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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 67 - No. 1| February 2019 Newsletter•

Bringers of Joy .................................................2
Xaverian Missionaries in Europe ...................3
A New Xaverian Father in Sierra Leone.......4
“An Awesome Experience” ...............................5
Parliament of the World’s Religions........6-7
Education of the Heart....................................9
World & US Province News.......................10-11

Countering War, Hate and Violence at the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Photo courtesy of POWR Toronto 2018
Seeds of Love

Bringers of Joy
Message from the US Provincial Superior
Xaverian Dear Mission Friends,
Missionaries Bishop Robert F. Morneau of Green Bay, WI, in a small
Provincial Headquarters
12 Helene Court book “Notes of Thanksgiving” writes:
Wayne, NJ 07470-2813
Tel.: (973) 942-2975 “The South African writer Alan Stewart Paton
Fax: (973) 942-5012 (1903-88) helped to break down an evil in that
land- apartheid… Because of St. Francis of Assisi’s
org influence in his life, Paton wrote ‘Instrument of Thy
Xavier Knoll Mission Center Peace’, a commentary on Francis’ famous prayer. In it he writes:
4500 West Xavier Drive
Franklin, WI 53132-9066
‘I have often been able to be the bringer of joy to others; this is
Tel.: (414) 421-0831 a country in which small things, small gifts, small recognitions,
Fax: (414) 421-9108 small identifications, can bring disproportionate joy.’
The world is filled with sadness and misery –poverty, human
Global Youth Mission Services (the rights violations, wars and riots, exploitation and manipulation
Fatima Shrine
of the human person. Our challenge is to bring others joy
101 Summer Street through the works of justice and mercy. At times this means
Holliston, MA 01746-2207 changing political systems; at other times, doing those small,
Tel.: (508) 429-2144
Fax: (508) 429-4793 good deeds that bring ‘disproportionate joy.’”
Email: Francis was serious when he prayed, ‘Lord, make me an instrument of Your
Xaverian Mission Newsletter peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon;
Official publication of the where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is
Xaverian Missionaries
of the United States darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.’
Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX
If we become agents of the Holy Spirit’s joy, we will bring people to life
Communications Board:
Fr. Carl Chudy SX and help them on their long journey. One dimension of our baptismal call is
Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez SX precisely this: to be a bringer of joy.
Fr. Tony Lalli SX
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX
C.S. Lewis entitled his autobiography ‘Surprised by Joy.’ Wouldn’t it be great,
were our biography to be written, that the first paragraph might begin: ‘John,
Mary Aktay Jane,...surprised many people in being a bringer of joy!’?
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ The Year 2019 could be that special year when we work harder to bring joy to
Email & Web: one another and to be a blessing to everyone we meet.
Website: God’s choicest blessings and much peace,
Donation: $5.00 per year
Fr. Mark Marangone SX and the Xaverian Missionaries

Help the Xaverian Missionaries bring joy everywhere! In
ave f yo cre
. Le cy o e St n
. I f y u r im a s e
a h o ur pac
eg de t oreig . Contact: Fr. Mark Marangone, SX h
a clu
r F Inc Gif as a “ emplo t!
! In avie ty, & 12 Helene Court t” M y
e con Prog atchi er
lo cis X Socie Will
t r i b ra m n g
n t Wayne, NJ 07470 be utio , you
Fra ission r Las ent. d ou n c r
M you tam Tel: 973-942-2975 ble an
in Tes d.
Or visit: for online donations

