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NRM Day Fake health Egg prices fall as Government to hire more firms
special report news supply goes up to market tourism abroad

Issue No. 556 Jan. 25 - 31 2019 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Museveni’s BoU
probe details leak
IGG accused, Mutebile,
Kasekende under fire

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Jan. 25 - 31 2019 1

Issue No. 556 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

News analysis Business Health Arts Motoring

Cover story
Museveni’s BoU probe details leak
IGG accused, Mutebile, Kasekende under fire

4 The Week
MUASA boss responds to
Nawangwe over suspension The road ahead for the DRC:
To secure the political transition
Tshisekedi will have to reach out
9 The Last Word
to presidents Kagame, Museveni
URA’s unnecessary headquarters:
Why government of Uganda’s
approach of owning buildings to save
32 Health
on rent is economically unproductive
Fake health news: Fake
health news: How it
14 Analysis can lead you to make
dangerous decisions
The Kabulasoke solar plant: A
critique on where and how to use
solar electric energy
35 Arts & Culture
27 Business Why do you exist? To
be happy or sad?: A new
Egg prices fall as supply goes up:
exhibition asks questions that
Kenya’s increase in supply spells
annoy and delight
doom to Ugandan farmers

STRATEGY & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Andrew M. Mwenda WRITERS:Ronald Musoke, Flavia Nassaka, Ian Katusiime,
MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph Were Agnes Nantaba, Julius Businge.

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2 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

President Yoweri Museveni

on Jan. 19 receives a
special delegation from
President Muhammadu
Buhari of Nigeria at
State House Nakasero in
Kampala. The delegation,
led by Special Envoy,
Prof. Ibrahim Gambari “My Lord, because of the urgency
(2ndR) and including Dr.
Muhammadu Indimi (2ndL)
of the Bill, it was deemed fit
and Ambassador Maurice to debate it without the three
Ekang, delivered the mandated days required to table
message to the president. it before Parliament.”Mwesigwa
The meeting was attended
by State Minister for Rukutana, Deputy Attorney General
Regional Affairs, Philemon told the Supreme Court hearing of a
Mateke.   PPU photo petition age against the passing of the
age limit Bill
Anti -Tobacco
activists on
Jan. 14 stage
a campaign
in streets of
Kampala City

“Bobi Wine is still young. He needs

more experience for about twenty
years before he can think of
becoming President.” John Nagenda,
Louisiana, US: A
New Orleans Saints Special Presidential Advisor on Media
fan arrives at the
NFL football NFC
championship game
against the Los
Angeles Rams

“We have received a directive from

President Museveni to stop licensing
sports betting, gaming and gambling
companies.” David Bahati, Minister of State
for Finance

Hours some survivors of the Registered P7 Kampala land titles

12 terrorist attack on a hotel in
Kenya spent in hiding
12293 Pupils who missed
PLE exams
19000 that can’t be traced
in the land registry

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 3

Government moves to MUASA boss responds to Nawangwe over suspension

regulate Arts Industry hairperson “Security reports
Makerere have shown that you
A list of ten rules and regulations University are continuing to incite
have been set by the Ministry of Academic other staff to disrupt
Gender, Labor and Social Development Staff Association university activities
to be followed by musicians and others (MUASA), Dr Deus and engage in related
in the arts industry to follow when Kamunyu has said unlawful conduct”,
releasing their works to the public. his Jan.17 suspension reads the letter in part
Among them is having the works letter from Vice , “in order to protect
approved by the culture forum before Chancellor Prof. the reputation of the
being released, getting registered Barnabas Nawangwe university, its activities,
by the culture minister and seeking wasn’t a surprise. Deus Kamunyu Barnabas Nawangwe personnel and property
clearance before performing abroad. “I received from your disruptive
Others covered in the rules include no electronic news of this kick started fabrications activities, I hereby
use of toxic substances, proper hygiene, my suspension letter as a against me as a person to suspend you from the
indecent dressing and having a valid lecturer in the department this end”. university”.
practicing certificate. of forestry. I received it In the letter, Nawangwe Kamunyu says he is
This has caused controversy with with honor simply because says Kamunyu has despite in consultations with
some sections saying the government I had known its coming several warnings continued his lawyers forge a way
is targeting specific individuals. After since April 2018. This to engage in acts that forward saying the letter
their release on Jan.17, Kyaddondo is when I was warned amount to misconduct was harsh, vague and
East Legislator and musician Robert from talking about land including inciting strikes against the law for it
Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine took to social problems, corruption at the university, speaking undermines his rights as a
media to refer to the new regulations and undermining of our ill of the university and citizen to access his official
as mere gagging by the state . He employment systems… disobedience. home and public buildings.
wrote, “I am right here in Kingston,
Jamaica- the home of creative music,
a lot of revolutionary music playing
everywhere. From generation to New URA Tower to boost revenue management
generation, the consciousness of this
President Yoweri of rent. While addressing
nation has been awakened by music
Museveni commissioned guests at the event,
in all its forms. Nothing has marketed
the new Uganda Revenue Museveni told URA staff
this country to the world more than
Authority (URA) that their most important
its music and the arts. Ironically, back
headquarters which are role was to facilitate
home, music is under fresh attack. The housed in a gleaming new business and investment.
cowardly regime is bringing up new tower in Nakawa, Kampala. URA Commissioner
laws and regulations to gag artistes in The building with 22 floors General Doris Akol said the
the hope that they can kill and stop the will bring all URA services tax body has been spending
music”. in Kampala under one roof. Shs7.4billion annually on
Bobi Wine who has had several of his The tower reportedly cost rent for all its Kampala
music concerts cancelled by government Shs139bilion and it has been offices. The URA Tower
recently because of his political activism tipped to improve revenue has usable space of 26,000
added that “you cannot kill the music. collection and management square metres and can
Just address the injustices we are services. During the launch, accommodate up to 17000
singing about. If you do not, you should Museveni lauded URA for workers. It also has a five
expect another song of the same kind, acquiring a new home and floor parking lot which can
from another artiste of the same mind”. getting out of the slavery accommodate 1000 vehicles.

eye Care Centre

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Eye examination
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4 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

MPs discuss Roads Amendment Bill, plan to expand reserves Museveni gives out
Members of Parliament also introduce express that was supported Shs17b to youth, women
have welcomed a proposal penalties where drivers by Arua municipality
by the government to who violate axle load legislator Kassiano President Museveni has given
expand the size of road regulations are made to Wadri. shs17billion to women and youth
reserves from the current pay cash and not taken But, Kiboga County groups carrying out projects under the
15 to 40 meters. The to court. MP Keefa Kiwanuka Youth Livelihood and Uganda Women
proposal is embedded in Amuru woman says  the move is Entreprenuership programmes. The
the Roads amendment bill MP Lucy Akello says likely to spark anxiety youth from 26 districts received dummy
2018, which also seeks to that the move is long across the country cheques worth Shs.8 billion for 915
reform laws relating to the overdue saying that because almost all road targeted projects, while women groups
development, management Ugandan roads are very reserves are filled with from 43 districts received Shs.9 billion
and maintenance of public narrow compared to settlements. targeting 1,459 projects.
roads. roads in countries across Handing out dummy cheques on
The proposal will the region, something Jan.19, the president said what is keep-
ing Ugandans in abject poverty is lazi-
ness and oversleeping and urged LC5
Chairpersons to register data of residents
in every parish to establish the number
of those who are engaged in income
generating activities and those that are
The President added that while the
government is performing its duty of
providing public services, peace and
infrastructure, the people should also
play their role of fighting poverty at
household levels.
“You cannot go on having sleeping
people complaining. The government
is doing its ‘olubimbi’ (playing its part)
to provide peace, roads and electricity,
among others. What we do is to give
guidance and support, like the funds
we are giving out but fighting poverty
should start at household level” he said.

Inaugural Makerere Defense and Security course students graduate

The programme offered exclusively to ing doctrine in defense forces; theory and
13,000 students graduated with diplomas army officials was introduced under the practice of modern warfare; joint war plan-
and degrees in various courses in a week department of Political and Public Adminis- ning; issues in African international studies;
long awarding ceremony that ended on tration following a memorandum of under- and research methodology in defense and
Jan.18 at Makerere University in Kampala. standing between the Defense Ministry and security studies. The training is part of the
Among these were 15 army officials who the University. bigger strategy by government to profes-
graduated with Masters of Arts in Defense Course units taught under the pro- sionalize the army and reinforce the capac-
and Security Studies. The two females and gramme include, the theory and practice of ity of soldiers to among others learn how to
13 males were the pioneers of the course military intelligence; global politics; com- handle the growing threat of terror.
which came into being in 2015. mand, leadership and management; train-

eye Care Centre

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Eye examination
For: Sun Glasses
Free Eye examination Eye Pressure Examination
Large selection of frames Frame Repairs
Contact lenses & Solutions All optical Accessories

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Jan. 25 - 31 2019 5

Sudan’s Bashir defiant Calls for protests as court upholds Tshisekedi’s victory
as protests continue exercise’s credibility.
Also, immediately after the
Protests against Sudanese court pronouncement, Fayulu
strongman Omar al- Bashir came out to declare himself
entered their second month president. “I now consider
with security forces firing tear myself as the sole legitimate
gas at the growing protestors President-elect of the DRC”,
in the Sudanese capital, he said, “I ask the Congolese
Khartoum. Protests broke people not to recognize any
out in December over rising individual who would claim
bread prices economy but this authority illegally nor to
have gained momentum due obey orders that would ema-
to the discontent over Bashir’s nate from such a person”.
long reign. Bashir has blamed He called upon the people to
foreign agents for fuelling protest the move by court and
protests against his government the Electoral Commission to
and says there are groups usurp people’s power to choose
arming protestors. Reports say a candidate they have trust in to
more than 40 people have been The constitutional court in by 60% but had been rigged. lead them.
killed since the riots started. DR Congo on Jan.20 upheld the However, though court con- Earlier, regional leaders led
The movement demanding victory of Felix Tshisekedi as firms the vote to have been free by Rwanda President Paul
Bashir to step down has three the country’s president – elect, of rigging, the African Union Kagame who chairs the African
slogans; “Freedom, peace and squashing an appeal by another and Countries in the west in Union had planned to go to the
justice” and the youth who candidate in the race Martin addition to the Catholic Church country’s capital of Kinshasa to
form the bulk have vowed not Fayulu who had asked for a which is an influential player in meet stakeholders and discuss
to leave the streets until the vote recount. Fayulu had earlier the politics of the country have the fate of the already conflict
75-year old leader resigns. told journalists that he had won raised red flags as regards the ridden area.

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AfricellUG @AfricellUG

6 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
Humour Did you know?
Four myths destroying
your teeth

Brush up on your skills

How you brush makes a big difference. The
mechanical act of brushing removes the very
sticky dental plaque – a mixture of bacteria,
their acids and sticky byproducts and food
remnants. Taking two minutes to brush your
Fred Enanga bounces back as the new police spokesperson. teeth is a good target for removing plaque
and you should brush at night and one other
time daily. Brushing frequently stops the
bacteria developing to a stage where the spe-
cies which produce the most acid can become

Use fluoride toothpaste

Most of the benefit from brushing comes
from toothpaste. The key ingredient is fluo-
ride, which evidence shows prevents tooth
decay. Fluoride replaces lost minerals in teeth
and also makes them stronger.

Spit, don’t rinse

At night, you produce less saliva than dur-
ing the day. Because of this, your teeth have
less protection from saliva and are more vul-
nerable to acid attacks. That’s why it’s impor-
tant to remove food from your teeth before
bed so plaque bacteria can’t feast overnight.
Don’t eat or drink anything except water after
brushing at night. This also gives fluoride the
Uganda’s debt is still manageable says Matia Kasaija longest opportunity to work.
Once you’ve brushed, don’t rinse your
mouth with water or mouthwash – you’re
washing away the fluoride! This can be a
difficult habit to break, but can reduce tooth
decay by up to 25%.

No more than four ‘sugar hits’

Intrinsic sugars are found naturally in
foods like fruit and they are far less likely to
cause tooth decay than added or free sug-
ars. Free sugars are generally those added
to foods by manufacturers but also include
honey, syrup and fruit juices.
The World Health Organization and NHS
recommend free sugars should ideally make
up less than 5% of your daily calorie intake.
So what does this look like? For adults and
children over about 11 years old, this is
around 30g – about eight teaspoons – of sugar
daily. A 330ml can of Coke has 35g of sugar.
British Prime Minister Teresa May’s Brexit deal has The change4life app is helpful to track how
been rejected by the European Union Parliament. much sugar you consume in your diet.

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 7
News analysis Health Business
Cholera gives city Superfood scientists say Chinese, French firms top foreign
a wakeup call can make you live longer oil and gas suppliers’ database

Issue No. 555 Jan. 18 - 24 2019

Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Uganda’s growing
public debt
Separating facts from fiction and


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Don’t kill our

Letters are music industry
welcome ! I hesitate to ridicule laws, especially in a
The Editor welcomes short and field that isn’t mine. But the kind of pseudo-
concise letters from our esteemed legal guff attempting to stifle music is our
readers on topical issues. Please modern equivalent to phrenology. It is, I
send them to:
The Editor, The Independent fear, laughably naive.
The proposed laws are flawed at root,
Who is supposed to regulate
Publications Ltd,
P.O Box 3304, because President Yoweri Museveni’s
Plot 82/84 Kanjokya St, government is attempting to stifle music that
is not favourable to them. This will corrupt scrap business in towns?
the music industry too. The hope of these
Email: pseudo-laws is that they can pick up enough I read the article “Moyo scrap dealer
musicians- gulls to fleece, as they are already banished for theft of hospital rails” about
doing through police clearances to hold hospital rails found in his shop. I must say
shows and stuff. Incidentally, this all has kudos to the Moyo district authorities for
Graduates need to discard come at a time when Bobi Wine’s music is taking this bold stand to banish such kind
the formal job mentality troubling president Museveni..
Music is a prominent feature of everyday
of businesses that promote theft and idle-
ness in towns. I have discovered that scrap
life and nearly everywhere we go. Museveni business have become rampant, especially
Completing University education should just enjoy his, and leave Ugandans to in big towns. The funniest thing is that
is no mean feat. Everyone has also enjoy theirs. Profit is the only thing that nobody seems to mind about what they deal
their own experiences of how they matters to musicians, and the government in because in most cases their daily custom-
managed to beat all odds to end up should be helping them to make money ers are either children or lunatics who roam
in those colorful gowns at the time of out of their music and not suffocate them around looking for anything in the name
graduation. To some, graduation and with laws. YouTube pays $1 billion in song of getting some cash irrespective of where
in the current circumstances would royalties worldwide each year. The govt these materials come from and whether they
relate to actualisation of the popular should be working with our musicians to qualify to be scrap or not. That is why there
phrase “tuliyambala engule” literally make sure they earn something from their is an alarming rate of theft and vandalism;
translated as being crowned. Therefore, music too. A lot of Uganda songs are played electricity metallic meter boxes covers, doors
to all graduands, congratulations are on YouTube daily but our musicians get etc. have continued to be removed and sold
in order. But don’t limit that degree to nothing or less from it, because they have as scrap. Sincerely why can’t we regulate
only securing a formal job because that got no protection and support from the this scrap business? Just two weeks ago a
might take forever to happen. government. I’m sure Museveni used to see neighbor’s toddler daughter’s brand new
Today, there are so many redundant Bobi with funny hair on his head, and think, bicycle went missing and was discovered at a
degrees lying on the streets waiting ‘what a muyaye!’, but didn’t know that he nearby scrap dealer. It took the intervention
for formal employment because our had his own ambitions and good ideas in his of the police to rescue the bicycle as the shop
mentality still reigns that a University head. Please, let people be, let Musicians be, owner was not willing to hand it back. Scrap
degree must translate into a well- as we have got bigger problems as a country dealers should be licensed, and know the
paying job in a certain Ministry, to deal with at the moment. sources of their ware.
NGO or Government parastatal.
Graduates need to see that their degree Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba Desmond Kenyi,
is meant to unlock one’s potential to United kingdom Makerere University
critically think or expound on their
knowledge, abilities and talents. It is
not necessarily limited to a formal job.
They need explore alternative avenues Accepting Tshisekedi DR Congo election win
to guarantee self-sustenance. It’s of
no harm to start as a volunteer or at Refer to: “S.Africa urges blood of others. The best life outside presidency!
apprenticeship level so that you are ‘all parties’ to accept source of income to them When will one of African
better exposed to new skills and way of Tshisekedi DRC win” is the ` presidency’. This country be like China or
doing things. If you started building on (The Independent online is why those in the seat Taiwan the once colonized
your small ideas, you could become one Jan.20) Every African, do not want to leave and countries?
of those top most CEOs. even that in the womb, those outside mobilize
wants to be a president! for war to come in! I wish Fred Alele
Badru Walusansa They enjoy ruling on the they could know there is

