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April 1, 2009

Company profile
• Fire Protection Engineering

• Occupational Safety , Health & Environment

• Navigational Aids

• Consultancy

• Emergency Evacuation & Response Systems


P. O. Box CT 211 Cantonment
Tel: +233 302 763360/763368, Fax: +233 302 763365

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Gworld Ghana Limited

P. O. Box CT 211 Cantonment
Tel: +233 302 763360/763368, Fax: +233 302 763365

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GWORLD GHANA LIMITED is an indigenous Ghanaian Fire & Safety Engineering

Company that specializes in Fire Protection Engineering, HSE (Health, Safety and
Environment), Construction Safety and Navigational Aids from design and specification
through implementation, commissioning and maintenance.

Incorporating accidents/hazard/fire management systems in the design and

construction of buildings and production facilities is a proactive way of bringing
potential risks to ALARP (As low as reasonably practicable) for people, business and
the environment. It minimizes impact on project realization thus by extension a
company’s strategic, operation, and compliance outputs.

Experience & Work force

GWORLD GHANA LIMITED strives for the highest possible service level for customers;
we employ a network of service engineers who are trained and certified by our
principals in the UK & USA in our range of products and services in the Design,
Installation, Maintenance and Servicing, and we have enjoyed a considerable
professional working relationship with the Ghana National Fire Service as the
authority having jurisdiction.

One of our major strengths is the technical expertise and product knowledge gained
over many years from our principals which forms the basis of our fire designs and also
listening to the needs of our customers by selecting products that are tested under
the scrutiny of independent laboratories, i.e. Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) and
Factory Mutual (F.M).

With intensive research in our scope of products, Gworld Ghana Limited with the
support of our principals, prescribe for the fire industry technology and services
that fulfil modern challenges in Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Protection

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Product development has a high priority at GWORLD GHANA LIMITED. We have access
to the latest and most advanced fire protection and safety products and systems. Our
well balanced range of products and many years’ experience in devising integrated
fire protection solutions guarantee that you are offered the ideal solution.


We provide services in the under-listed major disciplines:

• Fire Protection Engineering

• Occupational Safety , Health & Environment

• Navigational Aids

• Consultancy

• Emergency Evacuation & Response Systems

We study your needs, propose and implement solutions based on findings. Our
strength lies in our HR capabilities (competent certified consultants and engineers)
coupled with the use of analytical, design and specification software to provide
comprehensive services to clients in different economic sectors.

Our integrated approach offers all our clients competent:

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As a licensed distributor of Angus/Kidde Fire UK, SRI Malaysia and Allstar Fire
USA, we can competently offer the design, specification (using licensed software),
installation and maintenance services for the listed:

i. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems:

We are specialists in fire detection & alarm systems for low, medium and high-risk
applications. Effective fire detection can prevent the disastrous and destructive
consequences of fire on people, objects and the environment. Good-quality detection
equipment is essential for early detection and subsequent sounding of the alarm. Every
company is unique, but GWORLD GHANA LIMITED has a fire protection solution for
every object in any sector.

Our high-quality detection equipment offers a comprehensive solution f or every

situation. In addition to detecting smoke and/or fire, a fire alarm system can also be
connected to tan extinguishing system or an evacuation alarm system.

ii. Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems are the most commonly applied automatic fire extinguishing systems,
because of their straightforward and effective functioning. A sprinkler system consists
of a water supply, alarm valves and a network of pipes with sprinklers installed
throughout the building. A sprinkler control unit monitors the system, which is
activated when a specific temperature is reached, causing water to be sprayed over
the fire.

iii. Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems:

In situations where the use of water is not possible or desirable, a gas extinguishing
system is a good alternative. Thanks to many years of experience, GWORLD GHANA
LIMITED has become an expert and specialist in the field of stationary gas extinguishing
systems. We are at your service to help assess the specific situation at your company,
in order to develop a customised solution.

