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Republic of the Philippines er ed Professional Regulation Commission — | comMfio, Viccecro #Manila cote nana PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BOARD FOR MASTER PLUMBERS PROGRAM OF THE MASTER PLUMBERS LICENSURE EXAMINATION IN THE CITIES OF MANILA, BAGUIO AND ILOILO ON FEB. 12 AND 13, 2019 DATE AND TIME SUBJECT WEIGHT ‘TUESDAY, FEB. 12, 2019 7:00 AM~7:45 A.M General Instruction and filling-out of forms 8:00 AM~— 10:00 AM Plumbing Arithmetic 10% 11:00 AM — 5:00 P.M Sanitation, Plumbing Design and Installation 40% WEDNESDAY, FEB. 13, 2019 8:00 AM— 10:00 AM. Plumbing Code 10% 11:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M Practical Problems 40%. 100% THIS EXAMINATION WILL BE COMPUTERIZED 1. Check or verify your school/building assignments at the PRC official website ( or through the Notices/Announcements to be posted at the PRC premises two (2) to three (3) working days before the examination. Bring your NOTICE OF ADMISSION. when you verify your schoo\/building assignment. Visit your school/building assignment prior to the day of the examination 2. Report to your school/building assignment before 6:30 A.M. on the first day of the examination to verify your room and seat number. Be punctual. Late examinees will not be admitted. 3. Examinees are required to wear the following attire every examination day: Male Examinees- White polo or shirts with collar, tucked- in (without any seal, logo of mark) Decent pants or slacks Female Examinees — White blouses or shirt with collar (without any seal, logo ‘or mark) Decent pants or slacks/skirts, Bring the following on the days of the examination: a. Notice of Admission b. Official Receipt c. Two or more pencils (No. 2) d. Ballpen with BLACK ink only fe. One (1) piece Long Brown Envelope f. One (1) piece Long Transparent (non-colored) Plastic Envelope (for keeping your valuables and other allowed items) P, PAREDES ST., SAMPALOC, MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 1008 P.O. BOX 2038, MANILA Page 2 Feb. 2019 5. The following are PROHIBITED inside the examination premises/rooms: ‘a. Books, notes, review materials , other printed materials containing coded date/information/formula b. PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS. c. CELLULAR PHONES, SMART WATCHES, BLUETOOTH, beepers, portable computers and other electronic gadgets/device which can be used for ‘communication purposes. Bags of any kind (ladies bag, shoulder bags, attaché case, backpacks, etc.) e. Other examination aides not stated in this program 6. Read carefully and follow the instructions on your NOTICE OF ADMISSION and EXAMINEES GUIDE. Manila, Philippines , 2018 CERTIFIED CORRECT: pecegecne/ aad ATTY. LOVELIKA T. BAUTISTA Chief. PRB Secretariat Division ‘mpprog2019.doc PRE MPID-SPRBIO-LICO EXAM VinatrgReassvorse