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Sere sere 4 ALARMS: The ZAPI MDI gives indication of the Alarm of the aa to which it is connected, with a corresponding code. When an Alarm is generated, the Red LED flashes to attratt the attention of the opera- tor. The symbol of Shifting Spanner also appears. Using the indication given by the MDI and after reference tp the following chert, the operator can solve the problem, if the failure is not serious||It will also be necessary to refer to the paragraph describing the Alarms in the Manual pf the relevant controller. If the Alarm information suggests or indicates a serious prablom,the operator will be able to give useful information to the Service Centre, thereby reducing down time with relative costs savings. AL 00 NONE AL OL CHQPPER RUNNING AL 02 NO|FOMUNICATION AL 03 UNKNOWN CHOPPER AL 04 CONSOLE EPROM AL OS SHRIAL ERROR 2 AL 66 SHRIAL ERROR 1 AL 07 CHOPPER NOT CONFIG AL 08 YATCHDOG AL 09 FIBLD FF FAILURE Page 12 AL 10 EEPROM DATA KO ALI EPROM PAR KO. AL 12 EEPROM CONF KO AL 13 EPROM KO AL 14 EPROM OFFLINE ALIS \GIC FAILURE 5 AL 16 LOGIC FAILURE 4 AL 17 |Locic FAILURE 3 AL 18 OGIC FAILURE 2 AL19 \GIC FAILURE | Al. 20 ‘ORW VMN LOW AL 21 FORW VMN HIGH ‘AL 22 Rack VMN LOW AL 23 BACK VMN HIGH AL 24 LEFT VMN Low AL 25 LEFT VMN HIGH AL 26 RIGHT VMN LOW AL27 RicHT VMN 1iGii AL 28 PUMP VMN Low AL 29 UMP VMN HIGH AL 30 VMN LOW AL31 VMN HIGH AL 32 VMN NOT OK AL33 10 FULL. COND AL 34 RYT NO FULL COND AL35 Ltt No FULL COND AL 36 ) NO FULL COND ‘AL37 INTACTOR CLOSED AL38 INTACTOR OPEN AL39 BRAKE DON'T CLOSED AL 40 BRAKE CONT OPEN Page 13 AL 41 DI] CONT CLOSED AL 42 DIR CONT OPEN ALB RIGHT CONT CLOSED AL 44 RIGHT CONT OPEN AL 45 CONT CLOSED AL 46 AT CONT O1 AL 47 MAIN CONT CLOSED AL a8 MAIN CONT OPEN AL 49 1-0 EVER AL 50 EFT 1-0 EVER ALSI RIGHT 1-0 EVER AL 52 PUMP I=0 EVER AL 53 STBY I HIGH AL S4 T STBY I HIGH AL 5S Rq{T STBY 1 HIGH AL 56 PUMP STBY I HIGH ‘AL S7 HIffH FIELD CURR AL 58 NO FIELD CURR AL 59 HIGH BRAKING | AL 60 CARACITOR CHARGE AL 61 HIGH TEMPFRATURE ale ‘TH PROTECTION ‘AL 63 THRMic LeveL 2 AL 64 PUMP TEMPERATURE AL 65 MOTOR TEMPERATURE GAL 66 BATTERY LOW AL 67 BARTERY LEVEL 2 AL 68 BATTERY LEVEL 1 AL 69 CURRENT SENS KO AL 70 PCWER FAILURE 4 ALI WER FAILURE 3 Page 14 | I BR