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Institute Vision and Mission

To emerge as a leading Institute offering high quality Technical Education
and Preparing good technocrats with applicable knowledge for the
development of the Society.

 To create and nurture an environment for teaching- learning, innovation and
critical thinking.
 To produce technocrats who are responsible, highly skilled, and are
adaptable towards the changing needs of industry.

Mechanical Engineering Department Mission &Vision

To be recognized for quality education leading to creative engineers, who are
innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in fields of Mechanical Engineering to
contribute towards the ever-changing industrial demands & Social needs.

To be recognized for quality education and developing engineers, who are
innovative, entrepreneurial and successful, this will help them in contributing
towards the ever-changing industrial demands & social needs.

 To provide a platform for the students to attain quality education in mechanical
 To inculcate professional & ethical responsibilities among the students to build
leadership & entrepreneurship qualities for their successful career.
 To create opportunities and guide students to get career oriented jobs in the field
of mechanical engineering.
Program Educational Objectives:
The broad objective of the program is to facilitate the development of competent
and successful professionals in tune with modern day technological and societal
requirements. The department of Mechanical Engineering at Institute of
Engineering and Technology Khandari Campus, Agra has developed and
maintained a well-defined set of educational objectives. The objectives undergo
continuous review and modification to assure the quality of our program and
graduates. The most recent version of our educational objective list is given

PE01: Students of mechanical engineering program will have in-depth knowledge

of various core fields of mechanical engineering like manufacturing
technology, machine design, strength of material, thermal engineering,
CAD /CAM and engineering design and drawing etc. Moreover, they will
be able to possess a career in their field of interest.

PE02: Students will be able to communicate and demonstrate themselves as a

responsible citizen and competent professionals.

PE03: Students will have good managerial quality and lifelong learning skills,
which will help them to develop as an enriched engineering professional.

PE04: The students will be able to continue and excel in the field of engineering
by applying his/her knowledge towards the betterment of society &

7.1Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Analytical Ability: Using and applying knowledge to recognize, define
and analyse various problems related to mechanical engineering domain.
PSO2: Problem Solving Ability:
To apply the knowledge of various concepts of mechanical engineering to
solve the distinct & challenging problems.