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Crimson M essenger
Friday, January 25, 2019 • New Palestine High School • Volume 84, Issue 5

Robotics road to victory
Emma Nobbe
News editor
Over the past few months, the New Pal-
estine High School robotics team has been
moving through their competition season as
they work towards their goal of competing in
the world competition.
The team has been practicing for hours
every day, and although they had a rough start
to their competition season, the team was able
to win the Greenfield-Central competition, and
earn their fist team trophy.
We have set a goal to compete at the world
competition. That goal has been our main
focus this year.” Tyler Newcomb, a senior on
the robotics team, said.
In the New Palestine area there are four
teams within the robotics organization. Within
the New Palestine High School team there are
five unique positions: one driver, two builders,
one programer, and one scout.
“The New Palestine robotics organization
is a collection of four teams. Each team in the
New Pal organization shares the same team
number- 99904.” Darley said.
The driver, Cameron Rooks, is in charge
of controlling the robot during a competition.
Trevor Darley, acts as a scout and gathers infor-
mation to inform his teammates which teams
are deadly opponents, and which ones would
be good to align with.
There is also a programer, Evan Shaw, who
created the robot’s drive code, which allows
Robot that the robotics club is working on Photo by Tegan Ankney / Crimson Messenger.
the robot to be moved by a controller, and the balls at flags mounted on poles in the arena. robots in the world. We even won a competi- seem more desirable to possible allies.
robot’s autonomous code, which allows the ro- For the NPHS team, focusing on the flags tion, a first for our team.” Darley said. By the end of the qualifying rounds the
bot to move around and shoot balls at a target provides the best strategy considering the fact Since the start of the season, the team has team was in second, with a homeschooled team
without the help of the driver. Finally, Logan that their robot has the unique ability to shoot competed in multiple competitions, however, called 323V in first. Team 323V had befriended
Weaver and Tyler Newcomb are the robots two flags at once. they often faced challenges in the elimination the NPHS team and both teams were excited
builders. Together the work to ensure that the “We chose to focus on the flags, and created rounds that kept them from victory. It was only to ally with each other for the elimination
catapult on their robot fires properly and that a robot with a unique ability to shoot two flags in its most recent competition at G-C that the tournament. With the strength of both teams
the robot drives well. at once instead of the typical team’s one flag per team managed to pull off a win. and a surprising loss by the team from Triton,
“Our team have been focusing on making shot.” Darley said. “We got off to a rough start. Our first three it made for a significant win for NPHS in the
sure our robot keeps up in the mechanical from Since the start of the robotics team competi- competitions ended with losses in the elim- final round of the tournament.
and the programming front. Making sure that tion season the boys have worked hard to have ination tournament. However, at our fourth “I think we won the competition for two
we don’t focus all of our attention on one area. there robot perfected for the arena. Together competition, we went undefeated during the main reasons. The first is our preparation- we
And our scouting app made by Trevor has been they meet for about two hours a day to improve qualification matches and teamed up with a meet at least four times a week, and invest
a big part.” Weaver said. the robot and practice handling it, sometimes homeschooled team I befriended to win the countless hours into improving ourselves. The
Every team can choose between two meth- even staying as late as 11:00 P.M. to make im- elimination tournament.” Darley said. second is our robot, and our drivers’ ability to
ods when it comes to gaining points. One way portant last-second adjustments to their robot. At the G-C competition the team per- use it- the robot’s catapult is capable of quickly
is to use the robot to flip colored caps in the “This robotics season has been fantastic. We formed just as they had hoped. In each of their toggling the pole-mounted flags to give our
ring, while another method involves shooting have competed against the best teams in Indi- qualification matches, they won by a decent team points, and our driver’s aim is excellent.”
ana, many of whom are ranked among the best margin and used strategies that made the team Darley said.

