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Review of the research paper styled “Effect of lamination angle on deflection and stress of angle ply

laminated Composite cantilever beam” by Arnab Choudhury , Samar Chandra Mondol , Susenjit Sarkar:

1. Fig 1 should have been in page no. 2 where it has been mentioned in article 2.0. The figure
should also show the cross-sectional view of the beam.
2. What is the full form of “FSDT”?
3. The Fig 1 lacks the reference of x-y-z axes. These are to be shown in the figure itself.
4. The equation for D should be mentioned.
5. Several symbols mentioned in the equations (1 thru’ 7) of the paper are not clearly explained in
the symbol list.
6. What is φ as mentioned in equation (5)?
7. Equation (6) lacks proper bracketing and contains lots of unexplained symbols.
8. The non-dimensional deflection and bending stresses are to be properly written. It is better to
avoid “*” symbols used in the equation.
9. Article 3.o should be “RESULTS AND DISCUSSION”
10. The paper lacks proper formatting as per the conference template provided.
11. The authors claim for some numerical work. Please mention, in brief, its methodology.
12. The symbols for non-dimensional maximum deflections are not consistently used in the paper.
13. In page 3, the discussion part contains an unnecessary paragraph.
14. Give one sentence explaining the nature of bending stress variation across the beam thickness.
15. The authors should explain why plate theory has been used to model a beam?

Final Comment: The paper needs little reorganization on the part of the authors. With the
modifications done, the paper is publishable.
Review of the research paper styled “Study of the Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Sn-
8Zn- 1X Alloys (where X=Al, Bi and Sb) as Lead Free Soldering Alloy M” by A Wadud , M A Gafur , M R
Qadir , M O Rahman

(1) In abstract “ andthree” is to be replaced by “and three”.

(2) In abstract “…..ternary alloys were prepared and investigated their microstructural and
mechanical, thermal and electrical properties” should be written as : “…….ternary alloys were
prepared and their micro-structural ,mechanical, thermal and electrical properties have been

(3) In abstract “…The co-efficient of thermal expansion and co-efficient of thermal contraction
varies..” should be changed to “..The co-efficients of thermal expansion and that of thermal
contraction varies…”

(4) “HNO3” should be written as “HNO3”.

(5) It is better to write “Thermomechanicalanalyzer”as “thermo-mechanical analyzer”

(6) In Art 3.1, “isshown” to be written properly. The article consists of a few English grammatical and
syntax errors which need to be modified properly. Art 3.2, 3.3 contain errors which need to be
settled by the authors.

(7) In Fig 1, magnification needs to be shown.

(8) In Fig 2, it is not clear where the standard deviation is shown.

(9) “Same criteria was reported by another authors [10, 14 and 15]” should be corrected as: “Same
criteria were reported by other authors [10, 14 and 15]”.

(10) Unit of coefficient of thermal coefficient should be properly written.

(11) From the research paper, it seems authors have verified the existing results available in the
literature. If it is so, can they please highlight any new contribution to the knowledge base as found
in their work?

(12) Authors should try to report their findings in allotted four pages only.

The paper needs a thorough look by the authors to rectify the errors and little reorganization. Also
some comments on new findings should be highlighted. With the modifications done, the paper is
ROTORS” by A. Bhowmick , A.Nandi , S.Neogy , Smitadhi Ganguly

(1) In “NOMENCLATURE” it should be strain displacement matrix. There is an extra “.” In stead of
“Young Modulus”, it should be “Young’s Modulus”

(2) Please grammatically correct the sentence “In case of fluid under shear stress dissipates energy,
shear stress is quantified by Newton’s law of viscosity, where energy dissipates is directly
proportional to the rate of shear strain.”

(3) “In reality solid material not only store energy…” should be “In reality solid materials not only
store energy…”

(4) Reference [2] lacks the year of publication. Properly format reference [5].

(5) “…if damping presents in material, ….” should be written as “…if damping is present in material,

(6) “….after certain spin speed this value becomes positive. Which makes system unstable..” . Please
join the sentences.

(7) Please follow uniform font size for the equations. Also please rearrange the sentences in
“FORMULATION” section and equations may be written with proper sequence.

(8) Please use proper voice in the beginning sentence of Art 4.

(9) Please change Fig2, Fig3, Fig4, Fig5, Fig6 and Fig7 into black-white mode with legible

(10) The values of the material constants (as shown in Table 1) are taken from which source? Please
mention it. Also, ‘×’ may be used instead of “X” in the table.

(11) Please change Table 3. It has formatting error.

(12) How the authors justify the last sentence of the conclusion ( “However for rotors tapered other
way the tapered rotor element is expected to produce converged results with much lesser
elements than stepped cylindrical rotor elements”) from the present work ?

The paper needs a thorough look by the authors to rectify the errors and little reorganization.
With the modifications done, the paper is publishable.