2 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2019
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Xaverian Missionaries in Europe
The Xaverian Missionaries’ XVII General Chapter invited the circumscriptions of Europe to think about the creation
of a study center, following the example of the other continents. Responding to this invitation, the constituencies
of Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and the Central Delegation together with a representative of the Italian lay
faithful were gathered in Rome through their representatives to reflect on this proposal.
In fact, a significant number of Xaverians belong to the constituencies of Europe, and the historical and cultural
changes of this continent can not leave them indifferent. The continent can no longer be served by thinking that
the mission remains far away elsewhere.
It is necessary to rethink the modalities, the style, the means to live the Xaverian charism today in this changing
continent. Pope Francis, for his part, invites us to put ourselves in a state of mission, having the courage to emerge
from the old paradigms.
Wanting to respond to this call, it becomes necessary to start a process of research and reflection on the objec-
tives, methods and structures of evangelization and also on how to be present as missionaries on this continent.
It is therefore a real change of paradigm, which demands a shift from a definition of presence as missionary and
vocational animation to an awareness that Europe is an “area of mission.” The fundamental question is: “What is
mission ad gentes in Europe today for the Xaverians?”
The formula that seemed most appropriate to accompany this process is that of a “forum” in which we would like
everyone to be involved. It would have as its function the cultural animation of all the Xaverians of our European
regions, stimulating them to know the experiences underway, to reflect, to seek, to share, to dare to undertake
the new paths of the mission ad gentes today on this continent.
As a first step, it was decided to ask the circumscription superiors to involve the confreres with an exchange of
ideas and sharing the experiences in progress. This first phase will end in March 2019, at the Interreligious Dialogue
and the Xaverian Charism in Europe seminar organized by the Conforti Institute of the Xaverians of Scotland.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •February 2019 3
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

A New Xaverian Father in Sierra Leone
My name is Alexander and I come from Colombia but I’m originally from Peru. I’m a Xaverian missionary priest and
I am 32 years old. I have five siblings: three sisters and two brothers and I’m the oldest brother. My mum is a
housewife and my dad is a farmer. All my family live in Peru.
I knew the Xaverian Missionaries in Neiva Colombia, where I discovered my missionary vocation. I studied philoso-
phy in Medellín and I entered the novitiate in Salamanca- Mexico. I studied theology in Parma, Italy and before
coming to Sierra Leone I studied English with the Xaverian Missionaries at Xavier Knoll in Franklin Wisconsin in
America where I was warmly welcomed by the people there.
I am now living in Makeni, which is the third most important city of Sierra Leone. Makeni is the capital city of
Bombali District in the northern province of Sierra Leone. Makeni is famous for its farmer economic center and
Unimak, the Catholic University of Makeni, as well as its relaxed and friendly inhabitants. Makeni is also famous for
its hot climate. However, it has only two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.
I have presided at the Sunday Mass in two Christian communities that are close to Makeni: Masongbo and
Rogbesseh. The people in these towns are very friendly and their participation in the Mass is joyful.
I share a picture of the people in the church of Rogbesseh.
~ Fr. Alex Román SX

You can help Fr. Alex and his ministry in Sierra Leone. Either clip this paper and send it to the address
below or help the environment by donating online at:
Name: Donation Amount:
Address: City: State: Zip
Email: Phone: Xaverian House Supported:
Mail to: Fr. Mark Marangone SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470 □Xaverian Knoll, Franklin WI; □Fatima Shrine
Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

4 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2019
Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

“An Awesome Experience…”

