer for what?
22. What is the pen name of Nick Joaquin?
23. Philippine Film the youngest of the Philippine arts has
evolved to become the most popular of all the art forms
was introduced in what year?
24. When did the Philippines experienced its first movies?
25. The showing of the first movies in the Philippines is done
26. The first film in the Philippines was shown using a what?
27. The showing of the first Philippines film is a momentous
event in the country was envisioned by a Spaniard only
remembered by the name of what?
28. In what year did the first movie shot in the Philippines?
29. Who shot the first movie in the Philippines?
30. The contribution of this national artist to Philippine Cinema
is unparalleled with 66 films that “breathed life and hope for the
marginalized sectors of the society” according to NCCA.
31. He is considered as one of the pillars of Philippine Cinema
and directed the movie “Himala” starring Nora Aunor.
32. Fernando Poe Jr. has been given the title what?
33. He was named National Artist of the Philippines in 2003 and
one of his great works is Ganito kami Noon, Paano kayo Ngayon?
34. It is a motion picture film camera, which also serves as a film
projector and printer.
35. How many production designs do Salvador F. Bernal made
since 1969?
36. He was acknowledged as a researcher, archivist and
documentary filmmaker who broadened and deepened the
Filipino understanding of his own cultural life and expressions?
37. What is the title of the 1926 thesis research made by
Francisca Reyes Aquino that was arranged specifically for use by
teachers and playground instructors in public and private schools?
38. Leonor Orosa Gocuingco is known as the Mother of what?
39. She co-founded the barangay theatre guild in 1939 which
paved the way for the popularization of theatre and dramatic arts
in the country, utilizing radio and television.
40. He is the forerunner in institutionalizing “legitimate theater”
in the Philippines.
41. In what school did Severino Montano established a graduate
program for the training of playwrights, directors, technicians,
actors, and designers.
42. He is the founder and artistic director of the UP mobile
theater, leading the way for the concept of a theater campus by
bringing theater closer to students and audiences in the
43. Francisco Sionil Jose is a prolific Filipino writer whose works
have been translated in more than how many languages?
44. Virgilio S. Almario is a Filipino poet and historian and is also
known in what name?
45. What is the title of the novel written by Amado V.
Hernandez of which he wrote it while being in prison?