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Nearer to

Binar Nyorps &
Paige & Ethan

● Address: 380 Allen Rd,

Mundaring WA 6073
● Ph: 9295 2244
Excursion Details to meet school's needs:
● Ramps, easy accessible disabled
Cost: $24 per student
● $16 for the excursion
● $8 for transport on bus

Storage Available:
● Bag hooks available.
● Tarps and inside storage.

Resting/shaded areas:
● Covered grassed area
● Logs
● Mini amphitheater
Features of the site;
What will the students do?

● Role Playing- Hunting,

● Singing- Noongar language
● Dancing- traditional
● Face/body painting
● Jewellery making
Excursion Itinerary
What is the purpose of the excursion?

● Immersion of Indigenous Culture;

● Different roles
● Practical learning, sensory Engagement,
● Authentic context and activities
● Specifically targeted to lower primary
● Strong Curriculum links (History and
Geography,people and places, family
structure & traditions )
● Addresses General Capabilities as well
as Cross-Curricular Priorities
Pre Activity- Art styles and name tags

● Students will be put into groups for this

activity, these groups will be their groups
during excursion activities for
management and monitoring.
● Throughout one lesson in various
stations, groups will observe and identify
different styles and aspects of Indigenous
art that they like
● Students will then use dot painting
techniques to create a nametag that they
will wear on the excursion.
Pre Activities- “ When I was little like you” and handprint
Aboriginal flag
Reading “When I Was Little Like You” - Mary Handprint Flag
Malbunka ● Students are introduced to the colours of
● The book introduces the structure, roles and the flag and the meanings in the structure of
activities of Aboriginal families,allowing students it for Aboriginal families. Students use their
to identify similarities between their own own handprint to create a Aboriginal flag for
experiences as children and those experienced the class to simulate the connection
within cultural Aboriginal upbringings- strong between the people and the flag.
links to activities completed during the excursion.
Post Activities
Physical Activity lesson-
Art Gallery creation display within ‘Weme’ - Health and PE/Morning
classroom- Fitness
● Students jewellery and art made ● Further expansion of activities
from excursion will be collected and covered at excursion, example of
made into a display in the what children would have done for
classroom. leisure traditionally.
● With assistance, students will reflect ● Game works like bocce; bowling a
on their work and others expressing ball (rock/melon) toward a pin in the
what they liked about their work, hope of knocking it over.
what they might do differently, and ● Students play this in their groups
someone else's work that they like from the excursion, later link into
discussions of own activities they
partake in now.
Post Activity - Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes

Introducing students to words from languages of different cultures and providing opportunities for them
to refine and control gross motor skills applied in subjects of The Arts or even Phys Ed.

KEY WORDS “Kaat djerdim boornitj djen boornitj djen boornitj djen
Kaat – head Kaat djerdim boornitj djen Maara baaminy baaminy
djerdim - shoulder maara
boornitj - knee
djen - foot Miyal dwangk mooly daa mooly daa mooly daa Miyal
maara- hands dwangk mooly daa Maara baaminy baaminy maara”
miyal - eyes
dwangk – ear
mooly – nose
daa – mouth
Key Ideas and intended outcomes of activities:

● a deep knowledge and sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for places,
people, cultures, events, ideas and environments throughout the world-

● a knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of the past and the forces

that shape society- although this is only an introduction to Indigenous cultures
through family structure and times, this can prepare students for later history
topics relating to Australia and acknowledging Indigenous Australians as the
first people
● Program is run by ‘Nearer to Nature’ and called “Moodjitch
Binar Nyorps & Yorgas”
● Program runs from PP - Year 3, costs $16 at the discovery
● Learning through sensory engagement
● Strong HASS links (Year 1); People and Places, Family
● Venue caters to needs of schools; covered and open areas,
ramped access, bathrooms, trained program facilitators
● No worksheets used, students only doing memorable hands on
activities and keeping the products of them.
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