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Perot eg nor ueve ice for uses other than irrigation F IL E C0 PY i Germ RECEIVED eae No. IPIGA-I__wydwogetee 76/20/12, 5 DENR - Water Rights ee | 523 E Capitol Ave Prin Lowey Cheyenne, WATER RIGHTS Piere, SD 7501-3182 | veyspape list PROGRAM iewspaper_ See (iD) ph. (605) 773-3352 PAID Application For Permit To Appropriate Water Within The State Of South ait Check use(s) of water: i. Municipal Water Distribution System Recreational Institutional Rural Water System |__}Commercial Fish & Wildlife ‘Geothermal [F]Domestic (over 18 gpm) Industrial Other temporary workforce camp Type of Application: INew [vested Right (vse predates Mec2, 1955) |Future Use Reservation (check one) Place to Beneficial Use Water Reserved by Future Use Permit No. [X]Amendment/Correction to Permit No. 1975-1 Description of amendment/correction: (ie. chinge diversion point(s), ad diversion point), change use, ee) This request is to amend the previously approved Permit by adding temporary workforce camps that may use this well as a backup water supply. See Part 7 below for additional information. 1. Name to Appear on Water Permit Wink Cattie Company, clo Dean Wink Mailing Address. PO Box 137 Howes SD__57748 aes) co ut) p CoB) Phone Mobile 605.490.1410 Email (ne additional) 2. Amount of water claimed 0.156 *CFS or 70 **GPM and ***AF or Gallons ‘Flow rate and volume are both required. (*Cubie Feet per Second) (**Gallons per Minute) "**Aore Feet - storage capacity of dam/dugout or annual use) 3. Source of water supply Existing well (Wink Cattle Company, c/o Dean Wink) 4. Location of point of diversion NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 28-T8N-R17E County Meade Game 3 wal in SWIM NEIM seco 12-7100 RW) If not a public water supply (e.g. municipal), will water be used outside of the area described above? If "Yes," where will water be used? (see locations listed in Part 7. below) ample NNT son TORTI) 5. County or counties where water will be used Meade, Harding, Haakon, Tripp, Dawson, Fallon 6. Annual period during which water is to be used January 1 - December 31 7. Give a description of the project. When available include any preliminary engineering report or other reports or information that will help explain the project. (Attach sheet if more space is needed) pe Project description as identified in the approved Water Permit No. 1975-1 has not changed except for the| potential of this water being used as a backup to additional temporary workforce camps (see attached ‘approved permit). The additional temporary workforce camp locations are listed below: |Seotion 3-T97N-R75W Section 25-T19N-R3E |Section 9-T12N-R12E Section 15-T7N-R5SE zeal IN-R20E Section 29-14N-R54E Z - ae al Sad 1 aan Pee 2 Landowner , the applicant, certify under ‘Name of Person Tithe Gappliae) penalty of perjury that I have read this application, examined the attached map, and thatthe matters stated are true. 1 further certify, if acting on behalf ofan entity or individual other than myself, that I am authorized to submit this application, 2015-10 /Attachments: Attach Form 2A if diversion is from a well or dugout, or ifstorage of water is proposed. Also, aitach [map and any other technical information. (see instructions) Supplemental Information (Cele aptiable orton ny) (ntaen 1, Well Information (check one or both apolcable) JDrilling new well(s) _ [z|Using existing well(s) a) Hfnew wells, how many Have test holes been drilled []¥es [JNo Drilled by (yes, please provide copes of logs) b) Ifexisting wells, how many 1 _ Provide copy of log(s), if available. Drilled by For either Existing or Proposed Wells: ©) Well Depth (required) Depth to Top of Water Bearing Material Depth to Water from Surface 4) Distance to nearest domestic well on applicant's property _ Property owned by others 2, Wastewater Disposal System Information a) Type of System (i.. septic tank, drain field) b) System Capacity (gallons ) Year Constructed ©) Connected to the City of Sanitary System 3. Dugout Information a) Surface Dimensions Depth b) Depth to water (ground surface to water level) 4, Water Storage Dams If the proposed water use system contains one or more storage dams, please furnish the information requested below for each dam. The locations of the dams need to be shown on the map submitted with the application a) If aprivate engineering firm or government agency was involved in the design of this dam, please give their name and address: b) Freeboard ©) Crest Width Crest Length 4) Height ©) Primary Outlet Capacity If pipe, diameter £) Secondary Spillway Capacity Spillway Width 2) X&Y Slope (ee. 3101 isaypi Upstream Downstream h) Surface Area of Impoundment i) Storage Acre Feet i) Drainage Area Above Dam __ Acres 2018-10 Pto-03— ‘SOUTH DAKOTA WATER WELL COMPLETION.REPORT te: Gee ap ae * © ga ag Wye] watoe haan ua Oreste a eee County me, Po Box 132 T T Oy, Sete Zee Howes, SR57748 —teade__ L _tx Papp] i 1 waniee: oon I u [row | Pestana vet WPT TT. ‘location with an 1 t pa4-—pa 1 Wet Conitin Cte t I a fe 1 sao —$a (ese tat pn po so srk sere et) ansarse sen ater CMa. winy ner Sweater oto __ ara oe Conmeteaty vine (Jretscos [Jone Puna for om Canvettecomciay out?