The Group Who Couldn’t Say – Grandaddy Intro E / / /|F / / / |F / / / | C / / / | C E / / | F / / / |Fm / / / | C / / / |C / / / | Doo doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doo

doo doo. C A7 Dm G The tale I’m gonna tell is about the group who couldn’t say, F Fm C Together they discovered with each other the perfection of an out-door day. C A7 Dm G They’d won some kind of prize for selling way more stuff than the other guys, F Fm C They were the shrewdest unit movers, so their bosses got ‘em tours of the countryside. Intro C A7 Dm G Holly saw a certain bird but she couldn’t work up any words, F Fm C She kind of lost her shoes and lost her mind then smashed her ‘phone upon a fallen pine. C A7 Dm G Daryl couldn’t talk at all, he wondered how the trees had grown to be so tall, F Fm C He calculated all the height and width and density for insurance purposes. Chorus E F C A7 And at the desktop there’s crying sounds for all the projects due and no-one else is around. Dm G And the sprinklers that come on at 3 a.m. sound like crowds of people asking, G “Are you happy what you’re doing?” Instrumental – C///|A7///|Dm///|G////| F ///| Fm ///| C ///| C ///| x2 Ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah. Chorus C A7 Dm G Becky wondered why she’d never noticed dragonflies. F Fm C Her drag and click had never yielded anything as perfect as a dragonfly. C A7 Dm G And the supervisor stood right in the creek and it felt really good, F Fm C A7 That’s about the time when finally he’d realised the importance of this day. F Fm C A7 That’s about the time he realised that he was with the group that couldn’t say. F G F ///|Fm ///|C They felt so good it hurt, forget the words, they were the group who couldn’t say.

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