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Ankita, Akshay, have you Why what is wrong

thought about a special name for Special with

our shop? name “ABHUSHAN”,
Papa? Papa
Office of Controller General of
Patents, Designs, Trademarks
and Geographical Indications
KIPS- Kids Intellectual
Property Series

Come in Mr. Sidhant. What A TRADEMARK helps to establish

Mr Sidhant told me just
were you telling me about a brand or image of a company. Have
as designs can be
my shop’s name? you thought why you always buy A
protected, so can names
be and not B????

He was in
a hurry That is
yesterday because you
. But he trust its name
will come and the
today. quality it
gives you.


It is a visual symbol, a You can protect the name of your shop by a

word, signature, name, trademark. If you sell a certain quality of jewellery,
the customers will automatically link the name of
device, label, numerals or
your shop to the jewellery.
combination of colours
used on goods or services
or other articles of I see that the name of your
commerce to distinguish it shop is Aabhushan. I would
from other similar goods or advise you to change it
services originating from a because anyone selling
ornaments can keep the
different undertaking.
name AAbhushan. Nothing
is different in the name.

To claim monopoly over Can you suggest any name

anything as your for Mr Johri’s shop???
You can apply for a
trademark you should
trademark in India at
remember that it should I suggest
not be descriptive of the
product or service in JANAK
respect of which you want
to use that trademark; and (J – Johri,
no one else is using the AN – Ankita ,
same or similar thing as AK – Akshay)
his trademark.