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Two Day National Conference on
Dear sir/madam
It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you that the Department of Commerce, Sri Venkateswara
.University, Tirupati will be organising a two day National Conference on “ GST TRAJECTORY :
CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES ” during 21st & 22nd February, 2019. We invite you and your
colleagues to participate in the conference and its deliberations to make it a fruitful academic exercise.
GST is “one indirect tax” for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market. GST is a
single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the consumer. Credits of input
taxes paid at each stage will be available in the subsequent stage of value addition, which makes GST
essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage. The final consumer will thus bear only the GST charged
by the last dealer in the supply chain, with setoff benefits at all the previous stages. The idea behind
implementing GST across the country in 29 states and 7 Union Territories is that it would offer a win-win
situation for everyone. Manufacturers and traders would benefit from fewer tax filings, transparent rules,
and easy bookkeeping; consumers would be paying less for the goods and services, and the government would
generate more revenues as revenue leaks would be plugged. The main objectives of the conference are:
i) to study the procedural complexities of GST in India; ii) to analyse the cannon of equity under GST;
iii) to examine the impact of GST on different sectors; iv) to investigate the common man’s perception on
GST; and v) to compare the Indian GST with other countries.
 Procedural complexities
 Cost reduction under GST : Myth or reality
 Cannon of equity under GST
 Impact of GST : Sectorial analysis
 Common man’s perception on GST
 GST in India and other countries.
Amidst economic crisis across the globe, India has posed a beacon of hope with ambitious growth targets,
supported by a bunch of strategic undertakings such as the Make in India and Digital India campaigns. The
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is another such undertaking that is expected to provide the much needed
stimulant for economic growth in India by transforming the existing base of indirect taxation towards the free
flow of goods and services. GST is also expected to eliminate the cascading effect of taxes. The proposed
national conference will certainly form a significant guiding factor for Government, businessmen, Industry,
administrators, academicians and general public. No doubt, this conference will definitely supports the decision
makers to examine the advantages and problems of GST and find out feasible and possible measures to come
out from them.
The Registration of delegates is being done on payment of Rs.500.
Papers on the conference theme are invited from the Academicians, Policy makers, bank officials,
chartered accountants, scholars etc., The text of each paper is to be neatly typed on A4 size paper with double
space and sent both hard copy and soft copy (CD) on or before 31st January, 2019 to the Seminar Director
(email : Meanwhile kindly send your abstract not exceeding 300 words. In this
context, I would like to inform you that the seminar papers will be brought out in the form of an edited book.
Looking forward to your early response. Yours sincerely,


Professor & Head
Mo: 9441473614, 7893388602.