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Logic Pro X Compressor Circuit Type Cheat Sheet v.1.

© 2018 Holger Lagerfeldt @ Explanation Platinum Digital Studio VCA Studio FET Classic VCA Vintage VCA Vintage FET Vintage Opto

“Inspired by”, Original Emagic/ Urei 1176LN Urei 1176LN

Inspiration Focusrite Red 3 dbx 165A SSL G Bus Teletronix LA-2A
not emulation Apple design Blackface Silverface


Hardware Photo N/A

Harmonic Higher levels

saturation mean more Low level High level High level Medium level High level High level Low level
level coloration

Harmonics Odd or even Odd order with 3rd

3rd harmonic only Odd order Odd order Odd order Odd order Odd order
type order harmonic emphasis

Dynamic How saturation Proportional to Proportional to Proportional to

interaction of is affected by None compression compression compression Fixed Fixed None
saturation compression amount amount amount

If non-
Noise in
harmonic noise None None None None High level High level Low level
is introduced

If detection is
User selectable
RMS/Peak averaged or Peak Peak Peak Peak Peak RMS
RMS or peak
peak level

Attack & If attack &

release release are Yes Yes Yes No, full auto Yes Yes Yes
control adjustable

Hidden If bass can

frequency result in more None Small Small Small Medium Medium Strong
dependency compression

If the knee is
adjustable Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
user adjustable

Knee Relation of
Compound S-
transfer nominal knee Inverse bell-curve Gentle bell-curve Gentle bell-curve Linear proportional Linear proportional Linear proportional
curve value to ratio
© 2018 Holger Lagerfeldt @ Explanation Platinum Digital Studio VCA Studio FET Classic VCA Vintage VCA Vintage FET Vintage Opto

Relation of
Ratio Linear with
nominal ratio Gentle inverse bell- Linear with forced
transfer Linear Linear Linear logarithmic knee Gentle logarithmic
value to actual curve soft transition knee
curve near range cap

Max. gain
Range -48 dB GR -36 dB GR -26 dB GR -44 dB GR -48 dB GR -19 dB GR -41 dB GR
reduction (cap)

If range varies
dependent Low correlation High correlation Medium correlation Low correlation No No No
with ratio

Stuff that needs to Peak control on

stay clean · Pulling vocals or guitar · Same usage as
Typical compression (on Adding punch on Drum group · Piano Levelling of vocals
Often used for up low levels Smashing (snare) Studio FET, only a
application drums) · Full mix drums or bass · Full mix bus · Bass · Piano
· External side- drums · Beefing up lot more aggressive
chain ducking bass

Use Peak and high For parallel smash:

Auto attack/release Side-chain HPF @ Aggressive settings Great for smoothing
ratios to shape Fastest attack, Very fast attack to
clamp down quickly, 60 Hz to reduce (high ratio + fastest vocals or controlling
signals and control medium release, control the peaks.
but slow enough to pumping from bass. attack + fast/ average level of a
Usage/ Your Mileage transients. Use high ratio. Activate Slow attack to
accentuate the Use Sum detection medium release) bass. Often inserted
settings tip May Vary RMS with soft knee Auto Gain and pull emphasize the
punch. Watch out to reduce pumping can really pull up after a FET comp
and low ratios to threshold down. transient/punch in
for over- from loud, wide the tail on drums or that controls the
smooth overall Blend using Mix bass or drums.
compression. stereo sounds. plucky sounds peaks first.
levels. knob.