7th Parliament of the World’s Religions two realities start working in synergy, the circle of our
was held in Toronto Nov. 1st - 6th, 2018, friendships enlarges and brings people together.
bringing together more than 11,000 During the days we spent together, the Parliament
people from over 80 countries. It scheduled world- became a stunning microcosm of what our world can
renowned speakers and gave the possibility of partici- become by inclusion and love: they have the power
pating in more than 500 truly unique programs, events, to instill true justice, enduring peace and a thriving
panel discussion and workshops, together with sacred earthly home for all living creatures.
music and films.
As the Parliament ended, we felt that the next step we
An unparalleled set of resources was made available to must take now is that we must pray together because
us, so numerous and attractive that we were not able to “Prayer is the shortest route between two people.”
make use of all of them. (Pierre-François Béthune). Set in the presence of the
Toronto was the perfect venue: more languages are Absolute, at the heart of reality, all recognize each
spoken there than in any other city in the world. The other as brothers and sisters, sparks of the same fire.
city itself has a long-standing tradition of living together, The Parliament reflects a desire for an interfaith en-
avoiding polarization of ethnic groups or religions and of counter at a deeper level and seems to encourage a
fostering respect for differences. While in Canada, we journey into the profoundest depths of the individual
felt that respect went beyond mere tolerance to accep- and the community, going beyond verbal dialogue and
tance and even embracing of differences. common action.
The Parliament was created to cultivate harmony among During the days we spent together, we found ourselves
the world’s religious and spiritual communities, and to drinking at the wells of each other’s spiritual traditions,
foster their engagement to achieve a just, peaceful and and engaging in a deep and common quest.
sustainable world. It seeks to promote interreligious
harmony, rather than unity of faiths as in dialogue. We discovered that one of the richest forms of prayer
can occur when the heart is absolutely quiet: “Be still
The theme chosen for this Parliament was “The Promise and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).
of Inclusion, the Power of Love” to make our world a
safer and more beautiful place to live in. We realized that if we still our mind, we can hear our
own heart and that at the core of our heart is the
The word “Inclusion” is used here to describe the ex- indwelling of God. It is an awesome experience. God is
hilarating discovery that one belongs to other. The word present and we are present—to each other. It’s a matter
“Love” describes not only as friendship and devotion, but of just being there.
also as a decision of the mind demanding a particular
way of acting toward the one that is loved. When these ~ Fr. Michael Davitti SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •February 2019 5
“The Promise of Inclusion,
the Power of Love”

rs. Michael Davitti, Adolph Menéndez, and Carl
Chudy took part in the 7th Parliament of the World’s
Religions in Toronto, Canada. The Parliament is
an event that was created to cultivate harmony among
the world’s religious and spiritual communities, and to
foster their engagement to achieve a just, peaceful and
sustainable world. It seeks to promote interreligious
harmony, rather than unity of faiths. For all the
participants it was a unique experience and an opportunity
to be together, to foster respect for differences and
learn how to avoid polarization and divisions between
different ethnic or religious groups. Respect went beyond
mere tolerance. The Parliament became a stunning
microcosm of what our world can become by inclusion
and love: these have the power to instill true justice,
enduring peace and a thriving earthly home for all living
creatures. At the local level in our communities Xaverian
Missionaries are trying to carry on the same program.

Photo Credits: Fr. Carl Chudy SX and The Parliament
of the World Religions
Education of the Heart

8 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2019
The Spirituality of St. Guido Conforti

Education of the Heart
hen St. Guido Conforti speaks of “conversion,” he immediately speaks of the heart. It is one of the
fundamentals of his inner spirituality that invites the heart to be educated.

“You do not know your own life if you do not know your heart, you do not become
an owner of yourself if you have not mastered your own heart, because life
goes where the heart leads. The biggest problems that humanity faces are the
problems of the heart, because others do not bring us so many storms and are
not cause for so many anxieties. Likewise, in my private life the most serious
problems are those that arise in my heart, and I find myself in peace when my
heart is free, I am happy when my heart is good; the great bitterness of life
comes from the wounds and deviations of the heart. But in the heart there are
two different aspects that must be considered, because sometimes it is a source
of incomparable good, and in others it is a detestable artificer of evil. Nothing
exists bigger and more beautiful than the works of the heart, when it is good;
there is nothing lower and dishonorable than the abject whims of the heart when
one lives in a bad way. And since the heart is an admirable instrument of good,
it is necessary not to extinguish, but to feed its beneficent flame; but, since it
can become a terrible agent of evil, it is necessary to hold it with a firm and
vigilant pulse for fear that it will be lost. The spontaneous movements of a good
heart are: compassion, benevolence, devotion and friendship”
(Saint Guido Maria Conforti, 1917-1925, Lights and Inspirations written during retreats and
exercises FCT 20, 185-186).
Educating the heart is therefore a timely comforting invitation to conversion. We must accept this call of God to
conversion and humbly do so. It is not always easy and yet it is necessary for our happiness. A missionary heart
that wishes to announce Christ to those who have not yet had the grace to find Him, will be an educated heart.
St. Guido Maria Conforti, father of missionaries, intercede for us.

