NAME symconfigure - Allows you to modify Symmetrix devices, ports, RDF characteristics, and host assignments and to create

or delete Symmetrix devices, while also managing hot spares. Provides SAVE device (SAVEDEV) and DATA device pool management. Provides management and support for device reservations. Provides a query option to allow monitoring the progress of a Symmetrix configuration change. Provides an abort option for situations where the host connection to the configuration server was dropped and left a configuration change session in progress. Provides a verify option to determine if the Symmetrix configuration complies with the requirements for host-based configuration changes. Provides a list option to display information about the available space on the physical disks in the Symmetrix array. Provides support to set disk group names and reset them back to their default names. SYNOPSIS symconfigure -h symconfigure -sid <SymmID> [-h] [-v] [-file <CmdFile> 'redirect stdin' -cmd "Cmd"] [-noprompt] [-noecho] [-i <Interval>] [-c <Count>] [-reserve_id <ResvID>[,<ResvID>[,<ResvID>]]] [-remote_reserve_id <ResvID>[,<ResvID>[,<ResvID>]]] preview prepare commit symconfigure -sid <SymmID> abort -session_id <SessionID> verify symconfigure -sid <SymmID> [-i <Interval>] [-c <Count>] [-session_id <SessionID>] [-v] query

data_member_count=<nn>] [.. binding to pool=<PoolName> [preallocate size = <n> [ MB GB CYL]] [remote_pool=<PoolName>]]]. remote_config=<DevConfig>.symconfigure -sid <SymmID> <-v -freespace [-units CYLINDERS list symconfigure -version [-v] [-sid <SymmID>] MB] > symconfigure -sid <SymmID> [-expire <ExpirationDate>] [-f[ile] <CmdFile> 'redirect stdin' -cmd "Cmd"] [-noprompt] [-v] -owner <Owner> -comment "UserComment" [-enforce -advise] reserve symconfigure -sid <SymmID> -reserve_id <ResvID>[.. mvs_ssid=<nnn>.. vbus=<fibre_vbus> [starting] base_address <cuu_address>].<ResvID>[.. [mapping to dir <DirNum>:<PortNum> [starting] target = <scsi_target>. [remote_mvs_ssid=<nnn>]. ra_group=<n>. disk_group=<nnn> name:<DskGrpName>. ] [. [dynamic_capability = [dyn_rdf dyn_rdf1_only dyn_rdf2_only ]] [. attribute=<ckd_meta savedev datadev> [in pool=<PoolName>] [member_state=<ENABLE DISABLE>] ] [meta_member_size = <n> [MB GB CYL]] [meta_config = [striped concatenated]] [. size = <n> [MB GB CYL].. [remote_disk_group=<nnn> name:<DskGrpName>] ].] [[device_attr = . [.]] [-noprompt] release symconfigure -sid <SymmID> -reserved list symconfigure -sid <SymmID> -reserve_id <ResvID> show COMMAND FILE (or -cmd) SYNTAX Adding a new device: create dev count=<n>. lun=<scsi_lun>. [. remote_data_member_count=<nn>. config=<DevConfig> [. emulation=<EmulationType>.

Assigning PAV alias addresses to devices mapped to EA/EF (mainframe) ports for Enginuity 5671: add pav alias to dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>].[SCSI3_persist_reserv Adding a new spare device: create spare count=<n>. Assigning PAV alias addresses to devices mapped to EA/EF (mainframe) ports for Enginuity 5771+: add pav alias to dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>].. add dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to meta <SymDevName> [. Configuring a device by copying a similar device: configure [<n. bcv_meta_head=<SymDevName>]. start_copy = [YES NO] [. starting alias=<cuu_address>. invalidate = <invalidate_opt>. mirror_type = [RDF1 RDF2]. protect_data=[TRUE FALSE]. Adding an RDF mirror: add rdf mirror to dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] ra_group=<n>. Assigning a PAV alias address range to a CU image: add pav alias_range <nnn:nnn> to mvs_ssid=<nnn>.rdf_mode = [sync semi acp_wp acp_disk async]]..nn> [MB GB] <nn> devices] copying dev <SymDevName> [mapping to dir <DirNum>:<PortNum> [masking hba [awwn=<awwn> wwn=<wwn> iscsi=<iscsi> aiscsi=<aiscsi>] [host_lun=<lun> dynamic_lun]]] [overriding [size=<nnn> [MB GB CYL]] [emulation=<EmulationType>] [config=<DevConfig>] . Binding thin device to pool: bind tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to pool <PoolName> preallocate size = <n> [MB GB CYL]. [format = [512 520]]. Adding a meta member: ACLX]].]. alias count=<nnn>. remote_dev = <SymDevName>.

