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‫ تولید کننده انواع روغن های سنتتیک با تکيه بر نيم قرن‬، ‫رشکت اول روانکار سار با بهره مندی

از تجارب و دانش فن‬

،‫ افزون بر مسئوليت تامي و فروش‬،‫خارج‬ ‫معتب داخیل و ر‬
‫سابقه همکاری تنگاتنگ با توليد کنندگان و نمايندگان برندهای ر‬
‫نيازسنج مشبيان در زمينه تامي انواع روانکارهای‬
‫ر‬ ‫ مشاوره فن وآزمايشگایه و‬،‫آمادگ خود را جهت ارائه خدمات مهندیس‬
.‫صنعن و تخصیص و فوق تخصیص اعالم يم دارد‬ ‫ر‬

SAR LITHIUM 1 is a lithium soap based grease incorporating solvent-refined mineral oils. It contains oxidation and
corrosion inhibitors which help to ensure long service life and a high level of protection for metal surface.


SAR LITHIUM 1 is primarily intended for use in plain and anti-friction: ball and roller bearings, including electric
motors, machine tools, textile, paper-making and woodworking machines as well as construction equipment. It is
recommended for use under normal load conditions, within an operating temperature range of -20°C to +130°C.


 Excellent anti-wear performance

 High degree corrosion protection
 Highly versatile multi-purpose grease
 Excellent pumpability properties


Appearance: Smooth Very Soft Grease Worked Penetration (IP 50): 310 to 340
Colour: Light Brown Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +130°C
NLGI Classification: 1 Drop Point: 185°C
Thickener: Lithium Soap


DIN 51825: (2017-12) K1K-20


This product has been manufactured to the highest standards and when used for purpose recommended is unlikely to
present any significant health hazards. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request.
Indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the usual commercial fluctuations. All information correct at time of going to press the
best of our knowledge. This information may be subject to change without notification due to continual product research and development.

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Made In Iran