8 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
The Last Word Opinion

URA’s unnecessary headquarters

By Andrew M. Mwenda
Why government of Uganda’s approach of owning
buildings to save on rent is economically unproductive

ast week President Yoweri Museveni To understand this better, just imagine any country, a factor that may please citi-
officially opened the new Uganda URA decided to sell that building to a zens but harms the economy. It is hard to
Revenue Authority (URA) head of- private investor on the understanding build a real estate market in a city where
fice building in Nakawa. As a work that it would pay rent of Shs7.4 billion the government is a big landlord.
of art, the building is majestic. As a source per year. Only a thief who did not make One of the factors that drove Uganda’s
of national pride, it is inspiring. At 22 floors that money (and therefore is not inter- rapid economic growth rates in the
high it is the tallest building in Kampala, a ested in calculating the rate of return) late 1990s all through to 2010 was the
beautiful piece of architecture that improves would pay Shs139 billion for a building progressive withdraw of the state from
our city’s skyline. But as an economic in- whose annual rent is Shs7.4 billion. A real estate by selling government pool
vestment, the building is a disaster. private investor would look at the rate of houses. This created a huge market for
According to Molly Kamukama, return on alternative investments before houses, led to a renovation boom and
the Principle Private Secretary to the making such a decision. improved the quality of housing in
president, the building will save URA Imagine a lazy investor that does not Kampala. When government sells off her
“a whopping Shs 7.4 billion in rental want to do any bothersome business. He houses to its nationals and pays them
expenses” – per year. Kamukama added just gets his Shs139 billion and puts it rent, there is no net deduction from the
that it took a “record fours years” to either in a fixed deposit in a commercial economy. Instead assets that were previ-
construct this building. In 2015, a Chi- bank or buys ten years treasury bonds. ously not being traded and from which
nese firm built a 52 storeys building in Any of these lazy investments can earn there was no rental income now become
19 days. Two years would have been him an interest rate of 15%. This amounts part of market operations.
record time in Uganda’s circumstances, to Shs21 billion per year while sitting on If there is a lesson to learn from the
not four. the balcony sipping coffee, playing golf, new URA building and from the sale of
According to URA, the building cost globe-trotting and indulging other hob- government pool houses, it is that the
Shs 139 billion to construct. This does bies. private sector can do better than govern-
not include the value of land. Given that If URA were a private company the ment in the real estate market. Govern-
URA will save Shs 7.4 billion per year board and CEO would have been fired. ment should sell all its remaining build-
in rental expenses, it will take 19 years The building may have improved Kam- ings like Farmers’ House, Amber House,
to recover the cost of construction alone pala’s skyline but it is a business disaster. Embassy House etc. They are ugly,
i.e. a rate of return of about 5% on gross In fact we could have had that same dirty and most rundown buildings in
income. Even an incompetent busi- building in a better way. URA would Kampala. Sell them to private investors
nessman will tell you it is a bad invest- have asked private firms to bid to build and soon government officials will be
ment. URA has built a white elephant. a headquarters for the authority to rent. working from well-renovated premises.
However the story even gets worse. If It would also have insisted that only Today every government institution
you are a private investor, you would Ugandan nationals are qualified to bid. is building its own headquarters. In
deduct 20% cost of managing and main- URA would have put it in the bid that doing this they are shrinking the size
taining the building i.e. Shs1.5 billion it has Shs7.4 billion to pay in rent per of our real estate market, freezing the
per year. Then you would deduct 20% year. This would have made investors market for rental income and reducing
as rental tax to URA on your gross rev- careful about the size and finishing of income available to the private sector. If
enue minus your maintenance costs i.e. the structure. If URA got such a deal, government wants to save money from
Shs1.2 billion. Therefore your net rental it would actually pay Shs7.4 billion in rent, it should buy or build embassies
income would be Shs4.7 billion per year. rental income and earn Shs1.2 billion and residencies for our embassy staff
It would take 30 years to recover the cost back in rental tax. Since the investor abroad. This is because each and every
of building the URA headquarters i.e. a would certainly be a company, URA coin it sends abroad to pay for rent is a
rate of return of 3.3%. would even earn more from profit tax net deduction from our economy to the
We can be fair to URA and also include and withholding tax on dividends. By economy of the host country.
the appreciation in the value of the building her own headquarters, URA has If nearly all government offices
building as part of the rate of return on not saved any money on rental income. It were owned by the private sector, our
investment (an unrealised gain – but a has lost it. nationals would be earning huge sums
gain nonetheless). How much can such a There is a strong feeling across the of income from their real estate. URA
building appreciate; especially in Kam- world that governments need to own would be collecting a lot in taxes. This is
pala? Given the size of the building and the buildings in which their offices are the kind of ownership structure that pro-
the size of our economy, I do not see located. This may increase the prestige motes economic dynamism.
many investors who can afford to buy it. of government but it is rarely economi-
With a limited market for buyers, the rate cally productive. Government ownership
appreciation in its value must be very of office buildings reduces the size and
low indeed. dynamism of the real estate market in

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 9
cover story

Museveni’s BoU
probe details leak
IGG accused, Mutebile,
Kasekende under fire
By Haggai Matsiko
Details of a draft report prepared by the Inspector General of
Government (IGG) into the controversial February 2018 staff
changes at Bank of Uganda (BoU) have leaked and sparks
are already flying.

10 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
cover story
he leakage occurred The most controversial was the
partly because some of takeover and sale of Crane Bank to
the recommendations DFCU Bank. Others were bungled
in the report are being recruitments, collapse of critical

During the
heavily contested by banking sector systems, suspicions of
some of the members officials colluding with private banks
of the committee. They accuse the that were allegedly costing the bank
IGG, Irene Mulyagonja of including
her own views as the findings of
interface with billions and undermining its roles,
bungled procurements, corruption
the committee. As a result, sources
told The Independent that some of
the investigating cases, and mismanagement.
The probe was started before
the recommendations in the report
are a major departure from what the
committee, COSASE started its public hearings
into the rot at BoU.
committee agreed.
“The recommendations have
Mutebile’s voice Between then and now, BoU staff
members have been exposed for grave
already been rejected,” a source close
to committee, told The Independent,
reportedly mismanagement of the financial
sector as part of the on-going COSASE
“there is a feeling that the people
(IGG’s) who were complaining are cracked as he investigation into BoU’s closure of
eight defunct banks.
recommending what they wanted in
the very first place.” struggled to While making closing remarks after
several weeks of appearing before
President Yoweri Museveni set
up the committee in March last year hold back tears COSASE with other BoU officials,
Mutebile said that “the staff changes
to investigate a February 2018 staff which were made in February 2018
reshuffle by BoU Governor Tumusiime were intended to address some of the
Mutebile. challenges that we knew but which
Bugweri County MP Abdul have now become all too evident in
Katuntu, who also doubles as the the last few weeks”.
chairman of parliament’s committee
Commissions, Statutory Authorities Mutebile’s defence
and State Enteprises (COSASE), chairs Mutebile was the last to appear
the committee and is deputized by before the committee and defended his
Bukedea Woman MP Anita Among reshuffle.
as his deputy. Other members of During the interface with the
this committee include Mbarara Louis Kasekende because they have investigating committee, Mutebile’s
Municipality MP Michael Tusiime, failed to ensure teamwork at the bank. voice reportedly cracked as he
Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa, But, sources told The Independent, struggled to hold back tears while
Mulyagonja and two officials from her the majority view of the members of making the point that he made the
office—David Makumbi and Justus the committee was that Mutebile and changes in the best interest of the
Kaleebi. Kasekende are allowed to complete bank. A source knowledgeable about
Part of the committee’s work their terms. what transpired during the meeting
involved interviewing BoU staff. The draft report also recommends said at that point everyone went silent.
Insiders say over 60 officials were that the staff changes Mutebile made To make his case, he went through
interviewed by the two officials from on February 07, 2018 should be the chronology of events that led to
the IGG’s office within the walls of reversed. Apparently, the majority the reshuffle crisis. In our previous
parliament. And because they were in of BoU staff interviewed by the reports, The Independent had
charge of the committee’s secretariat, committee said Mutebile’s reshuffle already pieced this together basing
the IGG staff compiled the draft had taken them by surprise and was on correspondences between senior
report. illegal. officials at the bank.
The IGG team shared a final draft But an insider told The Independent In November 2017 Mutebile had
of this report for other members to that during the interviewing process declined to ratify the appointment
approve and sign it before it could be of BoU staff; only about 7 out of the of assistant directors and instead
submitted to the President. over 60 staff interviewed said the directed that the Internal Audit
The report is a tightly guarded, reshuffle was illegal. investigate the entire process.
protected secret document that cannot Initially, however, the sources said, Then Chief Internal Auditor,
be edited, shared or even printed, a the members had agreed that a few Deborah Kabahweza concluded that
source told The Independent. of the appointments Mutebile made the process had issues and called for
By the time we went to press, in the reshuffle be reversed. Notable its termination.
members had just met at one of the among these is the appointment But the Executive Director
top hotels in a Kampala suburb of the Executive Director Banking Administration, Solomon Oketcho
and were scheduled to meet again Supervision, Tumubwiine Twinemanzi insisted that Mutebile ignores
this week to reach more agreeable and a few other staff—especially those Kabahweza’s recommendations and
recommendations. who came from outside the bank. approves the appointments. Mutebile
An insider told The Independent The reshuffle, which affected over refused.
that some of the controversial 50 top officials of the Bank, including “We have to respect internal audit
recommendations contained in nine executive directors, 13 directors and cancel,” Mutebile insisted.
the report include firing Governor and 24 assistant directors, followed a When board members were
Tumusiime Mutebile and his Deputy host of internal scandals at the bank. engaged, some suggested that since

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 11
cover story

their term was about to expire, the Tumubwiine, served on the BoU for the job given the fact that he
appointments should be passed for board in the past, is seen as a friend of was in a senior position at Uganda
now. But Mutebile stuck to his guns. Mutebile, and also happens to come Communications Commission (UCC)
Shortly after this Mutebile’s health from Kigezi. and had done research about BoU.
deteriorated and he travelled abroad When Twiinemanzi was appointed, Many had hoped that the committee
on sick leave. IGG Mulyagonja was petitioned that would make recommendations that
When he returned, he found a among others, Mutebile was driven by would streamline BoU operations;
tonne of complaints about several tribalism in appointing Twiinemanzi especially at the most senior levels and
appointments. The board had been and others from western Uganda. guide President Museveni to intervene
petitioned but had ignored the Some board members first blocked appropriately.
complaints. Twiinemanzi from presenting before Instead, based on the leaked report,
Mutebile was concerned that he had the board. Others always made tensions appear to be rising, many
not been consulted. sure they avoided attending board staff are anxious, and those promoted
In the meantime, the bank was meetings if Twiinemanzi was to by Mutebile fear they could be
in a crisis, it had suffered loss of appear. demoted.
confidence, was grappling with Crane Before Mutebile appeared before The sources privy to the contents of
Bank issues, and had been facing the Museveni commitee, Bagyenda’s the draft report said firing Mutebile
serious failures in some of its systems, deputy, Benedict Sekabira complained and his deputy could plunge the
according to insiders. before the committee that the job central bank into a leadership vacuum
He told the committee that before Twiinemanzi took belonged to him. and send a negative signal about
he made the changes, senior officials Another senior official, Oketcho, Uganda’s economy. They are pushing
were in the habit of hiding details also initially told the committee that for a smooth transition—where the
activities at BoU from him. Mutebile’s appointments were outside two leaders complete their terms and
While he did not mention a single BoU policy. He said BoU hardly are not reappointed.
name, insiders could tell he was appoints people from outside its walls. Insiders also note that some of
referring to now controversial former But the investigating team found the recommendations in the draft
BoU Executive Director Supervision that while in the past BoU had a report appear contradictory. For
Justine Bagyenda. policy to recruit about 20 people instance, while at one level the team
BoU records seen by The annually at the lowest ranks who recommends that the BoU Board
Independent reveal that Bagyenda would be groomed to grow into senior stay away from the recruitment
authorised the law firm, MMAKs positions, it had changed. Indeed, processes at the bank to be able to
Advocates as the Transaction the investigating committee was play its oversight role, on the other
Advisor for the Crane Bank sale given a list of over 100 staff who BoU hand they recommend that the board
and also authorised the audit firm recruited from outside its walls. hire Mutebile and Kasekende’s
PriceWaterHouse Coopers to carry out Mutebile explained that he made replacement.
a forensic audit of Crane Bank. changes in order to redirect the bank. Other recommendations are being
When the report came out, Mutebile added that before the in positive light. One of these, an
Bagyenda did not share it with changes, BoU had hit a dead end insider told The Independent, is
Mutebile in its entirety. Mutebile regarding the negotiations with Crane the recommendation that there
was riled when he learnt about the Bank proprietors. But following the should be there should be two
existence of the entire document and changes, he said, BoU was making Deputy Governor—one in charge of
received a copy from another source. good progress with the negotiations. administration and the other in charge
Amongst all appointments Specifically, in Twiinemanzi’s case, of operations.
Mutebile made, that of Tumubwiine Mutebile said he was not the first to The current situation where there
Twinemanzi has been the biggest be recruited from outside BoU. He is one deputy governor, who sees
problem. Twinemanzi’s father, Manzi also said that he deemed him qualified himself as a natural successor of

12 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
cover story
the governor and controls several At one point, he turned to
administration and operation aspects Mulyagonja and asked: “I thought
at the bank is feared to have led to the transfers were internal matters of an
power struggle between Mutebile and institution, why are you interfering?”
Kasekende, which is seen as one of the Mulyagonja said she had received

Insiders also note

major causes of the crisis at BoU. several complaints including from a
Also, while the IGG’s draft appears senior credible person who she said

that some of the

lenient with the board, some of the she was willing to privately disclose to
committee members see the board the President.

as part of the problem. As The When Mutebile’s turn to speak
Independent has previously reported, reached, he said initially they

in the draft
the board almost overthrew Mutebile responded to the IGG’s letter and
over the Feb.7 reshuffle. hoped that she would at most

report appear
investigate but were shocked when
Irrelevant report? in the following correspondence she

Events that sparked the IGG appeared to have formed an opinion.
investigation started when, following It is on the basis of that, Mutebile said,
Mutebile’s reshuffle in February 2018, that he responded the way he did.
aggrieved staff petitioned the IGG’s To put an end to back and forth
office accusing him of wrongdoing between Mutebile and Mulyagonja,
and calling for an investigation. President Museveni set up a
Acting on this, the IGG responded committee to look into the reshuffle
by instituting an investigation and make recommendations.
into the reshuffle and ordered that Now, there are concerns that the
the staff changes by Mutebile be report by this committee might be
halted pending the outcome of the irrelevant because by the time it
investigations. comes out, all the focus will be on the
But in a March 6, 2018 letter Mutebile said Mulyagonja’s COSASE report which, in any case, is
Mutebile rejected the IGG’s already formed opinion “makes an compiled by the same people.
intervention. investigation redundant”. Sources at State House say President
“The Inspectorate does not have the “But more importantly, this Museveni appears keener on the
authority to give direction to Bank of presumption of bad faith undermines COSASE report. COSASE is set to start
Uganda,” Mutebile wrote. the Bank of Uganda’s reputational writing its report early February but
In a March 12 letter, Mulyagonja integrity,” he added. it has also been tainted by a huddle in
responded that the constitutional Irked by Mutebile’s responses, which the opposition leadership was
independence of the Bank with regard the IGG threated to have Mutebile pushing to reconstitute it—an effort
to the execution of its functions as arrested. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga intervened
laid out under Article 162 is only With the situation appearing to and blocked.
guaranteed where the Bank is deemed be getting out of hand, President Once they complete their report, it
to be acting in good faith and in Museveni intervened and invited the will have to be discussed on the floor
accordance with the law, relevant IGG, BoU officials and some members of parliament. This debate is expected
regulations and policies and the of parliament for a meeting on March to have a major bearing on BoU.
principles of natural justice. 23, 2018. Whichever way it goes, insiders at
In a March.19 letter Mutebile shot At the meeting which started at 3pm State House say President Museveni
back accusing the IGG of having at State House Entebbe, President might allow Mutebile and Kasekende
“already formed an opinion’ that he Museveni warned the officials that he to stay on until their term ends as he
was acting in bad faith and taking over was tired of seeing BoU matters in the finds who to replace them with.
the role of BoU Board of Directors. press.

