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Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

Archdiocese of Good Hope

Triodion Matins & Divine Liturgy Hymns


By the Grace of God


10 March 2019
The Feast of St Quadratos, St Cyprianos, St
PO BOX 28348 Dionysios, St Anektos, St Paul, St Crescens,
SUNRIDGE PARK St Victorinos, St Victor, St Nicephoros, St
6008 Claudios, St Diodoros, St Serapion, St
REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Papias and St Leonidas, St Charisa St Nunechia, St Vasilissa, St Nike, St Gallia,
St Galina, & St Theodora of Corinth – St Quadratos, St Saturninos, St Rufinos &
many other Holy Martyrs of Nicomedia – St Anastasia the Patrician of
Alexandria – St John Chrysostom of Khakhuli, Georgia – St Michael Mavroidi
the New Martyr of Adrianopolis

Tone (8) Plagal 4

RE-EDITED & PUBLISHED - 28 JANUARY 2019 Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators
for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
Glory to God for His Great Mercy!


16. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9
O esthion ton mi esthionta mi And let those who eat not despise
exouthenito, ke O mi esthon ton those who do not eat, and let those
esthionta mi krineto. O Theos gar who do not eat, not judge those who
Triodion Matins Hymns – Cheesefare/Forgiveness Sunday afton proselaveto.
Si tis i O krinn allotrion iketin? Who
do eat; for God has received them.
are you to judge Another’s
To idio Kyrio stiki pipti. Before his own Lord he stands or falls.
PSALM 117 /118 Stathisete de. Dinatos gar estin O Theos Indeed, he will be made to stand, for
PRAISE TO GOD FOR HIS EVERLASTING MERCY stise afton. God is able to make him stand.
Theos Kyrios ke Epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has Appeared to THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MATTHEW 6 : 14 – 21
Evlogimenos O erhomenos en us. Blessed is He Who comes in the
Onomati Kyriou! Name of the Lord! To kero ekino, ipen O Kyrios: “...Ean At that time our Lord Jesus Christ said:
1. Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti Agathos, 1. Confess the Lord, for He is Good; afite tis anthropis ta paraptomata “... if you forgive others their
oti is ton eona to Eleos Aftou! ✶ for His Mercy endures forever! ✶ afton, afisi ke imin O Patir imon O trespasses, your Heavenly Father
Ouranios. will also forgive you.
2. Panta ta Ethni ekiklosan me, ke to 2. All the Nations surrounded me, but
Onomati Kyriou inamin aftous. ✶ in the Name of the Lord I drove “Ean de mi afite tis anthropis ta “But if you do not forgive others their
them back. ✶ paraptomata afton, oude O Patir trespasses, neither will your Father
imon afisi ta paraptomata imon! forgive you your trespasses!
3. Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti 3. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is
Thavmasti en ofthalmis imon. ✶ Marvellous in our eyes. ✶ “Otan de Nistevite, mi ginesthe osper i “Furthermore, when you Fast, do not
RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION – TONE4 ipokrite, skithropi. afanizousi gar be like the hypocrites, with a sad
ta prosopa afton, opos fanosi tis countenance, for they disfigure
Ex ipsous katilthes O Efsplaghnos, tafin Thou descended from on High, O anthropis Nistevontes. their faces so that they may appear
katedexo triimeron, ina imas Tender-hearted One; Thou endured to others to be Fasting.
elevtherosis ton Pathon. I Zoi ke i the three-days’ burial, so that Thou
Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si! might free us from our passions, O “Amin lego imin, oti apehousi ton “Truly, I say to you: they have their
our Life and Resurrection: Glory to misthon afton! reward!
Thee! “Si de Nistevon, alipse Sou tin kefalin, “But you: when you Fast, anoint your
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, ke to prosopon Sou nipse, opos mi head and wash your face, so that
and to the Holy Spirit fanis tis anthropis nistevon, alla to you do not appear to others to be
Patri Sou to en to kripto. Fasting, except to your Father Who
Ex ipsous katilthes O Efsplaghnos, tafin Thou descended from on High, O is in the Secret Place.
katedexo triimeron, ina imas Tender-hearted One; Thou endured
elevtherosis ton Pathon. I Zoi ke i the three-days’ burial, so that Thou “Ke O Patir Sou O velpon en to kripto, “And your Father Who sees in secret
Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si! might free us from our passions, O apodosi Si en to fanero. will Reward you openly.
our Life and Resurrection: Glory to “Mi thisavrizete imin thisavrous epi tis “Do not lay up for yourselves
Thee! Gis, opou sis ke vrosis afanizi, ke treasures on Earth where moth and
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of ages. ipou klepte diorissousi ke kleptousi. rust destroy and where thieves
eonon. break in and steal.

