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Goose Creek Friends

Newsletter January 2019

Goose Creek Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Lincoln, Virginia

Queries for First Month:

Meeting for Worship Virginia State Delegate Wendy Gooditis,
• In what ways do I prepare my heart and mind to
a long-time Member of Goose Creek
receive the power of God’s presence and love? Friends Meeting, has invited Friends from
• How does worship deepen my relationship with the our Meeting to open the Virginia House of
Divine? How is this inspiration carried over into my Delegates Regular Session on Wednesday,
daily life? January 23, 2019. A brief introduction
• Are our Meetings for Worship held in expectant will be followed by a silent worship in the
waiting for Divine guidance?
manner of Friends.
• When direction seems lacking, is this seen as a
challenge to a more prayerful search for truth?
• How does our worship inspire our Meeting’s activities? On January 22, Peace and Social Concerns will be in
Richmond to participate in the Virginia Interfaith Center
for Public Policy’s annual “Day for All People.” All
Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Friends are invited to join them in this day of advocacy at
Concern for Business: First Month the General Assembly.
The Clerk read a holiday note from Joe and Karen Our discussion of the 2018 spiritual state of the Meeting,
Evans. Joe’s address is available to Friends who might preparatory to writing our annual report to Baltimore
wish to write to him, as well as the restrictions on what Yearly Meeting, has been moved to February 10 at the
mail can be received by incarcerated persons rise of Meeting.
in Maryland.
Friends discussed support of the Equal Rights
A memorial meeting for Linda Welsh was held in good Amendment, which is scheduled to appear for a vote
order on January 5, 2019. All the Friends who helped before the Virginia legislature. In the meantime, both
with the memorial were thanked. the ERA itself and the proposed letter will be circulated
A Mosby Heritage Area Association group will make a by email.
brief stop at the Meeting House on Saturday, January 12.
On January 13, 4:00 pm
Friends approved in concept an open-invitation poetry
reading to be held at the Meeting House, the date to be Goose Creek Meeting has partnered with St. Andrew
determined. Presbyterian Church in Music with a Cause. The next
recital, on January 13, will present internationally
The Nominating Committee will circulate a 2019 acclaimed artists Brian Ganz, pianist, and Magdalena
committee list so that Friends can check its accuracy. Wor, mezzo-soprano, in a program entitled "Chopin:
Chuck Hedges volunteered to be our representative to Spirit of Poland," at St. Andrew (711 W. Main Street,
Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Purcellville). The recital will benefit the Loudoun Free
For the Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Sheila Clinic. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door;
Kryston reported on committee members’ meeting in ages 17 and under admitted free. For more information
November with the Friends Committee on National visit or call 540-338-4332 during
Legislation, and the excellent training they received in business hours.
how to lobby legislators and their aides. Their lobbying
went well, and Sheila thanked Meeting for its financial
and emotional support. Continued on next page g
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From Lee Lawrence:

