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Global Warming and Climate Change Quiz Name:​ ​ ANSWER KEY ​ .

Multiple Choice /5 
1. Do volcanic eruptions cause... 
❏ Cooling 
❏ Warming 
❏ Both 
❏ Neither  
2. W
​ hich of these greenhouse gases is most abundant in the atmosphere? 
❏ Carbon dioxide 
❏ Methane 
❏ Nitrous oxide 
❏ Water vapour 
3.Which of the following are ​NOT​ man-made causes of Climate Change? 
❏ Deforestation 
❏ Greenhouse gases 
❏ Ocean Currents  
❏ Factories  
4. C​ arbon dioxide released from the factories helps to trap heat within the atmosphere is 
known as what? 
❏ Global warming 
❏ The greenhouse effect 
❏ Industrial causes 
❏ None 
5. How many trees are cut down each year? 
❏ 100 million - 3 billion 
❏ 1 billion- 5 billion 
❏ 3 billion- 7 billion 
❏ 7 billion- 10 billion 
True or False, make false questions true: /5 
1. Global warming and Climate change are the exact same thing. 
​ ALSE, ​Global warming and climate change are ​NOT t​ he same thing 
2. ​The production of energy through fossil fuels also produces carbon dioxide as a 
TRUE ​ . 
3. Water and land absorb different amounts of energy at different rates. This causes 
the Earth to be unevenly heated.  
TRUE ​ . 
4. Reducing Carbon footprints involves too much work and energy. 
FALSE​, Reducing Carbon footprint​s does not involve ​too much work and energy. 
5. Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, act like a blanket, trapping heat near the 
surface and raising the temperature.  
TRUE ​ . 
​Short Answer Question: /1 
List 3 ways you can lower your carbon footprint in your everyday life.  
Shut the windows when the heat or a.c is on, take shorter showers,unplug electronics 
when not in use. 
Long Answer Question:/1 
Explain how volcanic eruptions affect global warming and climate change.  
Volcanic eruptions release particles and gases such as ash, sulfur dioxide, and CO2  
Which can cause cooling or warming depending on what is being released and the size  
Of the particles.