Amin. Amen “Thisavrizete de imin thisavrous en “Rather lay up for yourselves

THEOTOKION - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Ourano, opou oute Sis, oute vosis Treasure in Heaven, where neither
afanizi, ke opou klepte ou moth nor rust destroys and where
O di’ imas gennithis ek Parthenou ke Thou Who for our sake was born of a diorissousin, oude kleptousin. thieves do not break in and steal.
stavrosin ipominas Agathe, O Virgin, and suffered crucifixion, O
“Opou gar estin O Thisavros imon, eki “For where your treasure is, there
Thanato to Thanaton skilefsas ke Good One, and despoiled Death
este ke i kardia imon. your heart will be also!”
egersin dixas os Theos, mi paridis ous through Death, and as God, revealed
eplasas ti Hiri Sou. Dixon tin Resurrection: despise not Thy Love
Filanthropian Sou slimon, dexe tin for mankind, O Merciful One; accept
tekousan Se Theotokon, presvevousan the Birth-giver of God Who bore
iper imon ke Soson Sotir imon, laon Thee, and Who entreats Thee for us:
apegnosmenon. and Save Thy despairing people, O
our Saviour!

2. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 15.

Anestis ek nekron, i Zoi ton apanton, ke Thou Rose from the dead, the Life of
Angelos Fotos, tes Ginexin evoa: all, and an Angel of Light cried out
Divine Liturgy Hymns – Cheesefare/Forgiveness Sunday Pafsasthe ton dakrion, tis Apostolis
evangelisasthe: Kraxate animnouse:
to the Women: Cease your tears!
Give the Good Tidings to the
4TH SUNDAY OF TRIODION - CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS - TONE (8) PLAGAL Oti Anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O Apostles! Cry aloud in Hymns that
evdokisas sose os Theos, to genos ton Christ the Lord has Risen, Who as
SMALL ENTRANCE HYMNS anthropon. God was well-pleased to Save the
human race.
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ex ipsous katilthes O Efsplaghnos, tafin Thou descended from on High, O and to the Holy Spirit
katedexo triimeron, ina imas Tender-hearted One; Thou endured Anastas ek tou Tafou os Alithos, tes When Thou had Truly Risen from the
elevtherosis ton Pathon. I Zoi ke i the three-days’ burial, so that Thou Osies prosetaxas Ginexi, kirixe tin Tomb, Thou ordered the Holy
Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si! might free us from our passions, O egersin Apostolis os gegrapte: ke Women to proclaim the
our Life and Resurrection: Glory to dromeos O Petros, epesti to Mnimati, Resurrection to the Apostles, as it is
Thee! ke to Fos en to Tafo, oron written; and Peter, coming at full
FESTAL KONTAKION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – TONE (6) PLAGAL 2 kateplitteto: Othen ke katide, ta speed, stood by the Tomb and
Othonia mona, horis tou Thiou seeing the Light in the Tomb, was
Ti Sofias Odige, froniseos horige, ton O Guide to Wisdom, Provider of Somatos, en afto katakimena: ke struck with amazement. And so he
afronon pedefta, ke ptohon iperaspista, Prudence, Disciplinarian of fools, Pistefsas evoise: Doxa Si Hriste O both saw the grave clothes lying
stirixon, sinetison tin kardian mou, and Defender of the poor – fortify Theos oti Sosozis apantas Sotir imon: there alone, without the Divine
Despotata, si didou mi logon, O tou and discipline my heart, O Master. tou Patros gar iparhis apavgasma. Body, and he believed and cried out:
Patros Logos. Idou gar ta hili mou, ou Grant me a Word, O Word of the Glory to Thee, O Christ God,
mi koliso en to krazin Si. ELEIMON, Father. For behold, I will not hinder because Thou savest us all, our
ELEISON ME TON PARAPESONTA. my lips from crying to Thee: O Saviour: for Thou art the Brightness
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.

Efxasthe ke apodote Kyrio to Theo imon. Pray and Return to the Lord your God! Amin Amen
Gnostos en ti Ioudea O Theos, en to God is known in Judah; in Israil Great is
Israil Mega to Onoma Aftou. His Name! Tin Ouranion Pilin ke Kivoton, to Let us sing Hymns in Praise of the Holy
Panagion Oros tin fotavgi, Nefelin Ark, and the Heavenly Gate and the
TODAY IS THE DAY! RIGHT NOW WE MUST BEGIN OUR REPENTANT LIFE IN CHRIST! imnisomen, tin Ouranion Klimaka, Shining Cloud, the All Holy
ton logikon Paradison, tis Evas tin Mountain, and the Heavenly Ladder,
Adelphi: nin engiteron imon i Sotiria i Brethren: now our Salvation is nearer Litrosin, tis ikoumenis pasis, to Mega the Rational Paradise, and the
ote epistefsamen. than when we first believed. kimilion, oti Sotiria, en afti Redemption of Eve, the Magnificent
I nix proekopsen - i de Imera ingiken. The night is far spent - the Day is at dieprahthi. To Kosmo ke afesis ton Treasure of the entire Universe. For
arheon egklimaton. Dia touto in Her and through Her for the
voomen afti. Presveve to So Iio ke World was Salvation accomplished
Apothometha oun ta erga tou Skotous Let us cast off the works of Darkness, Theo, ton ptesmaton afesin and Forgiveness of its ancient
ke endisometha ta Opla tou Fotos. and put on the Armour of Light. dorisasthe, tis efsevos proskinousi, transgression. Let us therefore cry
Os en imera evshimonos peripatisomen, Let us walk properly, as in the Day – not ton Panagion Tokon Sou. out to Her: Intercede with Thy Son
and our God that Remission of
mia komis ke methes - mi kites ke in revelry and drunkenness, not in
offences be bestowed on those who
aselgies, mi eridi ke zilo - all’ lewdness and lust, not in strife and
Piously Worship the All Holy Child
evdisasthe ton Kyrion Iisoun Hriston, envy - but put on our Lord Jesus
Whom Thou bore.
ke tis sarkos pronian mi piisthe is Christ, and make no provision for
epithimias. the flesh – to fulfil its lusts. SECOND RESURRECTION KATHISMA - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4