Dragons continue historic season with 18-2 record
Rachel Purnell
Feature writer
The New Palestine High School girls basket-
“We have been working so hard
ball team has had a great season so far this year,
entering the last week with an 18-2 record.
“I am so proud of our team this year. I think
and our coaches have told us that
we are doing great and I can’t wait to see what
our team has to come,” junior Michaela Jones would could beat any team we play.”
The team won its HHC championship in 25
years. Chemistry is undeniably a factor in its

“I am going to miss everything
“Our team has always gotten along great,
they’re my best friends,” senior Megan Jolly said.
“My teammates are the reason I’m playing at
New Pal.”
The team worked hard to make this season
about playing at New Pal after this
historic, and the return of junior Jordan Reid
created the perfect storm. year. The teammates, the coaches,
“I think we knew that if we put in the hard
work and practices that we would accomplish it
this year,” senior Haley Harrison said.
and the overall atmosphere of our
When the season ends, Jordan Reid will
continue into her senior year. However, many
players who have been dedicated to the team for
the past four years will graduate. Senior Megan Jolly.
“I am going to miss everything about playing
at New Pal after this year. The teammates, the
coaches, and the overall atmosphere of our gym,”
- Senior Megan Jolly
Jolly said.
2 News January 25, 2019
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What increasing teachers pay can do some schools but in the whole coun-
Jennifer Richardson try for how much they’re paid.
“Increasing starting salaries is a
News editor great idea and a great lure for young
people considering the profession;
The governor of Indiana Gover- however, no one teaches for the
nor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana money. If you love it, you stay in it; if
state legislature have been consid- you don’t like it, you find other ways
ering the idea of increasing teachers to make a living,” Clayton said.
pay because of the benefits that could One of the things that teachers
come from it for the country and think people are forgetting is that
the career. Teachers at New Palestine teachers love teaching because of
High School are thinking about the the students and the other people on
pros and cons that could happen if staff that they work with and they
their pay was increased. aren’t doing it for the money.
One of the pros is that teachers “More teachers will be attracted
would be able to afford living with- into the profession, which would
out having another job on the side ease the teacher shortage. It’s simple
and they can focus more on the chil- Photo by Tegan Ankney / Crimson Messenger economics, the more money that’s
dren in their classes. One of the cons offered, the higher the supply of
that could happen is that the money teachers, therefore, teacher quality
the work of many other professions,” the principals and the secretaries are the overall quality of life for teachers
that would be used for increasing would also be increased. The only
NPJH English teacher Lisa Clouse as important as the teachers,” NPHS and their families. If the increase is a
the teachers pay could be taken from way to ease a shortage is to increase
said. English teacher Caroline Clayton small token increase, I doubt it will
another group of people that work at pay,” NPHS economics and journal-
Some teachers like Clouse believe said. make much difference at all. Wheth-
the school. ism teacher Andrew Smith said.
that teachers should be paid more Teachers like Clayton believe ev- er or not the state passes an increase,
“I believe teachers are gross- With an increase in how much
money than they do because of the eryone in the administration should it is sending a message about edu-
ly underpaid when compared to teachers are paid it could make it
responsibilities that they have when be paid around the same amount of cation. We fund the things we value
professionals with equal levels of so that more people would want to
it comes to their students. What money because they are all import- in order to assure their maintenance
education. The responsibility teach- become teachers. The reason why
some of them view as their most ant and they do something to help and viability. If they delay increases
ers carry is also significantly more this might happen is because some
important responsibility is guiding the school be a better place. or pass a small token increase, they
than that of some equally educated people don’t think that it’s worth go-
students through their class by trying “I think the benefits will depend are essentially telling us how import-
professionals making teacher pay in- ing to college for a job that you won’t
to help them as much as possible. on the amount of increase received ant we are in the overall scheme of
equitable. We are responsible for the be paid a lot for. But if there’s isn’t a
“I don’t think anyone in admin- by teachers. If this is a significant things,” Clouse said.
growth and education of the future. change to the amount of money that
istration or support should be paid increase to base pay for ALL teachers Some teachers believe that in
I consider this incredibly important they’re paid than things will stay the
less so teachers can be paid more. It’s across the state, then it could have order for there to be a difference in
and essential to the well-being of all. same as they are presently.
a team so everyone helps everyone. a notable impact. An equitable and how teachers treat their job, that
I’m not sure that can be said about
The custodial staff is as important as significant increase could improve there needs to be change in not only