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GWORLD GHANA LIMITED prefers to apply the so called ‘green’ extinguishing agents, as
these cause no environmental impact and has no harmful effects on human beings. Our
supply programme consists of: Argon, Nitrogen, Argonite and CO2. In addition, we
supply chemical extinguishing gases like FM200, FE25 and Novec 1230, which are also
applied as Halon replacements. Also available are vehicles and kitchen suppression

iv. Foam Products & Extinguishing System:

Foam extinguishing systems are often applied in high-risk objects. The highly specific
and unique properties of extinguishing foam make it an extremely effective fire
fighting agent. For the protection of e.g. chemical stores and aeroplane hangars, high-
expansion foam installations are applied, while low-expansion foam installations are
used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. For the protection of production
halls, helicopter decks etc., foam water canons are used.

Research and development of extinguishing foams and the associated installations is a

major focus area at GWORLD. To carry out this work, we employ highly experienced
specialists. All the products in our comprehensive range of foam concentrates and
equipment have optimal extinguishing properties. They are moreover ecological and
have a long storage life.

v. Fire Extinguishers:

More than 85% of the fires in buildings can be put out successfully with a hand-held
extinguisher. Because of that f act, we focus a great deal of attention on the
reliability, ease of operation and extinguishing capacity of its fire extinguishers.

GWORLD has a full range of hand held and mobile fir e extinguishers of various
types: foam, powder and CO2 extinguishers.

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vi. Fire Hose Reels & Cabinets:

From fire hose reels to industrial reels: we carry a wide selection. Safety, mounting
and ease of operation are the main considerations. The same applies to the reel

By involving the client right from the beginning in the design phase, we are able to
offer not only the best, but also the most attractive solution to every fire protection

vii. GWORD Home & Car Guard Kits:

There are various ways of pre venting fire in and around the home and minimising the
harmful consequences of fire. This assortment includes: Spot-type battery operated
smoke detector, a 1kg/2kg fire extinguisher and fire blanket. These products and their
packaging are tailored to in-store presentation and to the needs of the private user.

Naturally, such products can also be offered to your staff via special offers, under the
motto “Safety at home and at work.”

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In a working environment, the health and safety of workers and the condition of
their environment is of paramount importance, as it brings about maximum output
from them when they know they work in a safe environment.

We are a specialized and competent occupational safety, security and accident

prevention expert. With specializations in fire, occupational, industrial and
construction safety, we seek for excellence and offer dependable, realistic and
effective cost saving training programs in these fields.

Activities under this service include:

• Risk Assessment, Consequence Analysis & Safety Audits

• Environmental Audits & Environmental Impact Assessment

• HSE Policy Manual Development, Implementation & Systems


• Training

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GWORLD GHANA LIMITED is the authorised distributor in Ghana for Tideland Signal
UK, which specialises in the design, manufacture, supply, commissioning and
engineering of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) equipment for Ports & Harbours and the
Offshore Energy and Oil & Gas Industry.

We provide navigational Aids to Lighthouse, Port & Harbour Authorities, Coast Guards,
and to Oil & Gas companies to mark their offshore platforms.

Products include:

• Lighted Beacons and Floating Aids

• Radio Aids and AIS AtoN

• Audible Aids

• Power Sources

• Support Structures

• Remote Monitor & Control

The fog signal and subsidiary Light

The Light Station – Single Lift


• Installation

• Maintenance

• Consultancy

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Risks are part of our daily lives. Running a business is not possible without taking risks.
But these risks must be acceptable and aimed at ensuring the continuity of the
company. GWORLD Consultancy can offer your company support in the identification
of hazards and the quantification of these hazards in terms of risks. Measures to
reduce the risks can then be determined, based on the nature and extent of the
analysed risks.

Comprehensive fire protection begins in the design phase. Before the construction
process commences, it is vital that consideration is given to fire protection and the
risks that could endanger the continuity of the company. Our consultancy division
gladly provides excellent advice on fire protection.

The systems and equipment recommended by GWORLD comply with all statutory
regulations and standards; the same applies to the management and maintenance per
formed by us. Market demands and regulations with regard to fire protection are
constantly changing. In anticipation thereof GWORLD personnel undergo constant
further training.