Ton de asthenounta ti Pisti Receive those who are weak in the Anthropi to Mnima Sou, Sotir Mortals sealed Thy Tomb, O Saviour;
proslavanesthe, mi is diakrisis Faith, but not to disputes over esfragisanto, Angelos ton lithon, ek an Angel rolled the stone from the
dialogismon. doubtful things. tis thiras apekilise: Ginekes door; Women saw Thee Risen from
etheasanto, egigermenon ek nekron, the dead, and it was they who gave
Os men Pistevi fagin panta, O de For one believes he may eat all things, ke afte evingelisanto tis Mathites Sou the Good Tidings to Thy Disicples in
asthenon lahana esthii. yet he who is weak, eats only

14. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 3.

en Sion: Oti enestis i Zoi ton apanton, Zion: The Life of all has Risen and tou Paradisou ikitores genesthe Fating. Hence, if we desire to
ke dielithi ta desma tou thanatou: the bonds of earth are loosed: Lord, epipothountes, apallagomen tis become Residents of Paradise, let us
Kyrie, Doxa Si! Glory to Thee! alisitelous trifis ke, Theon Kathoran separate ourselves from baleful
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, efiemeni, Mosaikos tin tetrada tis delights, and, desiring to see God as
dekados nistefsomen. Prosevhi ke ti did Moses, let us Fast the Four time
and to the Holy Spirit
deisi ilkrinos proskarterountes, Ten!. By sincerely persevering in
Ta mira tis tafis, e Ginekes komisase, The Women who brought spices for the katevnasomen tis psihis ta Prayer and Supplication, let us
fonis Angelikis, ek tou tafou ikouon: Burial heard from the Tomb an Pathimata, aposovisomen tis sarkos suppress the passions of our souls;
Pafsasthe ton dakrion, ke anti lipis Angel’s voice: Cease your tears! ta idimata. Koufi pros tin ano porian let us avert the swellings of flesh;
Haran komisasthe: kraxate And bring Joy instead of sorrow! metiomen, opou e tonAngelon horie thus lightened, let us set off on the
animnouse, oti anesti Hristos O Cry aloud in Hymns that Christ the asigitis fones tin adiareton animnousi Journey to Things Above, where the
Kyrios, O evdokisas sose os Theos, to Lord has Risen, Who, as God, was Triada, kathoran to amihanon kallos Choir of Angels in unbroken song
genos ton anthropon. well-pleased to Save the human race. ke despotikon. Eki axioson imas, Iie sing Praise to the Undivided Trinity,
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Theou Zoodota, tous epi si pepithotas, to behold the Irresistible Beauty of
eonon. sighorefse tes ton Angelon Straties, our Master. O Son of God and Giver
tes tis tekousis Se Mitros, Hriste, of Life: we who set our Hope on
Amin Amen Presvies ke apostolon ke ton Thee Entreat: Make us worthy of
THEOTOKION - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Martyron ke panton ton Agion. dancing with the Hosts of Angels, O
Epi Si Heri, Keharitomeni, pasa i ktisis, Because of Thee, O Full of Grace, all Christ, at the Intercessions of Thy
Angelon to sistima, ke anthropon to Creation rejoices: the Ranks of Mother, the Apostles, Martyrs and all
genos, igiasmene nae, ke Paradise Angels and the human race; the Saints.
logike, parthenikon kavhima: ex is Hallowed Temple and Spiritual ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Theos esarkothi, ke pedion gegonen, Paradise, Pride of Virgins: from and to the Holy Spirit
O pro eonon iparhon Theos imon. Thee God was Incarnate and He
Tin gar sin mitran, thronon epiise, ke Who is our God before the Ages
Efthase keros - i ton pnevmatikon The time has come – the start of our
tin sin gastera, Platiteran Ouranon became a little Child. For He made agonon arhi, i kata ton demonon Spiritual Contests, the Victory over
Apirgasato. Epi Si Hieri Kharitomeni, Thy Womb a Throne and caused it Niki, i panoplos egkratia, i ton demons, the full Armour of Self-
