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Dear Joana


I'm happy to send you attached the Terms of Reference for the consultancy "Process and Learning Facilitator"
aiming at support the Global South thinkers on peace and development initiative.

If you need more information regardings the peace and development programme and the Global

Thinkers project, please take a look to UNOSSC website and information provided in this ToR.

I put in cc Martha Barrientos, who is part of UNOSSC Human Resources and Operations team. Please, send

your proposal to me and Martha as soon as you can this week.

I've also invited the P&D think-tanks members to propose potential candidates with similar skills.

I look forward to hear from you in the coming days,

Many thanks

Cecilia Milesi

Dear Mrs. Milesi and Mrs. Barrientos,

please find attached to this message my technical proposal and related documents regarding the Terms of
References for the "Process and Leaming Facilitator", to support the Global South Thinkers on Peace and
Development .

Feel free to ask for further information if you need.

I look forward to speaking with you about the documents.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Joana Amaral
Dear Michael

Thanks so much for supporting the process of contracting Joana Amaral as process and learning facilitator of
the Global South Thinkers on P&D.

I'm sending attached the documents for you to kindly review please together with the evaluation sheet for
your approval.

I'm checking if one of our colleagues at DPA can play the role of the external evaluators so we can move ahead
with her support between Monday/ Tuesday.

Please find attached
From: Michael Stewart

To: Cecilia Milesi

Dear Cecilia,

Thanks for sending these documents. I reviewed and agree that Joana Amaral would be able to complete the
scope of work as outlined in the terms of reference.

I did find her P11 quite difficult to read to be honest, but I remember that you had previously shared her CV
with me (attached here) which makes much clearer her 10+ years work experience.

One recommendation - I think in the evaluation table under criteria 2, we should add in that her work
experience is focused on facilitating workshops, generating outcomes, building consensus etc. This is one of
the main scopes of work for the assignment, so we should make clear that she has the relevant experience.

I've attached the signed declaration of impartiality for records. Once we've updated the evaluation table and
identified the external evaluator I would be happy to sign off on this.
From: Cecilia Milesi
To: Martha Barrientos

Dear Martha

Joana Amaral sent me the final version of the P 11 to include.

I'll print it now and let's review her folder to take to Nassim and Grace and finalise this!


From: Michael Stewart
To: Martha Barrientos

Dear Martha,

Thanks for sending the revised Pll for Joana Amaral. As you recall, when I reviewed this last year there were
some questions about years of experience etc. since it was difficult to read the Pll {I think this has more to do
with the format/template than Ms. Amaral's abilities!). The revised it much clearer. I can see she has much
more than 10 years relevant experience in SSC, workshop facilitation, development of materials and reports

Given the revised Pll, I have no hesitations with agreeing that Ms. Amaral could complete the consultancy
TOR as written.