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application deadline:April 3󰀰, 2󰀰19
AI󰁇A Worldstudio scholarships benefit minority and economically disadvantaged students who are studying artand design disciplines in colleges and universities in the UnitedStates. Our primary aims are to increase diversity in the creative professions, and to foster social and environmental responsibility in the artists, designers, and studios of tomorrow.To this end, scholarship recipients are selected not only for their talent and their need, but also for their demonstrated commitment to giving back to the larger community through their work. Basic scholarships are awarded in amounts of $2,󰀰󰀰󰀰–$3,󰀰󰀰󰀰. One or two top awards may be given in an amount up to $5,󰀰󰀰󰀰 at the jury’s discretion. Honorable mention prizes in the amount of $5󰀰󰀰 cash are also awarded. Each award is paid directly to the recipient’s school and applied toward tuition.For the first time, recipients will also receive a one-year
1. 󰁃armen Nuñez-Hernandez, 2󰀰182. 󰁃ameron Durham, 2󰀰153. Zemoria Mathis, 2󰀰184. Terrance Purdy, 2󰀰185. Bryant Santamaria, 2󰀰15 6. Tracey La󰁇uerre, 2󰀰17
7. Amera 󰁒ime Lulu, 2󰀰178. Panteha Abraeshi, 2󰀰18
Educational 󰁒equirements
• Students must have at least a 2.󰀰 󰁇PA.• Applicants must be pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in one of the following disciplines:• 󰁇raphic design• Illustration• Photography
Apply in the category that best matches your major.
󰁃itizenship 󰁒equirements
Applicants must be citizens of the United States or be in possession of a 󰁇reen 󰁃ard (formally known as a Permanent 󰁒esident 󰁃ard or Form I-551).• Applicants must be matriculated (or planning to matriculate) at accredited colleges and universities in the United States for the Fall 2󰀰19/Spring 2󰀰2󰀰 academic year and must maintain full-time status for the entire year.
Additional 󰁃riteria
Scholarships are only awarded to students who are in financial need; applicants must, therefore, provide complete financial aid information on the scholarship form and have the form signed by a financial aid officer.Though not a requirement, minority status is a significant factor considered in jury decisions.
scholarship instructions
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application deadline:April 3󰀰, 2󰀰19
You will need to write a statement of purpose (4󰀰󰀰 words max) incorporating the following:
1. A brief autobiography, explaining how your experiences have influenced your creative work and your career plans.2. In the future, how do you see yourself as a creator contributing to the community at large?
Please keep in mind:
Scholarships are awarded to encourage social and environmental responsibility and cultural awareness in the next generation of artists and designers. It is important for us to see how you intend to do this through your design or artwork.
󰁇raduate students will not be considered unless their statements and work directly address these concerns. Examples of a commitment to a social agenda:
• Work that clearly demonstrates positive social change. • Work that addresses identity politics (i.e., cultural, ethnic, sexual or gender identity) • Demonstration of a clear career path (not just “I hope...”), such as to teach, mentor, work with young people, serve your community, etc.
In order to fill out an application, you must have a complimentaryAI󰁇A web account. Log in to check if you have an account, or you can create a new account at
Membership is encouraged, but is not a requirement.The application is available at
To edit your application, you may log back in until the deadlineof April 3󰀰.
• NameSocial security number Date and location of your birth󰁒acial/ethnic identityAddress at schoolPermanent address
U.S. college or university attending in the 2󰀰19/2󰀰2󰀰 academic year󰁃ollege grade level the student will be in for the Fall 2󰀰19/Spring 2󰀰2󰀰 academic year (i.e. freshman, sophomore, etc.)Degree sought Expected graduation date• MajorSchools attended, years in attendance, graduation dates and degree(s)Official university transcript, including current 󰁇PA
If you have not received an acceptance letter fromthe school to which you applied, put down your first choice.If you are awarded a scholarship, you will need to provideproof of acceptance from the school and financial aidofficer contact information.