pasa i ktisis: Doxa Si! to become broader than the Angelon evprepia, i pros Theos control, the Angels’ dignity, the
Heavens. Because of Thee, O Full of parrisia. Di aftis gar Moisis gegone Confidence before God. Thereby
RESURRECTION EVLOGITARIA, Grace, all Creation rejoice: Glory to to Ktisti sinomilos ke Fonin aoratos en Moses became conversant with the
TRISAGION HYMN, THEOTOKION & Thee! tes akoes ipedexato. Kyrie, di aftis Creator, and heard the Invisible
SMALL LITANY axioson ke imas proskinise Sou ta Voice. O Lord, through Fasting,
RESURRECTION IPERKOE – TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Pathi ke tin Agian Anastasin, os make us worthy to worship Thy
Filanthropos. Passion and Holy Resurrection, as
E Myrofori tou Zoodotou, epistase ton The Myrrh-bearing Women standing at Thou Love mankind.
Mnimati, ton Despotin ezitoun, en the Tomb of the Giver of Life, were
nekris ton Athanaton: ke Haras seeking the Immortal Master among Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
Evangelia, ek tou Angelou dexamene, the dead: and when they received the eonon. ages.
tis Apostolis eminion: Oti Anesti O Good Tidings of Joy from the Angel, Amin Amen
Kyrios parehon to kosmo to Mega they revealed to the Apostles that
Eleos. Christ had Risen, granting the world THEOTOKION – GREAT DOXOLOGY &
ANTIPHON 1 Ek neotitos mou O ehthros ANTIPHON 1 From my youth, the enemy
me pirazi, tes idones flegi me. Ego de has beguiled me with temptations of
pepithos en Si, Kyrie, tropoume pleasure. But I, trusting in the Lord,
touton. have put him to shame.
I misountes Sion, genithitosan di, prin Let those who hate Zion truly become
ekspasthine os hortos. Sigkopi gar as grass, before it is uprooted, for
Hristos avhenas afton tomi vasanon. the Lord shall behead them with the
cutting sword of Torment.
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnemati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
eonon. ever and to the Ages of Ages.
Amin Amen
4. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 13.
✞Agio Pnevmati to zin ta panta, fos ek ✞Life is in the Holy Spirit for all.
He is
Enite Afton en kimvalis evihis. Enite Praise Him with tuneful cymbals; Fotos Theos Mega. Sin Patri Light of Light, a Great God. Let us
Afton en kimvalis alalagmou. praise Him with loud cymbals. Let imnoumen afto ke to Logo. praise Him with the Father and the
Pasa pnoi inesato ton Kyrion. everything that has breath praise Logos.
the Lord. ANTIPHON 2 I kardia mou to Fovo Sou ANTIPHON 2Let my heart, encompassed
Imi! O Adam en thrino kekragen, oti ofis “Woe is me!” cried Adam in lament, “...a skepestho, tapinofrovousa, mi by Thy Fear, be humbled, O Most
ke gini Thikis parrisias me exosan, ke serpent and a Woman have deprived ipsothisa apopesi ek sou Compassionate, lest it rise and fall
Paradisou tis trifis xilou vrosis me of intimate Communion with paniktirmnon. from Thee.
illotriosen. Imi! Our fero lipon to God. And eating from the Tree has Epi to Kyrion O eshikos elpida, ou disi He who trusts in the Lord shall not be
onidox. O pote Vasilefs ton epigion estranged me from the Paradise of tote ote Piri ta panta krini ke kolasi. afraid when Fire shall Judge, and
panton Ktismaton Theou, nin Delight. Woe is me! For I cannot Punish all.
ehmalotos ofthin ipo mias athesmou bear the disgrace! Once the King of ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
simvoulis. Ke O pote doxan all God’s Creation, I am now a Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
athanasias imfiesmenos, tis nekroseos hostage because of one piece of eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages.
tin doran os thnitos eleinos perifero. illicit advice; and although once
Imi! Tina ton thrinon sinergatin Vested with the Glory of Amin Amen
piisome? Alla Si, Filanthrope, O ek Immortality, as mortal, I now ✞Agio Pnevmati pas tis thios vlepi ke ✞Every Godly person sees, foretells,
