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IVRS:0309701502 Old Service Number:

Division Name: Bhopal West Dn Tariff Class: LV1.2

Service Number: 2304203-31-24-0309701502 Vidya Nagar Zone BPL West Months AUG-2018
Bill Number 030973761183 Bill Date 10-Aug-2018 Units Consumed 22.0
Mr./Ms SANTOSH SHRIVASTAVA Total Bill Amount on Due Date (in Rs.)473.00
Address H.NO-22 TYPE-B AV SMART CITY PH-I KATARA Bhopal BHOPAL MP Bill Payment last Date
Phone Number Mobile. 7987117802
Via Cheque Via Cash
Pole Number 1234
23-Aug-2018 25-Aug-2018
Meter Serial Number 00046728 Phase given THREE
Current Reading Date 31-07-2018 Load Sanctioned 3000 W Save Electricity
Reading Type NORMAL
Current Reading Previous Reading Factor Meter Consumption: Recorded Consumption Total Consumption
82 60 1.0 22 0 22.0
Amount Details Rs/Paise
Center(Name/Address/Phone): CITY DIVISION WEST Energy Charges : 85.14
Fixed Charges : 50.00
Contact Number for logging Complaint- Govt. Electricity Charges(Duty): 8.00
Mr./MsNEELESH MISHRA By Junior Engineer Charges Energy Development Cess: 0.00
Phone Number 7552551222 -- Metering Charges: 25.00
Complaint not resolved within 7 days Other Included Security 0.00
Mr./Ms VISHWAS KELKAR By Assistant Engineer Charges CCB Calculation 0.00
Phone Number18002331912 to contact other Charges 0.00
Customer's Deposited Amount
Meter Reader
Security Deposit/Interest on
Supply Hours(Average Daily Supply given) -9.76
Subsidy Advance Payment
Purpose DOMESTIC Security Amount Deposited 3000.00 for Subsidy Load Factor 0.0
Bill basis ACTUAL BILL Security amount pending 0.01 Customer Subsidy for Board Employee 0.00

Payment Details of last month lock Credit 0.00

Subsidy -4.40
Bill Month Amount Paid CAC No Punch Date
Current payable Amount 154.00
Amount payable pending 314.00
Consumption Details of previous Months
Total Amount Payable on Due Date 473.00
Reading Month Reading Date Reading Units Consumed
Due Date Late Payment Surcharge 6.00
JUL-2018 02/07/2018 60 52
Total Amount Payable After Due Date 479.00
Daily Average of current Bill 5.31
Average Daily Units Consumed 0.76 Unit Important Notice: To avoid Inconvenience,Kindly pay your bill
timely on Due Date

Don't wait for last date. - Division officer

Sealed Payable amount Receipt

Important Notice:All Payment Done by Cheque should be in the name of Account Officer, MPMKVVCL mentioning Consumer's name and Service Number on the back.
Trf Catg : LV1.2 Domestic light,fan and power(Metered Consumers)FCA Energy Charges(@2 Paise/Unit) Rs..44 is included in Energy Charges for the month of AUG-
2018Collection through ATP/KIOSKS/Departmental Collection Center has also started at Vidya Nagar Zone BPL West
**Helpline No 1912/Toll free No 1800-233-1912
Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd: Electricity Bill : Page
Bhopal West Dn
Bill Duration AUG-2018 Bill Number 030973761183
Service Number:2304203-31-24-0309701502 Vidya Nagar Zone BPL West
Bill Payment last Date
Via Cheque Via Cash Sealed Payable amount Receipt
23-Aug-2018 25-Aug-2018
Total Bill Amount on Due Date: 473.00
Total Amount Payable After Due Date 479.00