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GWORLD GHANA range of High Rise Escape Systems and other emergency response
systems uses a Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that adjusts to the user’s weight and
lets them descent at a rate of approximately 1 to 1.5 metres per second.
The CDD is attached to a wall-mounted boom (floor fixture also available). A special
wire rope is threaded through the CDD and at both ends of the rope is a flame proof,
patented escape suit. The user merely has to swing the boom over the point of egress
(window/balcony), get inside the Evac Suit (pictured below) and step off the ledge to

When the user reaches the ground, the other end of the wire rope (and thus the other
Evac Suit) is at the top, ready for the next user to come down. For example one
system on the 10th floor can safely evacuate 30 people in 8 minutes.

Fixed Mounted Escape Systems

Escape Pack

Guardian Wall Mount

The Life Box

Portable Escape Systems

Escape Pack

Responder 1 & 2
Evacuation Accessories

Xscape Safe Kit

The Emergency Evac Chair &

Platform Rescue System

Platform Rescue System

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Prosco Oil & Gas Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of Gworld Ghana Limited and the
local representatives of Prosco Oil & Gas UK, a global supplier of safety and
survival equipment; including survival suits, thermal garments, personal protective
equipment, breathing equipment, emergency and much more. The company is
licensed by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to provide
ancillary services to the Oil and Gas industry especially in the areas

Prosco Oil & Gas Ghana Limited provides Safety & PPE supplies ranging from first
aid supplies to work gloves as well as various types of branded respirators and ear
loop surgical procedure mask from Allstar Fire USA and other industrial safety
supply manufacturers that are suitable for any job.


1. Safety & Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE’S)

Our broad selection of safety and PPE’s is sure to impress you and provide
compliance and safety at work. If you have been shopping around for insulated
clothing/freezer wear you have finally found your one stop safety supplier for all
of all freezer garment, insulated clothes and safety supplies needs.

• Nomex Apron Aluminised Rayon

• Nitrile Gloves
• Welding Gloves
• Dura Mask Niosh N95
• Amber Safety Glasses
• Safety Boots
• Ear Plugs
• Bunker Clothing
• Breathing Apparatus
• Fireman’s Products & Accessories

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2. Instruments:

Gas detection instruments are used to determine the presence of toxic or

combustible gas in an atmosphere. Portable detectors can be worn by a user for
constant personal monitoring or can be used to detect a specific area for the
presence of toxic gas. Fixed system gas detectors are positioned in a permanent
location for constant monitoring of a particular area in a manufacturing facility or
processing operation, such as waste/water treatment, semiconductor
manufacturing, chemical and petroleum operations, pulp and paper plants, and
power utilities.

Fixed Systems

Detection systems that are integrated into a building’s operations are

called fixed and provide a constant monitoring and early detection
system for potentially harzardous operations of a facility. These
systems consist of a single or multi-point transmitter and a receiver
that continuously monitor for combustible or toxic gases, or the
presence of flame.

Portable Instruments

Compact gas monitors that measure gas levels to alarm when dangerous
conditions exist so that a user knows if the environment is IDLH or
when personal protective equipment is needed.

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Fixed Systems

Fixed gas monitors stand guard over any location where toxic or combustible gases
or flame may become a hazard to personnel and property. In potentially hazardous
locations, gas monitors and transmitters continuously keep people and investments
safe from harm.

Toxic Transmitters

Stationary instruments that measure the level of toxic gases to protect

personnel from unseen gases. Transmitters may work alone or in
conjunction with a series of other instruments to protect entire areas
of a facility.

Combustible Transmitters

Stationary instruments used to detect the presence of combustible

gases quickly to minimize explosive hazards.

Flame Transmitters

Detectors that monitor a wide area to identify flames early in order to

protect personnel and property by providing warnings, alarms and
triggering automatic deluge systems.


Receivers accept input from 1 to 32 sensors or transmitters. These

receivers provide a central location for monitoring and typically include
relay contacts to provide warnings to personnel.


Monitors are a complete gas detection system composed of sensors,

transmitters, and a receiver in one package.

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Sensor Technology

All transmitters use different technology to detect specific hazards

includes toxic, combustible or flame.


Detecting and analyzing an unseen threat can prevent serious injury.

But doing it instantly can save lives. Scott Health & Safety portable
instruments are designed to reliably sense the presence and levels
of harmful gases, clearly display the information, and let you do
your job safely and efficiently.