gis dimiourgisas me, Evsplaghnian lamentably carry about the skin of prolegi, teratourgi ipsista, en trisin and works Supreme Wonders by the
foresas tis doulias tou ehthrou deadness. Woe is me! Which ena Theou melpon. I gar ke trilampi, Holy Spirit. He sings to One God in
anakalese ke Soson me. lamentation shall I enlist to monarhi to Thion. Three Persons. Although manifested
collaborate with me. But Thee, O as Three, the Godhead reigns as One.
Friend of mankind, Who fashioned
ANTIPHON Γ Ekekraxa si, Kyrie, proshes ANTIPHON 3I have cried to Thee: O Lord,
me from earth, and Who donned incline Thine Ear to my voice and
klinon mi to ous sou voonti, ke
Compassion; recall me from cleanse me before Thou take me
katharon prin aris me apo ton
servitude to the enemy and Save from all that is here.
Anastithi, Kyrie O Theos mou, Arise, O Lord, my God, lift up Thy
Epi tin mitera aftou gin dinon pas avthis Everyone shall again return to Mother
analisi, tou lavin vasanous i gera to Earth and at once be dissolved, to
ipsothito i Hir Sou, mi epilathi ton Hand: do not forget Thy poor veriomenon. receive Prize or Punishment in
peniton Sou is telos. forever. accordance with their life.
To Stadion ton areton ineokte. I The Stadium of Virtue is now open: ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
voulomeni Athlise, iselthete, those who wish to compete, enter Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
anazosameni ton kalon tis nistias therein, girded for the Good Contest eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages
agona. I gar nomimos athlountes, of Lent, for those who compete Amin Amen
Dikeos Stefanounte. Ke analavontes according to the Rules shall worthily
tin panoplian tou Stavrou to ehtho receive their Just Crowns. Taking up ✞Agio Pnevmati Theologia Monas ✞By the Holy Spirit was bestowed
antimahisometha, os tihos arritkton the full Armour of the Cross, let us Trisagia. O Patir gar anarhos, ex ou Theology: the One Thrice-Holy
efi O Ios ahronos, ke to Pnevma Godhead: The Father Unoriginate,
katehontes tin Pistin ke os Thoraka do battle against the Enemy. As an
simmorfon, sinthronon, ek Patros Who timelessly Begot the Eternal Son
tin prosevhin ke perikefalean tin Impregnable Wall, we have the Faith,
sineklampsan. and from Whom proceeded the Spirit
eleimosinin. Anti maheras tin Prayer as our Breastplate, and Acts - sharing Form, Throne and
nistian, itis ektemni apo kardias of Mercy as our Helmet. Instead of Splendour with the Father.
pasan kakian. O Pion tafta alithinon sword, there is Fasting, which cuts
komizete Stefanon para tou every evil from the heart. He who ANTIPHON ∆ Idou di ti kalon i ti terpnon, ANTIPHON 4 Behold how good and
pamvasileos Hristou en ti imera tis does this shall attain a True Crown all i to katikin adelfous ama? En beautiful it is for Brethren to dwell
Kriseos. from Christ, the King of all, on touto gar Kyrios epingilato Zoin together. For in this, the Lord
Judgement Day. Eonian. promised Eternal Life.
TRIODION – CHEESEFARE SUNDAY - TONE (6) PLAGAL 2 Tou endimatos aftou O ta krina tou The One Who adorns the lilies of the
agrou kosmon kelevi, mi din field commands that no one be
Exomologisome Si, Kyrie, en oli kardia I will give Thee thanks, O Lord, with
frontizin. concerned about their clothing.
mou, diigisome panta ta Thavmasia my whole heart: I will tell of all
Sou. Thy Wonders. ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
Adam tou Paradisou diokete, trifis Adam was evicted from Paradise as one eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages.
metalavon os parikoos. Mosis disobedient, after partaking of its Amen
Theoptis ehrimatise, nistia ta luxury. Moses beheld God, after Amin
ommata tis psihis kathiramenos. Dio Cleansing the eyes of his soul by

12. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 5.

✞Agio Pnevmati enoidi etia, panta ehete ✞Contained within the Holy Spirit is the LET ALL THINGS PRAISE THE LORD! !
irinovravevtos. Thos touto gar esti, Cause of all, in Perfect Peace. For He
Patri te ke Io Omoousion Kyrios is God of one Essence with the Tou piise en aftis frima engrapton. To execute upon them the Judgement
Father and the Son. Doxa afti este pasi tis Osiis Aftou. that is decreed; such Glory will be

Vasilefsi Kyrios is ton eona, O Theos The Lord shall reign forever: Thy
Kyrie, i ke kritirio parestis, ipo Pilatou Lord, although Thou stood at the
krinomenos, all’ ouk apelifthis tou Judgement Seat being judged by
Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean.(2) God, O Zion, from generation to Thronou, to Patri sigkathezomenos: Pilate, yet Seated with the Father,
generation. (2) ke Anastas ek nekron, ton kosmon Thou were not absent from Thy
STIHOS Eni, i psihi mou, ton Kyrion VERSE Praise the Lord, O my soul ileftherosas, ek tis doulias tou Throne; and Risen from the dead,
allotriou, os Iktirmon ke Filanthropos. Thou freed the world from the
Vasilefsi Kyrios is ton eona, O Theos The Lord shall reign forever: Thy slavery of the stranger, as Thou art
Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean. God, O Zion, from generation to full of Compassion and Love for
generation. mankind.
Enite ton Theon en tis Agiis Afton. Praise God in His Saints; praise Him
OUR RISEN LORD JESUS SPEAKS TO ST MARY MAGDALENE Enite Afton en stereomati tis in the firmament of His Power.
Dinameos Aftou.
Maria de istiki pros to Mnimio kleousa Mary stood outside the Tomb weeping, Kyrie, i ke os nekron en Mnimio, Ioudei Lord, although Jews had laid Thee as a
exo. Os ouneklee, parekipsen is to and as she wept she stooped down Se katethento, all’ os Vasilea Corpse in a Tomb, yet soldiers were
Mnimion ke theori dio Angelous en and looked into the Tomb, and she ipnounta, Stratiote Se efilatton, ke guarding Thee as a sleeping King,
levkis kathezomenou - ena pros ti saw two Angels in white sitting - one os Zois thisavron, sfragidi and they sealed Thee with a seal as
kefali ke ena pros tis posin - opou at the head and the other at the feet esfragisanto: Alla Anestis ke Treasure-house of Life, but Thou
ekito to Soma tou Isou. - where the Body of Jesus had lain. pareshes, aftharsian tes psihes imon. Arose and granted Incorruption to
Ke legousin afti ekini: Gyne, ti kleis? And they asked her: “Woman, why are our souls.
you weeping?” Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Afton. Praise Him for His Mighty Acts;
Enite Afton kata to plithos tis praise Him according to the
Legi aftis: Oti iran ton Kyrion Mou, ke She replied: “Because they have taken
Megalosinis Aftou. greatness of His Majesty.
ouk ida pou ethikan afton. away my Lord, and I do not know
where they have laid Him.” Kyrie, oplon kata tou diavolou, ton Lord, Thou hast given us Thy Cross as
Stavron Sou imin dedokas: fritti gar a Weapon against the devil; for he
Ke tafta ipousa estrafi is ta opiso, ke And when she said this, she turned ke tremi, mi feron kathoran aftou tin quails and trembles, unable to
theori ton Isoun estota, ke ouk idi oti around and saw Jesus standing Dinamin: oti nekrous anista, ke contemplate Thy Power; for Thou
Iisous esti. there, but did not know that it was Thanaton katirgise: dia touto Raised the dead and made Death of
Jesus. proskinoumen, tin Tafin Sou ke tin no effect: therefore, we worship Thy
Jesus Egersin. Burial and Thy Rising.
Legi afti O Iisous: Gyne, ti kleis? Ti na said to her: “Woman, why are
zitis? you weeping? Whom are you Enite Afton en iho salpingos. Enite Praise Him with the sound of the
seeking?” Afton en psaltirio ke kithara. trumpet; praise Him with lute and
Ekini dokousa oti O kipouros esti, legi Supposing Him to be the Gardener, she
afto: Kyrie, i si evastasas afton, ipe mi said to Him: “Sir, if you have carried O Angelos Sou Kyrie, O tin Anastasin Thine Angel, O Lord, proclaiming Thy
Him away, tell me where you have kirixas, tous men filakas efovise, ta de Resurrection, filled the guards with
pou ethikas afton, kago afton aro. Ginea efonise, legon: Ti zitite ton fear, but he cried to the Women and
laid Him, and I will take Him away.”
zonta meta ton nekron? Anesti Theos said: Who do you seek the Living
Legi afti O Iisous: Maria! Jesus said to her: “Mary!” on, ke ti ikoumeni Zoin edorisato.. with the dead? Being God, He has
She turned and said to Him: “Rabboni!” Risen and given Life to the whole
Strafisa ekini legi afto: Ravouni! (O world!
legete, Didaskale.) (which is to say: “Teacher”).
Jesus said to her: “Do not cling to Me, Enite Afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Praise Him with timbrel and dance;
Legi afti O Iisous: Mi mou aptou. Oupo Afton en hordes ke organo. praise Him with strings and pipe
gar anavevika pros ton Patera Mou. for I have not yet ascended to My
Porevou de pros tous Adelfous mou Father; but go to My Brethren and Epathes dia Stavrou, O apathis ti Thou suffered through the Cross, Who
ke ipe aftis. Anaveno pros ton tell them: ‘I am Ascending to My Theotiti, tafin katedexo trimeron, ina art impassible in Thy Godhead; to
Patera Mou ke Patera imon, ke Father and your Father, and to My imas eleftherosis, ek tis doulias tou free us from the slavery of the foe,
Theo Mou ke Theon imon. God and your God.’” ehthou: ke athanatisas, Zoopiisis Thou accepted Burial for three days,
imas Hriste O Theos, dia tis and, having made us Immortal, to
Erhete Maria i Magdalini apangelousa Mary Magdalene went and told the
Anastaseos Sou Filanthrope. give Life through Thy Resurrection,
tis Mathites oti eorake ton Kyrion, ke Disciples that she had seen the Lord,
Christ our God: Lover of Mankind!
tafta ipen afti. and that He had spoken these things

6. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 11.

