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Jermaine Griggs
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The Key of C Major

C Major scale 

C       D      E       F       G      A      B      C 

3  3  2  3  2  3 
2  2 
4  4 
5  5 
1  1  1  1 

Note: Middle finger  Note: Thumb 

crosses over.  crosses under. 

C Minor scale 

Eb  Ab  Bb 

C        D                F       G                        C 

3  3 
2  3  2  2 3  2 
4  4 
5  5 
1  1 
1  1 

Note: Middle finger 
Note: Thumb 
crosses over. 
crosses under. 

C Major

Cmajor root position Cmajor 1st inversion 

C       E       G  E       G            C 

Cmajor 2nd inversion

G            C       E 

C Minor 

Cminor root position Cminor 1st inversion

Eb  Eb 

C                 G  G             C 

Cminor 2nd inversion 


G            C 

C Diminished 

Cdim root position Cdim 1st inversion

Eb      Gb  Eb      Gb 

C  C 

Cdim 2nd inversion 

Gb  Eb 

C Augmented 

Caug root position Caug 1st inversion

G# G# 

C        E  E  C 

Caug 2nd inversion 


C        E 

C Major6 

Cmajor6 root position Cmajor6 1st inversion

C        E       G  A  E       G  A        C 

Cmajor6 2nd inversion Cmajor6 3rd inversion

G  A       C        E  A        C       E        G

C Minor6 

Cminor6 root position Cminor6 1st inversion

Eb  Eb 

C                G  A  G   A       C 

Cminor6 2nd inversion Cminor6 3rd inversion

Eb  Eb

G  A       C  A       C                  G 

C Major7 

Cmajor7 root position Cmajor7 1st inversion

C       E        G       B  E        G        B  C 

Cmajor7 2nd inversion Cmajor7 3rd inversion

G      B   C       E  B   C       E       G

C Minor7 

Cminor7 root position Cminor7 1st inversion

Eb               Bb  Eb               Bb 

C                  G  G             C 

Cminor7 2nd inversion Cminor7 3rd inversion

Bb          Eb  Bb          Eb

G             C  C                 G 

C Dominant7 

Cdom7 root position Cdom7 1st inversion

Bb  Bb 

C        E       G  E       G             C 

Cdom7 2nd inversion Cdom7 3rd inversion

Bb  Bb

G             C       E  C       E       G 

C Diminished7 

Cdim7 root position Cdim7 1st inversion

Eb     Gb  Eb     Gb 

C                       A  A        C 
Bbb  Bbb 

Cdim7 2nd inversion Cdim7 3rd inversion

Gb                   Eb  Eb     Gb 

A        C  A       C 
Bbb  Bbb 

Note: Double flat means to lower twice
C Major9 

Cmajor9 root position Cmajor9 2nd inversion

C       E        G       B       D  C                                                    G        B  D   E 

Cmajor9 3rd inversion Cmajor9 4th inversion

C  B       D   E       G  C D  B        G       B 

C Minor9 

Cminor9 root position Cminor9 2nd inversion

Eb                Bb  Bb          Eb 

C                  G                 D  C  G                 D 

Cminor9 3rd inversion Cminor9 4th inversion

Bb          Eb Eb                Bb 

C  D             G               C  D            G 

C Dominant9 

Cdom9 root position Cdom9 2nd inversion

Bb  Bb 

C        E       G                 D  C                                                    G  D   E 

Cdom9 3rd inversion Cdom9 4th inversion

Bb  Bb

C  D  E        G               C  D   E       G 

C Half Diminished 7 

C Half dim Root C Half dim 1st inversion

Eb      Gb     Bb  Eb      Gb     Bb 

C  C 

C Half dim 2nd inversion C Half dim 3rd inversion

Gb     Bb          Eb  Bb          Eb      Gb

C  C