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BLOTR DATE & TIME Complete Narrative (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) Disposition

000123 June 12, 2016 Physical Injury -Case is already

prepared by this station.
8:00 PM On or about 7:30 pm, telephone call from Mr. Alivio of Prk 1, Canaway, this
city requested police assistance regarding trouble threat. Delta 1 crew together -Case is already filed
with some BFAT members immediately proceeded to the area and brought one dated June 13, 2016
living body of Jonathan Maghilum y Rosa, 35 years old, married and a residence with cc nr 800-123.
of Prk 2, Canaway, Iligan City who was causing trouble and mauled one Mario
Dela Cruz, 27 years old, single, construction worker. Victim was willing to file
charges against the suspect and was brought to Don Gregorio Memorial Hospital
for treatment.

00012 June 13, 2016 Theft Referred to Barangay

4 A certain Manuel Maghanoy y Rodriguez, 56 years old, businessman and a
6:35 AM
resident of 1st East extension, Tubod, Iligan City came to this office and
reported that his hydraulic jack placed at the back of his pick-up type multicab
that was parked outside his residence was taken by an unidentified suspect who
was later identified as one Danny Hamos y Pater, 22 years old, OSY. Suspect
was apprehended by the operatives of this office after witness positively
identified the suspect.

Lost Wallet Record Purpose

00012 June 13, 2016
5 A certain Ma. Anna Tita y Liza, 25 years old, single and a student of MSU-IIT
1:00 PM came to office and requested to put into record that her wallet containing school
ID and some pertinent documents was allegedly lost while on her way to the

ORANGE highlight : PNP handled cases

LIGHT GREEN highlight : Referred to Barangay Cases

PINK highlight : Record Purposes only