Straties Se Makarizomen Hosts, we magnify Him and Thee do to her.
Eleison me, O Theos, kata to Mega Have Mercy on me, O God, according
Ta tis Marias dakria ou matin hinte Verily, the fervid tears of Mary were not Eleos Sou, ke kata to plithos ton to Thy Great Mercy; and according
thermos. Idou gar katixiote ke shed in vain; for behold she was iktirmon Sou exalipson to anomima to the Abundance of Thy
didaskonton Angelon ke tis opseos tis worthy to learn from the Angels, and mou. Compassion, blot out my
Sis, O Iisou. All Eti progia froni, ia to look at Thy Face, O Jesus. But transgressions.
gini asthenis. Dio ke apopempete since she was a weak human
mi prospsafse Si Hriste. All omos being, she still thought of earthly
Ta plithi ton pepragmenon mi dinon, When I ponder in my wretchedness on
kirix pempete tis Sis Mathites, is things. Therefore, she was ennoon O talas, tremo tin foveran the many terrible things that I have
Evangelia efise, tin pros ton Patroon prevented from touching Thee, O imeran tis kriseos. Alla Tharron is to done, I tremble for that Fearful Day
kliron anodon apangellousa. Meth is Christ. However she was sent to Eleos tis Efsplaghnias Sou, os O David of Judgement! But trusting in the
axioson ke imas tis emfanias Sou, proclaim to Thy Disciples, and to tell Voo Si. “Eleison me O Theso, kata Mercy of Thy Compassion, like
Despota Kyrie. them the Glad Tidings and of the to Mega Sou Eleos.” David, I cry out to Thee: “Have
Ascension to the Heavenly Heritage. Mercy on me, O God, according to
S AL V ATION P RAYE RS  Thy Great Mercy.”
Like her, then, make us worthy of
TRIODION EXAPOSTEILARION – CHEESEFARE SUNDAY - TONE 2 Exanastas tou Mnimatos, tous tethneotas On Rising from the grave Thou roused
Tis Entolis Sou, Kyrie, parikousa O Wretched as I am, I disobeyed Thy igiras, ke ton Adam Anestisas: ke i the dead and Raised up Adam. Eve
Athlios. Ke gimnothis tis Sis Doxis, Good Commandment, O my Lord. Eva horevi en ti Si Anastasi, ke dances at Thy Resurrection, and the
eshinis peplisme, imi! Ke tis trifis And being stripped of Thy Glory – kosmou ta perata Panigirizousi, ends of the world keep festival at
ekvevlime tou Paradisou. Evsplaghne: Alas! I am laden with shame! And I Thy Rising from the dead, O Most
Eleimon, eleison ton sterithenta have been evicted from the Pure Merciful.
Dikeos tis Agathotitos tis Sis. Delights of Paradise. O RESURRECTION IKOS – TONE (8) PLAGAL 4
Compassionate One: have Mercy on Ta tou Adou skilefsas vasilia, ke nekrous When Thou had ransacked the palaces
me who rightly have been deprived anastisas makrothime, ginexi of Hades and raised the dead, O
of Thy Goodness. Miroforis sinintisas, anti lipis Haran Longsuffering, Thou met the Myrrh-
TRIODION THEOTOKION- CHEESEFARE SUNDAY – TONE 2 komisamenos: ke Apostolis Sou bearing Women, bringing them Joy
Apikisthentas, Kyrie, Paradisou to We were expelled of old, O Lord, from eminisas ta tis Nikis Simvola, Sotir instead of sorrow; and to Thine
Proton, dia tis xilou vroseos, Paradise, for wrongly eating from mou Zoodota, ke tin ktisin Apostles Thou revealed the Symbols
antisigages palin, dia Stavrou ke tou the Tree, yet through Thy Cross and Efotisas Filanthrope: dia touto ke of Thy Victory, my Saviour: Giver of
pathous, Sou Sotir ke Thee mou. Di Passion, Thou Renewed us, O my kosmos sigheri, TI EK NEKRON EGERSI Life: and Thou Enlightened Creation,
SOU POLIELEE. Lover of Mankind! Therefore, too,
ou imas shiroson tin nistian plirose Saviour and God. So, O Master,
agnoprepos, ke tin Thian Egersin fortify and enable us to finish Lent the world rejoices AT THY RISING
Proskinise, to Pasha to Sotirion, Se in purity and to worship Thy Divine
Tekousis Presvies. Resurrection, O Pascha, our Saving TRIODION KONTAKION – CHEESEFARE – TONE (6) PLAGAL 2
Passover, by Thy Mother’s Tis Sofias Odige, froniseos horige, ton O Guide to Wisdom, Provider of
Intercessions. afronon pedefta, ke ptohon Prudence, Disciplinarian of fools,
LAUDS: THE PRAISES TO GOD - PSALM 148 iperaspista, stirixon, sinetison tin and Defender of the poor – fortify
PRAISES TO THE LORD FROM ALL C REATION kardian mou, Despotata, si didou mi and discipline my heart, O Master.
Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite Let everything that has breath praise logon, O tou Patros Logos. Idou gar Grant me a Word, O Word of the
ton Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite the Lord. Praise the Lord from the ta hili mou, ou mi koliso en to krazin Father. For behold, I will not hinder
Afton en tis Ipsistis. Si prepi imnos Heavens; praise Him in the Highest. Si. ELEIMON, ELEISON ME TON my lips from crying to Thee: O
to Theo. To Thee praise is due, O God. PARAPESONTA. MERCIFUL LORD, HAVE MERCY ON ME
Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. Praise Him, all His Angels; praise Him, TRIODION IKOS – CHEESEFARE – TONE (6) PLAGAL 2
Enite Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. all His Powers. To Thee praise is
Si prepi imnos to Theo. due, O God. Ekathisen Adam tote, ke eklafse In times of old Adam sat and cried in
apenanti tis trifis tou Paradisou, hersi sorrow opposite the Delights he had
tipton tas opsis, ke elegen. ELEIMON, in Paradise – his hands struck his

10. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 7.