Converting a meta device's configuration: convert meta <SymDevName> config=<meta_option> [. . start_copy=<YES NO> ] [mvs_ssid=<nnn>] [raidset = [TRUE FALSE]]. make_group_swappable=[TRUE Forming a metadevice: form meta from dev <SymDevName>. invalidate=<invalidate_opt>. FALSE]. <da_interface>. delete_support_devices=[TRUE Dissolving a metadevice: dissolve meta dev <SymDevName>. raidset = [TRUE FALSE]]. stripe_size=<meta_stripe_size> [cyl] ] [. config=<meta_option> [.] [ ra_group=<n>. remote_dev=<SymDevName>.[data_member_count=<n>] [mvs_ssid=<nn>] [disk_group=<n> name:<DskGrpName>]]. Enabling RDF/A on an RA group: enable rdfa on ra_group=<nnn>. Disabling RDF/A on an RA group: disable rdfa on ra_group=<nnn>. Deleting a Symmetrix device: delete dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] [. stripe_size=<meta_stripe_size>[cyl]]. <scsi_id>"]". bcv_meta_head=<SymDevName>]. Deleting a spare: delete spare disk = "["<director_num>. Mapping a device to an address. or a range of devices to FALSE]. Converting a device's configuration: convert dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to <DevConfig> [emulation=CELERRA_FBA. [. [remote_mvs_ssid=<nnn>]. protect_data=[TRUE FALSE]. Converting an RDF device from static RDF to dynamic RDF: convert rdf dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to dynamic. count=<member_count>].

copying dir <DirNum>:<PortNum>. Removing an RDF mirror: remove rdf mirror from dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>]. starting base_address=<cuu_address> [mvs_ssid=<nnn>]. Removing PAV alias address range from a CU image: remove pav alias_range from mvs_ssid=<nnn>. Setting a device's emulation type: set dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] emulation=<EmulationType>. Removing PAV alias addresses from devices mapped to EA/EF (mainframe) ports for Enginuity 5671: remove pav alias from dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>]. starting alias=<cuu_address>. vbus=<fibre_vbus>] [. Mapping a range of devices to an EA/EF (mainframe) port. emulation=CELERRA_FBA]. awwn=<awwn> wwn=<wwn> iscsi=<iscsi> aiscsi=<aiscsi> ] [.consecutive addresses specifying a starting address: map dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to dir <DirNum>:<PortNum>. masking [host_lun=<lun> dynamic_lun] ] [. Setting a device attribute: . Removing a metamember: remove dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] from meta <SymDevName>. ra_group=<n>. alias count=<nnn>. using the same addressing from a different port for Enginuity 5671: map dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to dir <DirNum>:<PortNum>.] lun=<scsi_lun> [. Mapping a range of devices to EA/EF (mainframe) ports: map dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to dir <DirNum>:<PortNum>. [starting] [target=<scsi_target>. Removing PAV alias addresses from devices mapped to EA/EF (mainframe) ports for Enginuity 5771 or higher: remove pav alias from dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>].

