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I. Direction: Write the correct answer on the blank before the number.
_____1. Which pair of words does not rhyme?
a. seat-neat b. full-pair c. high-sky
_____2. If boat rhymes with coat, which word rhymes with fine?
a. shine b. shoes c. see
_____3. Most of my classmates come to school barefooted. Their parents cannot buy them any footwear.
What does barefooted means?
a. with shoes b. without shoes c. with socks
_____4. Why don’t we swap shoes? You like the color of my shoes. I like the color and design of yours.
a. buy b. exchange c. sell
_____5. He _____ want anything bad happen to her.
a. doesn’t b. don’t c. do
_____6. ______ Karen and Rico always help their mother.
a. Do b. Does c. Don’t
_____7. We _____ weaving basket for our exhibit.
a. are b. am c. is
_____8. I love to read. I _____ reading a book of fairy tales now.
a. are b. am c. is
_____9. Jonjon and Jojo _______ putting up the bulletin board.
a. are b. am c. is
_____10. She _____vegetables from the garden every Saturday.
a. gather b. gathers c. gathered
_____11. Andres Bonifacio _________ to earn money for his brothers and sisters.
a. work b. worked c. works
_____12. Rita is industrious. She ______ her room everyday.
a. clean b. cleans c. cleaned
_____13. Last week, Ana _____ in a program for the orphans.
a. dances b. danced c. dance
_____14. I shall see you at the party _______.
a. yesterday b. tonight c. last week
_____15. Glenn’s family ________ their grandfather last week.
a. visited b. visit c. visits.
_____16. They ___________ the Lord for all the blessings that they receive from Him.
a. thank b. thanked c. thanks

_____17. Father give mother a gift last Christmas. Mother _______ father,
a. thank b. thanks c. thanked
_____18. We will go to market ______.
a. last month b. tomorrow c. last Sunday

_____19. The store will open at nine o’clock _______.

a. yesterday b. on Saturday c. last Tuesday
_____20. The laborer _____ very hard to earn money last month.
a. work b. works c. worked

II.A. Read the following sentences. Write C if it is the cause and E if it is the effect.
_____21. The vase was broken
_____ It fell on the floor.
_____22. Mang Celso was very happy.
_____ He won first prize in the contest.
_____23. Aling Eliza believed in God.
_____ Aling Eliza was the luckiest woman.

II.B. Combine these two sentences to make a new one.

24. Trees give us lumber.
Trees give us shade.
25. The moon gives us light at night.
The stars give us light at night.

III. Read the story and answer the question that follow.

One morning, Rico went to the seashore. He saw his father caught a very big fish. It was
bigger and taller than his father. When all of a sudden the fish got off the hook and came out of the
banca. It jumped into the water and went back into the sea again.

_____31. Who went to the seashore?

a. Mother b. Father c. Ronna d. Rico
_____32. When did Rico go to the seashore?
a. one evening b. one morning c. one afternoon d. one night
_____33. Who caught a very big fish?
a. Father b. Mother c. Rico d. Roy
_____34. Where did the fish go?
a. back to the sea b. back to the seashore c. back to the banca d. back to the river
_____35. How did father feel when the fish got off the hook?
a. angry b. excited c. sad d. surprised