Fr. Rolando Ruiz Durán SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •February 2019 9
World Mission News

World Mission News

Missionary Childhood Day Bishops seek to create spaces of en- The Feast of the Black Nazarene
counter, dialogue and peace
Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - When Missionary Manila (Agenzia Fides) - More than five million
Childhood Day was established in 1950 by Pope Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - “Our country is devotees attended the “Traslacion,” the annual
Pius XII, all countries were asked to identify a constantly faced with various trials and difficulties, procession in January featuring the image of the
date to be dedicated to Holy Childhood. Many there are few job and education opportunities, Black Nazarene with a prayer vigil during the
celebrate it on January 6 because it is the high insecurity, including the uncertainty and night. This feast is a manifestation of popular
Epiphany, the manifestation of Jesus to the expectations that come with it and a new devotion in the Philippines that has lasted more
three Wise Men and a holiday for children. In government,” said the Mexican Bishops in their than four centuries, with millions of devotees
other countries it is celebrated in February message at the beginning of the year, but they who place their hopes in the suffering Christ.
or May or July or October. Sister Roberta also recognize that “our people want the Church to
The theme of the “2019 Traslacion” is “Devotees
Tremarelli, Secretary General of the Pontifical be a close companion along the way,” and express
of the Lord Jesus the Nazarene: chosen to
Society of Holy Childhood, explains the meaning their commitment to building a “Common Home.”
serve him.” The peak of the program is the
and genesis of Missionary Childhood Day: “It “A reality fraught with excessively increasing traditional procession through the streets of
is an occasion dedicated to all the children violence forces our people to live in fear, pain and Manila with a statue, in black wood, depicting
who, like adults, are missionaries, by virtue insecurity,” say the Bishops. “The pilgrim Church in Christ carrying the cross towards the Calvary.
of Baptism. This also recalls the theme of the Mexico is committed to contributing to the common Thousands of believers converge in Manila
next Extraordinary Missionary Month: Baptized good with all its resources: to make progress in from all over the country to attend this feast.
and sent, the Church of Christ on a mission overcoming violence and, in cooperation with civil
in the world. All children are called to live in The statue of the Black Nazarene was brought to
society, through their teaching, pastoral care and
the example of the three Wise Men and the Manila in 1607 by Augustinian missionaries from
creating spaces for encounters, dialogue and peace.”
shepherds, who, after discovering the incarnate Mexico. It is believed that it was burned and
“Today, more than ever, we are disturbed by blackened when the galleon carrying it caught fire.
Son of God, announced it to everyone. It is
the shocking outcry of migrants,” the Bishops
from the encounter with Jesus that we become Msgr. Hernando Coronel explained: “The feast of
continued. “In faithfulness to Jesus Christ, we must
missionaries and this is understood by the the Black Nazarene revolves around the devotion
not ignore the suffering of those who seek better
children. They carry it out and live it very well. to the suffering Christ, with whom Filipinos identify
living conditions and cross borders in search of
The purpose of this celebration is also to remind themselves, in their life marked by poverty and
work not only looking for the welfare of their
children that there are other children in the daily suffering.” The Archbishop of Manila, Luis
families but also contributing to the common good.”
world: some are Christians, others do not know Antonio Cardinal Tagle, said that “the devotion to
Jesus and others are in difficulty from a human, The Bishops recall that climate change is a global the Black Nazarene is the love for Jesus and it is
educational and health point of view. To have a problem, as Pope Francis emphasizes in the encyclical not fanaticism. A true devotee loves: the essence
day dedicated to Holy Childhood Society, even if Laudato Sì and “one of the greatest challenges facing of devotion is love. The fanatic clings only to
the date is different in the world, means that all humanity today.” That is why they call on the country something that gives value to himself. The
children are put in relation to each other. Jesus to be “a pioneer in preserving our common home.” devotee loves Jesus. The fanatic does not love.”
is the center and at the same time represents
a bond for the children in the whole world.”