Setting port characteristics: set port <DirNum>:<PortNum> [ <flag_name>=<ENABLE DISABLE> [. Setting a device identifier: set dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] [device_name='<DevName>' NO device_name] [[hp_identifier='<hp_id>' NO hp_identifier] [vms_identifier=<vms_id> NO vms_identifier]]. . [primary_netmask=<IPaddress>]..] ] [[gige] [primary_ip_address=<IPaddress>]. copying port <DirNum>:<PortNum>. [isns_ip_address=<IPaddress>]. Swapping an RA group: swap ra group <nnn>. [primary_ipv6_prefix=<0-128>]..] [fa_loop_id=<integer>] [hostname=<HostName>]. Setting a device geometry: set dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] geometry [= SYMM-6 = SYMM-7 = CLARIION] cyls = <n>. <metric_name> = <metric_value>]. set port <DirNum>:<PortNum>. Setting an RA (RDF) group parameter: set [ra rdf] group <GroupNum> [session_priority = <SessPriority>] [minimum_cycle_time = <CycleTime>] [rdfa_transmit_idle = <ENABLE DISABLE>] [rdfa_dse_pool = <PoolName> <NO POOL> emulation = [fba ckd-3390 ckd-3380 as400] ] [rdfa_dse_threshold = <% of system WP>] [rdfa_dse_autostart = <ENABLE DISABLE>] [rdfa_wpace_delay = <delay in usecs>] [rdfa_wpace_threshold = <min % of WP cache>] [rdfa_wpace_autostart = <ENABLE> <DISABLE>]. set dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] geometry = <NO GEOMETRY>.set dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] attribute = [NO ]<DevAttr>. Setting a Symmetrix configuration metric: set symmetrix <metric_name> = <metric_value> [. [default_gateway=<IPaddress>]. [primary_ipv6_address=<IPaddress>]. . [fa_loop_id=<integer>] [hostname=<HostName>].

the device is available and can be added to any SNAP or RFDA_DSE or THIN pool. Removing a SAVEDEV or DATADEV from a named pool: (Once removed. Unbinding a thin device from a pool: unbind tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] from pool <PoolName>. Unmapping a range of devices from EA or EF (mainframe) ports: unmap dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] from dir < ALL:ALL ALL:<PortNum> <DirNum>:ALL <DirNum>:<PortNum> > [new_ssid=<nnn>]. Adding a SAVEDEV to SNAP or RDFA_DSE pool or Adding a DATADEV to a THIN pool: add dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] to pool <PoolName> type = <snap rdfa_dse thin> [. Creating a SNAP or RDFA_DSE or THIN pool: create pool <PoolName>. Unmapping a device: unmap dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] from dir < ALL:ALL ALL:<PortNum> <DirNum>:ALL <DirNum>:<PortNum> > [. type = <snap rdfa_dse Setting THIN pool attributes: set pool <PoolName>. Deleting a SNAP or RDFA_DSE or THIN pool: delete pool <PoolName>. max_subs_percent= <n thin>. devmask_access = <remove retain> ]. max_subs_percent= <n thin> NONE>]. emulation=CELERRA_FBA] [.refresh=<refresh_opt>. Reserving a device: reserve dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>]. . type = <snap rdfa_dse [. start_copy=<YES NO>. member_state = <ENABLE DISABLE> ].) remove dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] from pool <PoolName>. NONE>. type = <thin>.

Stop drain operation on a DATADEV: stop drain on dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName> type = <thin>. type = <thin>.type = <snap rdfa_dse thin>. type = <thin>. Disabling a SAVEDEV or DATADEV from use: disable dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName>. Starting drain operation on a DATADEV: start drain on dev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName> type = <thin>. . Enabling a SAVEDEV or DATADEV for use: enable dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName>. Stopping free on a THIN device: stop free on tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] type = reclaim unwritten. Starting free on a THIN device: start free on tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] start_cyl = <n> <end_cyl = <n last_cyl> size = <nnn> MB GB CYL> [type = reclaim unwritten]. Activating a DATADEV for use: activate dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName>. Starting pool balancing operation on a THIN pool: start balancing on pool <PoolName>. Deactivating a DATADEV for use: deactivate dev <SymDevName>:[<SymDevName>] in pool <PoolName>. type = <snap rdfa_dse thin>. Starting allocation on a THIN device: start allocate on tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>] start_cyl = <n> <end_cyl = <n last_cyl> size = <mmm> MB GB CYL>. type = <snap rdfa_dse thin>. Stopping allocation on a THIN device: stop allocate on tdev <SymDevName>[:<SymDevName>].