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Jan. 25 - 31 2019 13
NRM Day special report

33 years later
In 1986 President Yoweri Museveni and the National Resitance Movement kept power and launched
the 'NRM 10 Point Programme. In this special report 33 years later this week five experts critique the
extent to which the NRM government has achieved the aspirations of the programme.

NRM programme point No.1: Democracy

It’s all about Museveni clinging on

`The real test of democracy is when an incumbent party
or candidate or both lose an election and power’
Moses Khisa is a Political scientist and Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of
Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University. He spoke to The Independent’s
Agnes E Nantaba about the state of democracy in Uganda under the NRM regime 33 years later.

How has the NRM government performed pation under the Resistance Councils pro- assault on the 1995 constitution that has
in relation to democracy and rule of law vided a sound framework and solid plat- turned the constitution into, as President

since 1986? form for citizen representation and public Museveni has said in the past, a “mere piece
here is no doubt that Uganda made accountability. The conclusion of the 1995 of paper.” Since 2006, Uganda has been in
remarkable progress; especially in constitution, its many flaws notwithstand- reverse gear on the democratic front. The
the first ten years of the NRM re- ing, was historic and a major achievement. state of rule of law has been deteriorating
gime. The system of popular partici- But since 2004 there has been a sustained rapidly. It’s all about Museveni clinging

14 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
NRM Day special report
to power and those opposed to him hav- The police and military have become tools
ing to fight hard to dislodge him. We don’t and instruments of political repression.
have principled and constructive political This applies to abuses and wrongs com-
engagement around policy issues; rather mitted against members of the media. The
it’s about Museveni stays or he goes. This is exigencies of regime survival and Museve-
what regime longevity and Museveni’s life- ni’s life-presidency pursuits fuel the resort
presidency project has brought. to the armed forces which inevitably leads
to physical and emotion abuse to members
What are the key elements of democracy of the public. Our politics in recent years
in Uganda in line with parliamentary has degenerated to more confrontation
democracy, popular democracy and a than conversation, street battles than struc-
decent level of living for every Ugandan? tured dialogue.
First, Uganda is not a parliamentary
democracy. We have parliament as a branch Where does the challenge lie?
of government charged with legislation and The challenge is now with building a
oversight but ours is actually a presidential new national consensus because the con-
system. In fact our political system is sensus embodied in the 1995 constitution
fundamentally presidential in the sense that has been decidedly eroded. The idea of a
everything revolves around presidential national dialogue is a good starting point.
power. Second, popular democracy is a But the way it is being pursued now is a
loaded concept. There has to be a difference non-starter. It will end up being another
or relationship between “parliamentary of those rituals where Museveni gives
democracy” and “popular democracy.” lectures about how he brought liberation
At the heart of popular democracy is superior governance systems. The question and is still on a mission to take Uganda to
the popular will of the people, what the that remains a point of contention is which prosperity.
majority will. In Uganda today we have one comes first: do you first achieve high
neither functional parliamentary democracy standards of living before gaining better How best can the challenges be addressed
nor popular democracy. Third, the notion of government, or better government and to get the country on track?
“decent living for every Ugandan” is rather prudent public management is what We need deep soul-searching. Uganda
misplaced. Democracy, whether popular gives you economic prosperity and social has a patently broken political system. Cor-
or parliamentary may have little to do with transformation? It’s arguable. rupted and decayed. What we call democ-
standards of living. Democracy is primarily racy is nothing short of a travesty. We need
procedural, meaning it is about how to What is your take on the argument that to get back to the drawing board. But to do
decide who governs or who gets the right NRM has passed the test of conducting so pressure has to be exerted on the cur-
to make decisions. This is quite apart from regular elections in 1996, 2001, 2006 and rent rulers to realise that they are taking us
whether or not democracy can deliver on 2011 but has failed the test on free and fair down the drain and need to change course.
the substantive issues. In fact as a system of elections? We have to turn around things but it can’t
government, democracy is not necessarily The real test is not just holding regular happen with the kind of national dialogue
the best when it comes to substantive issues elections but regular free, fair, credible being proposed and pursued. It has to start
such as delivering goods and services to and transparent elections. That’s what the with pressure being placed squarely on the
the public and bettering people’s lives. constitution provides. The constitution rulers so as to abandon the course they have
But there is also evidence, globally, that does not say that we hold elections that been pursuing. Whatever will get us out
democratic governments on average tend to are unfree and unfair. Therefore, to the of the current mess has to be the work of
do better over the long term in substantive extent that we have not had credible Ugandans, all of us. If we stay stuck in the
terms. This though is not the case with elections, especially since 2006, the NRM old frame of a savior or liberators, we shall
African states. In Uganda, matters are made has not passed the democratic test. In real end up exactly where we are now: with a
worse by the perversion of democracy, democratic practice, the test of elections is group of self-seekers pursuing personal
meaning the mess that we have which when an incumbent party or candidate or aggrandisement at the expense of the com-
passes for democracy when it’s not. We both lose an election and power. Until that mon good.
have a façade of democracy, cosmetic and happens, you can’t say that the test has been
superfluous shows of democracy which passed. There are arguments that the government
are travesties and not genuine democratic should work towards reversing the mon-
practices. Better to have an authoritarian For many years, the security agencies like etisation of politics as this tends to dictate
system that can deliver on economic the police and army have topped lists of the decision of elected leaders rather than
issues than a system that purports to be human rights violators in the country? defending the common good of a nation.
democratic when it’s a mere mockery. Who is to blame? What is your take on this?
Those in charge of commanding security No doubt. There is way too much money
What implications does an illiterate, sick, agencies and the armed forces. There are in our elections. But this is a symptom of a
superstitious population have on the two sets of human rights violations among larger problem. You cannot get rid of exces-
political life of a country? the police and the military. First, errant sive money in politics/elections under the
There is a generally accepted proposition officers and rogue elements who commit current system. The system has to change to
in academic debates of a positive personal violations either out of sheer reck- solve the problem of money in election. The
relationship between the quality of life, less conduct or in pursuit of material ends. laws are weak but even those in place are
meaning the socioeconomic status of the They violate people’s rights because they not followed. Parties are supposed to sub-
people, and the quality of democracy. are ignorant and are just bad-mannered or mit financial reports to the EC; they don’t, at
Countries that have high standards of because they want to extort. This is a prob- least the ruling party is known not to.
living, like the Nordics, Germany, etc., also lem of administrative failure. The second,
tend to have stable democratic practice and more critical source of violations is political.

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 15
NRM Day special report

NRM programme point No. 10. Following an economic strategy of mixed economy

Mixed economy was right

`We can’t build a mixed economy when the private
sector side is parasitic on the public sector’
When the NRM government took power in 1986, it introduced a 10-point programme. Point No.10 on
the programme was to pursue a mixed economy strategy. The Independent’s Isaac Khisa spoke to
leading economist, Dr. Fred Muhumuza, from the College of Business and Management Science,
Makerere University, about NRM’s record on that goal after 33 years of NRM in power.

The NRM government undertook a mixed iron raw materials. Dealing with corrup-
economy once it took power in 1986. What tion will ensure that a right private sector
is your assessment of NRM’s performance emerges. We can’t build a mixed economy
on this type of economy over the past when the private sector side is parasitic on

three decades? the public sector.
t was a proper aspiration at the time
because most countries have reverted Where do you see the country in a few
to the mixed economy, finding a loca- years to come if nothing changes as you
tion between extreme capitalism and suggest?
extreme socialism. But it has yielded mixed The trend has been downwards. The
results for Uganda. After 30 years, the pri- economy used to grow at 8-9% and then it
vate sector remains immature. Where the came down below 3%. Now you cannot be
private sector is supposed to complement ling has not been stable, I don’t think perfor- happy when it grows by 5% yet the target
government, the expectations to grow the mance has been adequate. was 7%. The signals are not the right. Inter-
economy remain hinged on government est rates are high, partly driven by the pub-
projects. Mixed economy should have been So where did the government go wrong? lic sectors need to borrow. These are affect-
riding on market opportunities triggered I think the NRM government did not ing the fundamentals of the economy.
by government investments and policies have time, effort and possibly interest to
such as conducive environment, low inter- see how to actualise the mixed economy. But there’s an argument that the govern-
est rates, moderate exchange rates and low They found the economy in a bad shape ment investment in infrastructure will
inflation. Initiatives like Operation Wealth and urgently needed foreign exchange. It drive growth of the economy?
Creation and NAADs should have been made them to think long term strategies. We have had that discussion for the last
private led. Given that framers of the mixed Some decisions were right; like the liberali- 10 years. Government projects were expect-
economy were still in the bush, nobody sation of exchange rates but they needed ed to drive the economy. Regrettably, those
had planned how the mixed economy will to think through the short term, medium investments give you growth at the time of
materialise. It was a coincidence that it term, and long term. This, unfortunately, happening but what you need is sustainable
happened when the World Bank and the has come to haunt the economy as most of growth. The completion of Bujagali Hydro-
International Monetary Fund were telling the assumptions about the mixed economy power dam contributed to the growth that
them to liberalise and privatise; scale back have not been realised. For instance, there year but Bujagali hasn’t continued spur-
government involvement. The few private was an assumption that liberalising the ring private sector growth because all the
sector investments seen today, one can ar- economy will attract both local and foreign energy investments have not reduced the
gue, are by people stealing public funds and investments, and that privatised former tariff. Electricity and water bills are going
investing in private initiatives. non-performing government entities will up. Inflation, though stable at a rate of
perform better. Some successes happened 4-5% over 10 years, means those prices are
What is your view on the government’s in the telecoms and beverages, but not in always going up. The cost of living is also
role in regulating export-import, MPC, agriculture. going up. Therefore one cannot claim that
inflation, and exchange rate as was envis- the investments will in future favour the
aged in the mixed economy? How can this situation be reversed? government.
These are largely in the domain of the We need to get back to the same argu-
public sector. However, it is difficult to ment of the mixed economy but this time Looking at the trend of the value of the
judge their performance based on what they be deliberate and logical. Not this business shilling against other international curren-
anticipated. They didn’t expect the public of Operation Wealth Creation providing cies, where are we?
sector to take over exchange rates - that is farmers with inputs. Inputs are provided Definitely in 1986, there was hardly any
determined by imports and exports which by private entity engaged at a higher level dollar. It was a completely a black market.
is largely driven by the private sector. The of processing in the value chain not the But we don’t want to compare with that
public sector should only do infrastructure government operating on the mode of civil extreme case. Sufficient investment should
investments, policy and regulations, and service. We have seen factories come up have turned that around. The gradual
encourage the private sector to thrive. Mon- but not have enough inputs; an abattoir on decline in the value of the shilling tends to
etary policy is supposed to merely intervene Bombo Road lacks cattle to slaughter, the discourage local and foreign investors who
and stabilise the shilling. But given the shil- steel industry is dependent on imported need dollars.

16 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
NRM Day special report

NRM programme point No.9: Co-operation with other African countries

An economic cancer is harming

relations between EAC countries
'Museveni is more trusted elsewhere than in his home'
Fred Mukasa Mbidde is a member of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly representing
the republic of Uganda. He sits on three committees, committee of communication; trade and
investments, committee on legal rules and privileges and the committee on regional affairs and
conflict resolution. He talked to The Independent’s Patricia Akankwatsa about the cooperation
of Uganda with other African countries before and after the NRM government came to power.

What was Uganda’s relationship with am doing a study of this, particularly

other African countries like before the matters to do with Rwanda and

NRM came to power? Uganda. There is nothing fundamental
efore, they came to power; we that causes differences between the two
are talking of the former East countries. But specific security agencies
African Community which intending to obtain gadgets are
had collapsed by 1977 because misrepresenting the party on ground,
of the pursuant leaderships that had thereby causing a friction at higher
taken over Kampala. There had been levels. There is a cancer growing which
an economic war between Britain and is economic in nature which includes
Uganda, investors lost investments our own security agencies. It can even
by law of property because of Amin’s cause war between Kampala and Kigali
pursuant declaration of economic if this problem is not handled as a
independence. Also, there had been joint effort. They have done it once for
prevalence of Article 3 of the former Kisangani1 and 2 before.
charter for the Organidation of
African Unity which had the effect What steps is the government taking
of forbidding other countries from to improve these relations?
observing the respect to fundamental As players regionally, we are doing
rights by other countries considering all it takes to advise. If our advice
them internal matters. That was the is taken, certainly solutions will be
policy and barricade established by obtained.
African leaders to erect protective walls
around them and execute leaderships communities including IGAD. Uganda has been a great player in
in their countries without any policy Then substantially, you can say the attempts to pacify other African
from outside. By the time NRM came development of the East African countries by defending their human
into power that is when the discussions Community. Right now we have the and democratic rights, what is your
of formation of a constitutive act oldest president in the region, the take on that?
and African Union came into place. possibility that leaders from other That kind of participation is part
Normative instruments like the African countries are listening to him is high. of the UN sub arrangement. It is not
Charter on Human and People’s Rights, Just like a prophet, he is more trusted entirely Uganda. It has been having
protocol for the establishment of the elsewhere than in his home. contributive effects that are coached
African court were debated, passed in UN camps. Apart from S. Sudan
and implemented during the current What challenges remain with the on 16th Dec 2013, the first entry was
regime. relations between these countries? on Uganda’s motion but was later
I think what are thinking, is specific joined by the region’s contributing
How did these change relations arms of government which have partners (Kenya and Ethiopia). But
between African countries ? become pecuniary in nature. They are the ones in Somalia are mostly UN
Juxtaposed with what happened looking forward to making money sponsored material. We can however
during Amin’s time, Dr. Obote had rather than serving the objects for say, nationally, the contribution of
better relations with Tanzania, but which they were established. They pacification of the region, Uganda
of course the NRM later on would have adopted a mentality of developing stands a higher chance of recognition.
establish fairly good relations. There reports that represent antagonism
was formation of trade areas like between states that otherwise would
COMESA, and regional economic never have any differences at all. I

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 17
NRM Day special report

NRM programme point No.4: Defending and consolidating National Independence

NRM is just a power relation-

enjoyment of power
‘Independence is about Africans rediscovering themselves’
James Magode Ikuya is a political activist who has worked with UPC, FRONASA and
NRM. He spoke to Ian Katusiime about consolidating national independence, one of
the ten point programmes outlined by NRM when it captured power in 1986.

