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Philosophy Final Examination

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I – True or False. Write T if the statement is True and F if the statement is False.

______1. Man is the only recipient of a substantial unity of body and soul.
______2. Philosophy is the science that investigates all things in their ultimate causes,
reasons, and principles through human reason alone.
______3. Cosmology is the philosophical study of Knowledge.
______4. Questioning is the core in every philosophical inquiry.
______5. It is called Sentient knowledge when animals acquired knowledge through
their instinct.
______6. Anthropocentric deals with man as the center of philosophical studies.
______7. A philosophical study of Reality is called Metaphysics.
______8. Acts of Man are those actions which man performs knowingly, freely, and
voluntarily (conscious).
______9. Human Acts are those actions which happen in man. Not within the control of
the will (unconscious).
______10. Intellect is acquired knowledge through the 5 senses; innate.

II – Matching Type. Choose the best answer and place on the space provided.

______1. Aristotle a. Immortality

______2. Protagoras b. Man is a dipartite of body & soul
______3. Thales c. Man has fire
______4. Socrates d. Man is a soul using a body
______5. Anaximenes e. Man has evolved from animals
______6. Pythagoras f. Man is a being who thinks and wills
______7. Plato g. Man has water
______8. Heraclitus h. Man is the measure of all things
______9. Anaximander i. Man has condensed air
______10. Soul j. Man is a composition of body & soul

III – Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. AVOID ERASURES
1. It is a course that delves into the origin of human life, the nature of human life, and
the reality of human existence.
a. Philosophy of Man b. Theology c. Epistemology d. None of the above
2. It refers to the mental reaction of man to a given stimulus.
a. Somatic Level b. Behavioral Level c. Attitudinal Level d. None of the above
3. It is the ultimate criterion of action in man perceived by sense experience.
a. Intellect b. Knowledge c. Wisdom d. None of the above
4. It is found in the chest area where the soul experience abomination and anger.
a. Rational Part b. Spiritual Part c. Appetitive Part d. None of the above
5. It exists only in Man and is capable of thinking, reasoning and willing.
a. Vegetative Soul b. Sensitive Soul c. Rational Soul d. None of the above
6. A being or creature whose destiny is to live into two worlds: spiritual and material.
a. Animals b. Man c. God d. All of the above
7. It refers to the mode of acting of every man.
a. Somatic Level b. Attitudinal Level c. Behavioral Level d. None of the above
8. It is located in the abdomen where man drives to experience hunger, thirst, and other
physical aspects.
a. Rational Part b. Spiritual Part c. Appetitive Part d. None of the above
9. It refers to the body substance/structure conditioned by man’s culture and
a. Behavioral Level b. Somatic Level c. Attitudinal Level d. None of the above
10. God is the center of philosophical studies in relation to the existence of a
supernatural being.
a. Theocentric b. Cosmocentric c. Anthropocentric d. None of the above
11. Man considers his fellowmen as subjects and ends in themselves.
a. I – It Mode b. I – We Mode c. I – Thou Mode d. None of the above
12. The world is the center of philosophical studies in ancient times.
a. Anthropocentric b. Theocentric c. Cosmocentric d. None of the above
13. Man treats his fellowmen as objects, tools or instruments. What is useful is good.
a. I – We Mode b. I – It Mode c. I – Thou Mode d. None of the above
14. A consequence of man grievously committing sin against God.
a. Life b. Death c. Resurrection d. None of the above
15. It is a Mystery pertaining to three persons sharing only one divine nature.
a. Incarnation b. Transfiguration c. Most Holy Trinity d. None of the above

IV – Identification. Write your answer on the space provided. AVOID ERASURES

_______1. The art of correct thinking and reasoning; a tool in facilitating questions.
_______2. It is the philosophical study of Value.
_______3. A faculty of man that is limited and determined by God alone.
_______4. It is the ultimate operation of reality exclusive to man.
_______5. Soul exists in Plants.
_______6. Knowledge acquired by animals through their instinct is called ______.
_______7. Soul exists in Animals.
_______8. He/she is considered to be a citizen of the state.
_______9. A theory asserting that the State is a Divine institution; all power and
authority come from God and not from the people.
_______10. It is a “moral and inviolable power to hold, to do or to exact something from
others.” i.e. life, liberty, reputation.

V – Enumeration. Write down all the answers and it should be IN ORDER.

4 Subtopics under Basic Anthropology 4 Philosophical Theories on Man & State

1. 8.
2. 9.
3. 10.
4. 11.

3 Subject matters in Philosophy 4 Subtopics under Christian Anthropology

5. 12.
6. 13.
7. 14.


V – Essay. Write answers at the back. ANSWER BRIEFLY & CONCISE

1. Explain “An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates (5pts)

2. Explain “Man is a person; individual yet universal.” (5pts)

3. Explain “What makes man truly human?” Cite examples. (5pts)