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Legislative Newsletter

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” --Thomas Jefferson February 5, 2019

Legislative Update
behind prescription price gouging legislation. This is an
This past week things kicked off in issue that Delegate Eric Bromwell has been fighting for
earnest in the General Assembly over the years in order to increase transparency and
with Governor Hogan delivering his lower costs. Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk, the Vice
State of the State address. Overall, Chair of the HGO committee, said she plans to
as Governor Hogan said, the state introduce legislation that would set up a Prescription
of our state is strong – but that Drug Affordability Board that would be able to review
doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty the cost of prescription drugs and set a cap for what
to work on. For example, as quite a customers pay. While that legislation has not been
few constituents pointed out in emails, we still need submitted yet, it likely will, and I will provide updates
more funding for better school facilities. This is an issue as we move along.
that should have bipartisan support, and I hope we can
work across the aisle with Governor Hogan and Earlier this year the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
Republicans in the legislature to solve this and other sent out information on enrollment. In District 8,
problems._______ residents in our very own 21234 zip code have the
highest rate of being uninsured. Of those uninsured,
1,058 qualify for Medicaid and 2,379 are eligible for
subsidies. We need to do more to ensure that those
who qualify for help get the help they need. One of the
issues our health system faces is the spiraling cost of
treatment if something is not caught early. I promise to
help combat that by raising awareness in order to get
those who qualify for Medicaid or subsidies enrolled. I
am looking into hosting a town hall meeting after the
session, where we can continue this discussion.

Speaking of spiraling costs, a group of doctors from

Governor Larry Hogan delivering his State of the State address
the University of Maryland stopped by on last Friday to
discuss HB127, which would create a special
________________________________________________ enrollment period for pregnancy. Basically, if you are
uninsured and get pregnant during a down time in
Committees and Subcommittees enrollment, you might have to wait weeks or months
before you can get the prenatal care you and your child
This year, I have been assigned to the Health and need. While this bill is still being evaluated, it sounds
Government Operations (HGO) Committee. As part of like a piece of common-sense legislation that directly
that committee, I have been assigned to the Insurance addresses a need in our underinsured community and
and Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee and the Health should garner support from both sides of the aisle. I will
Operations and Long-Term Care Subcommittee. While continue to keep you updated on the legislation that
Governor Hogan has helped us hold the line on comes before this committee.
Healthcare premiums, he has yet to put his support
Our parks are incredibly important, and maintaining a
pristine environment is of the utmost importance. The
second is a $250,000 bond issue for a turf field at
Parkville High School. Parkville is one of the few that
still plays on grass, and the fields are destroyed by the
end of each season. Besides being an issue of equity,
it’s also an issue of safety, with turf being the superior
alternative. Lastly, there will be a bond issue for
$200,000 for the Perry Hall High School stadium press
box. We are currently working with the County to seek
matching funds so that our requests have a better
Meeting with Medical Professionals chance of being selected for funding.

In the Baltimore County House Delegation, I will be _____________________________________________

working within the Education Subcommittee. As an
educator myself, I know the importance of both a Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus
stable classroom environment and up-to-date physical
facilities. I will be fighting to make sure that whatever I have joined the Asian American and Pacific Islander
funding we can come up with is spread equitably (AAPI) Caucus. State Senator Susan Lee (Montgomery
around the county. For far too long residents of District County) leads the caucus, and the purpose of the
8 have dealt with overcrowding, especially at the high caucus is to serve as a leader to improve the quality of
school level. It’s about time we rectify the issue. life, advocate on behalf of the Asian American and
Pacific Islander(AAPI) Community, and provide,
_______________________________________________ promote, and develop leadership. This year the caucus
is the largest it has ever been with 10 members. On
Legislative Bond Initiatives Friday I was voted in as the caucus’s Treasurer. I look
forward to working with the AAPI community and
I have submitted three separate legislative bond showcasing individual heritage and diversity.
initiatives (bond bills) this session with delegates
Bromwell and Boteler as cosponsors. Senator
Klausmeier has been kind enough to sponsor the
initiatives on the Senate side. The first is a $50,000
bond issue for the purpose of revitalizing Linover Park.

Meeting With Senator Susan Lee- Chair, Maryland Legislative AAPI Caucus

Introducing my first Legislative Bond Initiatives

Scholarship Application

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela

Those who would like to apply for the Maryland Legislative District 8 Scholarship should apply here. This year,
Delegates Bromwell, Joe Boteler and I will be awarding our scholarships as a team, which means you only need to
apply once. Applications must be submitted by Aril 8, 2019, and you must reside in Legislative District 8 to qualify.

“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they're capable of.” ― Markus Zusak


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