As someone who has been part of all gives some people direction. And now we
these liberation struggles, what does the are discussing different concepts. A lot of

NRM anniversary mean to you? things are required to be in place. I gener-
here are two strands there; the ally hesitate to discuss individuals. I want
values which were espoused dur- to discuss tendencies.
ing the period of struggle give me
a very clear vision of what things Politically what does independence
would be, including what NRM could mean to you?
have been. Now, there are several trends Independence is a process of ensuring
on what you are calling NRM, there is Africans rediscover themselves. That’s a
NRM official; those speak for myriads of fundamental question. The Africans have
new tendencies which have crept in the to discover themselves. We are lost some-
country. They are not part of that origi- where. That process has not been con-
nal concept and it has been given a new summated. On the contrary, it has been
concept. To some people, NRM is just a interrupted by many new factors and
power relation-enjoyment of power, its therefore we are always diverting from
use and how to wallow in it and the im- addressing the core questions. Because of
punity. lack of that discovery, we have not built
With us, we mainly look at the popu- institutions to point us in that direction of
lation and consequently what indepen- discovery.
dence meant for our country. Indepen-
dence was significant in a sense that the How can the youth be involved in con-
population had been dispossessed of cepts of consolidating independence?
power including being human. At first is part of a process. That’s the bigger chal- The youth will be obliged to reflect
there was slavery, then came colonial- lenge. Regardless of how many people on that more seriously than anybody
ism which made Africans slaves in their you change, the problem will stay. else. They have a more serious stake in
own homes. The control of Africans to us Whether you have Bobi Wine today, the future than any of us who have been
was a terrible thing. Regaining indepen- another one tomorrow, it will not change talking about Uganda in the past. But the
dence was a process, it was not just about the structure of that tragedy. What we are dawning of reality on them is the most
declaring things. The process of taking trying to address is a diversion of issues. important question. They must look at
away independence was very systematic We haven’t brought to the core the ques- the reality of the situation and take inter-
so regaining it had to be a very deliber- tion which should have been there and est in it. You have to take interest. If you
ate process which inculcates new values because of the lack of core issues, we are don’t take interest in it, nobody will have
and enables Africans to make discoveries bringing secondary questions. answers to that. Study the history of the
about themselves. It was about rebuilding In the end the politics is being taken country and the experience of those in the
a society for Africa. That’s a completely over by those who have money. If you past in order to know where this present
different process. And that is what our have ideas, who will listen to those ideas? came from and join forces whether old or
view of independence was. None can even be raised. The few of us young.
who can raise those ideas are getting It is not youth against old people. That
NRM has stayed with one leader for so expired-our voices are getting less heard is another misleading factor; other people
long. How has this affected its ability to and we are getting elderly. pit the youth against old people as if the
defend and consolidate national inde- old people are their problem. The youth
pendence? Do you think the NRM has made some must generate ideas; get ideas from those
That is a partial issue, the question is gains in the quest of consolidating na- who have been there. Then you can map
bigger than just one person. The question tional independence? out the future.
is whether those ideas of independence We had hopes which are being dissi-
have been inculcated as a system so that it pated. The good thing is to have hope. It

18 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
NRM Day special report

NRM Programme point No.7: Corruption

NRM has fought half the battle

`There are many untouchables who hide under the presidency’
Peter Wandera, the executive director TI Uganda Chapter spoke to The Independent’s
Flavia Nassaka about the NRM government fight against corruption.

When Transparency International arrived Most of internal quarrels in political parties

in Uganda, NRM had been in power for are about money. In Uganda, the anti- cor-
about eight years. The new government ruption fight is only half way fought. It’s a
had come with a 10 point agenda – one of complex struggle that will take us a bit of
the points being fighting corruption and time.
misuse of power. How was the corruption

situation then? What do you make of the newly created
he coming of Transparency Interna- State House Unit to fight corruption?
tional to Uganda can best describe Creating a new entity is not bad but
the context of corruption then. The this one is providing more of fire-fighting
president had set up an Inspectorate response. It would work better under other
of Government desk under his office. It was agencies as a special department. As it is
looking at corruption and human rights. now, issues of the law will come in eventu-
Later it became an independent agency ally. The good thing with such entities is
and Augustine Ruzindana became the first that they expose criminals but Ugandans
IGG. During one of his travels, he met with are interested in what happens after that.
founders of the Global Transparency Inter- It can be made consistent and empowered
national and decided the country needed to follow through to ensure properties are
such an entity. There were few special- tions like the Police, Revenue and Health. In recovered. What such new units do is cre-
ised agencies to fight the vice. So Uganda this survey, we ask citizens about their deal- ate some fear but people eventually get
Revenue Authority was set up to stump ings with a particular institution. Eventually used to them. It’s what happened with the
out corruption in customs, then came the we consolidate the answers and gauge the IG. Those days, some people even feared
Directorate of Public Prosecutions, and the country’s performance. Then, the CPI is to associate with Ruzindana because of the
Directorate of Ethics and Integrity came up. done globally using international sources of office he was holding.
New laws were also put in place to set up data – 13 of them now, including the World
the entities and address the type of corrup- Bank and the IMF (International Monetary What needs to change if the country is to
tion that was happening. In the 1990s, there Fund). We get information about different wipe out the vice?
was petty corruption involving say bribery, countries to come up with the scores. People should realise that it’s also up to
where people basically wanted small mon- Ugandans feel corruption is worsen- them to fight corruption. There’s a sort of
ies to make ends meet but now it’s about ing because of what they see; the scandals acceptance of corruption as a way of life
accumulating wealth, property and its syn- uncovered almost every day. It is worse and people don’t question anything. In
dicated. It has evolved. Big monies are lost. now with politicisation of everything and developed countries, you can’t become rich
patronage. If we can have an anti-corrup- overnight and people don’t question it. The
Ironically, just last month Transparency tion conversation without involving parties state will also pick interest in you. Secondly,
International awarded President Museveni and politics our performance is likely to the many agencies should be equipped to
for fighting corruption. What was your improve. Everything is now connected to investigate cases by allocating them enough
basis? the NRM government because some of the resources and cushion them against inter-
It’s unfortunate that people were missing cases are facilitated by big political figures. ference.
out on the wider debate. Our chairperson There are many untouchables who hide
was clear that the President was being under the umbrella of the presidency. It’s Finally, what’s your take on the good and
recognised for putting in place laws and such that make our CPI worse. Let there be bad corruption talk?
institutions. We were not rewarding him for thorough investigations, let officials step The discussion of bad corruption or good
having no corruption; it’s a different matter. aside when they are implicated in corrup- corruption shouldn’t arise because corrup-
tion scandals. tion is corruption. It becomes a viscous cycle
But, Ugandans feel the corruption situa- which eventually makes someone suffer.
tion is worsening, basing on your annual If the NRM left power now, would we The likes of Geoffrey Kazinda, if you went
CPI. Why? score better in terms of CPI? to his home village people were happy
Corruption has many faces that affect Change of government alone may not because he used to help them a lot but look
our score. There are two types of surveys help. Ugandans who will come into office at northern Uganda where the resources
that we use to come up with the Index. In with the same attitude will also have people were stolen, they are languishing without
Uganda, there is the East African Bribery who will say it is our time to eat. Fighting clean water.
Index which looks at five countries in the corruption needs a concerted effort that
region and focuses on key public institu- can’t be given a blue, red or yellow color.

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 19
news analysis

The Kabulasoke solar plant

A critique on where and how to use solar electric energy
By Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi Kanyarusoke; M-ASHRAE; to provide different forms of energy: we go about exploiting it than displayed
M-SASEE electric – as in these plants; heating – as in the above two investments. This article

in solar water heaters; refrigeration – as argues that in sparsely populated Africa,
irst, we will congratulate Ugandans in solar powered refrigerators and air solar electric investments are better if
and their son Dr. David Alobo for conditioners; cooking – as in solar cookers; directed to smaller individual home units
the recent commissioning of a 20 agricultural – as in solar irrigation-water and to isolated power supplies in remote
MW photovoltaic power plant. The pumping, solar crop drying and perishable areas than to feed into the dysfunctional
project follows the 2016 Soroti solar plant foods preservation; transportation – as grid systems. There are technical,
of 10 MW, which was famed as the biggest in solar powered vehicles; biochemical economic, environmental, social and
in East and Central Africa then. As I have as in solar water purifiers, etc. It is safe, political reasons for this approach – which
argued both locally and internationally and can be completely free of corrupting I explain hereunder.
in the past, solar energy harnessing is the tendencies, so rampant in Africa’s energy Technical – Too many odds are against
way to go for countries with a plentiful infrastructure. More interesting, it is a feeding solar electricity into an existing
solar resource and with dysfunctional powerful discipliner to users, because the grid: The uneven power generation from
electric grid systems such as in most primary source is not directly available at minute to minute creates an unsteady grid
of sub-Saharan Africa. As a primary night. voltage and frequency, which badly affects
resource, solar energy is everywhere, The above narrative notwithstanding, equipment connected to the grid. In the
free, inexhaustible. It can easily be used we need to be a bit more careful on how worst of situations, it can also cause death

20 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
news analysis
may now look uniformly beautiful to
the eye, but the ecology of those acres is
The transformer irreversibly affected. Does this mean we
should never have such plants? No – they
near the are better located in dryer and more barren

consumer will
areas, where it is even easier to justify
the 25-30% energy loss than in highly
receive only 11.5 agriculturally productive areas.
Social – My biggest concern here is the
W, which will lie that feeding this energy into the grid

reduce further
is the easiest and most convenient way to
get more rural people to use electricity. It
to 11, after the is a lie because you must still expand the
transmission and distribution system to
final step down reach the peasants. This is not possible
for all peasants, and even if it were, it
transformer to would be dangerous for many of Africa’s
the consumer peasants, as they would be receiving
potentially fatal 220-240 Volt supply. The
second point is that this energy would
have to be paid for on a recurrent basis.
If the peasants do not have sustainable
incomes, they cannot pay for it – and in
that case, other tax payers would have
to pay these bills. It is acceptable to run
14 will never reach the consumer. transmission lines to rural trading centres
For Uganda, with a transmission loss of principally for small and medium scale
16.5% (which is a very good performance artisanal businesses which are generating
by the way), the transformer near the incomes to meet the bills, but not to
consumer will receive only 11.5 W, which peasants’ homes. The latter ought to be
will reduce further to 11, after the final encouraged to obtain roof-mounted units
step down transformer to the consumer. on which recurrent expenses are minimal.
This is about 73% of what was actually Investors like Xsabo Power Limted would
produced by the panels. In other words, do well to invest in solar PV assembly
from a 20 MW plant, we could reasonably plants or in direct current devices for use
expect the consumers to receive just about with these panels without having to go
14.6 MW! through conversions. We should take a leaf
Economic – The losses and risks from neighbouring Kenya, which within 5
indicated above have serious implications years, has pushed up access to electricity
on the economics of the plant. For the from below 20 to 75% now, not through
Kabulasoke investment running at about grid supply, but through small, affordable
1 US$ per installed Watt power, this roof-mounted photovoltaic systems.
of lines maintenance personnel trying to works out at over 1.4 US$ per UMEME Political – here I want to address myself
rectify faults emanating from conventional delivered Watt. This is not to include to the independence bit. Reliance on power
generators, transformers and transmission the cost of added risks. The investor will from the grid keeps people tied to and
lines. To avoid the fatalities, the solar have of course agreed with UMEME (and ‘enslaved’ by a centralised, largely corrupt
units would have to be simultaneously government) on a suitable energy sale/ system, when there is a clear independent
switched out before maintenance. This purchase rate to ensure he makes a good alternative. This is not just at individual
means, they do not improve reliability of profit. No problem there – but in the home level. At national level, African
the supply at all - even as they do increase larger scheme of things, for society, the countries are easily held at ransom by
risks of equipment damage and human actual investment cost is over 40% more so called foreign donors and investors in
life loss. The other issues are to do with than it would be if the same amount had supplying large and grandiose systems
actual solar electric energy delivered to the been invested at household level (i.e. with for merely transforming what is naturally
consumer. Solar panels as used in Soroti no conversion and transmission costs). and abundantly available to electricity,
and Kabulasoke produce direct current There are also opportunity costs to do and subsequent degradation through
(like that in your torch or car battery) at with loss of agricultural or other usage of conversions and transmissions. For some
an operating efficiency of about 15-18%. land occupied by the panels when ground African countries, Uganda inclusive, at
This power is then converted to alternating mounted as in the two plants. present state of home solar energy systems
form at efficiency of about 96% (even Environmental – It is easy to romanticise technology development, the truth is that
though the Kabulasoke investors claim a the environmental benefits of the there is hardly a need for many of these
99.5% value!). If it is to be transmitted over investments, and on which romance, foreign vampires to help our people access
a long distance it would have to be stepped NEMA will have pleasantly approved modern forms of energy.
up to the transmission line voltage at them. However, considering the ground
another 96% and then stepped down to 240 mounting of the installations, as opposed Kant is a pan-Africanist Engineering
V at a further 96%. This means, from say to roof mounting or home compound Pracademic and Team leader of
100 W of solar energy arriving at the panel, installations, there is an issue of loss of Progressive Africa Solar Engineering
only about 14 W enters the grid. Now, if alternative use of land. The 120 acres in Company.
the grid is dysfunctional, even much of this fertile Luwero and another 33 in Soroti

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 21
By Patricia Akankwatsa

Egg prices fall as

gandan farmers are suffering
losses from falling egg prices due
to lost market opportunities in the
region and high feed costs.
Farmers and traders that spoke to The
Independent said a tray of eggs now goes for
supply goes up
between Shs 6,000 to Shs 7,500 compared
with between Shs 10,000 to Shs 12,000 in
October last year.
Kenya’s increase in supply spells
The egg dealers said the increase in egg
production in its key market, Kenya, has led
doom to Ugandan farmers
to a reduction in demand for the country’s
eggs amidst a surging cost of production. dump the May – July crop. Also, farmers SR Afrochick and Kukuchick.
“Approximately 60% of the eggs pro- discouraged by the poor prices planted less Dr. Doris Kiconco, Uganda’s assistant
duced in Uganda are exported to Kenya resulting into a lower harvest in December. commissioner of veterinary regulation and
and now Kenya is also producing eggs on This is the second time that farmers are enforcement told The Independent that they
a large scale,” said Aga Sekalala, the Execu- experiencing a sharp drop in egg prices in have written numerous letters requesting
tive Director, Ugachick in an interview with nearly four years. In 2015, a tray of eggs that the ban is officially lifted.
The Independent. was selling at Shs 6,400 and Shs6, 500 per However, the Kenyan officials have never
“That leaves us with no market as 30-egg tray in Kampala, and an average of responded to the requests, she said.
demand is fixed. That is why the egg prices Shs 7,000 outside the city — down from Shs
had to be cut.” 7,500 and Shs 8,000. Situation not a blessing to Kenyan
He said there is need for government to Data from Uganda Bureau of Statistics farmers
boost tourism as tourists have a culture of shows that the country’s egg production
consuming more eggs than the local popu- has increased from 831.9million in 2013 to This current situation, however, seem
lation. “Tourists can make a good market 907.1million in 2017. However, data for egg not to be a blessing to Kenyan farmers who
for the eggs here,” he said. production in 2018 remains scanty. have advocated for a ban of egg imports
However, the price of poultry feed has Dr. Okoth Ochola, the executive director from Uganda citing increased competition
gone up following a shrinkage in supply at Asiima Agriculture Concern Limited said and losses.
according to 256 the inadequate regional market coupled The wholesale prices of a tray of eggs
Maize prices have moved up from Shs300 with the conflict in South Sudan and the have dropped to an all-time low of Ksh180
to Shs650 for a kilogram in recent weeks Democratic Republic of Congo has placed in January from Kshs217 last December,
feeding into prices for maize bran which farmers in a big fix. while retailers are selling an egg at Ksh7.
is now retailing at Shs720 from Shs500 per This development comes as Kenya retains It is the lowest price an egg has ever gone
kilogram previously. its January 2017 ban on poultry from Ugan- for in the East African nation in more than
Soybean is currently trading at Shs2400 da, even though Kampala had contained a decade, with farmers feeling the pinch as
up from Shs1, 000 while prices for Sesame the avian flu outbreak by March 2017.This costs of production rise, according to the
have reached Shs4, 500 at farm gate. Prices contravenes the East African Community Chinese news agency Xinhua.
now are expected to peak off in May on the rules, which provide for the free movement Going forward Dr. Okoth says the local
limb of the first harvest for 2019. of goods and services within the region. population needs to be sensitized about
Prices for cereals crashed following a The east African nation, however, has the health benefits of consuming eggs.
bumper harvest last year as farmers who opened the window for only three major “This would increase local market and
were running out of storage were forced to firms – Hudani Manji Holdings Rainbow, demand,” he said.