NPHS snow day procedures
Jennifer Richardson
News editor
Students and teachers at New Pal-
estine High School have been trying
to get around the weather problems
that are brought on by the cold. The
reason why they’ve been trying to get
around the weather is because when
there’s low temperatures there is a
high chance of car crashes due to the
roads being slippery.
As a way of combating this the
school has snow days or two-hour
delays. The snow days can be used
as a way of not having students and
teachers come to school because it’s
too dangerous. The two-hour delays
can be used to give the roads and
ground a chance to not be frozen or
covered in snow.
“One point for all to remember:
When we delay or cancel school due
to the conditions of the roads we are
looking at bus safety. Can the buses
travel on these roads? All student
drivers have the option to ride the
bus. We also look at school bus stop
safety. The fog is a concern for the
bus stops,” Southern Hancock super-
intendent Lisa Lantrip said.
The superintendent, assistant
superintendent and the manager
of the bus garage decide if people
will be able to drive on the roads
by comparing it to how the buses Photo by Jake Kelle / Crimson Messenger
would be able to drive on the roads.
As a way of trying to give students there’s going to be a two-hour delay account for the days when we get problem when it comes to the calling
ers to all of the teachers. If it’s a
options in how to get to school they or a snow day by posting information surprised by freezing fog or drizzle if there should be a two-hour delay
two-hour delay everyone knows what
offer the choice to students of driving on different websites and contacting and ice accumulates, like the day in or a snow day, this can cause there
the schedule is going to look like and
to school in their vehicles or riding parents. As a way of making sure that December. Nobody forecasted it, so to be problems for students and the
what modifications need to be made.
the bus. students are still learning, the school nobody checked and nobody seemed administration for when they are
On snow days teachers start working
“From my perspective of a snow has teachers give students e-learning to want to be the first school district either driving to school or taking the
on their e-learning plans and then
day, we get a text from Dr. Lantrip which they have up to a week to to call a delay. Everyone was taken bus. The problems that could come a
we take attendance based off the link
that says that we’re on a snow day complete. by surprise and there were accidents bad call is that someone could either
that shows the people that partici-
or on a two-hour delay. Then at that “It’s systematic and pretty stan- all over Central Indiana,” NPHS crash into another car or something
pated on that day,” NPHS assistant
point we send out a reminder to the dard throughout the state. But the economics and journalism teacher else and they could get stuck easier in
principal Adam Barton said.
students, we put it on Twitter and one thing I believe needs to hap- Andrew Smith said. bad weather.
The school tries to keep everyone
Facebook, and we send out remind- pen is administrators need to take Though there’s sometimes a
up to date on what is going on and if
Opinion 3
January, 25, 2019
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“Into the Spider-Verse” deserves its awards
Gary DeRome the inclusion of a rather relatively
unknown protagonist: Miles Morales.
the film feels a bit rushed. If they were
to lengthen the movie by just a bit it
Opnion writer Miles is an African American-Puerto would have been perfect.
Spider-Man: Into the Spi- Rican teenager living in Brooklyn. Spider-Man has been given multi-
der-Verse is one of the best superhero He’s a smart kid who gets sent off to a ple perfect scores and it fully deserves
films of 2018 amongst many other private school but doesn’t feel like he it. It combines masterful storytelling
giants while also holding the crown as belongs. with interesting characters, and makes
the best Spider-Man movie. Miles’s life gets turned upside you feel for the characters, something
The biggest draw to the movie down when he gets bitten by a radio- that not a lot of movies do.
other than just being Spider-Man, is active spider that turns him into the If there were two reasons to see
the animation. Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man of his universe. this film, it would be the story and
has an incredibly unique style to it. While this is a simple storyline, the design. The story is emotional and
When watching the movie, you feel it is made near perfect by the inclu- action packed, and the design is like
like you’re actually watching a comic sion of the Spider-Verse, being Peter nothing I’ve ever seen.
book in action. Parker, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: Into the Spi-
Including bright colors and having Spider-Ham, and Peni Parker. All of der-Verse is a near masterpiece and
a design aspect of including small dots these characters are masterfully acted everyone should go out and see it. It
that actually resemble a comic book and one of the best casts in comic fully deserves it’s award for 2018’s best
has to be the most innovative movie book film history. animated film.
design I’ve seen. One negative however is the pac-
One major part of the movie is ing. At points especially in the middle,

