Rcon Commands To Help You Access Your Server. Set your Rcon Password in your server.

cfg and type in-game /rconpassword <rconpa ssword> \rcon map_restart Restarts the map after 5 seconds. You can add a number if you want it to be more or less then 5 seconds. (0 = instant mapchange) Example: \rcon map_restart 10 \rcon map [mapname] Hint see the list below. Note: standard JKA maps can be found in the subdirectory mp/ Example: \rcon map mp/ffa1 \rcon devmap [mapname] For cheats enabled. Hint see the list below. Note: standard JKA maps can be found in the subdirectory mp/ Example: \rcon devmap mp/ffa1 \rcon timelimit XX (in minutes) \rcon fraglimit XX \rcon capturelimit XX Sets the number of flags that should be captured in CTF in order to win. \rcon forcetoggle You can type this in the server console to see the list of options and proper us age. This command basically allows you to toggle all force powers on/off at your will. \rcon timescale Set the ratio between game time and real time. Setting less then one (i.e. 0.5) makes everything go slower, setting higher then one (i.e. 1.5) makes everything faster. Default is 1. Note: best is not to set this higher then 2. Your server will start to lag bigti me and might crash eventually! \rcon status Shows the client number (num), score, ping, player name (name), client IP addres s (address), and port connected through (qport). Client number is used in conjun ction with the kick/clientkick command. \rcon clientkick XX Replace XX by the ID number of the player you wish to kick. ID numbers can be fo und with rcon status. \rcon kick [player's name or ID number] The ID number of the player is found when you have already done an rcon status. Once this variable is set, you can ban IP addresses from the rcon. \rcon addip Adds this IP address to the banlist. \rcon addip 289.292.0 Bans the entire class c subnet This command bans everyone in the 289.292.0.XXX network. Effective for banning p roblem players who have a dynamic IP address. Yes, you probably can ban the enti

re subnet, but you'll loose a lot of potential players. It's up to you. \rcon removeip Removes this IP address from the ban list. \rcon g_banips Shows the IP banlist in console. Difficulty settings: Use one of the following entries with the g_spskill <number> code. 0: Padawan 1: Jedi 2: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Master Values higher than 3 will progressively increase the difficulty setting. Map names: Use one of the following entries with the map or devmap code. academy1 academy2 academy3 academy4 academy5 academy6 hoth2 hoth3 kor1 kor2 mp/ctf1 mp/ctf2 mp/ctf3 mp/ctf4 mp/ctf5 mp/duel1 mp/duel2 mp/duel3 mp/duel4 mp/duel5 mp/duel6 mp/duel7 mp/duel8 mp/duel9 mp/duel10 mp/ffa1 mp/ffa2 mp/ffa3 mp/ffa4 mp/ffa5 mp/siege_desert mp/siege_hoth mp/siege_korriban t1_danger t1_fatal t1_inter t1_rail t1_sour t1_surprise t2_dpred

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