22 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

Government to hire more firms

to market tourism abroad
But are the already hired firms delivering results?

By Julius Businge

odfrey Kiwanda is a
Ugandan politician, junior
minister for tourism and
speaks passionately about
Uganda’s tourism sector.
On January 16, he told
The Independent that he is among the gov-
ernment officials spearheading the govern-
ment’s move to hire more public relations
firms to market Uganda abroad this year.
The new firms that are yet to be disclosed
will market the country’s tourism potential
in China, Japan and the Middle East. Minister Kiwanda (middle) addressing a press conference at Golden Tulip on Jan.15. On the left is
“It is part of our bigger marketing strat- Miss World Africa 2018, Quiin Abenakyo.   Independent/Julius Businge
egy this year,” he said, “We have the poten-
tial; what we need is to make people know He, however, said Uganda Tourism No specific statistics
world over about it.” Board (UTB) needs to conduct a thorough The new development comes even as the
The new firms will join three other PR research to determine the tastes and pref- government is unable to ascertain the finan-
firms that were hired in 2016 to market the erences of the people within those new cial returns or the number of tourists that
country’s tourism potential in the United markets for it to be able to achieve tangible the earlier PR firms were able to persuade to
Kingdom and Ireland, USA and German, results. travel into the country.
each at a fee of US$500,000 per annum. The “It is not a matter of just hiring the firms However, Kiwanda, said the increasing
three firms are PHG Consulting headquar- and putting them there,” he said adding, number of tourists visiting the country per
tered in USA, Kamageo of UK and KPRN “more needs to be done in terms of collect- year is partly attributed to the work of the
of German. ing actual data regarding tourist arrivals PR firms.
The PR firms are expected to raise the from the markets where the PR firms are Latest data from Civil Aviation Authority
profile of Uganda as a preferred destina- going to work.” shows that the total number of arrivals at
tion, increase inbound numbers to Uganda He said the neighbouring Kenya shares the Entebbe International Airport increased
and promote investment opportunities in the number of tourist arrivals monthly in by 199,703 visitors to 1.8million in 2018
Uganda’s tourism sector. The firms are also order to plan ahead. compared with the previous year.
expected to help clear the negative percep- Everest Kayondo, the chairman of the Of the total arrivals at Entebbe, 60% of
tion about Uganda so as to attract more Association of Uganda Tour Operators and arrivals are normally tourists, according to
investors in the tourism sector, generate the proprietor of Ever Based Tour and Trav- the executives at the Authority.
more tax revenue and employment oppor- el Company told The Independent on Jan.17 Speaking separately at a Uganda Tourism
tunities to the local population. that the hiring of PR firms should be treated Board media briefing held at Golden Tulip
as part of the bigger marketing strategy for Hotel in Kampala on Jan.15, Kiwanda said
Mixed reactions Uganda’s tourism. the country recorded more visitors to the
The new strategy, however, has received “Hiring marketing firms alone is not a National Parks in 2018, the highest over the
mixed reactions from sector experts; with solution,” he said, adding that more fund- last seven years.
some saying it is a waste of resources while ing is required for the sector to grow. Cur- He said that visits to Uganda’s national
others say it is a good marketing strategy. A rently the sector gets around 0.1% of the parks increased by 14% to 325,345 visitors
section of the stakeholders in support of the national budget and contributes 10% to the in 2018, up from 285,671 recorded in the
plan, however, say it must be transparent to national Gross Domestic Product. previous year owed to increased domestic
achieve its objective. Kayondo said more efforts should be marketing campaigns such as Tulambule
Herbert Byaruhanga, the vice president geared towards training of tour guides in campaigns.
for Uganda Tourism Association (UTA), tourism and related work for the sector to “Overall the sector demonstrated an
who has worked in the sector for 20 years, grow faster. upward curve in visitor numbers with
told The Independent on Jan.17 that it is a He added that government must quickly Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary registering
good strategy because “we are not visible, expedite plans to have the national carrier to an increased growth from 3421 visitors in
not known.” complement marketing that is being done 2016 to 4526 in 2018,” he said.
He said that China being one of the by the PR firms.The airline, according to Kiwanda said the target for 2019 is to
leading economies in the world, its people government, is expected to start operations add at least one million tourists to the
needs to know about Uganda through such in June this year. estimated two million tourists that visited
marketing strategy. Uganda in 2018.

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 23

Solar energy to stir

growth, create jobs
Dr. David Alobo is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Xsabo Group and
an expert in economics and business. He spoke to The Independent’s Julius Businge
about his expertise and the planned US$200million investment in solar energy in Uganda.

Who is David Alobo? Relations from the Catholic
am a management consultant University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
who has over the years mainly in Germany as well as PhD in
provided global business International Economic Relations.
players and medium sized
companies with answers to their What exactly does Xsabo Group
challenges and opportunities do?
of globalisation. I also advise Locally, Xsabo brand is mainly
governments on issues of associated with the pilot solar
image building and commercial power park in Kabulasoke that
diplomacy. I attended Johns was commissioned by President
Hopkins University School of Yoweri Museveni early this month.
Advanced International Studies The Kabulasoke power project is
(SAIS) in the USA, earning a the first in a portfolio of five solar
Master’s degree in International power projects that Xsabo Group
Economics and International Law. is undertaking in various parts of
I also have a Master’s the country with a total capacity of
degree in 150MW worth US$200million. We
International are the sponsor of youth income
generation activities, the annual
youth football tournament in
greater Masaka, art groups and
the medical youth camp which has
to-date provided free treatment
to over 10,000 disadvantaged and
needy people in rural areas. We are
also empowering girl and women
groups to produce self-made
sanitary pads out of banana fibres.
So far more than 800 sanitary pads
have been made. Beyond Uganda,
Xsabo Group helps international
clients expand into new markets
and provide interim management
services where such multinational
companies still donot have the
requisite management team.

What is the general

philosophy of investing
in solar energy in
Uganda when most
people believe
hydropower is the
most popular
form of

24 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
energy? It is not difficult to have reliable and
Solar power technology can do clean power for all at an affordable
for Uganda and Africa what mobile rate.We just have to open our eyes.
phone technology has done for the The reason we are failing on this is so
communications industry. I believe Uganda sensitive..I prefer to discuss it personally
every Ugandan can easily have reliable
and enough electricity within the next
has a solid with President Museveni. Xsabo Group
and its partenrs has a blueprint on this
eight years just as almost every Ugandan macroeconomic which the Presidnet is aware of.
owns a mobile phone. A forward-looking
study done for the German industry
record and the What is the best strategy for reducing
and the German Federal Ministry for government the power tariff in Uganda?
Economics and Technology on changes
to the global energy mix up to the year has been able The best strategy for ensuring fair and
affordable tariffs is something that is
2,100, forecasts that oil will account for to ensure contained in our blueprint that I offered
just above 10% of the world energy mix,
peace, stability
to share with the President first.
water (hydropower) about 10%, wind
10%, biomass 10% and solar/photovoltaic
will account for over 50%. Coal is likely
and a reliable As a development consultant, how best
can the government achieve vision
to become negligible in the energy mix investment 2040 that is running under the theme
while hybrid of solar and thermal and
other renewables together will account
policy ‘A Transformed Ugandan Society from
a Peasant to a Modern and Prosperous
for the remaining 10%. Uganda will Country within 30 Years?‘
therefore remain in the third world if The government need to think big and
it does not wake-up. Solar-powered be realistic. The world is expected to be
cars, airplanes, industries, homes will a global village in the few years to come.
become the norm in affluent societies. President Museveni, four years ago. I With all due respect, the government
With the current disadvantageous told him I will never pay money to see needs more people who are exposed
water levels and countries like Egypt my President. enough to an increasingly “borderless”
openly complaining that the many world economy. A country may have
existing or planned hydropower plants What is the anticipated impact of a sound macroeconomic framework
on River Nile are becoming a threat to your planned total investment on the but wealth and prosperity will remain
their existence, the potential for conflict economy? elusive if it does not work on the
and the fact that these hydropower Our pilot solar power project in microeconomic side.We will not manage
stations have difficulty operating at Kabulasoke and the two other solar if our mindset is that the government
full capacity must have long become power parks in Soroti and Tororo have must give us jobs and food. We need to
an eye opener to both national and already made Uganda a role model develop innovative strategies for wealth
international energy policy strategists for renewable energy on the African creation by promoting the private sector
and planners. continent. At the full capacity of as the engine for growth. There is need to
150MW, our solar project will lead to a restructure and stregthen the value chain
Why did you choose Uganda as your significant reduction of carbondioxide right from our farms and industries
number one investment destination? emissions in the country, namely to optimize efficiency, revenues and
Uganda is my home. This 240,000 tons per year, which translates profitability in the steadily globalising
notwithstanding, Uganda has a into 4.8million tons for the 20 years world. With the right ideas, the right
solid macroeconomic record and of our Power Purchase Agreement conditions, the right policies and the
the government has been able to (PPA) with the government-owned right measures, people all over the world
ensure peace, stability and a reliable Uganda Electricity Transmission will in a few years be talking with deep
investment policy. Doing business in Company Limited (UETCL). With admiration about the sensational socio-
Uganda is also becoming easier and regard to jobs, the pilot solar power economic transformation of the “African
with attractive rewards. park gave 400 people jobs during the lions” and forgetting the fascination
construction phase. Our next power with the “economic miracle” of the “East
How are you dealing with the very project site is expected to be almost Asian Tigers” (South Korea, Malaysia,
familiar challenges such as, financing, two times bigger in size compared Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) or
bureaucracy and corruption? with our first pilot project. All these China’s economic success. I believe we
The biggest challenge any investor in sites will provide people with more can take the lead here.
Uganda will face is financing. We are and more jobs both directly and
lucky that we were in position to raise indirectly. As Xsabo Group, we expect What should Ugandans expect from
our own capital worth US$24.5 million to provide over 10,000 good steady Xsabo Group in the coming few years?
(Shs91.4bn) required for engineering, jobs to the population in the long-run. The Xsabo Group will continue to
procurement and construction. On technology transfer, our technical give strong support to government and
However, not every investor can partners will soon be looking for the people. We will do this by powering
afford that. Bureaucratic gymnastics young students in various fields to economic growth and using commercial
was and remains a big headache. I train in various areas such as electricity diplomacy to invest directly or enable
have raised this issue passionately generation, engineering, construction investment by our partners in strategic
with both the President and the Vice and management. areas that can bring us to the realisation
President. Corruption was a non-starter of our vision as a country. We have the
in our case.There is a Presidential aide You say that Uganda can achieve 100% money ready for the short term, medium
who asked me for US$7,000 when I electricity access in just 8 years. Aren’t and long term.
requested for an appointment with you too optimistic?

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 25
Insurance ict

Sanlam to pursue bond 2.3 million Young Africans equipped with digital skills
default directors petite for digital skills development among

Africa’s girls. Launched in 2015 by SAP’s
anlam Kenya now wants Corporate Social Responsibility EMEA de-
directors of companies that partment, ACW is an award-winning initia-
defaulted on Ksh1.15 billion tive taking place every year in the month of
through corporate bond issues October.
held personally liable for “misleading” It is now actively supported by key part-
the investment firm, according to ners UNESCO YouthMobile, Google, the
Business Daily. German Federal Ministry for Economic
CEO Patrick Tumbo said the company Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the
will take legal action against firms Cape Town Science Centre, the Camden
such as Kaluworks, a manufacturer of Education Trust, 28 African governments,
over 130 implementing partners and 120

aluminum utensils and roofing sheets.
“We are going after the persons. ambassadors across the continent.
frica Code Week (ACW) 2018
We will follow and pursue them Cathy Smith, Managing Director of SAP
exceeded all expectations by em-
through courts… We are going to have Africa, said the resounding success of Africa
powering 2.3 million youth across
individual cases against them,” he said. Code Week is a wake-up call unveiling what
37 countries with digital and cod-
He also said Sanlam will move away the young generation actually needs and
ing skills - compared to 1.3 million youth
from such “high toxic” investments rightfully expects: “young people in Africa
engaged across 35 African countries in the
and focus on areas such as government don’t just need opportunities: they need to
previous edition.
infrastructure bonds until the law governing know how to take the first steps to get there.
More than 46% of this year’s 2.3 million par-
the corporate bond market is strengthened. They need role models and guidance.”
ticipants were female, reflecting a huge ap-

banking aviation

Afreximbank lends $170 m to Orascom for African expansion RwandAir appoints an

agent in Australia

n Jan. 17, Pan-African multilateral ogy, and cable businesses. It also invests in
lender, African Export-Import energy, financial services, agriculture, real wanda’s national carrier, RwandAir,
Bank, signed a facility agreement estate development, logistics and transport. has appointed Airline Rep Services
lending $170 million to Egypt- Afreximbank President Prof. Benedict a General Sales Agent (GSA), a com-
based conglomerate Orascom Investment Oramah said the facility agreement was part pany division of the CVFR Travel
Holding (OIH) to assist the company ex- of the Bank’s effort to promote intra-African Group as its representative for the region of
pand its pan-African activities in pursuit investments and export manufacturing Australia and New Zealand.
of its short and medium-term expansion using the framework of its Intra-African The airline’s CEO, Yvonne Manzi Makolo,
strategy. Investment Finance Facility. said the deal was accomplished owed to
The company plans to explore new busi- Naguib Sawiris, Chairman of OIH, said their standards and wealth of experience in
ness and investment opportunities in a that the company’s main focus was cur- air travel management.
number of countries including Rwanda, rently on investing in Africa, adding that the “We are challenging them to capitalize on
Togo, Eretria, Nigeria and Sao Tome. The continent would only achieve progress if their strengths and capabilities to help maxi-
North-African-based firm has interest in the intra-African trade and investment growth mizing our sales and revenues, promote the
investment in the telecom, media & technol- happened. airline’s presence in both markets, and con-
nect our customers to over 26 destinations
Energy in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia,”
she said. The Airline Rep Services Manag-
British solar firm secures US$31million for expansion ing Director Roheena Gidwani said “It is

an amazing opportunity to partner with
ritish renewable co-founder, said. RwandAir and its growth story for the ANZ
energy firm, This will allow region.”
BBOXX, has us to scale rapidly With a fleet of twelve aircraft including
secured $31 and continue to two wide-body Airbus A330, the airline cur-
million investment from drive disaggregation rently reaches out to twenty-six destinations
the Africa Infrastructure in what has across East, Central, West and Southern
Investment Managers traditionally been a Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
(AIIM) fund for African vertically integrated The carrier also plans to start flights to
expansion. market.” Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in April, while
The firm said it will the Democratic Republic of The Africa-focused Guangzhou and Tel Aviv will also be added
also use the cash to roll Congo (DRC). energy firm recently teamed to their expanding network.
out its solar platform that “AIIM’s investment will up with EDF for operations
incorporates photovoltaics, turbocharge our operations in Togo, with General
battery systems, real-time in Rwanda, Kenya and Electric in the DRC and
analytics and the option the Democratic Republic Orange for streamlining
of mobile phone utility of Congo,” Mansoor telecoms in West Africa.
payments in Rwanda and Hamayun, the company’s
chief executive and

26 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

PSFU skilling Ugandans

By The Independent lead to improved productivity

and competitiveness in the for-
-sourcing, a human mal and informal sectors.
resourcing consulting So far, 36 companies have
firm, could only train been awarded grants, with
120 people annum, some companies based on their
according to its Managing Di- success received grants more
rector, Patrick Mbonye. than twice. A total of Shs 34.7bn
Now, the firm is able to train had already been committed
400 people per annum after for skilling 46,556 employees,
receiving a grant from the Pri- interns and members of com-
vate Sector Foundation Uganda panies and organisations as at
in 2018. the end of December 2018.
“The grant helped the firm Gideon Badagawa, the exec-
set up two mobile training utive Director at the Private
facilities to extend training ser- Sector Foundation Uganda,
vices to majority of the popula- said the interventions that the
tion countrywide, “he said. Foundation is making is fun-
Uganda Clays Managing Director, George Inholo (C) and Kajjansi The company does human
United Football Club players and executives display the jersey’s as the damental to the growth of the
resourcing for companies private sector.
construction material maker officially extends support to the local team as well as does trainings in
on Jan. 16.   Independent/ Silver Ofuono. “We have been talking
various fields including coded about creating jobs, increas-
welding, electrical installation, ing exports yet we did little in
plumbing, and environmental improving skills of our peo-
health and safety. ple,” he said.
Q-Sourcing is one of the ben- The Skills Development
eficiaries of the US$ 18million Facility is a 5-year project that
Skills Development Facility that support short term employer-
is part of the US$100million led training and recognition
Uganda Skills Development of prior learning as well as
project, which is a government increased access to internships
project funded by the World for Technical and Vocational
Bank. Education Training students.
The Fund is implemented It involves machine han-
through the grant facility mech- dling, technical ability expo-
anism that is co-financed by the sure, career guidance, work
private sector through a match- ethics and actual interpersonal
ing grant contribution and a relationship and professional.
support-training activities that
dfcu Women in Business Advisory Council Chairlady, Dr. Gudula N. Basaza,
flags off 10 women entrepreneurs to Nairobi, Kenya, on an all-expense paid
study trip on Jan. 16. The women entrepreneurs were part of 80 women
who responded to call for business proposals under the Rising Woman
initiative that ran from July to November 2018.   Independent/ Silver Ofuono
Weekly share price movement (Jan. 14)
Security Jan. 14 Jan. 04 Movement
BATU 30,000 30000 00
BOBU 135 138 2.2
CENT 1,049 1,071 2.0
QCL 174 190 8.4
DFCU 822 822 00
EABL 5,941 6,313 5.8
EBL 1,346 1,242 7.7
JHL 15,135 15,259 0.8
KA 290 319 9.0
KCB 1,345 1,350 0.4
NIC 14 14 00
NMG 2,296 2,386 3.7
NVL 338 338 00
SBU 30 30 00
(L-R) Private Sector Foundation Uganda Grants Specialist, Fredrick Nabbimba, UCHM 31 29 6.8
Head Skills Development Facility, Ruth Musoke and the Executive Director, Gideon UCL 19 19 00
Badagawa address the media on the progress of Skills Development Facility UMEME 300 320 6.2
implementation in Kampala on Jan.17.   Independent/ Isaac Khisa ALSI -- -- --

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 27
Fake medical news and information can also cause patients to doubt what their doctor advises and lead them to make risky health decisions.

