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VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT DECLARATION DE LA VICTIME ‘SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE COUR SUPERIEURE DE JUSTICE ‘subsosion 2) ae Cal Coe PROWMCE DE VOWTAR Prsrahe 72h Cae ia Tororo Court Location: Superior Court “dressed tinal Inthe matter of: R.v, Bruce MeaRthur Dans falfave de: Re c Vietimtarite's name: Jalil Kayhan_~ Brother of Majeed Kayhan ‘om de a vier dbelrant | nis form may be used to provide a description of the physical or emotional harm, property damage or ‘economic loss suffered by you as the result of the commission of an offence, as well as a description of "Ye impact ofthe offence on you. You may attach additional pages if you need more space. | a présente formule peut étre utlsée pour présenter une description des dommages—matériels, corporels ou moraux—ou des pertes économiques qui vous ont été causés par suite de la perpétration “une infraction ainsi que des répercussions que lnfaction a eues sur vous. Vous pouvez ajouter des ages adaltionnelles au besoin, “four statement must not include: .a déclaration ne peut comporter : + any statement about the offence or the offender that is not relevant (o the harm or loss you suffered; de propos concernant infraction ou le délinquant qui ne sont pas pertinents au regard des dommages ou pertes que vous avez subis; + any unproven allegations; fallégations non fondées; any comments about any offence for which the offender was not convicted: de commentaires sur des infiactions pour lesquolles le délinquant n'a pas &té condamné; any complaint about any individual, other than the offender, who was involved in the investigation or prosecution of the offence; or de plaintes au sujet d'un particulier, autre que le délinquant, qui était associé & Fenquéte ou a la poursuite de Iintraction; ‘except with the court's approval. an opinion or recommendation about the sentence ‘sauf avec la permission dl tribunal, de points de vue ou de recommandations au sujet de Ja peine, ‘ou may present a detailed account ofthe impact the offence has had on your life, The following sections tre examples of information you may wish to include in your statement. You are not required to include all of this information, fous pouvez présenter un compte rendu détailld des répercussions de linfraction sur votre vie. Les sections ciraprés ne constituent que des exemples de renseignements que vous pouvez inclure dans votre déclaration. Vous n’étes pas obiigé dinclure fous ces renseignements, omega oases Pet tia |Emotional Impact \ |Répereussions ordre émotr | Dose now lence sald you onal. Fo example, ek Voor doce os oparesons dat arc que fons os Ses, ar exemple en cu cence | + you tes and ates: Yond we vo sc: Yau tortip wn aor au as or spose any nd ond Xovilane eels sues aman ve odin poe Yor faite evs am You aly ovo ad scl sy ad Vie conc Stivers roo oe ou & Sse | your feelings, emotions and reactions as they real tothe offence 1S sonra, vos eran ef rs actions 8 égard de Raton \ {The result ofthis offense has lead to the death of my brother and the death of many others. This has ‘impacted me and my whole family tremendously. We agonised over the disappearance of my brother since 2012 not being able to understand where he went and what happened to him, to finally be notified of his horrific and brutal murder. | | don't know that I can properly describe the pain and suffering that | and my family have gone through over the years and | believe that this suffering will continue to affect us forever. My brother leaves behind many | ‘older siblings, nieces and nephews, 2 children and 3 grandchildren who will never be able to enjoy his | presence again, Personally this has been a devastating period of my life | still have not comprehended how this crime happened and it has consumed the majority of my thoughts. Ithas affected me deeply in my | ability to concentrate at work, interact with others and enjoy the simple things in lf, ' My famlyis vory traditional and Majeed was the youngest of the siblings, our older siblings have a very har time coping with this tragedy and this has impacted all of their health and wellbeing. | know that this letter is to focus on how this crime has affected me, but | belong to a family and It has affected all of us in tremendous and different ways. Not everyone feels comfortable to open up and share the impact it has had on their life and ! believe that this wil take time as we try to heal This statement, as long as | can try to put it into words can never represent the true pain and suffering that | and my family members have suffered and will continue to suffer. This is merely a humble attempt to ‘xpress a minute portion of it, Finding the right words to express my feelings is very difficult This offence has been discussed by the media as the firs ofits kind in Canada, and the media coverage has also impacted our family. Every time it resurfaces and Is discussed again, it opens the wounds once again {and makes us relive the emotions and feelings all over. | don't know if there is a way to help the media Understand that our family would really appreciate our privacy, we have been through so much already and we require this time to mourn in private, | do appreciate that | have been given the opportunity to share some of my feelings with the judge and hope that this will help o give a glimpse of some of the pain we are feeling. (050.722 018) ¢50 Page Daves | hhysical Impact Répercussions d'ordre physique | eseibe how the offence has affected you phystaly. For example, think of fullez dcr les repercussions dordre physique que nacton eves sur vous, par exemple, once qui concemne ‘ongoing physical pain, discomfort, ness, scaring, dsiguement or physi ination: | | douteu physique persistant, linconfet, es meladies, ls Geabces, le déigurement ou les restictons physiques: ‘hosptalzaon or surgery you have had because ofthe offence; ‘une hospitalisation ou des intorvantions chivuicales que vouS avez 00 subi en raison de nation; || + treatment, physiotherapy or mecicaton you have been prescribed; Jes valteronts, fa physithérapie ou les médicaments qui vous ont été presi; ‘the need for any furor treatment o the expectation that you will ceive further treatment: and les tatrents supplémentares dont vous auree besoin ou que vous vous allendee & recov any permanent or longterm dsabilily. tne invalate permanente ou de longue durée. \ngraines have affected me for many years bu since the news of what happened tomy brother became available | have suffered much more frequent migraines and had to miss more work days due to the stress. Economic Impact Répercussions d'ordre économique | escibe how the offence has affected you financially. For example think of oul doer ls répercussionsdrcre économique que infaction a aues su vous par exemple, en ce qui cancerne |. the value of any property that was lst or damaged and the cost of repairs or replacement |” favaior dos lens perdus ov drut ots coat de reparation ou de remplacement de cae bens ‘any financial loss due to missed time from work: losparos inanolres inpulabies &Tabsence du aval, || + the cost of any medical expenses, therapy o counseling: les dbpenses médicales ete cut de a tnarapie of du counseling: | 5 any costs or losses that are not covered by insurance |” feseotts, pelos ou dépanses qui ne sont pas couvets par Fassuranco. Please note that this isnot an application for compensation or restitution. | eter note gue a présente carton ne constve pes une demande rIndemnisation ou de dédommagement. For the family there have been expenses to find my brother when he first went missing. lam sure his hildren have faced more severe financial impact regarding their work time being affected, and getting the ep they need to cope with this tragedy. Even some ofthe economic impacts have not surfaced as the news has not really sunk in and close family members lke his chikiren have not been able to cope and | omprehend the events that lead to their father's murder. Fears for security Zraintes concernant Ia eéourité |Pescrv any tars youve or your sory of hat of you famly and ens, For examol, thro | veulter dorre tout caine que vous avez pow voto séciié ou celle de vate fol de vos eis par exemple: | + concorns wth respect to contac with the offender; and | er ardoccupatns concernant des contacts avec davon + eonooens with respec to contact between te offender and members of you family or cose rend |" des préoccupations concernant des contacis entre le délinquant ot des membros do vote famille ou dos amis proche |! the offender Is never released, | don't have fears of security concerning having contact withthe offender. | somaya omsieso Poe