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January 29, 2019 ‘SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS SINCE LAST CITY MANAGER EVALUATION 1. Completed Fiscal Year 2017-2018 in both the General Fund and Utility Fund in very favorable positions and increasing fund balance and adhering to the City Council policy of maintaining the equivalent of a minimum of three (3) months operating funds. 2. Continue to maintaining a minimum of $2,000,000 in the Emergency Fund. 3. Completed issuance of $6,475,000 in Certificates of Obligations for Streets and other General Fund projects. 4. Completed issuance of $9,950,000 in Utility Revenue Bonds for Utility Fund Five Year Capital Improvement projects and Sanitary Sewer projects required to serve new residential developments. 5. Applied for $8 grants, and were successfully awarded 30 grants with a total award of $1,041,381.00. 6. Negotiated a “take or pay” Wholesale Water Supply Contract between the City and New Braunfels Utilities which will result in approx. $100,000,000 in water sales during the term of the contract. 7. Pre-Audit financial statements indicate that revenue from Electric, Water, and Sewer Utilities cover each utilities expenses. This is the first time that this has occurred to staff’s knowledge. 8. Completed the second year of Golf Course operation under total city control resulting in increased usage and revenues. General Fund has reduced the General Fund transfer to Golf from $218,488 to $75,000. 9. After being notified by our health insurance carrier, United, of a planned 15.1% increase in Premiums, after working with our broker and adjusting some benefits to our group health policy, reduced the increase to our premiums to only 1.7%, 10. Completion of the planned 5-Year Plan to increase prior and current service annuities for retirees in the City's TMRS retirement plan. 11. New Indigent Health Care Interlocal Agreement between GRMC and Guadalupe County, and initiating the development of an Indigent Health Care Fund to help mitigate impact of possible future increase. 12, Presented a balance General Fund budget maintaining the same tax rate for the third year in a row, with the O&M rate reduced from $0.2879 to $0.2763 and Debt Service increasing from $0.2533 to $0.2649, 13. Proposed new revenue source by adoption of sales tax on residential gas and electric customers that would generate approximately $230,000 this year, and would grow significantly as the planned residential developments are completed. Would recommend that second reading on this item be considered and join the other 777 Texas cities that are taking advantage of this revenue source. 14. implemented the fourth year of a five-year water and sewer rate adjustment plan in order to fund needed system improvements identified in the water and sewer needs study. 15. Agreement and Ordinance regarding emergency services being rendered to insured non-Seguin residents and billing these parties as a new revenue source to offset Fire and EMS expenses. 16. Met with County Judge on annual Fire and EMS contract and explained the current contract arrangement is not sustainable after this fiscal year, Continuing to address this year. 17. Updated and gained approval of the 5-Year Street Capital Improvement Plan. 18. Secured and locked in attractive gas prices for the CPS Energy wholesale contract through January 2022, resulting in stable electric rates throughout the three year period. 19. Completed all Hurricane Harvey expenditures and FEMA reimbursements. 20. Facilitated meeting with multiple residential developers and builders to include: Laddie Denton of Denton Development, Gordon Hartman of San Antonio, Peter Greenblum, Harry Hausman of San Antonio, and Fred Hymer and Kyle Setlif of New Braunfels. 21. Negotiated an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the City of New Braunfels that realigned the extraterritorial jurisdictions between the two cities. This was a huge effort. 22. Negotiation of Capital Improvement Agreement with HLH Development (Harry Hausman) for the construction of a sanitary sewer main and its oversizing 23, Negotiation of Capital improvement Agreement with Scrappy Development (Gordon Hartman) for the extension of sanitary sewer and its oversizing. 24, Entered into Perry Homes 380 agreement to enable the City to receive a portion of the sales tax paid on building materials. ated the FEMA Floodplain Recovery Fee to recover flood study expenses from benefited developments. 26. 27. 28, 29. 30. 31 32. 33. 34, 35, 36. 37, 38, 39. Completed annexation of 608 acres in 2018. ‘Negotiation and securing of numerous easement for our major sewer extension projects. Negotiation of a Mutual Settlement and Rescission of Tax Abatement with Cerealto Seguin (Siro), resulting the SEDC recapturing the 50 acres granted to Cereatto. Worked closely with Economic Development staff with prospects and attended and worked the International Council of Shopping Center recruitment event in Las Vegas. Pressed City of Schertz officials on the poor performance of the SSLGC General Manager, resulting in his retirement. Negotiated a Tri-Lateral Agreement with the City of Schertz and the Schertz Seguin Local Government Corporation that enabled the City of Seguin to sell excess water to New Braunfels Utilities, Working closely with the SSLGC General Manager giving input on easement negotiations for the parallel pipeline project between Seguin and Schertz Continue to serve on the Schertz Seguin Local Government Corporation Executive Committee and attending its monthly meetings and monthly Board Meeting. Serve on the Board of Directors of the Texas Public Power Association and participated with the delegation at the Legislative Rally in Washington OC. ‘Swiftly dealt with personnel issues in the Police Department involving the Chief, Deputy Chief, and Captain. Proposed and included in current budget a dedicated sign crew in the Public Works Department to upgrade and replace all street and regulatory signage throughout the Proposed and included in the current budget a dedicated sanitary sewer cleaning and inspection. crew in the Water/Wastewater Department. Presentation of the Assessment of the old Library Building, resulting in the decision to demolish the building and use the property as Park space. Design, bid, and award of Development Services Center, with completion projected Summer 2019. |. Relocation of the Main Street staff to the CVB Visitors Center.