Fake health news

How it can lead you to make dangerous decisions

By Agencies “Fake news” isn’t just a phrase that poli- “You come down with an illness… and
ticians haul out in an attempt to discredit what do you do? You page Dr. Google and
ake health news can do real information they’d rather the public not research your condition online. Depending
harm. Here’s how to spot the believe. It can also refer to medical stories on the words you search and the preexisting
difference between false stories that are more speculation (intentional or knowledge you may or may not have, such
and verified information. not) than truth. an activity can send you spiraling down a
Sleeping with raw, sliced “False medical information and news rabbit hole of worry and despair.”
onions in your socks can release makes patients scared unnecessarily and Or conversely, make you feel that you’ve
toxins from your body. Two handfuls of can often delay necessary medical care and found a research study or new treatment
cashews can alleviate depression just as attention,” pointed out Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, for your health issue that your doctor — for
much as a dose of Prozac. And were you a board-certified family medicine physician some reason — isn’t privy to.
aware that a vaccine for diabetes has been in the Washington, D.C. area. “Addition- In 2016, an article with the intriguing
found in Mexico? ally, [it] can sometimes cause individuals headline, “Dandelion weed can boost your
If you believed everything you read to spend money on treatments that are not immune system and cure cancer,” was
online, you might as well never go to your actually medically proven or accurate… shared 1.4 million times on Facebook. It was
primary care doctor again. (Or at the very People who are not trained medical provid- the most shared “cancer” story on the social
least you’d be heading to the store for ers can put out any information online.” media platform that year.
onions and cashews, then booking a flight
to Cabo San Lucas.) Why fake health news spreads like a The only problem? It wasn’t true.
But in fact, all three of these popular virus While dandelion may have benefits for
health stories have been debunked by fact- cancer patients, at the time of publication, a
checking resource “Most of us have done it — some more study had just launched and no results had
Not that it matters, though — there’s than once,” acknowledged Dr. S. Adam been confirmed.
still plenty of questionable health news out Ramin, urologist and medical director of “There’s lots of false information on the
there. Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles. internet because there are people who want

28 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
to believe things to be true, have incentive that is, a pattern, trend, or a number of stud-
to believe that they’re true, are trying to sell ies which have all reached the same conclu-
you something or convince you not to buy sion? “If something says, ‘the first study to
something. You have to sift through all of show…’ I wouldn’t use that to make deci-
that,” explained Dr. Ivan Oransky, presi- sions,” said Oransky. “You want to make a
dent of the board of directors of the Associa- decision about your health based on a body
tion of Health Care Journalists. of evidence, not a single study.”
The internet is an insatiable beast that  Get in touch with your inner skeptic
requires content around the clock. (As do “Trust and verify,” advised Oransky,
all us readers.) And not just any content, but noting the tried-and-true rule of journalists:
that which is clickable and easy to digest. “If your mother says she loves you, check
Medical studies don’t organically fit that it out.”
bill. They’re dense with scientific jargon, It can also cause a patient to doubt what Just because a research study or claim
figures and tables to interpret and methods their doctor ultimately advises. from an expert sounds good — or appeals
of analysis to take into account. Much can “Patients don’t know who to trust,” Agar- to what you’re already doing, doesn’t mean
get lost in translation — by either accident wal explained. “Their online source or their it’s authentic. And beware of easy-peasy
or convenience — by the time all that’s doctor?” claims — for instance, “Eat this super fruit
transformed into a must-click headline. She recalls several of her patients who once a day and you’ll never get cancer.”
Take, for instance, a 2017 study published purchased supplements to cure their vari- If it’s too good to be true, Oransky points
in the medical journal, JAMA Internal Med- ous ailments — weight loss, depression, out, it probably is.
icine. Its decidedly unsexy title? “Compari- even diabetes. Some paid up to $400, and  Talk to your doctor
son of hospital mortality and readmission were hopeful these new treatments would “Even the most credible information
rates for Medicare patients treated by male work, based on what they believed were found online is useless in the absence of
vs. female physicians.” legitimate medical claims. They didn’t. expert physician evaluation and diagnosis,”
It was far more interesting to the internet Ultimately, Agarwal went online with said Ramin. Tell your doctor what you’ve
when it was whittled down to the “news” each of her patients and explained why read online. Email them the article that’s
that women doctors are superior to men. what they’d read was false. “Then,” she captured your interest, or print it out and
What wasn’t captured: the fact that this said, “we worked together to find a plan I bring it to your next appointment. “A good
was an observational study, meaning it pro- could help monitor.” doctor will walk you through it,” Ramin
vided data, but not a specific cause about noted.
the data. How to spot the fakes  Get a second opinion
“It is almost as though, when it comes to To keep an open mind, but also remain “I would be wrong if I said that every
medical headlines, popularity beats out the clear-eyed about what you read, consider physician’s assessment and recommenda-
evidence,” Dr. Roger Ladouceur, an associ- these tips: tions are 100 percent perfect, all of the time,”
ate scientific editor for Canadian Family  Seek out reputable sources acknowledged Ramin. “Like you, we are
Physician wrote in response to the “news” Take cues from medical advisory human after all.”
this particular study generated. organisations. What’s the American Heart If you walk out of your doctor’s office
By the time of its publication, the JAMA Association response about a new heart feeling like your questions were blown off,
study had been viewed a whopping 230,000 disease study? Has the American Cancer it may be time to look for another doctor.
times, with 4,000 of those coming from out- Society weighed in on that supposedly “This isn’t necessarily because the doctor
side the academic world. breakthrough cancer treatment everyone on is ‘wrong.’ It has more to do with how you
Facebook is sharing? The information from feel about the interaction,” said Ramin. “In
How fake health news hurts your organisations like these have been carefully fact, research has shown that patients are
health written, reviewed and vetted by experts. more likely to follow the course of treatment
“In other words, it’s credible medi- when it’s recommended by a physician they
The fake health news you read also cal information that has been scrutinised trust. Internet research aside, it’s important
makes your doctor’s job harder. through rigorous review processes and can to go with your gut on this one.”
“We often spend a good amount of a generally be trusted,” Ramin said.
medical visit correcting misinformation and  Look for more than one source of info Source: healthline
re-educating the patient,” said Agarwal. Can you find sustained information —

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 29
BY Julius Odeke
Safeguarding minority groups
Indigenous minority groups in Uganda have five
major problems that need to be addressed holistically

ecently, I traversed the Uganda. but note, “We are what we are, not by
Ruwenzori sub-region making In my brief chat with Mubulya on our own will but by God’s choice. So
it to almost all the sub-counties that day, I noticed that he is a fine and our different cultural norms, values,
in the area, enjoying the honest man who loves his culture and ethics and etiquette need to be respected
beautiful landscape and the cultural and wishes for everybody to have a sense not only quantitatively but also
environmental atmosphere of the area. of respected belonging. But I realised qualitatively.”
It was not my first time, though from his talk that the indigenous In Ruwenzori region, I was told
being in Ruwenzori region. The first minority groups in Uganda seem to that even prices of items and medical
time, I was there was in 2002 during be experiencing many problems in services change depending on one’s
the hand-over ceremony of the then the country that need to be addressed identity: if one does not speak the
Kasese Resident District Commissioner holistically. dominant language, the costs are higher.
now a State Minister of Relief and In my talk with Mubulya, he said While on the side of health facilities: if
Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru. all the minority groups suffer several one’s names do not reflect belonging
My programme at that time was highly similar challenges such as the declining to the dominant community, then that
controlled by the programme of the use of their mother languages, eviction person will not be quickly attend to or
RDC and his security detail but this from ancestral lands, limited political completely neglected.
time around, I was a free man. representation, and poor access to This, therefore, has forced people from
While in Bundibugyo - the heartland cultural sites. the minority groups to adopt names of
of the Bwamba people, one of the The above challenges should those from the majority community in
nine indigenous minority groups in expressly be solved by the government order to access medical care and this
Ruwenzori sub-region, I happily met and I know the National Resistance too, hence forcing the minority groups
and had a luncheon talk with the Prime Movement is a championed of people’s to have two or more national cards
Minister of the Obudhingiya Bwa rights. Parliament of Uganda under bearing different names for security,
Bwamba (OBB), Wilson Mubulya. I the leadership of the Speaker Rebecca protection and for service delivery.
have also developed a strong friendship Kadaga and the Prime Minister, Why should such a thing happen
network with the youth in the region, Ruhakana Rugunda the Leader of to our fellow country citizens under
who were mostly my students at Government Business should address the watch of a competent leadership
Kampala International University. I love the above concerns. of President Museveni, Kadaga and
them so much, for they are nice people. Ugandans who hail from bigger Ruhakana Rugunda and others and
Ruwenzori region has the following ethnic groups such as the Baganda, most importantly in the 21st Century?
indigenous minority groups: the Banyankole, Basoga, and Iteso should To make matters worse, even in the
Batuku who live in Ntoroko district, not be seen discriminating other recently concluded Local Council One
the Basongora, Bagabo, Bakingwe, and people based on numbers. For those elections, communities like the Batwa
Banyabindi in Kasese District and the minority groups too, are people who and Bavanuma in Bundibugyo; the
Batwa, Bavanuma, Bamba and Babwisi deserve respect like any tribe. The only Bagabo and Bakingwe in Kasese do
in Bundibugyo district. distinction is that they are few, which is not have any political representation.
“We are the original indigenous not their making. Communities such as Batwa,
occupants of Ruwenzori upper and The indigenous minority groups in Banyabindi, Bakingwe, Bagabo, and
lower lands. We share common features, our country have given five current Bavanuma to-date lack political
but form distinct groups, with the situations that they need government to representation at LC III level and this
only difference being in languages, art come to their rescue and they include; makes it difficult to contribute to the
forms, traditional cultural practices and land (access and boundaries), education formulation and implementation of
sources of livelihood,” the OBB Prime and language, political representation, policies that affect the governance
Minister said. safeguard of the cultural heritage and of such minority communities in the
He cited some groups that have identity and recognition. country.
formal cultural institutional leadership However, the biggest concern for We should know that despite
recognised by Government, such as the all minority groups is identity and supportive laws including the Uganda
Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba. recognition. There is a negative attitude Constitution of 1995, it also weakens
According to the National Census leading to severe marginalisation of the the capacity to advocate for human
of 2014, the minority groups in minority groups as it’s perpetuated by and cultural rights for the indigenous
Ruwenzori region are approximately the surrounding majority communities minority groups.
220,000 people. Countrywide, there that use their numbers to justify their
are other minority groups that face actions. The writer is a journalist
the same challenges as the way those Yes, there is a tendency by many,
in Ruwenzori do and they include the mostly those from the majority
Ik in Kaabong district in Northeastern communities to feel they are superior

30 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
By Aditi Lalbahadur
The road ahead for the DRC
To secure the political transition Tshisekedi will have
to reach out to presidents Kagame, Museveni

n the early hours of January 10, election the election’s legitimacy, charging that Tsh- This has not changed, and nor has the
authorities in the Democratic Republic isekedi made a backroom deal with Kabila. militarisation that characterises Congolese
of Congo finally announced that Félix The French government has expressed its politics. Tshisekedi must secure the accep-
Tshisekedi, leader of the opposition support for Fayulu as the election’s real tance of the generals, which may require
Union for Democracy and Social Progress, winner, and election officials’ delay in some tricky trade-offs, given that he vowed
won the election held on December 30, with announcing the results for a few days lends during the campaign to root out corruption.
38.57% of the vote. If Tshisekedi’s victory further credence to the perception that the Negotiating an exit strategy for Kabila and
is confirmed – predictably, the results are result was rigged. his many cronies (including possible immu-
being contested – an opposition politician There is now a large near-term risk of nity from prosecution) will be an important
will assume power after 18 years of rule violence by Fayulu’s supporters. Without component of this process.
by President Joseph Kabila. But it does not an outright victory, it is vital for Tshisekedi Tshisekedi will also have to reach out to
follow that peace and prosperity will auto- to solicit the support and collaboration of the region’s leaders in order to secure the
matically ensue. the broader opposition in order to bolster political transition. With the eastern DRC
Tshisekedi has a long road ahead of him. his position and minimise the risk of unrest. experiencing ongoing violence involving
Central Africa’s giant holds the continent’s Fortunately, such an approach could work, Rwandan, Burundian, and Ugandan forces,
richest mineral wealth. Yet, having suffered given that the forces behind Tshisekedi as well as rebel forces opposing those coun-
war and violence for most of its history, its and Fayulu managed to coalesce at various tries’ regimes, the cooperation of Presidents
economy remains woefully underdevel- points over the two years during which Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Pierre Nkurun-
oped and its people impoverished. Kabila had been postponing the election. ziza of Burundi, and Yoweri Museveni of
Kabila assumed power in January 2001, An even more difficult task for Tshisekedi, Uganda remain crucial. To obtain it, Tsh-
after his father, President Laurent Kabila, if he is to manage a peaceful transition and isekedi will have to demonstrate quickly
was assassinated. Over Joseph Kabila’s stay alive long enough to lead the country, that he has their interests at heart, as well
18-year rule, the DRC has remained fragile, may be to secure the acquiescence of Kabi- as the sheer stamina to keep abreast of the
owing to persistent, protracted conflict in la’s regime. The protracted delay in holding challenges that emerge in the Great Lakes
the country’s eastern regions and elsewhere, the elections (originally slated for December Region .
as well as rampant corruption and looting 2016), and a slew of constitutional amend- South Africa and Angola, too, enjoy close
of state assets. Little has changed for ordi- ments in recent years, reflects Kabila’s relations with the DRC, and their accep-
nary Congolese, 80% of whom live on less unwillingness to cede power. Indeed, there tance of the presidential vote will be vital
than $1.25 a day. was a pervasive sense in the run-up to the to ensure regional stability. South Africa’s
Apart from the enduring challenges of election that Kabila would stop at nothing tenure in the United Nations Security
poverty, neglect, war, and corruption that to maintain his grip on the presidency. Council, which began this month, is likely
have characterised domestic politics in the to increase its importance as a potential ally.
DRC, Tshisekedi has some serious and The Security Council remains engaged in
immediate hurdles to overcome if he is to the DRC through the deployment of forces
make it to Inauguration Day on January 18. under the umbrella of MONUSCO (the
First, Tshisekedi will have to contend United Nations Organization Stabilisation
with accusations surrounding the legiti-
macy of the election, which was peppered
Little has Mission in the Democratic Republic of the
with irregularities. According to the 40,000 changed Tshisekedi’s apparent victory, and the
observers organised by the Catholic
Church, late poll openings, problems with for ordinary promise of a new government, should
be a cause for celebration, at home and
ballots, and reports of intimidation resulted
in many being unable to vote, with turnout
Congolese, 80% throughout the Congolese diaspora. But the
transition now facing the DRC is certain to
reaching just 47.56%. These issues, coupled of whom live on be long, perilous, and frustrating. The cel-
with earlier concerns about the reliability
of voting rolls, cast a shadow over the elec- less than $1.25 ebrations may prove short-lived if no work-
able reconciliation among the country’s
tion’s overall integrity.
Furthermore, two political heavyweights
a day opposing forces is achieved in the coming
days and weeks.
who were barred from participating in
the election, Jean-Pierre Bemba and Moïse Aditi Lalbahadur is the Foreign Policy Program
Katumbi, back Tshisekedi’s closest oppo- Manager at the South African Institute of
nent, Martin Fayulu, who won 34.8% of International Affairs.
the vote. Western media widely reported
on Fayulu’s popularity and his likelihood Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019.
of winning, and reports from Kinshasa, the
capital, indicate that Fayulu is contesting