if there is more than one session running. disk_group_name = DEFAULT NAME. a user can use the -session_id option to abort a particular session. Verifies the validity of the command file changes. if there is more than one session running. Returns information about the status of a configuration change session. If a physical disk has been partially used to create a device. displays configuration information that is not stored in the SYMAPI database and that needs to be retrieved directly from the configuration server. The prepare action has no function for pool sessions. Lists the relevant details. Free disk space on unformatted disks is shown as available for all emulation modes. ARGUMENTS abort Attempts to gain control of an existing session to abort it and free the configuration lock. shows the free physical disk space within the Symmetrix array as it can be used to create new Symmetrix devices for different emulation modes.When used with -freespace. Activates the changes defined in the command file into the specified Symmetrix array. prepare Verifies the validity of the command file changes and their appropriateness for the specified Symmetrix array. Resetting a disk group name to its default name: set disk_group <DiskGrpNumber>. . disk_group_name = <DskGrpName>. On Enginuity 5874 and higher.Stopping pool balancing operation on a THIN pool: stop balancing on pool <PoolName> Setting a disk group name: set disk_group <DiskGrpNumber>.When used with -v. a user can use the commit list preview query . that device is considered formatted and the rest of the available space can only be used for devices of the same emulation mode. On Enginuity 5874 and later. depending on the option: .

release reserve Releases the specified device reservation. This is the default behavior when reserving devices. When used with the preview/prepare/commit actions. Provides brief. Specifies the list of commands containing the configuration change definitions. If this option is not specified and an interval (-i) is specified. Processes the command file to reserve the indicated devices and displays the resulting reserve ID. Older applications may not be able to process reservation ids. online help information. -c -cmd -comment -enforce -expire -f[ile] -h . the process will loop querying for status until the session for the specified Symmetrix array completes. Specifies the command file containing the configuration change definitions. Applications may allow the user to proceed with using these devices. Verifies that the configuration currently running in the specified Symmetrix array complies with the requirements for host-based configuration changes. the process will attempt -c number of times waiting for the database or configuration locks. Number (count) of times to attempt the requested action.-session_id option to query a particular session. show verify OPTIONS -advise Marks a device reservation as being an advisory to all users that the included devices have been scheduled for a pending configuration change or device masking change. Provides additional details about a device reservation request. by requiring you to supply the device reservation ID to use the devices. Each command must be terminated by a semicolon. which will cause it to be removed from the reservation database automatically. Marks a device reservation for enforcement. Shows the details of the specified device reservation. Sets the date and time for a reservation to expire.

-sid -v Identifies the Symmetrix (Symmetrix ID) configuration to change. Format is: [mm/dd[/yy]:][hh:mm[:ss]] If only the hh:mm is provided. this option indicates how often to display the session's status.intended for use in script files. -version PARAMETERS CmdFile The name of an ASCII text file containing the set of commands to process. the current . Blocks the printing of session status and progress messages during the configuration change session. Specifies the individual or organization that owns the devices being reserved. Echoes the contents of the command file to the output terminal. The default interval is 10 seconds. this option indicates how often to attempt to get the needed resources to start a new session. For a query. and COMMIT actions. For use with PREVIEW. This is a required field. PREPARE. -noecho -noprompt -owner -remote_reserve_id Specifies the identification number assigned to a reservation on a remote Symmetrix array. Also connects to the configuration server managing the the Symmetrix configuration to request its version. Cannot be used with the -v option. the -sid option is required. -reserve_id Specifies the identification number assigned to a reservation. Cannot be used with the -noecho option. Optional .default is no expiration. The minimum interval is 5 seconds. For a preview/prepare/commit.-i Specifies the repeat interval for retrying the requested action. Bypasses the confirmation requests issued to the output terminal . If a host is connected to more than one Symmetrix array. ExpirationDate Date and time for a device reservation to be expired. SYMAPI. Lists the SYMCLI. and configuration server version information.

If only mm/dd is provided. . The 12-character ID of the Symmetrix will be assumed. the current year is assumed. The name of the owner of the reservation. ResvID SymmID Owner The device reservation ID. A four-digit year can also be specified. UserComment The user comment detailing the device reservation.

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