Protégé Masterdock

The Protégé Masterdock high-speed, low-operating-cost

bump test and calibration station helps improve efficiency
by lowering the amount of gas used for each bump test.

Protégé Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

The Protégé monitor is easy to handle in any situation. An

intuitive user interface and simple two-button operation
make calibration and basic operation virtually thought-free.
Certified UL 913, 7th ed. Downloadable data log for Comes
with CD-based.

Scout Multi-Gas Monitoring System

Monitor up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously

including oxygen concentration, combustable gases, VOC’s
and a wide selection from nine electrochemical toxic

Mini SA Single Gas Monitor

Single gas personal monitor for oxygen concentration and a

wide selection of toxic sensors. Rugged design, ease of
operation, largest display of any single gas detector in the
industry. Field replaceable alkaline batteries along with
interchangeable sensors make the Mini-SA the solution for
your single gas detector requirements.

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Proton Series Single Gas Monitors

Scott’s Proton® series of single gas monitors (Proton and

ProtonZM) are ideal for personal worker protection in
virtually any industrial application requiring gas detection.


Supplied Air

Supplied air (or air supplied) refers to respirators that

provide the user with clean, breathable air from a self-
contained source, such as a cylinder, or via an airline
from a source outside the contaminated atmosphere.
Supplied air respirators are used in atmospheres that are
determined to be IDLH or Immediately Dangerous to Life
and Health. These NFPA and/or NIOSH-approved
respirators are used in a myriad of applications by
firefighters, industrial workers, first responders, and
military personnel.


A self-contained breathing apparatus or SCBA is

a device worn by rescue workers, firefighters,
and others to provide portable, breathable air
in a hostile, IDHL-environment. An SCBA can be
either an open or closed circuit.


An airline respirator provides a continuous

supply of air to the user via a hose connected to
stationary source of breathable air. Some
airline respirators also integrate a small
cylinder of compressed air into the system for
emergency escape from a dangerous
environment in case the airline hose is blocked
or severed.

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Escape respirators are designed for use only to

egress from hazardous atmospheres within 5, 10
or 15 minutes. Some escape respirators are
used in conjunction with an airline to provide a
small source of air in emergencies where an
airline air source is severed.

Air Sources

External sources of air utilize compressed air

cylinder(s) to provide an external source of air
to the wearer of supplied air respirators. Air
sources can be fixed stationary units or mobile
for use on remote locations or in confined
spaces with an SCBA or airline respirators.


POG acts as a manufacturing distribution company, having a manufacturing and

distribution agreements with a number of companies in UK, Italy, The Netherlands,
USA and Korea.

• Valves
• Welding Equipments
• Tools
• Pumps
• Generators

• Drill Pipes and Casing
• Fittings, Flanges and Fasteners
• Carbon Steel Line Pipe (seamless and welded)
• Pig Launchers and Receivers
• Drilling and Oil Well Equipment
• Anti Oil Spill Equipment

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• Tema Oil Refinery – Various Fire & Safety Equipment

• Scancom Ghana Limited (Operators of MTN) - Fire Suppression Systems

• Social Security &Nat.Insurance Trust (SSNIT – Fire Suppression Systems

• Milicom Ghana Limited (Operators of TIGO) - Fire Suppression Systems

• Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) - Various Fire Fighting Equipment

• Ghana Community Network (GcNet) - Fire Suppression Systems

• Dizengoff Ghana - Fire Fighting Equipment

• AngloGold Ashanti - Fire Fighting Foam & Equipment

• Cirius Oil - Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates

• Civil Aviation/Ghana Airports Company - Navigational Aids & Fire Products

• Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) - Complex Fire Training Grounds

• Ghana National Fire Service - Various Fire Fighting Equipment

• Potter Shield Ventures (PSV) - Various Fire Fighting Equipment

• Elkhart Fire Limited - Various Fire Fighting Equipment

• Tohaba Company Limited - Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates

• State House Towers Project - Fire Consultants

• Modec Ghana Limited - Fire Consultants

• Stinhole Ghana Limited - Fire Consultants

• COCOBOD - Fire Consultants

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