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Transcanaea 70 Lousiana, Suite 700 jesouurnee @) transcanada RECEIVE oct 15 2018 october 12,2018 WaiER RIGHTS PAID OCT 15 2018 Water Management Board Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Ck#52(0000212, Water Rights Program 523 East Capitol Ave Pierre, SD 57501-3182 ‘Subject: Keystone XL Pipeline, Application For Permit To Appropriate Water Within The State Of South Dakota [Form No. 1585LD VS), Bad River. Dear Water Management Board, ‘TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP. (Keystone) is planning to construct and operate a crude ol pipeline and related facilities ‘rom Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to Steele City, Nebraska. The length of the Project's approximately 881.8 miles from the Canadall S. border to Steele City in Jefferson County, Nebraska. In addition tothe pipeline, Keystone will construct permanent aboveground facilities, including pump stations and their associated permanent access roads, and mainline valves. Keystone respectively submits the attached application for water permit for non-irigation uses for the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. This permit application is requesting to appropriate water from the Bad River in Haakon County, South Dakota and includes the following ‘Application for Permit to Appropriate Water Within the State Of South Dakota Project Description and map Typical Drawing-Typical Water Diversion Drawing Truck Pump Curve Drawings ‘Map Book Keystone appreciates your review of this application package, Please do not hesitate to contact me at 713-331-2376 or ‘ or John Auremma at 713-439-3642 or john if there are eny questions or you would like addtional information on the proposed application to appropriate water within the state of South Dakota, Sincerely, ayle Thok Manager, Environmental U.S TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP. KXL1399-EXP-RE-PE-0003, SD EForm- 1585LD V5 FORM 2: Application for uses other than irrigation, a ocr STEEP RECEIVED ee | fee Application For Permit To Appropriate Water Within The State Of South Dakota Check use(s) of water: Municipal Water Distribution System Recreational Institutional Rural Water System ‘Commercial (7 Fish & Wildlife Geothermal Domestic (over 18 gpm) [Industrial [X] Other Pipeline Construction _ Type of Application: [XjNew Vested Right (ise predies Mar2, 1955) Future Use Reservation (cheek one) [_ Place to Beneficial Use Water Reserved by Future Use Permit No. [|Amendment/Correction to Permit No. i Description of amendment/correction: (is, change diversion point), ad diversion por). change use, tc) 1. Name to Appear on Water Permit TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P. (Keystone) Mailing Address 700 Louisiana Street, Suite 700 Houston x 77002, ‘naa co ‘saay cepa Phone 713-991-2976 Mobile_____—=-Email gayle 2. Amount of water claimed. “CFS or 300_**GPMand _ 50.44 ***AF or Gallons Flow tz nt Ylume bth eured” Tibi Feat per Seond) Cn par Mite) FPTASTF. stag cogac STATI rl) 3. Source of water supply Bad River 4, Location of point of diversion $W1/4 section 003-T001N-RO2SE ‘County Haakon Teng wes SWI NETH en -TTONCRWY I¢-not a public water supply (e.g. municipal), will water be used outside of the area described above? Gd¥es [JNo If "Yes," where will water be used? see attachment 5. County or counties where water will be used see attachment. 6. Annual period during which water is to be used January-December 7. Give a description of the project. When available include any preliminary engineering report or other reports or information that will help explain the project. (Attach sheet if more space is needed) See Attachment 1, Gayle Konik Environmental Manager, US__, the applicant, certify under ‘Name of Peron Tile appieable penalty of perjury that I have read this application, examined the attached map, and that the matters stated are true. I futher cert acting on behalf of an emity or individual other than myself, that Iam authorized to submit this application, if 201510 [Aitachments: Attach Form 2A if diversion is from a well or dugout, or ifstorage of water is proposed. Also, attach Imap and any other technical information. (see instructions) Application for Permit to Appropriate Water Within the State Of South Dakota Bad River Attachments