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Bel-Air Manor February 2019 Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2/14/19 Love makes the world go *2/2019 Black History
*Happy Valentine’s Day* around. -Sue Month* *2/19/19 President’s Day* *2/5/19 Chinese New Year* 1 Ground 2 Hog Day
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda
10:30am Exercise -Rotunda 10:30am Frisbee-Rec
2:00pm Chinese Dancers 11:00am Ground hog Day(pg-32)
Year of the Celebrating Chinese New year-- and word search-Rec
Pig Rotunda
2:00pm Bingo Hour-DR

3 4 Chinese 5 New Year *Robert 6 K.* *Helen 7 J.* 8 9
*Independent Activities* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec *Hairdresser* *Chocolate Lover’s Month* *Sweet Potato month* *Independent Activities*
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion 10:30am Chinese New Word Game- 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec
10:30am Football Darts-Rec Rec 10:30am Weather Humor page (35)- 10:30am Entertainment with Kathy 10:30am Movement is
11:00am Famous couples in
11:00am 1:1 Ball Toss-Maine 1:30pm Cardo cards -DR Rec G.-Rotunda Medicine-Rotunda 10:30am Crafts Session-Rec
History & Exercise-Rotunda
1:30pm Super Bowl Bingo-DR 3:00pm Classic Movies-Rec 11:00am Games-1:1on unit 2:00pm Entertainment with 11:00am 1:1 Darts- Central
2:00pm Cardo-Rec 1:30pm Bingo Hour-DR
6:00pm Bingo with Carol-DR 1:45pm Entertainment by Chip Ames-R
6:00pm Super Bowl LIII 3:00pm Word Game-Rec 2:00pm Bingo Game-DR
Children group 2:30pm Sweet potato Fries
Party-Rotunda for all on the unit

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
*Independent Activities* 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am TV Mass & Exercise -Rec *Hair Dresser* 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec
10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion 10:30am Valentine’s Day History 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am Entertainment with 10:30am Movement is 10:30am Entertainment with
10:30am Ring toss-Rec 11:00am The Price is Right Game- (pg12)-Rec Kathy G.-Rotunda Medicine- Rotunda
11:00am 1:1 Ring toss- central Rotunda 10:30am Valentines Manicures- 1:30pm $1 a game Valentine’s Chip-Rotunda
1:30pm Oil Painting with
1:30pm Bingo -Rec 2:00pm Cardo Card Game- 11:00am Stretch to love songs-Rec 2:00pm Bingo Hour-DR
Rec 2:45pm Cardo Card Game-Rec Tea Time -Rotunda Bingo -DR
1:1 visits on unit 5:30pm Strolling Musician 3:00pm one to one sensory
3:00pm Trivia-Rec 6:00pm Bingo with Carol-DR 2:00pm Bingo with Elizabeth and sarenading with love songs -Dan visits

17 18 19 20 *Angela 21 S.* 22 *Claudia 23 G.*
*Independent Activities* 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda *Heart Healthy Month* *National Pie Month* *Hot Breakfast Month* *Independent Day*
10:00am TV Mass-Rec President’s Day 10:30am Stretch -music-Rotunda *Hair Dresser* 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda 9:00am *Breakfast Club* 10:00am Mass on TV
10:30am Crafts session-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 11:00pm Basketball Tournament- 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am Music - Kathy- 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:30am Basketball Game-Rec
1:30pmBingo -DR 10:30am 1:1 Communion-Rec Rotunda Rotunda 10:30am Movement is
11:00am Move for your heart-Rec 2:00pm Cardo Game-Rec 10:30am Resident Council- Medicine-Rotunda 2:15pm Three Angels Church-
1:1Visits Rotunda
1:30am Pet therapy 1:1 -Cotton 3:00pm Word Game-Rec Meeting-Rec 2:00pm Birthday Party- 1:30pm Bingo –DR
2:30pm Cardo Card Game-Rec 11:15am Move for your heart-Rec 2:30pm 1:1 Cookies
6:00pm Bingo with Carol-DR Music with Cindy
2:00pm Bowling Tournament-Rec
“Activities subject
24 *Lucille 25 D.* 26 27 28 to Change without notice. “
*Independent Activities* 10:00am TV on Mass-Rec 10:00am TV Mass-Rec *Hair Dresser* 10:00am Mass on TV -Rec Sue Lepage, BA, TRD
-Mail Delivered-
10:00am TV Mass -Rec 10:30am 1:1 Communion 10:30am Stretch /Music-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV 10:30am Move and music-Rec Chris Donavan-Recreation Aid
10:30am Stretch with Music-Rec 1:30 pm Emmanuel Baptist 10:30am Movement is Medicine-Rec 11:00am Price is right-Rec Lauryn Bailey-Recreation Aid
10:30am Piano Recital -Rotunda *Happy Birthday* February
Church-Rotunda 2:00pm Bingo hour -DR - Activities Location-
1:30pm Bingo -DR 2:00pm Cardo card Game-Rec 2:00pm Baking Club-Rec
2:30pm Cardo Cards game -Rec R-Rotunda
3:00pm Trivia challenge-Rec 2:30pmWord game-Rec 3:00pm Movie Matinee-Rec Residents- Love Bel-Air
Rec-Rec Room
6:00pm Bingo with Carol 3:00pm Comedy Hour-Rec Manor Staff
DR-Dining room