Conditions make drivng dangerous
Tegan Ankney Ellie Harris
Staff photographer Editor in chief

Trevor Darley. Photo by Teagan
Ankney. Haley Hiles. Photo by Teagan Ankney

As I began to pull out of my neighborhood, my dad called I saw some ice, but where I was driving there wasn’t
me to warn me about the conditions and said that it would much ice on the roads. We didn’t have a delay or any-
be better for me to be tardy than in a ditch. I said “OK” thing so I thought it would be fine. I saw a stop sign, and
and hung up. About a minute later, as I approached the as soon as I hit my brakes to slow down a little bit I hit
700W entrance to Fox Cove, I slowed down to about 10 black ice. I sped up and I lost control of my car, another
miles per hour and began to turn left, but my car swerved car slammed on their brakes so they wouldn’t hit me. I
right and went into a cornfield. I tried to drive forward, hit an electricity tower and the cement pillars around it.
but my tire was stuck in the mud near the side of the road. It dented my car, my airbag deployed and hit me in my
I called my dad; he answered by saying “what hap- collarbone. I broke the axle in my car. I couldn’t back out
pened?”, and I responded with “you’ll never guess where or drive. I didn’t come to school. - Haley Hilles
I am right now”- Trevor Darley

Five movies worth giving a watch
Jake Kelle cast such as Tessa Thompson, Armie The third movie on the list is Leave that can gets real. The movie parallels
Staff photographer Hammer, and Steven Yeun from the
Walking Dead.
No Trace.
The movie is about a veteran and
racism today.
But if you are looking for a true story
Surrealist movies and T.V. have to Another wired movie in this list is his daughter being caught by the police that’s more recent, American Animals
do one thing right, to make you think. Annihilation. This movie is in my top after living in the woods. The girl, who might be for you.
Sorry to bother you does that in spades. three movies of the year. An unknown has lived all her life in the woods, is American Animals is about a group
The movie uses surrealism to critique object falls from space into a swamp in the main character played by Thoma- of four college students in the early
capitalism. A large part of the movie Florida. sin McKenzie. The movie makes you 2000s that steal expensive, old books
is striking against an oppressive retail The object changes and mutates the wonder if they were better off left in the showcasing painting of american birds.
marketing company. Lakeith Stanfield’s plants and animals around it, making woods on their own. The film flip-flops from the real people
character, Cassius Green, is put in the them do things that are unnatural to us. The fourth movie is BlacKKKlans- telling the story like a documentary to
middle of this conflict when he needs The movie talks about cancer and how man. It is a true story about a black the normal heist film. The film gives you
money while his friends ridot for better we self destruct. The main character police officer in the 1970s that though different perspectives on what really
working conditions. that are shown all have something self the phone convensted the klan that he happened, it makes you think.
Other than the surreal, the movie destructive from their past that hunts was a white racist man that wanted to
excels in wonderful acting by a unreal them. join the klan. It becomes a funny drama
4 Feature January 25, 2018
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Southern Hancock
Taking steps to be “If a kid feels like they are
proactive legitimately in crisis they
Ellie Harris
Editor in chief
ting adequate rest. These techniques
do not cure medical diagnoses, but
they can help reduce the stress that
should come down here or
wherever they typically would
is often the root of more serious
As conversations surrounding mental health issues.
mental health become more and The most popular solution to se-
more pervasive, the tone has shifted rious crises are suicide hotline num-

go and we can handle the rest
from crisis control to prevention. bers or information for counseling.
Many students are not in a However, though suicide hotlines
severe enough state to be medically and counseling can be helpful, they
diagnosed, but are distressed to a don’t take effect until a person dials

afterwards.” - NPHS Principal
point that disrupts their schoolwork the number or schedules a meeting.
or home life. If left untreated, this At school, self-care can be espe-
more acute stress could escalate to a cially difficult, and if a student is in
dire crisis. a crisis - depending on a teacher’s

