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JUDGE ROBERT E. FLOURNOY II GENERAL BILL OF INDICTMENT RE: Warrant(s) no._ 180994 _asoas._—_— WS 17-WD-2983, 18-WD-914 COBB SUPERIOR COURT en WITNESSES: ee oz Iny P. David Chesney, Cobb County Sheriff’s Office B ne MARCH/APRIL TERM 2018 a Be ef 92 THE STATE OF GEORGIA 38 z4* - sek ta . 55 ae 8s 33 NB RICHARD VINSON MERRITT g ie = 18 7 t ae 2 aE HUQ (eee seesgcecee wm et pare Merlo 20 1% - ae a) ao Delivered in open Court by Grand Jury Foreperson Grand Jury Bailiff REBECCA KEATON, Clerk, 8. C. D. VICTOR REYNOLDS, District Attorney, Cobb Judicial Circuit ‘The Defendant herein waives copy of The Defendant herein waives copy of .? indictment, list of witnesses, formal. indictment, list of witnesses, formal arraignment and pleads~ Guilty. arraignment ané pleads Guilty. HW etentent Defendant #2 a = Ne ‘Attome) fonda A ‘Attorney for Defendant oF Assisi District Attornty Assistant District Atorney uoqvey ta38qey) 4 wend Mo-2zag¢o0—3 yung qgey 4uneg voLyaang jo 4s6T9 yerdera0 aT0e~8c-su 821 Ut P