Idon Adam ton Angelon othisanta, ke Beholding the Angel expelling him, and Amin. Amen
klisanta tin tou Thiou kipou Thiran, closing the Gate of the Holy Garden, TRIODION KATAVASIAS – 1ST & 4TH SUNDAYS - TONE (6) PLAGAL 2
anestenaxe mega, ke elegon. Adam wailed mightily: O MERCIFUL
ELEIMON, ELEISON ME TON LORD, HAVE MERCY ON MEWHO HAS ODI 1 Os en ipiro pezefsas O Israil en ODE 1 When Israel walked on foot at
PARAPESONTA. FALLEN. aviso ihnesi ton thioktin Farao the bottom of the sea as though as
Sinaligison, Paradise, to ktitori O Paradise, how sympathise with thy kathoron pon doumenon: Theo on dry land and beheld Pharaoh the
ptohefsanti, ke to iho Sou ton Fillon, owner who was pauperised, and by epinikion othin evoa asomen! persecutor drowned, they shouted:
iketefson ton Plastin mi klisi Se. the rustling of your leaves, beg the Let us praise our God for He has
ELEIMON, ELEISON ME TON Maker not close you, please: O triumphed!
3 Ouk estin Agios, O Si, Kyrie O 3 There is none Holy like Thee, O
Theos mou, O ipsosas to keras ton Lord my God, Who exalted the horn
Paradise Panarete, Panagie, Panolvie, O Paradise Most Excellent, Most Holy and Piston Sou, Agathe, ke stereosas imas of those who believe in Thee, O
di Adam pefitevmenos, ke dia tin Most Radiant, for Adam you were en ti Petra tis Omologias Sou. Good One, and established them on
Evan keklismenos, iketefson Theon planted, because of Eve you were the Rock of Thy Confession.
dia ton parapesonta. ELEIMON, disbanded, beseech God for the 4 Hristos mou dinamis, Theos ke
ODI ODE 4 Christ is my Might, my Lord and
Kyrios, i septi Ekklisia Theoprepos melpi my God. The Venerable Church
anakrazousa, ek dianias katharas en raises Her Voice in song to God, as is
Kyrio eortazousa. meet, celebrating to the Lord with a
Ti I’ tou aftou minos, Mnimi tou Agiou On the 10th day of this month, we pure conscience.
Martyros Kodratou tou en Krontho, Commemorate the Holy Martyr, St ODI 5 To Theo fengi Sou, Agathe, tas ton ODE 5 O Good One, Lighten with Thy
ke ton Sin afto, Anektou, Pavlou, Quadratos of Corinth and those with orthrizonton Si psihas potho Divine Light the souls of those who
Dionisiou, Kyprianou ke Kriskentos. him: St Anektos, St Paul, St katavgason, deome, Se ithene, Loge come to Thee early and eagerly that
Dionysios, St Cyprian and St Theo, ton ontos Theon ek zofou ton they may know Thee, O Word of
Crescens. ptesmaton anakaloumenon. God, the True God Who Call us from
Ti afti imera, Mnmi tis Osias Mitros imon On this day we Commemorate our the darkness of iniquities.
Anastasias tis Patrikias. Righteous Mother, St Anastasia the ODI 6 Tou viou tin thalassan ipsoumenin ODE 6 O Merciful One, when I saw the
Patrician of Constantinople. kathoron ton pirasmon to klithoni, to sea of this life agitated with the
Ti afti imera, O Agios Markianos Xilis On this day, St Marcian, having been evdio limeni Sou prosdramon, voo Si tumult of temptations, I hastened to
thlasthis telioute. beaten to death, was Perfected in Anagage ek fthoras tin zoin mou, Thy Quiet Haven, crying: Raise my
Holy Martyrdom. polielee! life from corruption!
7 Drosovolon men tin kaminon 7 Verily, the Angel made the
O Agios Neomartys Mihail O Mavroudis, The New Holy Martyr, St Michael ODI ODE

O en Thessaloniki Martyrisas en eti Mavroudis, who Witnessed in irgasato Angelos tis Osiis Pesi, tous furnace overflow with Dew for the
1544 pir telioute. Thessalonika in 1544, was Perfected Kaldeous de kataflegon prostagma Righteous Youths, burning the
by fire. Theou, ton tirannou epise voan: Chaldeans by the Command of God,
Evlogitos I, O Theos, O ton Pateron and compelling the usurper to
O Agios Neomartys Mihail O Mavroudis, The New Holy Martyr, St Michael imon! shout: Blessed art Thou, God of our
O en Thessaloniki martyrisas en eti Mavroudis, who Witnessed in Fathers!
1544 piri telioute. Thessaloniki in 1544, was Perfected
ODI 8 Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke ODE 8 ✞We Praise, we Bless and we
by fire.
Prokinoumen ton Kyrion. Worship the Lord!
TOU TRIODIOU FROM THE TRIODION Ek flogos tis osiis droson epigasas ke Thou sprang forth from the flames as
Ti afti imera, anamnisin pioumetha tis On this day we remember the Dikeou Thisian idati eflexas. Apant Dew for those Righteous Ones and
apo tou Paradisou tis trifis exorias tou Expulsion of the First-formed Adam gar dras, Hriste, mono to voulesthe. Thou consumed with Water the
Protoplastou Adam. from Paradise Se iperipsoumen is pantas tous eonas! sacrifice of the Righteous One, for
STIHI VERSE Thou dost all things only by Thy
M E GALY NARIA  Will, O Christ. Wherefore, we exalt
Kosmos genarhes pikra sinthrinisato. Let the world now bitterly mourn Thee still more throughout all ages!
Vrosi glikia, simpeson peptokosi. For it fell together with those
who fell by sweet eating.
Ti afato Sou Efsplaghnia, Hriste O Theos By Thine Ineffable Compassion, O Theon anthropis idin adinaton ON OU Verily, the God Whom no man can see,
imon, tis trifis tou Paradisou imas Christ our God, make us worthy of TOLMA Angelon atenise ta tagmata; nor the Ranks of Angels dare look
kataxioson, ke Eleison, os Monos the Delights of Paradise, and have DIA SOU DE, PANAGNE, orathi vrotis upon: through Thee, O Pure One,
Filanthropos. Mercy, as Thou alone Love mankind. Logos Sesarkomenos; ON was seen among men as Incarnate
MEGALINONDES sin tes Ouranies Word. Wherefore with the Heavenly
8. M A T L I T T O N E 8 – 4 T R I O D I O N – C H E E S E F A R E / F O R G I V E N E S S – 1 0 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 MATLIT TONE 8 – 4 TRIODION – CHEESEFARE/FORGIVENESS – 10 MARCH 2019 9.