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Affidavit of Probable Cause for Arrest Suspect’s Name: McClanahan, Billy J DOB: 10/06/1967 Offense: Disorderly Conduct/Provoking Assault Victim's Name: Cordova,Jason E DOB: 05/24/1982 CConcisely set forth the facts showing probable cause for each element ofthe offense and thatthe suspect, committed the offense, Case Number: BL 1832700748 am commissioned by the City of Bonney Lake to enforce the laws of the State of Washington and the City of Bonney Lake. This investigation occurred within the city of Bonney Lake, Washington on November 23%, 2018, at approximately 1201. Hours hours the following occurred: Officer Kreider was dispatched to an assault report. Officer Kreider contacted the reported assault victim, Jason Cordova. Cordova reported a confrontation that he just had with a male subject that was later identified as Billy J. McClanahan (DOB 10/06/1967). Cordova reported he had been standing on the traffic median on 208 AVE E just south of SR410 E. Cordova reported he had been holding a large sign indicating he was looking for ‘employment; Cordova denied panhandling. Cordova reported an unknown white male drove by him, yelled his name and said he was "coming for him". Cordova told me he believed the unknown male was going to stop his vehicle and continue the confrontation, so he retrieved his cellular phone and activated the video recording function. Cordova reported the male parked his vehicle and approached him on foot. Cordova said the male was yelling at him for panhandling. Cordova reported the male grabbed his sign, pulled it away from him, and then crumped it up throwing it back at Cordova. Cordova told me he had been video recording the entire incident, Cordova reported the male then swung at him with his right arm, and struck Cordova on his right arm knocking his cellular phone out of his hand and to the ground. Cordova reported no damage to his cellular phone. Cordova reported he was not injured by the assault, and declined medical attention. Cordova reported following the assault, the male suspect retreated back across the roadway to where his vehicle was parked. Cordova reported he followed the suspect back to the vehicle, still video recording, and was able to capture the suspect's vehicle and license plate, The vehicle license plate was WA C01437L which returned to an unknown color 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 registered to Billy J. McClanahan with a residential address of 11504 230 AVE CT E Buckley, WA. Cordova later provided Officer Kreider with the video footage that he captured on his phone. I reviewed the video that was posted to the Police Photo-X Drive of the incident. The video clearly was taken near the traffic median near the intersection of SR 410 and 208th AVE E. At the start of the recorded video I could see a white male wearing khaki pants and a dark Carhart jacket walking aggressively toward Cordova from the direction of the Big Foot, Java on the southwest corner of the intersection. Cordova is clearly standing on the traffic BONNEY LAKE POLICE DEPARTMENT TS4ZT Sumner Buckley Hwy Bonney Lake, WA 98391 Oifice 253-863-2218 Fax 255-863-2661 ‘median between the Shell Gas Station and the Arco on 208th AVE E. The male approaching Cordova clearly states, "Are you are going to video tape me?” The male then points at Cordova and accuses him of panhandling. The male then is observed knocking a sign that Cordova was holding out of his hand while yelling curse words at Cordova accusing him of panhandling even though he has a job. Cordova and the other male then are engaged in a heated argument, At one point it sounds as if an object is thrown to the ground. The two subjects then yelled, "Fuck you," at each other. The camera then captures the other male physically knocking Cordova's cell phone out of his hand and onto the ground. Cordova then picked up the phone as the other male walked away towards a Ram pickup truck parked near the Big Foot Java. Cordova walked over to the sidewalk and continued filming the other male's truck while saying that he was assaulted. The other male then approaches Cordova carrying a black milk crate in his right hand. The other male gets right up into Cordova's face near the camera where you can see his face very clearly. Cordova is heard accusing the male of assaulting him. The male denies that he assaulted Cordova and calls him, "A little bitch," several times, The two males continue to yell at each other while exchanging expletives. Cordova then films himself and seems to be documenting that he was assaulted by a subject, he recognized from a Facebook Page related to a Bonney Lake/Buckley against drugs organization, I compared a DOL photograph of Billy McClanahan to the other male subject on Cordova's video recording. It appeared to me that the other male in the video was McClanahan. | located a phone number for McClanahan and was able to get in touch with him over the phone on November 27th, 2018. McClanahan admitted to me over the phone that he was the othe subject in Cordova's recording. McClanahan told me that Cordova posted the video clip on the Facebook Page, "Anything Goes Bonney Lake." McClanahan told me that he already viewed the video because friends of his told him that they saw it posted there. McClanahan claimed that the video posted on-line did not show the entire confrontation, McClanahan admitted to me that he did physically knock Cordova's cell phone out of his hands because he did not want to be filmed. McClanahan told me that he believed Cordova intentionally set up the confrontation on the median because he told me he saw posts on Facebook from Cordova where he indicated that he was going to sit on the median in this location hoping that someone from MeClanahan's community group would confront him, McClanahan told me that he saw Cordova with his sign on the median and stopped to confront him, McClanahan told me that as he approached Cordova, that Cordova kicked a plastic milk grate at him and that the grate hit him on the leg. McClanahan said he then noticed Cordova recording him and knocked the phone out of his hands. After reviewing the video captured by Cordova several times itis very clear that McClanahan is the primary aggressor in the confrontation between him and Cordova. It is possible that Cordova kicked the plastic milk grate toward McClanahan off of the view of the camera when the camera is pointed at the ground and you can heard an object thrown across the ground at the same time. This occurred after McClanahan already approached and confronted Cordova in an aggressive manner and appeared to happen after McClanahan had already physically knocked Cordova's sign out of his hand. It was clear on the video that Cordova never attempted to de-escalate the encounter and was yelling obscenities back and forth with McClanahan in public that were likely to intensify the confrontation. ‘The entire BONNEY LAKE POLICE DEPARTMENT TSADT Sumner Buckley Hwy Bonney Lake, Affidavit of Probable Cause for Arrest incident and both alleged assaults would have been avoided if McClanahan did not go out of his way to confront Cordova on the median. It was MeClanahan's actions, words and gestures that willfully provoked the entire incident and led to the breach of the peace and subsequent assault allegations made by both subjects. “eri ordetare under penalty of perry under the las ofthe sae of Washington that he oreoing ie rte and correct eara085)" Officer and ID# Robert Hoag #00130 Date: 12/5/2018 Place Signed: Bonney Lake, WA BONNEY LAKE POLICE DEPARTMENT TS4ZT Sumner Buckley Hwy Bonney Lake, WA 98391 Office 253-B6-2218 Pax 253-803-2001