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 31
By Musa Mayanja Lwanga
After good economic
performance in 2018
Can the Uganda economy maintain the momentum?

espite the political violence Monetary Policy expectations.
that threatened Uganda’s Early growth indicators show that the The Central Bank is expected to lower
international image, the economy is indeed poised to maintain its policy rate as inflationary pressures
year 2018 was a great year the momentum and forecast better continue to subside. Inflation is expected
for the country in terms of economic performance in 2019. This projection to stay low ranging between 3 to 6
performance. Estimates show that the is anchored on strong macroeconomic percent, having ended the years at 2.2
economy grew at above 6 percent, fundamentals and the expected political percent far below the Central Bank target
beating earlier forecasts. This is a growth calm. of 5 percent and below the 3.3 percent
figure that has not been achieved since However, some of the challenges the registered at the end of 2017.
2010. economy suffered in 2018 persist. For This is based on the assumption that
This robust growth was largely driven example, Uganda’s ranking by the Word the favourable weather conditions
by favourable weather conditions Bank’s Ease of Doing Survey deteriorated witnessed in 2018 continue boosting
that boosted agricultural production, from 122 out of 190 economies in 2017 to agriculture production as well as keep
food prices low, a major driver of
overall inflation. The loose monetary
policy is expected to boost private
sector credit and investment, leading
to increased employment, increased
incomes, consumption expenditure and
consequently high economic growth.

Fiscal Policy
On the fiscal side, the government is
expected to continue investing heavily
in infrastructure; especially in the road
network. This is expected to boost
demand and drive growth in sectors like
construction. However, on the downside,
due to low domestic revenue collection,
public debt and expenditures on debt
servicing are expected to increase.

Private sector performance

Private sector growth is expected to be
robust in 2019 stemming from increased
investment as a result of favourable
macroeconomic conditions, increased
foreign capital inflows following
investments in the oil and gas sector, and
government investment; especially in 127 in 2018 casting a cloud on the future reduced cost of power due to increased
infrastructure, foreign capital investment performance of the economy. generation capacity if Karuma and
in oil and gas, and the low inflation that The shilling continued to depreciate Isimba hydropower dams are completed.
facilitated a relatively loose monetary affecting the cost of production through Real sector indicators show increased
policy. Indeed, the Central Bank maintained increased prices of imported inputs, high optimism and positive expectations
a relatively low Central Bank Rate (CBR), transport costs due to increased prices regarding the health of the economy.
enabling prime lending rates to fall to of petroleum and other oil products The Business Tendency Index and the
their lowest level in 10 years by the end of amplified by upward swings in the Composite Index of Economic Activity
June 2018. This had a positive effect on the international oil prices. collected by Bank of Uganda have
growth of private sector credit and boosting In 2019, on the monetary policy side, generally been improving over time.
growth in private sector investment. Bank of Uganda is expected to maintain The Overall Business Tendency Index
The question stakeholders, both in an expansionary monetary policy stood at 59 in December 2018 compared
government and the private sector, are stance by keeping the CBR low despite to 58 and 54 recorded in 2017 and 2016
asking is “can the economy maintain this a slight tightening we observed in the respectively. Expectations in all sectors
momentum?” second half of 2018 owing to inflationary are positive with increased optimism

32 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
Business Tendency Indicators

Source: Bank of Uganda, 2019

in agriculture and whole sale trade (see What can be done?

figure below). Likewise the Composite If the projected economic growth
Index of Economic Activity has been is to be realised, government and
on an upward trend ending the third other stakeholders need to improve
quarter of 2018 at 218.3 way above the Real sector complementary services that support

202 recorded in the same quarter of 2017. the sector that employs most Ugandans-
agriculture. This could be attained
What could go wrong? show increased through increasing the coverage of
This positive outlook subject to a the agriculture insurance scheme,
number of risks which include weather optimism as well as investment in the Water
shocks (in the form of drought and for Production sector in agriculture.
floods); pests and disease that could and positive In addition, the government needs
affect agricultural production, shortfalls
in government revenue collection, expectations to adopt policies that crowd in the
domestic private sector; especially when
political unease which could deter
investors and disrupt business as we
regarding the it comes to the procurement of large
infrastructural projects. This will have
come close to the 2021 general elections, health of the a huge multiplier effect, boost domestic
corruption and delays in public project
implementation. economy demand and consequently increase
economic activity. Furthermore,
In addition, external factors such as improvement in domestic revenue
political uncertainties in DR Congo, the mobilisation, a reduction in domestic
Sudan, the war in South Sudan and other government borrowing, fighting
disruptions in the region could spillover corruption and improving project
and negatively affect this outlook. implementation will improve the effect
Globally, the trade wars between the of public spending on the economy.
U.S. and China are beginning to affect
world output and trade, affecting the Musa Mayanja Lwanga is Head of Research
demand for commodities. Europe and Market Development, Uganda Bankers’
is still grappling with uncertainties level of remittances as well as the foreign Association
resulting from the BREXIT as well as a aid flows to Uganda. Other factors
recession in Germany, Europe’s biggest that could derail this forecast include
economy. Poor performance in advanced movements in the exchange rate and in
economies would not only affect demand international oil prices as well as the US
for exports and the flow of financial policy on interest rates that could affect
capital, it could also negatively affect the the flow of international capital.

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 33
By Shayera Dark
Selling Africa’s good news stories
How to stop negative Africa stereotypes that feed
western hunger for one-dimensional narratives

nywhere in the world, freelance stream of bad news to nongovernmental foreign media avoid embarrassing and
journalism is an extreme career organisations’ use of data to justify their dangerous cultural faux pas, like revealing
choice. The job requires with- existence, which in turn shaped Western the identities of assault victims or photo-
standing pitch rejections, ignored reporters’ “frames of reference” before they graphing dead bodies.
queries, stolen story ideas, and delayed pay- even arrived on the continent. Eight years Then there is the issue of the pay discrep-
ments. It means reconciling oneself with the later, those reference points have not really ancy between African and Western journal-
economic precariousness that comes with changed. ists. Many publications expect local hires to
having little or no leverage in pay negotia- This penchant to accentuate the negative charge less than their foreign counterparts.
tions. But for African freelance journalists, does more than reduce Africa to stereo- When Abubakar was just starting out, she
covering the continent presents its own set types; it also feeds the one-dimensional accepted whatever was offered. Now, as an
of unique challenges. narrative of Africa as a war-torn, disease- established and sought-after photographer,
In Nigeria, for example, most media com- ridden, poverty-stricken hellscape where she is able to turn down work that pays too
panies need diligent editors, seldom publish all hope dies. This inclination to fit people little. But most freelance journalists in Africa
incisive features and analysis, and struggle and events into simple plot lines leads to are not so lucky, which leaves many vulner-
to compensate their staff due to lack of what Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi able to the whims of commissioning editors.
funding. Kenyan media entrepreneur and Adichie calls the “danger of a single story.” International coverage of Africa can
former CNN anchor Zain Verjee recently A limited viewpoint, repeatedly promul- sometimes feel patronizing, either from a
bemoaned the reluctance of African billion- gated, comes to frame all coverage and lack of local knowledge or because of sheer
aires and governments to fund and imple- emerges as the only truth. laziness. A recent photo essay in The New
ment policies that support African media And yet, editorial bias is not the only Yorker about some of Nigeria’s biggest
startups, even though they bridle at often challenge for African freelance journalists. Afrobeats musicians fell flat with Nigerians,
jaundiced Western media coverage. And, Another common problem is relegation to with some criticising its shallowness and
where positive coverage can be bought and co-author or “fixer” status when assisting the absence of quotes from the included
sold, and journalism is viewed as glorified Western media. Nigerian photojournalist artists. Hiring a well-versed Nigerian music
public relations, African freelancers can only Fati Abubakar, who is often a source for critic (yes, they exist) would almost cer-
dream of proper remuneration. foreign reporters writing about Northern tainly have resulted in a deeper and more
Consider a recent 800-word article I wrote Nigeria, describes the current situation as “a compelling feature.
for one of the country’s largest newspapers; brain-drain sort of relationship,” and says Aside from commissioning African jour-
it ran barely edited and earned me a paltry her consulting services should be compen- nalists to provide insight – which is the
10,000 naira (about $30). And that was after I sated but rarely are. Changing this would minimum we should expect – Western
haggled with the editor to bump it up from obviously benefit local journalists and help publications could improve their Africa
5,000 naira. A story of similar length would coverage by surveying the views of contrib-
earn me $200 or more from a publication in uting freelancers. It would also be beneficial
the West. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that for foreign media outlets to staff dedicated
many Nigerian freelancers – including me –
gravitate toward Western media. International and robust Africa “desks” with local jour-
nalists and hire African editors who have
But that leads to other problems, such
as an over-emphasis on crises, strife, and
coverage of the nuance and experience to identify topics
and frame coverage in ways that best serve
other issues viewed as relevant to Western Africa can readers.

sometimes feel
audiences. I’ve experienced this firsthand. I But, above all, African governments and
once pitched a story about a Nigerian Para- philanthropic organisations need to assist
Olympian to a news website in the United
States that frequently showcases African
patronizing, African media startups, and media compa-
nies must pay journalists better, properly
writers. The editor rejected it because it was either from a train their editorial staff, and resist the

lack of local
too “optimistic.” On another occasion, a temptation to accept money for coverage.
Western magazine tried to edit my initial Only then will African stories be given
draft to suggest that a refugee’s deceased
parents were killed by armed militias when,
knowledge the attention they deserve, and be told by
journalists who are unencumbered by the
in fact, her father’s death was undisclosed or because of skewed preferences of Western audiences
and her mother died from an illness.
sheer laziness
and media.
As Karen Rothmyer pointed out eight
years ago in the Columbia Journalism
Review, foreign media outlets seem Shayera Dark is a freelance writer based in
beholden to the idea that Africa is in per- Lagos.
petual chaos. Rothmyer, who lived in
Kenya for several years, traced the endless Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019.

34 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

Why do you
exist? To be
happy or sad?
A new exhibition
asks questions that
annoy and delight

By Dominic Muwanguzi

painting of a nun piously

crossing her hands, en-
grossed in prayer, hangs
at the entrance of Ronex
Ahimbisibwe’s exhibit. Atop
the painting, on the right inconsis-
hand side, is a rosary hanging as if it is an tencies. In his paintings, he paints two or was brought up by a strict father and loving
installation rather than a sacred symbol of more artworks into one, to suggest the idea mother, who wanted him to study law, but
the catholic faith. The rosary is a medium of varied thoughts that reside in one indi- he ended up studying art.
of spiritual reflection and is occasionally vidual. But even at art school, he was always
recited by the penitents, represented here by The media he adopts in his art are the uncomfortable with the traditional
the nun. found-objects that he collects from the approach to fine art making. This trait of
So what thoughts occupy the individual environment. Ronex here seemingly sug- defiance, while reflecting on what everyone
as they recite the rosary? Are they spiritual gests that what is considered waste by some considers the usual, defines his artistic prac-
or secular thoughts? This is one of those people can be made valuable. He creates tice. Ronex never makes art to generally
experiences that the artist is questioning in “canvases” from newspaper and magazine ease the mind of this audience. He instead
his body of work titled `Contemplation’. It cuttings or denim jean rags, uses leftover incites emotions like anger, frustration, and
explores the idea of humans who, at any automobile paints collected from motor confusion. His art evokes diverse conversa-
moment, live a certain experience or life, garages in his neighbourhood to paint, and tions.
while thinking or desiring, another life alto- assembles nuts, bolts, aluminum or steel `Contemplation’ is no different. Its intro-
gether. plates to construct his installations. spective tilt will be talked about. The artist
Ronex has in the past shown fascination This experimental approach draws on figuratively examines a crucial aspect of
with such juxtaposition of extreme con- the nature of his locale that is filled with human nature; its irony and hunger for
trasts; the ugly versus beautiful or naivety humble settlements and innovative spaces something more, better. Human beings are
versus sophistication. He uses the approach like motor garages coupled with a dense never fully content with what they are or
to question relationships between them. population of the youth from the nearby have. Yet they never find the better some-
This time, he looks at the concept of the Makerere University Kampala. thing they crave. Is better an illusion? Such
ideal versus the reality. Inevitably, such an environment has a contradiction inspires another question;
Are we, as humans, more drawn to the fast-paced life laced with ironies: a posh why does mankind exist after all - to be
reality or the ideal? Can human beings be storeyed house amidst a crowded environ happy or sad? Both can be experienced at
contented living the reality or the ideal? of shanty houses with garbage heaps every- once like Ronex’s art that can delight and
Ronex draws no conclusions. He instead where, food kiosks next to public toilets and annoy at the same time.
delves more into the subject of the `what university students carrying expensive gar-
if’ such an interrogation on canvass reveals gets like smart phones ,but living in shanty Ronex’s Contemplation exhibit is showing
unexpected aspects of life’s contradictions. one room abodes- Muzigos. at Afriart on 7th, located on 7th street,
He constructs- he is a sculptor, printmaker Ronex’s art is a mirror of his inner-self: Industrial Area, in the studios building.
and painter- irregular shapes from card- his aspirations, joy and frustration. They
boards into artworks as a metaphor to life’s are the conflicted thoughts of someone who

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 35
Company launches fragrance that allegedly enhances productivity
International workspace be influenced by a variety of tive effects like happiness,
company Spaces recently factors, of which smell is one relaxation and productivity.
teamed up with Dutch of the least obvious. Accord- The findings of this study
lifestyle brand Marie-Stella- ing to research done by Prof. inspired Spaces, a company
Maris to create ‘Spirit de Gary E. Schwartz from the that specializes in building
Travail’ a fragrance that can University of Arizona, nega- custom workspaces for busi-
allegedly boost productivity tive feelings like irritation, nesses and professionals, to
and make people feel more annoyance and stress can come up with a fragrance
at ease in the workplace. effectively be countered by that both relaxes users and
Productivity at work can fragrances that induce posi- boosts their productivity.