Keith Fessler
As a result, much of the focus of rules - they have limited options. No
mental wellbeing is on the idea of matter what situation a student is in,
self-care. it’s hard to abruptly leave class and
Self care can take a variety of even harder to make up missed class
forms, from planning ahead to avoid time.
stress, improving nutrition and get-

“Any time I feel a
student is stressed or
depressed, I’ll let the
guidance department
know of the situation,”
NPHS counselor
Trent Whitaker
Remedy Live convocation. Photo by Jake Kelle / Crimson Messenger

Teachers work to support students in need
about their students and are always there for you know nobody will listen,” Smith said.
Catrina Lambert them, no matter what the issues. They want to While some students are hesitant to talk to
Opinion editor see their students succeed no matter what. teachers due to confidentiality concerns, they

Teachers are not blind to the issues students
“I let every student know I’m approachable
and will help guide them to answers. Any time
should keep in mind that teachers have a legal
obligation to report concerning behavior, but
I feel a student is stressed or depressed, I’ll let its because they care about student safety, not
experience, although that doesn’t mean they
know exactly why there is a problem. the guidance department know of the situa-
tion,” Whitaker said.
because they’re trying to be difficult.
“If students let a teacher or staff member
safety is our
“Unfortunately, I believe (the prevalence of
mental health) problems is rising...Im not sure
why though. I think the core of family values
However, teachers are neither trained nor
equipped to deal with serious mental health
know about any abuse or illegal activity, we are
legally required to report that. Student safety is number one
and support are the main reasons,” study hall issues. There is a limit to what they can do to our number one priority,” Smith said.
teacher Sandi Whitaker said.
“Student stress is real and noticeable. Some
help, try as they might.
“Most teachers are not necessarily trained
Teachers want students to know that they
don’t need to feel alone while the teachers are
to deal with mental health issues, but we have there for them.
have the stress to get a 4.0 and worry about ev-
ery test and quiz. Some feel the stress to make some training to see the warning signs and
refer students to a counselor or a professional.
“We are here to reason to continue
to feel bad or stressed… let someone know, so
- Andrew
friends and ‘fit in.’ It’s really difficult and social
media - where most of our students are and
where we all present the most perfect picture
The most important thing is being there to
lend an ear. A student - or even an adult - who
we can help and offer advice,” Whitaker said.
“Just be comfortable. Understand that your Smith
of ourselves - has made it worse. We have to be is dealing with depression or anxiety often teachers care and be willing to talk about your
allowed to feel vulnerable and fail, and instead, just needs someone to talk with, and a quick day, what makes you tick, what makes you hap-
we try to measure up to an ideal that’s impossi- 30-second chat about someone’s day can help. py and your fears and anxieties. You’re likely to
ble,” teacher Andrew Smith said. What makes depression and anxiety worse is find a sympathetic ear,” Smith said.
Overall, though, teachers care deeply the fear that you have nobody to talk to because
Feature 5
January 25, 2019
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NP addresses mental health
Students air concerns for fellow classmates
“It should be up to the
“When my mom was a kid,
Catrina Lambert COMMENTARY high schools all had counselors
Opinion editor “When tragedies happen in
meant for talking to about mental

person confiding in the
or emotional problems at home or
the school, I feel like they need at school, and I feel like that could
It is no secret that New Pales-
to be more thoughtful and open be beneficial to the state of mind to
tine High School’s students have
minded to feelings to let everyone

counselor whether it
a mental health problem. Stress our students,” Barnhouse said.
get back in the swing of things. Af- Secondly, the school could cre-
levels are high, and depression is
ter our last tragedy, it just went by ate a place for students to get help
statistically higher than any time in
so quick and no time was put aside

