Ankita Upadhyay

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To learn and get groomed in an environment where I can contribute with my potential and skills for the betterment of the organization and myself.

1) 2) 3) 4) C C++ .Net PHP 5) Operating System Concepts

Organization : Designation Project : Responsibilities Certification : e . Soft connect, Lucknow Project Trainee Intranet Mailing & Chatting : Coding, Testing

: Oracle Certified Associate (O.C.A.) in Oracle 9i (DBA track).


Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow University, Lucknow U.P. Board U.P. Board

Percenta 2010 ge 73.95
2007 2002 2000 50.0% 61.0% 73.5%




Intranet Mailing & Chatting Intranet Mailing and Chatting provides services to employees of departments of an Organization. The main aim of this project is to send the mails spontaneously without requiring the parties be available at the same instant. Organization Platform Used Duration Team Size Key Learning Role : : : : : : e . Soft connect. Asp.Net 2.0 with C# and SQL Server 2005 3 months 2 Asp.Net, Team Skills Designing, Coding, Testing

P India Scout and Guides camp in year 1996. Participated in Republic Day Function at Police Line Sitapur in year 1995 WORKING EXPERIENCE: Organization : Designation : Duration Responsibilities Platform Used Iris IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Coding. Coding. Smarty. Participated in U. Platform Used Duration Team Size Key Learning Role : : : : : Asp.Student Fee Management System This is a student-based accounting program designed to control fees at a college. Team Skills Designing. Testing : PHP.. Participated in U. HTML and MS-Access 2 months 3 Application Development Designing. Lucknow Web Programmer : 6 Months : Designing.0 with C# and SQL Server 2005 2 months 5 Application Development. It helps administrator to define fee heads and discounts that can be applied to individual. MYSQL . messages and with a web camera taking the continuous image of the teacher and is being streamed by a steaming server and the voice of the teacher being encoded by the server and a chat server handling the message transfer between the teacher and the login students (clients). By maintaining fees with this users get access to various reports that they can issue whenever desired. Testing PRESENTATIONS:   Feasibility Study RDBMS ACHIEVEMENTS & EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:      Participated in Debate Competition Participated in workshop on Insight Compute System.P India Scout and Guides camp in year 1997.Net 2. were in the teacher at a remote machine presenting his/her lectures with voice. Platform Used Duration Team Size Key Learning Role : : : : : Asp. Testing Virtual Class Room System A virtual classroom to be established. class or whole college.

Vijay Nagar Neelmatha . Upadhyay Smt. Date: Place: // (Ankita Upadhyay) . Kamal Upadhyay 09984412741 Near Sai Public School. Meditation : Late. Sector B. Pune-13. 1985 : Self Motivated. Lucknow B3-603 Rakshak Nagar Gold Near Reliance Mart Kharadi. : : : : : I hereby declare that the above details are true in the best of my knowledge & belief. Gardening. N. D. Hardworking Drawing.PERSONAL PROFILE: Date of Birth Strengths Hobbies/Interests Father’s Name Mother’s Name Alternate No Permanent Address Current Address : 1 January.

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