This water Rare condition leaves woman unable to hear men’s voices
hydrates and A Chinese woman recently wrong when she woke up one bed. Ms. Chen was told by an ear,
made the news after being diag- morning and realised that she nose and throat specialist she had
gets you drunk! nosed with a very rare form of couldn’t hear anything her boy- a rare condition known as reverse-
hearing loss which leaves suffer- friend said. She had been suffering slope hearing loss. It gets its name
Pura Still is being ers unable to hear low frequency from nausea and ringing in her ears from the shape that results on an
advertised as the first sounds, like men’s voices. The the night before, but figured that audiogram, the test conducted to
spiked water that woman from Xiamen, on China’s a good night sleep would make determine a person’s ability to hear
doesn’t need bubbles east coast, knew something was everything better, so she went to sounds of increasing frequency.
to keep things inter-
esting. It’s still, but
definitely not flat The `Yellow Man of Aleppo’
as it has an alcohol
content of 4.5% by Abou Zakkour, a 68-year-old man from the
volume. war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo has become
Pura Still by known as the “Yellow Man” after wearing
FIFCO USA, only yellow for the last 35 years. The story of
formerly North the Yellow Man of Aleppo started on Janu-
American Breweries, ary 25, 1983, when Abou Zakkour made the
targets the growing decision to only wear yellow, because in his
number of health- eyes the color represented love. From that day
conscious consumers forward, Zakkour only wore yellow garments,
who like to consume including underwear and accessories like
of bit of alcohol neckties and hats, as well as yellow footwear.
from time to Even his umbrella and smartphone cover are
time, but hate the yellow. And when he couldn’t find something
calories associated to match his attire, he simply took a bottle of
with it. Pura Still yellow nail polish and painted the differently-
is essentially an colored item to fit his Yello Man persona.
alcoholic water, but Many items in his apartment are yellow as
the fact that you can’t Company makes employees crawl through well; including the tablecloth on his kitchen
table, the bed sheets and even the trashcan.
tell a glass of Pura
Still apart from one the streets for not meeting sales targets “When I walk down the street or go to
of simple still water crowded places, people would smile and
A company in Shandong red flag emblazoned with take photos with me. Many people stop to
is an added bonus. province, China, has come their company’s name. They
It was launched in talk to me and joke with me and I think it’s
under fire for forcing six of its probably feared losing their called love,” this living, breathing legend says,
the United States last employees to crawl through jobs. Police end their cruel
month. adding that he will never wear another color
the streets on their hands punishment. The beauty but yellow for as long as he lives.
and feet as punishment for products company managers
not meeting sales targets. claimed that they were trying
The humiliating procession to motivate poor-performing
reportedly took place in employees who failed to
the city of Zaozhuang on meet their year-end sales
January 14 and was recorded targets. Chinese companies
by shocked passers-by. Six are notorious for coming
people can be seen crawling up with unusually cruel
on all fours through traffic punishments for under-
behind a man carrying a performing employees.

36 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
Stolen motor vehicle
number plate
How to avoid it and what to do if you’re hit
By Motoring Guru Many people are not willing to go through

the torture. They simply pay the criminals
otor vehicle registration (num- and get their licence plate back. Unfortu-
ber) plates have become a major nately, this emboldens the criminals and
target of criminals. The goal of explains why the vice is on the rise.
the criminals, in most cases,
is to extort money from the car owner. It What needs to be done?
is not unusual to find whole neighbour-
hoods where the criminals snatch num- By car owners:
ber plates from 50 or more cars in one  Park in a garage or other secure and
swoop. They are attacking public gather- well-lit area
ing, wedding, graduations etc.  Always report vehicle number plate
Usually, they will hold on to the num- theft to police. The criminals might use
ber plate, demand the extortion fee from in it for other criminal activity and, if
the car owner, and reveal the hidden loca- there is no record, the vehicle is regard-
tion of the number plate to the ed as a suspect.
car owner upon payment  Secure vehicle number plates more
of the extortion fees. firmly. The current system of using riv-
And the extortion ets appears to make it easy for the crimi-
fees have been going nals. They have the machines to quickly
up. They are also remove the rivets. So make it tougher.
doing it more often.  Time for number plate anti-theft
It is not unusual for measures. This vice is global. So look
a car owner to be hit at what other countries use; anti-theft
twice or three times screws are more secure.
in one year.  Anti-theft number plates are also avail-
able elsewhere. They are designed to
Why is vehicle number plate pers, the get an shatter into pieces upon removal.
theft on the rise? assessment form for payment of
a motor vehicle registration plate replace- By the government:
Vehicle number plate theft is on the rise ment from the Uganda Revenue Authority,  The government can ease process
because the criminals know that getting a pay the money to the bank, return receipts of getting number plate replace-
replacement is a hassle, expensive, and time to URA, go to the authorised number plate ment. This could include authorising
consuming. The victim must report the theft issuer, pay the fees, wait, the finally get the more agents to issue number plates,
to police, then they must publish details number place replacement. The fees are removing need for adverts, and waiv-
of the stolen number plate in the newspa- about Shs200,000 minius cost of adverts. ing the URA fees.

The Largest 7 seater 4x4 In Uganda

Only available at spear Motors Limited

Mercedes Benz GLS Driving you into the Future

0783 614 601 / 0753 614 601

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 37
Housen Mushema on
his modeling and acting
`Rising up and having hope in life counts’
By Agnes E Nantaba season where he acted as a regular. In

2016, he featured in a video collabo
ousen Mushema is a Ugandan by Irene Ntale and Sheeba titled
runway commercial and editorial ‘Otubbattisa’ which he says gave
model, actor and fashion pro- him more mileage. About this
ducer famous for his lead role time, Mushema left school
in ‘Balikoowa in the city’ and Andrew in to concentrate on the acting
`Second Chance’ local TV series on Spark and modeling.
and NTV respectively. Mushema has He says that his modeling
also walked the most popular runways score kept rising with continu-
in Uganda and East Africa; including the ous featuring in the ASFA and in
trendy Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2015 he was awarded for the most
(ASFA). He is a recipient of the ASFA 2015 outstanding male model by ASFA.
as most outstanding male model and has In 2016 he got a lead role in
also received several mentions as Uganda’s ‘Balikoowa in the City’ another
most revered model. production by Fast Track. The role
He has worked at a number of local required him to bring out the life of a
and international fashion shows including villager something that he says was a
Kampala Fashion Week 2014 and Swahili walk-over since he had spent the early years
Fashion Week. He also showcased with of his education in a village setting.
world renowned fashion designers like Jose “It was just awakening the village life in
Hendo, Motions and Emolsam-DNA. me and I believe that I nailed the character,”
His modeling career dates back while a he says.
student at Makerere University pursuing a The following year in May, Mushema
bachelor’s degree in Records and Archives took over the role of Andrew Masa from an
Management. Modeling and ushering was original actor in the `Second Chance’ Tele-
the most immediate and available job to novela, a Uganda remake of the Spanish
cover his tuition and living expenses. language telenovela `El Cuerpo del
As he and colleagues treaded the walk- Desco’ that aired on NTV. For this
ways of Makerere University, they landed particular role, Mushema had
on a job advert inviting applications for previously been invited for screen
models and ushers. And out of curiosity, testing but failed. He resolved
the trio applied and Mushema was one of to take on acting classes to gain
the few successful applicants. confidence, grasp the dynamics
Although he had mixed feelings about of acting; including emotions and
the job demands and the future, Mushema deal with the problem of stammer-
took it on with an open mind. His first ing. With 49 episodes down `Second
ushering gig required him to wear a black Chance’, Mushema successfully took
suit and paid him Shs70,000; enough for on the character.
meals for some days. For hustling campus He also played in a Nana Kagga
student, it was a good start. directed and produced upcoming series,
Working under a model management `Reflections’. His latest feature was in
agency, Mushema in 2013 secured his first ‘Veronica’s Wish’ by Nisha Kalema that
modeling gig with Abryanz of popular was premiered at the end of last year.
fashion designer Brian Ahumuza. Dubbed For his modeling career, Mushema has
‘Men’s First Explosion’ it was also Ahu- resorted to training male models and pro-
muza’s first fashion show. ducing shows under his Jangu Productions
Mushema honed his runway skills by Company.
watching YouTube videos. He also took to Mushema was born and raised in Jinja
the gym for a more appealing physique at a before the family shifted to Kampala dur-
time when male modeling was fast rising in ing his high school days. He is a Muganda
the country. who was named Mushema after his Congo-
He says, “The feedback from the audi- lese great grandparents. He attended Jinja
ence was motivating and that is how I Islamic Primary School, Catherine Primary
raised my bar”. School and Kibuli Demonstration School
Soon he received a call from Fast Track before joining East High School and finally
Productions, the producers of then-popular Makerere University.
TV series ‘The hostel’ whilst in its fourth
38 Jan. 25 - 31 2019

Housen Mushema’s Liteside

Any three things that we What is the trait you most I love myself. opportunities.

don’t know about you? deplore in others?
am humble, truthful, and Pretending to know much Which living person do you What is your most treasured
patient about me; I don’t like it when most despise? possession?
someone holds a conversation I don’t despise anyone; I My physical appearance.
What is your idea of about me at length when it’s would actually love to work
perfect happiness? not based on facts. with as many people as What do you regard as the
I define happiness by possible. lowest depth of misery?
achievement at any level. Which living person do you Falling in love with all you
most admire? What is the quality you most have only to be hindered from
What is your greatest fear? I admire Will Smith because like in a woman? accessing the person you love.
Failure; especially in a we have a lot in common and Listening and reaction.
situation where it becomes I have followed him for quite What is your favourite
clear and evident that the some time. He is versatile; What is the quality you most occupation?
decisions taken lead to failure. which is something I consider like in a man? Being an actor is so fun; I
so much in my acting space. Listening and reaction. am willing to be on set for as
What is the trait you most Most of my haircuts are long as is required.
deplore in yourself? inspired my him. What or who is the greatest
I have taken time to work love of your life? What do you most value in
on my temper after figuring What is your greatest My parents, Jamil your friends?
out that people are different in extravagance? Lumanywa and Jamala Loyalty and sacrifice.
character. I love food and clothing. Mohammed. I also love my
auntie, Naira for they have Who are your favourite
What is the greatest thing supported me all the way. writers?
you have ever done? I am not a very good reader.
From how far I have When and where were you
come, it is very evident that I happiest? Who is your hero of fiction?
didn’t have the resources but In 2015 when I was Bruce Willis, Denzel
managed to get this far. awarded most outstanding Washington and Will Smith.
male model by ASFA, in
What is your current state of 2017 when I got the chance Which historical figure do
mind? to work with Nana Kagga in you most identify with?
I am happy. ‘Reflections’ and in 2018 at Liam John Neeson has a
a time when I witnessed the very beautiful story. For the
What do you consider the premier of ‘Veronica’s Wish’ things he has gone through;
most overrated virtue? as part of the audience. I was including rejection in the
Many people attach more also happy being nominated acting industry, he fought
value to outer beauty as in Uganda Film Festival. hard to get there.
opposed to the inner beauty;
beauty should come with a Which talent would you most Who are your heroes in real
goal or purpose. like to have? life?
Singing or playing an My parents and my
What does being powerful instrument. extended family.
mean to you?
Being able to push on If you could change one What is your greatest regret?
and never give up on life. thing about yourself, what I regret about a few things;
Presently, there is not so would it be? it’s been hard for me on the
much to learn from; so it is I wouldn’t change anything side of relationships. It’s hard
very easy for some people to about me. work for me to convince
give up. It doesn’t matter how someone considering the kind
many times you have failed What do you consider your of job that I do.
but rising up and having hope greatest achievement?
in life counts. I have managed to get my How would you like to die?
own production company; it I can’t predict matters
On what occasion do you lie? becomes easy for me to bring relating to death.
It is hard for me to live with out what I really want to see.
a lie; I also like to keep my What is your motto?
promises. Where would you most like Work hard and make it.
to live?
What do you most dislike I would prefer to live in
about your appearance? UK because there are more

Jan. 25 - 31 2019 39
Global comment
By Lee Howell
Long live globalisation
The world is moving toward a multipolar system,
in which the U.S. is no longer dominant

ill global cooperation finally ization with globalism, internationalism, or environment. We now have the capacity
emerge from the doldrums in imperialism. to destroy other species so effectively that,
2019? The international com- What would it take to build a more as Edward O. Wilson warns, we may well
munity’s recent agreement on a resilient system, capable of withstanding “eliminate more than half of all species by
“rulebook” for implementing the Paris cli- sudden shocks while maintaining its core the end of this century.”
mate agreement seems to offer some hope. functions? The answer is not cut and dried. Third, sharply rising inequality has made
But opinion polls suggest that many remain While there has been important recent economic inclusion and equity a priority for
concerned that a global economic recession research into what makes a person resilient, many voters. This will shape national poli-
or major geopolitical crisis will test the inter- there is no clear overarching explanation of tics for the foreseeable future, and thus help
national system’s resilience. And it is not at what makes a resilient country or interna- to determine the fate of the current liberal
all clear that the system will pass. tional system. order.
As it stands, perhaps the biggest bar- Nonetheless, humans seem to have a pre- Finally, what WEF Executive Chairman
riers to international cooperation are disposition toward building broad organ- Klaus Schwab calls the Fourth Industrial
political. In recent years, there has been ising systems. In Sapiens, Harari chronicles Revolution is forcing us to consider “how
an intensifying backlash against interna- the efforts of merchants, prophets, and technology is affecting our lives and
tional cooperation, rooted partly in fears conquerors, over millennia, to “establish an reshaping our economic, social, cultural,
– stoked by populist political leaders order that would be applicable for everyone and human environments.” For example,
in many countries – that transnational everywhere.” This leads him to the observa- the economist Richard Baldwin foresees
“elites” are trying to impose “globalism”: tion that humans are the only social animal arbitrage of wage rates in the service sector,
an “ideology that prioritises the neolib- “guided by the interests of the entire species enabled by digital platforms. As a result,
eral global order over national interests.” to which it belongs.” he cautions, “hundreds of millions of
But perspectives that refute this narrative In practical terms, an updated interna- service-sector and professional workers in
seem to be gaining ground. Many world tional order must account for the four advanced economies will – for the first time
leaders believe that the Western countries distinct developments that characterize ever – be exposed to the challenges and
squandered their influence over the interna- the latest incarnation of globalization. For opportunities of globalization.”
tional system by intervening politically and starters, the world is moving toward a Given globalization’s shifting nature, it
militarily in the affairs of others without any multipolar system, in which the U.S. is no may be better understood in conceptual
clear endgame. Some also argue that the longer the dominant international force. terms than as a historical phenomenon.
global elite has only pretended to pursue Moreover, we have entered the Anthro- This is the rationale behind the theme of the
socioeconomic change, while actually main- pocene epoch, in which human activity is forthcoming annual meeting of the World
taining a status quo that has benefited them. the primary influence on the climate and Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland:
Many believe that now, however, the “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Archi-
vertical hierarchies that have long sustained tecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial
the global order are being disrupted by the Revolution.”
growing political and economic influence Figuring out how best to influence the
of horizontal networks. Even the United
States, it is often claimed, has moved from
As the historian course of globalization will not be easy. But
here, too, humans seem to have a natural
supporting the multilateral system to Yuval Harari put inclination. Indeed, many scientists now
undermining it. believe that thinking about the future is
But, though belief in globalism – a top- it in his book humans’ defining characteristic, and argue
down conspiracy to impose an international
system that trumps national sovereignty Sapiens, history that “looking into the future, consciously
and unconsciously, is a central function of
– may be dead, globalization is alive and
well. As the historian Yuval Harari put it in
continues to our large brain,” and that planning for it
results in less stress – and more happiness.
his book Sapiens, history continues to move move “slowly in We are hard-wired to think about the
“slowly in the direction of global unity.”
An effective and resilient international the direction of future of our planet – and that future
demands a more robust and resilient insti-
order, comprising strong nation-states, thus
remains essential.
global unity tutional architecture that accounts for the
four key forces shaping Globalization 4.0.
World leaders do not question the need We should get to work on building it.
for such an order. Rather, the major political
challenge to global cooperation lies in man- Lee Howell is a member of the Management
aging our diversified and pluralistic world Board of the World Economic Forum.
within the established institutional architec-
ture, while overcoming the tendency among Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019.
some to associate any effort to shape global-

40 Jan. 25 - 31 2019
Rely on us to break the story.