should be talked about
the past throughout the nation. from their peers.
to even process it,” senior Jacklin “I think that having a group of
“Mental health is not good,
Barnhouse said. people who are students and teach-
you can literally just walk down
While the school has attempted ers that are specifically picked get

with others.” - NPHS
the hallway and hear people say ‘I
to help with the crisis by creating together and create a bigger club
wanna kill myself ’ multiple times
programs, none of them seem to for helping with mental health.
a day, and the programs the school
do much. Students agree the school Like, people could go and talk to

sophomore Trelaine
gives us don’t do anything,” junior
needs to change the way they deal each other when they need help
Elizabeth Thompson said.
with mental health issues. with mental health, whether one
But what causes the heightened
“Something I think the school on one or in a group,” Bayer said.

levels of stress? There are multiple
isn’t very good atis the way the In the end, though, students just
things that could cause it. Things
report things; I understand when want to know that they have people
like stress, social problems, and
it’s something serious that could they can go to for help where they
just having a lack of resources can
ruin someone’s life, but at the same feel safe and confidential.
make it worse.

“After our last tragedy, it
time, the reason we can’t go to the “Teachers should be willing to
“I feel like the school kind
counselors is because if it’s report- listen and talk through problems
of makes it worse with cliques,
ed, it can create bigger problems with students confidentially,”
because when you have the vol-
leyball kids and the baseball kids
and the outcasts and they don’t
for us. If i tell them something
personal, I know it won’t be kept
‘personal,’ so I can’t trust the
Thompson said.
The actions taken now can help
shape students in the future, and all
just went by so quick and
no time was put aside to
mix together, you don’t have more
counselors. It should be up to the this should be considered essential
people you’re comfortable with
person confiding in the counselor for the healthy growth and devel-
and so when the cliques get shoved
whether it should be talked about opment of their students.
even process it.” NPHS
together, they kinda just glare at
with others,” Bayer said. “Mental health of students is
one another; whether it’s with self
Schools are required by law very important, because we are still
esteem, emotion, or mental health,
to report accusations of abuse to
senior Jacki Barnhouse
cliques definitely make it harder to in the age where our brains and
authorities. minds are still growing, but when
make friends,” sophomore Trelaine
Students have plenty of ideas on there’s not snout attention in the
Bayer said.
how to deal with these issues. emotional problems, it affects kids
“The school needs to stop so
In the end, the students who in the future by a lot,” Barnhouse
much ... pressure on (students) for
need help are the ones who know said.
... college,” Thompson said.
best what could be done to help.

In the past year, student mental health has become an issue the New Palestine
community knows personally.
Southern Hancock has taken actions to spread awareness
-Remedy Live presentation
-Emailed information to all students and
families after presentation, including mental
health resources, warning signs, local coun-
seling offices, etc.
-Emailed coping strategies to all students
and parents
-Suicide hotline phone and text number
posted throughout school
-Inspirational messages posted throughout
-Initiated mental health awareness club
starting this semester (Bring Change 2 Mind)
-Working with Hancock Regional Hospital
to have school based mental health thera-
pists in the future
-K-12 parent cafe event about social media
Indiana State Senator Mike Crider visits the Superintendent Leadership Group . Photo
and the effects of social media in February by Jake Kelle/ Crimson Messenger
-Working on grant for a parent educational
night about mental health in the spring We have communicated (our) needs to Senator
Crider. He is proposing a bill to the Senate, SB326,
- Information provided by NPHS counselor to add $10 per pupil to provide additional funding to
Caitlin Fangman schools to address mental health.
- CSCSHC director of student services Marcia Piercy
6 Feature January 25, 2019
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NPHS show choirs begin seasons
Ellie Harris Spellman and Schenck are
part of the all-female Diamond
“Show choir has allowed me to be
comfortable and semi-confident in
Editor in chief Sensations, one of the two show my abilities as a person and a team
choirs at NPHS. The choir, along player,” Spellman said.
New Palestine High School show with its mixed counterpart “I’m gonna miss everything
choirs Crimson Heat and Diamond Crimson Heat recently received a about show choir: the friendships,
Sensations prepare for a new season grant from the New Palestine Lion’s the performances, the crazy hair,
before their first competition on Jan Club. The grant will cover expenses even the getting up early. It was all so
19. for the choirs’ yearly trip to Branson, worth it.” Schenck said. “It’s going to
“I’m most excited to step on stage Missouri for a regional competition. be really difficult to say goodbye to
one last time this year,” senior Anna Much like last year’s choirs, the such a big part of my life for the past
Spellman, a member of Diamond end of the season will bring lots of three years.”
Sensations said. goodbyes from seniors. However, for now seniors have to
Though the groups have had “I’m definitely going to miss focus on the competition ahead.
some setbacks and limited time to spending our Saturdays learning new “I think this season is going to be
prepare, members are still confident competition dances,” Spellman said. pretty successful,” Schenck said. “We
in their abilities. “The day may be long, but it’s the have a really good sound this year,
“We have a great show put most rewarding thing in the world a lot of dedicated people, and some
together,” senior Gabby Schenck, a once it’s clean.” strong leadership, so I’m sure success
Diamond Sensations dance captain, Schenck agrees that the most dif- is just around the corner.”
said. “Once everything is finalized ficult parts of her experience proved
and memorized, I’m sure it will be to be the most worthwhile.

