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Institute of Engineering

Pulchowk Campus
1st Assessment (Set A)
Subject: Mechanics of Solids
Attempt all questions:
1. The square plate in Fig. is loaded so that the plate is in a state of plane strain.
(a) Determine the displacements for the plate given the deformations shown and the strain components for the
(x,y) coordinate axes.
(b) Determine the strain components for the (X, Y) axes.

2. Determine location of shear center O of a thin walled beam of uniform thickness having cross section as
shown in fig

3. For the curved beam as shown in fig, Determine stress at Point A and B

4. At a point P in a body, =10000N/cm2, =-5000N/cm2 =10000N/cm2. Determine normal and

shearing stresses on a plane that is equally inclined to all 3 axes.