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2019
USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Provincial House Lenten Services & Events it in our families. We will meet either in the Hall
Wayne NJ During Lent there will be Masses at 12:10 p.m. or in the Upper Room from 4 - 6 p.m. on March
Cosuma from Monday to Friday in the Shrine Church. Sta- 17, 31, and Palm Sunday, April 14.
From January 6 - 13, 2019, the COSUMA Encounter tions of the Cross will be at 7:00 p.m. in the Pax Christi
of the Americas took place at the Regional House Conforti Chapel (in the Residence/Office area) Saturday April 6th: The Pax Christi State Retreat
in Zapopan, Mexico. The Superior General Fr. March 4th to 12th: Novena of Grace at Fatima will be hosted at Fatima Shrine. The retreat leader
Fernando Garcia Rodriguez, the Vicar General Fr. Shrine during Masses. On Tuesday, March 12th after will be Sr. Teresita Weind, SND, the General Leader
Mario Mula and Councilor Fr. Javier Peguero Perez the 12:10 p.m. Mass, as we end the Novena of of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur worldwide.
joined the Regionals and Vice-Regionals of Brazil Grace, come for “Soup and a Conversation” on 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Xavier Hall.
North, Brazil South, Colombia, Mexico, and the Grace and Prayer. On Tuesday, April 2nd, after Fearless Discernment
USA. Fr. Mark writes: “In the picture, all 13 of us the 12:10 p.m. Mass, come for another “Soup and Saturday April 13th: The Xaverian Missionaries and
were present and concelebrated Mass at the nearby Conversation.” Topic to be determined. the Norfolk County Catholic Community hosts a
parish “Nuestra Señora de Altamira” on the feast
Soup & Mission day of FEARLESS DISCERNMENT at Fatima Shrine
of the Epiphany, together with the pastor, who is
in the center on my right one step up.” Saturday March 9th, at 6 p.m. Our speaker will be from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. The purpose of this
Fr. Solomon Kargbo SX, the first Xaverian Mission- day is to follow up on the Youth Synod of last year
Fr. Michael’s Ministries ary from Sierra Leone, now missioned to Mexico. and the challenge to all to discern their call in life.
Fr. Michael Davitti SX gave a retreat on “Dialogue
between Christianity and Buddhism,“ comparing Saturday April 27th, at 6 p.m. Our speaker will be Xavier knoll
the teachings of Meister Eckhart and the Buddha, Sr. Mary Motte, FMM. There will be the screening Franklin WI
on February 2, 2019 in Elizabeth NJ. He will also of the film, “The Saint and the Sultan” with a Upcoming Events
give a retreat for RCIA candidates at Our Lady discussion to follow. Join us for our Novena of Grace in Honor of Saint
of the Lake parish in Sparta, NJ on April 13. Fr. Retreat Francis Xavier, March 4-12, 2019
Michael will give a series of talks on Christian On March 23rd and March 24th from 2 p.m. to 8 Fr. Solomon Kargbo SX, from Sierra Leone, will be
Heritage through Art using the imagery of icons p.m. there will be a Come and See Discernment visiting the community from March 14-21, 2019.
at Our Lady of Consolation, Wayne NJ on Tuesday Retreat for young men and women interested in
evenings during Lent and speak at St. Francis of Missionary Service as priests, brothers, sisters and Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX will be participating of the
Assisi’s Parish Communion Breakfast on April 7th. laity. Annual WCYR (Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally) with
ACTS at Carol University on March 16-17, 2019
Fatima Shrine Passing on Our Faith to Our Kids
Who Don’t Want it - Part II Fr. Alex will be preaching the RCIA retreat at St.
Holliston MA
As a continuation of our reflection on our emerg- Charles Borromeo Parish, on March 23, 2019.
Prayers for Healing
ing adults leaving religion behind we would like Fr. Alex will be sharing his missionary experience
Prayers for the healing of the Church and individuals
to offer a community book read of Intentional at ‘Spiritus’ in Menasha, WI on April 11, 2019.
touched adversely by the scandals of our Church
Discipleship by Sherry Weddell, that helps us think Keep up with the latest news on
are held on the 2nd Friday of the Month from
about what we can do and how we can talk about the “House” pages of our website.
10:00 a.m. to noon in the Shrine Church.
Praesidium Accreditation™ publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of the Xaverian
Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •February 2019 11
Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2019

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