Senior Drew Pieratt and junior Madelynn Miller perform-
Senior Jordon Wallen and 2018 graduate Hailee Holberton. Photo by Anna Spellman ing onstage. Photo by Anna Spellman

New math teacher
starts mid-quarter
Emma Nobbe every day.
“I think it’s going pretty well,
his fun and interesting personality.
They believe that Dawson will be a
News editor and it gets better day by day.” good teacher for them, and that he
Dawson said. will do his best to help them in their
Over the past couple of years Since Dawson has been here, studies.
New Palestine High School has seen he has loved working in the class- “I have never liked Math class,
it’s fair share of teachers come and room and has gained the support but I can tell that Mr. Dawson is
go, but it’s not everyday that NPHS of both the students and staff as he trying his best to make Math better.”
has a teacher quit in the middle of a made his transition into the school. Ankney said.
school year. After Balmes-Fenwick “I love it so far. The faculty and Students aren’t the only ones who
quit her job it left an opening that students have all been friendly and are getting to know Dawson. The
NPHS staff knew they would need to helpful, so I’m enjoying it.” Dawson other math teachers around him are
quickly refill. said. now getting to know their new staff
Thankfully, Scot Dawson was Like with any big change, there member and are looking forward to
ready and excited to fill the position, was a little bit of a rocky transition working with him for many years to
and made the switch from beach when it came to the sudden switch come.
grove to NPHS quickly following between teachers. None of the stu- “I am looking forward to working
the school’s spring break. However, dents were expecting for their former with Mr. Dawson as the years go
as excited as Dawson was to join the teacher to quit and were surprised on. I believe that he is an asset to
NPHS teaching staff, he knew that to find someone new at the head of the NPHS math department and
there would be difficulties due to their classroom. Alaina Ankney, a am looking forward to the future.”
the fact that he would be joining the sophomore at NPHS, even described Heather Meredith, a math teacher at
school in the middle of the year. the change like moving from a warm NPHS, said.
“Anytime you come into a class pond to an icy lake. Along with the other teachers in
in the middle of the semester, it is “It’s very confusing to have to the mathematics department, Mere-
a tough situation. It is tough for switch teachers in the middle of the dith believes that Dawson will fit in
a teacher in trying to make the year. You get used to how one teacher really well at NPHS. She believes that
classroom his own, and it is hard on teaches, and then you have to move his ability to work well with anyone,
the students trying to learn a new away to a new teacher and start the and his easy relationships with his
teachers’ way of doing things. I think introductions again.” Ankney said. students will make him a very good
Mr. Dawson has done an incredible However, as the school year has fit for the school and a teacher that
job handling the situation.” Meredith gone on, Dawson has made great many students will enjoy having.
said. strides in building strong relation- “I definitely feel that Mr. Dawson
As difficult as it may have been in ships with his students, and creating will and does fit in to NPHS. He
the beginning, Dawson has started a comfortable environment where is easy to get along with and seems
to find a good dynamic within the
Scot Dawson’s teaching. Photo by Tegan Ankney school and is settling in nicely. He
students feel they are able to learn. to have a good rapport with all
Many of the students are starting students.”
has enjoyed being part of NPHS to figure out what kind of a teacher
and loves working with his students Dawson is and find that they enjoy
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January 25, 2019
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to state
Charlie Spegal
Sports writer
New Palestine wrestling
hosted the conference wrestling
tournament Friday, January 18.
All the conference teams, which Cassy Moorman and Maigan Williams cheer on Maria Virt. Photo by Anna Spellman

