European 6-1 (CGI, ribbon) Speedweaving European 6-1 Instructions

This is a pretty simple variation on the European 4-1 weave that makes the weave slightly denser. NOTE: the way this sheet is built, is not the *correct* for maille to hang, if hung the right way (90 degree turn as shown here), it will conform to the body. The white rings are the newly added rings, The orange rings are ring(s) through which the new ring passes. The green rings are rings already added to the chain. Step 1: Close six rings.

Step 2: Pass a new ring through these six closed rings, then close the added ring.

Step 3: Lay this 'unit' of 6-1 like so:

Step 4: Now, close 2 rings. and lay them both like this underneath the 6-1 unit:

Step 5: Join the 2 closed rings with a single ring, like so:

Step 6: Add a single ring to the last 2 rings on the chain, then add another 2 closed rings to the newly added single ring like so:

Step 7: Continue adding rings until the chain is of desired length.

Step 8: Create 2 of these chains, and lay them next to each other:

Step 9: Add a single ring to join the 2 chains like so:

Step 10: Continue adding rings like in step 9 until the chain is seamed together.

Many thanks to Eli for the generated Pictures!

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