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Prefab Covered Shed for Auto Truck Loader Bay area at Cohin Bulk Terminal, Cochin



1) Width of the building 16.00m for ATL 16.00m for ATL
2) Length of the building 22.35 Mtr. for ATL , 22.35 Mtr. for ATL ,
09 Mtr or as per design to cover grating
3) Clear Eave height Agreed
projection area.

4) Bay spacing 16.36Mtr. 16.36Mtr.

5) Roof Slope As per design 1in 7.5

6) Roof Sheet 0.5mm galvalum color coated sheet Nill
7) Skylight As per Design factor Nill
8) Wall Cladding No side wall claddings are allowed. D Lock Panel
9) Roof ridge ventilators Not Required Not Mentioned
10) Bottom of Base plate FFL FFL
12) Opening in both ends Yes Yes
Gutter Provision Both end Required Agreed
Rigid Frames,Pinned Base/ Space
1 Main structure (Portal frame) Space Frame Frame
Conforming to physical specification of
2 Hot rolled section relevant IS code with minimum yield strength Not Mentioned
of 240 N/mm

3 Roof sheets 0.5 mm galvalum pre painted coating sheet Galvalume Sheets

Cladding sheets and sheeting

4 accessories(Trims,eaves,flashing etc.) 0.5 mm galvalum pre painted coating sheet
Galvalume Sheets
High strength bolt Conforming to physical
5 Primary Bolt connection relevant IS code with Grade 8.8 electro As Per UTCL Requirement
galvanised. specification of

Zink plated,colour coated hexhead self

tapping screws with washers conforming to IS
6 Sheet Fixing Leaking and Water Proof
code.Colour of screws to match roof sheet

one coat of epoxy primer & one
7 Paints Anticorrosive Paints caot epoxy paint
1 Dead load Actual weight of the structure 0.1 KN/m2 + SELF WEIGHT
2 Live loads 0.75 KN/m 2 IS:875 (Part-2)- 1987 0.57KN /M2
3 collateral load (Dust load) 0.5KN/M2 0
4 Column base design criteria Fixed (and Pinned) Pinned
5 Wind Speed 140km/Hr. 140km/Hr.
6 Probability Factor 1.0(50 Years Wind) Not Mentioned
7 Sesmic Load Zone III Moderate Zone III as per IS 2002
8 Rain Fall (Avg.) 3228MM/Year 2000-2500
Drawing and Data
Design for Shed Shall be checked Supplier to give STAAD file and column
and approved by M/s UTCL's reactions for confirmation of foundation size
consultant. for executability along with the drawings. This
1 should be submitted along with commercial Agreed

Submission of drawings and design After placing of order, supplier shall give
for approval anchor bolt drawings alongwith STAAD &
Column reactions within 3 weeks. After
approval of STAAD & anchor bolt drawing,
detailed GA drawing shall be submitted within
next 3 weeks. Any comment to be
incorporated and sent back within a week's
2 time.In case of delay or major deviation from Agreed
agreed conditions, a penalty of Rs. 3 Lacs shall
be levied on the supplier.

Erection Drawing To be provided by supplier (This will cover

detailed drawing of each frame, size of nut
bolts, connection details, frame openings,
3 sheeting details, gutter details,etc.) Agreed

Partlist To be provided by supplier with erection

4 drawings Agreed
Submission of documents in respect Within 10 days of shipment of material in
5 of quality checks and inspection phases Agreed

Inspection QAP to be submitted at the time of drawing

approval to site in-charge (5 year latent defect
6 guarantee to be provided by supplier) Agreed

7 Reference of Inspection As per Approved QAP Agreed

Erection of shed (methodology) To be submitted by supplier with calculations
alongwith lifting plan for a) safety of portal with 100% of purlins at
design wind speed b) Safety of 5 portals along
with braced bay at design wind speed.
Supplier to give sequence of erection and
details for safety of erected stucture by way of
8 guy ropes, crane, complete bolting & Agreed
Other Features
1 Sheeting AS Per ASTM D 3935 Non Leaking and water Proof
2 Size of Skylight panels As per Supplier Design Agreed
% of Skylight area with respect to 2Nos.
3 total roof area Nill
4 Delivery 30Days 8-10Weeks
5 Unloading at Site Suppliers Scope Agreed
All UTCL safety norms, standard &
6 Safety Supervision procedure spelt out guidelines Nill
Suppliers Scope .HT Bolts , Nuts Stich
7 All Hardwares Type and Scope Screws Agreed
Web to Flange welds of builtup
8 member are single side Both Side weld Yes 345MPA
9 Fabrication ,Erection and Fixing Supplier Scope Agreed
10 Crane/Hydra Supplier Scope Agreed
11 Scaffolding Work Supplier Scope Agreed
12 Installation Period 30 Days After Placing Order 04Weeks
13 Water & Electricity Provision UTCL provide one point of connection UTCL Scope
Accommodation & Meals for
14 Supplier Scope Agreed
15 All Union Related Issues Supplier Scope Agreed

50% advance along with the firm

PO.25% on delivery of the
With in 10 Dyas after Succesful completion material
16 Payment Terms and balance 25%within
of Job 15days of work completion and
submission of the invoices.

(UTCL) (Calex Marine)