Rogers breaks swimming record
are New Palestine, Greenfield
Central, Mt.Vernon, Shelbyville,
Pendleton Heights, Delta,
Yorktown, and New Castle,
competed each other.
The Dragons finished sixth, Rosemarie Born
with Noah Wright and Christian
White winning HHC titles.
Feature editor Doing all of these events
takes a toll on a swimmer.

“My coaches have
Richard Clevenger was a runner- As the swimming seasons Soon enough there will be
up. physical and mental blocks.
continues on there is one
The Dragons the next Through these blocks Rogers’
tournament will be for the swimmer who really stands out -

been instrumental
junior Jessica Rogers. coaches, Steve Maxwell and Jason
sectional. Then the winners will
move onto regionals, semi- Rogers is just a few seconds Tillage, have helped her.
state and then State Finals. The off from breaking a school record “They have given me crucial
Dragon wrestling team has in the 100 yard freestyle. feedback on my technique in
members that can go really far.
The Dragon wrestling team
has been good this year. This
“Being close to breaking a
record is very exciting for me
and gives me motivation to keep
the pool and pushed me during
mental roadblocks.”
With only a few seconds to go,
in helping me
physically and
year has improved a lot since last Rogers is preparing herself both
training,” Rogers said.
wrestling season. mentally and physically. She is on
Last season was a little rough Rogers competes in four
events- 50 yard freestyle, 100 track to break this record and it
for the Dragons, but this year it’s
can mean a lot not just to her, but

a different story. The Dragons has yard freestyle, 200 yard medley
went against some very tough relay and 400 yard freestyle relay. the whole swim team.
opponents this season such Swimming runs in Rogers’ “I think it will be exciting to
as Pike, Cathedral, Zionsville, family. show my coaches and family that
Warren Central and Hamilton
Some of the teams have very
high ranked wrestlers on the
“My mom swam and so did
my siblings, so I knew I’d be
swimming too.”
all of the hard work and guidance
they have poured into me has
allowed me to reach my goal,”
Jessica Rogers
Rogers said.
team. But the Dragons will not go
down without a fight.

Dragons continue
great season
Chloe Dillon The boys are working on
getting rid of the kinks in their
perfect so that when they get on the
court, it’s even better.
Sports editor playing so they can get as far this “I feel like as we’re getting along
season as they can. better as a team everything about
The New Palestine boys Junior Maximus Gizzi said, “I how we play is better. We can trust
basketball team has had an amazing can tell that we are all getting along each other and with that we are able
season. Starting the season off strong, better as a team, although we still to make more complicated plays
the team currently has a record of have a while to go.” and actually execute them,” junior
8-5, and they are looking forward to Gizzi feels as though the team has Dawson Eastes said.
an amazing season. been getting closer and through this The Dragons are home Jan. 25-
Basketball is definitely a sport they are able to better understand 26. They travel to Perry Meridian
where you need to rely on your each other on the court. Jan. 31, then host Richmond in the
teammates skills just as much as you At practices the boys make sure afternoon of Feb. 2.
rely on your own skills. every play is perfect. They practice it

We can trust each other
and with that we are able
to make more complicated
plays and actually execute
junior Dawson Eastes Photo provided by Dawson Eastes