On January 13,
Because of my interest in the Quaker village of Lincoln,
Virginia, and its 19th century history, I've created a at the rise of Meeting:
website to tell some of the villagers' stories, experiences, After meeting on January 13, Miriam Westervelt will
and history, using original or primary source documents, offer a presentation of the doctoral work she recently
such as letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and memoirs. completed on  “Gender dimensions of land change
The website is called "Nest of Abolitionists,” a phrase among indigenous Maasai in southern  Kenya.”
used to describe local Quakers in a letter to Samuel M. Prolonged drought is having severe gender impacts in
Janney from an acquaintance in Baltimore. The address her study area. A local woman will walk 10 miles or
for the website is: more to find water and carry as much as 45 pounds of
water home on her back.  Mimi will offer local  craft
If you are interested, please look at the website and tell items for purchase to support efforts to dig wells.
me if you like it or if you wish that something about it An article Mimi recently published on the topic is
would be changed. I'm hoping that someone might know available at
more history they would be willing to share, or have s10745-018-0034-7 /
relevant photographs that could be included on the site.
I want to be respectful; I know that much of the history I
am sharing on the website is of your ancestors.  in one-on-one conversations. For details, or to register:
The website does not focus on spiritual or religious
matters; rather, it tells cultural and social history. 2019 BYM Women’s Retreat – January 25-27
In particular, the emphasis is on abolitionism and Pearlstone Retreat Center (www.pearlstonecenter.
experiences during the Civil War. The website may be org), Reisterstown, MD Worship, chanting, workshops,
of interest to historians or anyone wanting to learn more crafts, worship sharing, eating, napping, and a special
about the 19th century lives of the men and women of this performance by Playback Theater! For more information,
remarkable little village. Thank you for any time you give visit
to looking at this little effort to honor our history! Young Friends will meet February 22-24 at Sandy
Spring Friends Meeting.
Baltimore Yearly Meeting:
Quaker scholarships: Every year BYM sends us Meeting News
information about a number of Quaker scholarships.
Most are for undergraduates, some also cover graduate We were pleased to see Hannah Devinney, back for a
school or Friends high schools. Recently we received visit. She finished Trinity College Dublin’s program in
information on the Jonathan Taylor Scholarship Fund for Computer Science and Language last May, and formally
students attending Swarthmore College (contact Cynthia graduated (per Trinity’s custom) in December. Last
Maier:, and the Miles August Hannah began a Masters program in Speech and
White Beneficial Society Scholarships for undergraduates Language Processing at the University of Edinburgh.
connected to Friends Meetings within BYM (http://www. We are thinking of Frannie Taylor with love and sympathy in the wake of the death of her brother, Allen Carney.
January 19 – BYM Change Group Training: Mabel Ann Brown Barefoot, a member of this meeting,
Hold Space for Transformation Frederick Friends died on December 8. She joined Goose Creek Friends
Meeting (Frederick, MD) The ad hoc Growing Diverse meeting in 1947 when her family lived in Martinsburg,
Leadership Committee and the Working Group on WV. During her childhood she spent a lot of time in
Racism invite you to this free Change Group training to the stone Meeting House with her grandparents, Mabel
realize our vision of overcoming racism and becoming and Lawrence Taylor, and she continued to feel a
a multicultural religious society. The lead facilitator is strong connection to Lincoln and Goose Creek Meeting
Dr. Amanda Kemp, assisted by Dr. Erika Fitz. Both are throughout her life. She enjoyed arranging flowers and
members of a Lancaster Monthly Meeting. Each training was a talented artist, creating folk-style paintings and
session will be from 10am to 5pm (with an hour lunch using Toleware. Most recently, Ann shared her Quaker
break). The Hold Space for Transformation strategy helps heritage with her daughter, Diane Wood, her cousin
us facilitate and participate in difficult conversations Karen Taylor Thatcher, and her husband Fred Barefoot
about racism without losing our voices or our cool. It’s by attending several events at Goose Creek, including our
a form of mindfulness that can be used in Meetings and Bicentennial observance.
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Linda Vaughan Welsh

