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Answer in a sentence or two.

1. describe how starch is partially digested in the mouth.

2. Define
a) Assimilation
b) Rumination
3. what is crimp?
4. define roving
5. What is sericin?
6. Define condensation?
7. what are insulators? give examples .
8. what is Litmus?
9. what is acid rain?
10. due to use of sodium hydroxide?
11. what is an alloy?
12. define galvanisation?
13. what are physical and chemical change?
14. do you mean by climate?
15. what is adaptation?
16. what is monsoon wind?
17. what is an anemometer?
18. give three precautions to be taken during thunderstorm?
19. define weathering.
20. give three characteristic of topsoil?
21. Define respiration?
22. what is function of hair of nostrils?
23. what is transpiration in plants?
24. what is pulse?
25. what are vascular bundles?
26. how does fertilization occur within flower?
27. why is reproduction important?
28. what is a speedometer?
29. what is an odometer?
30. what is speed name its SI unit?
31. what is an electromagnet?
32. what is a solenoid?
33. Differentiate between concave and convex mirror?
34. what is a virtual image?
35. what is drip irrigation?
36. what do you mean by the term groundwater?
37. What is food chain ?give an example.
38. Differentiate between sewage and sewer?
39. which microbe does act on sludge in the sludge digester ?
what is produced in the reaction ? what is its use ?

Give one word answer.

40. Name a plant which is heterotroph?
41. name of parasitic plant.
42. what are the four type of teeth?
43. name the enzyme producing gland located below the
44. the process of cleaning shared scheme.
45. State the normal human body temperature in Celsius and
Fahrenheit scale.
46. Solution that do not change calorie in the Litmus strip.
47. what kind of change take place when you are setting
48. this instrument to measure humidity.
49. the centre of the cyclone?
50. what the important of humus?
51. which layer of soil rich in humus?
52. which type of respiration occur in the absence of
53. Instrument used to measure heartbeat.
54. Write the name of female reproductive part of flower?
55. calculate the time period of Pendulum that complete 20
oscillation in 60 Seconds?
56. write the symbol used for switch and off position?
57. which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in vehicles?
58. what do you call the water that flows through the
surface of the earth?
59. what is source of quinine?
60. the closed tank in which separated plants in decomposed
by the action of anaerobic bacteria?

Answer in 30-40 words:

61. draw a neat diagram of stomata explaining there role?
62. Why are cattle always found giving food?
63. Describe various steps involved in wool production?
64. explain with a diagram how land breeze originate?
65. A Basic and a neutral solution are present in two
different test tube. how can you distinguish them using
turmeric solution?
66. Explain how we can obtain pure and large crystals of
copper sulphate from an impure solution?
67. explain how rain is generated?
68. Write the short note on composition of soil ?
69. Why do we something suffer from muscles cramp while
exercising how can we get relief from this cramps ?
70. How is urine formed?
71. Mention at least three type of Asexual Reproduction with
an example of each ?
72. A bus takes 4 hour to travel from New Delhi to Jaipur
this distance between New Delhi and Jaipur is 28 km what
is the speed of the bus?
73. Explain the working of an electric bell using a diagram?
74. With the help of an experiment show that white light is a
mixture of seven colours light?
75. Write in detail how the forest play an important role in
the maintaining the climate of a place?
76. Classify the following wastage in to by biodraggable and
nonbiodegradable waste .
77. Cotton, plastic bage , grass, broken glass , tin cans
,paper ,faeces , used syrynge ,needle , food remains ,
surgical gloves , sanitary towel.

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