“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same.” . . . Flavia Weedn

December23 23rd
Linda Lindawas
Linda wasthrilled
thrilled when
when Erin
Erin and
and Todd
Todd built
Welsh. She was born on Valentine's
Welsh. She was born on Valentine's Day, Day, February home right next door and was so happy
home right next door and was so happy to be able to be able
14, 1949,14inth,Newport
February 1949 in News,
Newport Virginia,
Betty Joto totowatch
Cedar and
and Eli
Eli grow
grow up.
up. Later,
Betty Vaughan and Johnand
Peck Vaughan Marshall Vaughan. Linda
John Marshall and Kelly moved right down the road with their
and Kelly moved right down the road with their
and her younger
Vaughan. Linda and sister,
herBetty (Saunders),
younger and
sister, Betty children,River,
children, River, Mason,
Mason, andand Regan.
Regan. Linda
younger brother, John (Vaughan), were
(Saunders), and younger brother, John (Vaughan),raised in proudof
proud ofErin
and Logan
Logan and
and was
was very
very supportive
the Sleepy
were raised inLakethecommunity
Sleepy Lake of community
Crittenden, Virginia
of of their career choices, especially encouraging
of their career choices, especially encouraging
(near Suffolk).
Crittenden, Virginia (near Suffolk). theminintheir
them theircreative
creative and
and artistic
artistic endeavors.
endeavors. She
was was“Cool
the “Cool
Mom” Mom” and always
and always a friend
a friend as
as well
Linda's captivationwith
led her
her to
to Radford
Radford well as a parent. Linda was “Mimi”
as a parent. Linda was “Mimi” to her five to her five
University whereshe
Art grandchildrenand
grandchildren and she
she loved
loved them
them allall dearly.
Education, notnecessarily
to teach,
teach, but
but to
to dabble
in the arts forevermore. She owned GooseCreek
in the arts forevermore. She owned Goose Creek Familyand
Family andfriends
friends were
were very
very important
important to to Linda
Country in downtown Leesburg in the 1980's with
Country in downtown Leesburg in the 1980's with and she cherished every moment
and she cherished every moment shared with shared with
Lyn Roberts, where they sold country
Lyn Roberts, where they sold country crafts. crafts. them. The
them. Thebright
bestowedalways always
accompanied friendly hugs.
hugs. InInrecent
Many friends will remember the
Many friends will remember the Christmas cardsChristmas cards greeted old and new friends with equal
greeted old and new friends with equal warmth, warmth,
that Linda made each year from
that Linda made each year from linoleum tile linoleum tile oftensharing
often sharingand and repeating
repeating familiar
familiar stories.
stories.Any Any
carvings. Invariably the cards commemorated
carvings. Invariably the cards commemorated real trip to Leesburg was an opportunity for
trip to Leesburg was an opportunity for adventure adventure
real events
family of the
of the For example,
For example,the year
thethat and
chanceto to visit
visit with
with her
her pals.
pals. She
She also
also loved
Linda was pregnant with Erin,
year that Linda was pregnant with Erin, thethe carving depicted gardening, traveling, tennis,and trips to
gardening, traveling, tennis,and trips to the beach. the beach.
an antique crib, which is how Linda
carving depicted an antique crib, which is how and Holmes
let everyone
Linda and Holmesknowlet of everyone
the pregnancy.know of the DuringMeeting
During Meeting for for Worship,
Worship, Linda
Linda sometimes
pregnancy. rose to share that she had Alzheimer's, but
rose to share that she had Alzheimer's, but she
Linda and Holmes met at Radford and married never complained or felt sorry for
never complained or felt sorry for herself. herself. Instead,
in Crittenden in 1971. In 1972, they
Linda and Holmes met at Radford and married in moved back she accepted
Instead, her fate her
she accepted withfate
withand grace,
humor and
to Loudoun County and built their
Crittenden in 1971. In 1972, they moved back to current home always positive and optimistic.
grace, always positive and optimistic.
in 1976, County
Loudoun when Erin andwasbuiltborn,
theirwith Loganhome
current shortlyin
1976, when Linda
Erin wasstayed
born home
and with
Logan theshortly
children Timesbecame
Times became moremore difficult
difficult for
for family,
family, butbutasas
until they were school aged, and then
thereafter.. Linda stayed home with the children went back Linda retreated more and more into
Linda retreated more and more into herself, she herself, she
to work
until they for
weretheschool-aged, and then laterLincoln
Loudoun Times-Mirror, went maintainedher
maintained her dignity
dignity toto the
the very
very end.
end. Linda
back to work School, and The Paint
for the Loudoun Times & Mirror,
Paper Place. havehave
may forgotten a fewa things,
forgotten but we
few things, butwill
During this time, she taught her
Lincoln Elementary School, and The Paint & children and many her always and will miss her cheerful
remember her always and will miss her cheerful spirit.
of their friends how to swim.
Paper Place. During this time, she taught her spirit.
children and many of their friends how to swim. – Peggy King
- Peggy King
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Sundays Facing Bench

Meeting for worship at 9:45 a.m. JANUARY
First Day School at 10:00 a.m. Carolyn Unger
Fellowship at 10:45 a.m. FEBRUARY
Wednesdays Debbi Sudduth

Discussion Group at 7:00 p.m.

First Day
Calendar School
JANUARY 01/06/19
Africa & Water
1.09 Wed. 6 pm Religious Education Committee Meeting
1.13 Sunday 11 am Mimi Westervelt on women 01/13/19
and water in southern Kenya Right Sharing of
World Resources
1.27 Sunday 11 am Ministry & Oversight Committee Meeting
2.3 Sunday 11 am Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business Open House!
2.10 Sunday 11 am Discussion about the spiritual state 01/27/19
of the Meeting 2018 Compassion
2.17 Sunday 11 am Meeting of committee clerks and co-clerks
2.24 Sunday 11 am Ministry & Oversight Committee meeting
Mabel Ann Brown Barefoot, December 8, 2018
Linda Vaughan Welsh, December 23, 2018
The Goose Creek Friends Newsletter
is published monthly by the
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Lincoln, VA 20160.
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Brian Burgher
Our open house about BYM Camps on January 20th at 10 AM is open to children and NEWSLETTER EDITOR
adults interested in learning more about the BYM summer camps. Children are encouraged Catherine Cox, 301-471-5330
to bring a friend and can go straight to the First Day School room to hear about Camp life.
“In worship we have our neighbors to right and left, before and behind, Goose-Creek-Friends-Meeting-
yet the Eternal Presence is over all and beneath all. Worship does not 150892438287560/?rc=p
consist in achieving a mental state of concentrated isolation from one’s DONATIONS
Please direct donations for
fellows. But in the depth of common worship it is as if we found our Goose Creek Friends Meeting to
separate lives were all one life, within whom we live and move and have Brian Burgher, P.O. Box 105
our being.” – Thomas R. Kelly, 1938 Lincoln, Virginia 20160

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