Balaji Telefilms: A Success Story

Case Length : 9 Pages Period : 1994-2010 Pub. Date : 2010 Organization : Balaji Telefilms Ltd Industry : Media, Entertainment & Information Countries : India

Anirban Mazumdar(11074) Finance , sec –B.

Indian Television Industry Contents Abstract Making Waves Starting from Scratch A Recipe for Success Aiming Still Higher Brand Vision and Values Page No. 3 4 7 7 8 9 10 .Issues Strategic Vision.

"I get a kick when people react to the characters I have created. But I've enjoyed myself. in 2001. and examines the strategic vision of Ekta Kapoor.Abstract Balaji Telefilms Ltd. laugh and dream constantly amazes me." "It's been seven years of hard work.. The case explores the factors that led to the company's success.Ekta Kapoor." . Balaji Telefilms. Associate Director. . a public-listed media software production company. The power to make people cry. helped to bring about the transformation of the Indian television industry. the creative genius behind the company.

"Sometimes. a leading television software production company.Making Waves In February 2001. KSBKBT. were swamped with e-mails. However. faxes. for a couple of days you have to shock their taste buds. Similar protests were reported from across the country. the Balaji people emerged as the winners. A group of ladies in Mumbai took out a protest march demanding that the character be brought back to life. Extensively covered in the media.' saw its TRPs . the issue acquired mammoth proportions. “Explaining the reason behind the death of the KSBKBT character. Indian television viewers protested against the plot of a TV serial. which had already overtaken Star's hugely successful gameshow 'Kaun Banega Crorepati. in a totally unprecedented manner. to hold the viewer's attention. the company claimed that this was pre-written in the serial's script. telephones and letters protesting against the 'death' of a popular character from the daily soap 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' (KSBKBT) aired on Star Plus (Star). “ Inspite of all the chaos." Balaji had to bring back the character to life after the mass protests. Ekta said. The offices of Balaji Telefilms (Balaji).

the company rose to unprecedented heights in the late 1990s and 2000s. Balaji Telefilms was incorporated in 1994 and has redefined the Indian television space in this period. . These included Doordarshan. Star network. Balaji's revenues increased by 52% in the fiscal year 2000. while operating profits increased by 102% in the same period. Much before all this. “ Shooting up like never before. Its content library stretched well over 1600 hours of programs with high re-run and dubbing values. affirming the production house's leadership status in the television content production business. Making a strong start with hit shows like “Hum Paanch”. Zee network. The company's turnover was all set to reach Rs 25 crore by 2002 and the programming was expected to go up to 40 hours.5 hours (per week) of programming in 2000 to 33 hours in 2001 and had 18 shows on air across all the leading television channels.“Television Rating Points (TRP's) are measuring tools based on surveys to assess the popularity of television programs. Sony TV and the Sun TV network. Balaji had become a much-talked about company due to its unprecedented success during 2000-01. Balaji had grown from providing 8.

Telegu. Today. motion pictures. the company occupies a dominant space in the television content creation space. Kannada and Malayalam. . bringing in a Group CEO and experienced professional team for driving the future strategic direction of the company. Balaji has also diversified itself into all the 4 screens by bringing in new teams for the motion pictures. including content in Hindi. with blockbuster shows like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki” garnering unheard of TRPs. Tamil. internet and mobile space. they have evolved into a media conglomerate with organizational divisions responsible for television. The company has also evolved with the times and significantly corporatized itself. The performance of the Hindi television channels and the dominance of the Hindi General Entertainment Channel was pioneered by Balaji content and run successfully for over a decade. with the No. From a television content provider. Balaji also entered the motion picture business in the late 1990s. producing and distributing a number of films.1 show on Indian television to its credit and all of its shows among the Top 50 on television.The satellite boom in India can in a sense be said to have been created and led by Balaji. The company has produced over 15.000 hours of television content since its inception. and internet and mobile.

However. telecast on DD Metro. the first serial to be aired was 'Mano Ya Na Mano' on Zee TV in 1995. This was followed by the music-based show 'Dhun Dhamaka'. This was followed by the daily soaps 'Itihaas' .a comedy serial which ran for five years on Zee TV. true success came with 'Hum Paanch' . which was moderately successful.Starting from Scratch Balaji was formed in 1994 as a private limited company. The first two serials produced by the company costing Balaji Rs 25 lakh were rejected by all satellite channels.

. Balaji conducted research and TV shows and viewers. At the same time. These soaps went on to become huge hits. Instead of following this trend. its expenditure was controlled by its investment in high quality studios and equipment. Western-style plots had dominated Indian television soaps. A Recipe for Success Balaji's success was attributed to its early entry into the business and presence in the regional markets. Throughout the 1990s.on Doordarshan. Balaji's research showed that the reach of fiction-based shows was about 60% and that they appealed to women across regions and languages. Balaji was credited for assessing the public demand properly.. Its presence across the spectrum and its cordial relationship with most channels ensured it's continued growth. and 'Kudumbum' (in Tamil) on Sun TV... Aiming Still Higher .

In 2001. Padmalaya Telefilms. Brands Balaji today is a different firm from what it was even one year back. Singapore and Mauritius with their significant NRI population were deemed to become major markets for the company in the future. Punjabi. Balaji was also planning serials in Marathi. Middle East. Balaji began exploring export markets for its content library. ATN International.. UK. The markets in USA. Pioneering widely different genres of content across several distribution media. Galaxy Multimedia. . the firm has completely redefined its brand architecture to reflect these far-reaching changes. The fact that some of the channels were getting into backward integration by starting their own production house did not augur well for production houses like Balaji. Creative Eye. Bengali and Gujarati.. Jain Studios. TV18. The Indian television software industry was highly competitive. However. comprising a few organized and many unorganized players. the ever-increasing number of channels was expected to help the company. Sri Lanka. Canada. Pritish Nandy Communications and Sri Adhikari Brothers were the other major players in the sector.

Hoonur is a recently-launched online portal for media professionals and entertainment consumers. while still reflecting the core values it stands for. youth oriented brand. The Balaji logo will be used for all of its traditional television content. movie. as well as family-oriented. large scale feature films. the Alt Entertainment brand will be used on all content catering to a younger. Envisaged as a cutting-edge. The brand will be used in the online and mobile space both for the entertainment portal and for user generated content. Vision To consistently provide delightful and innovative entertainment experiences by engaging audiences and nurturing talent Values . mobile and internet space. more urban demographic. across the television.The new Balaji logo reflects its fresh new outlook.

we take the initiative to understand what each one of us wants and work together as a team Excellence We push the bar and never settle for second best. . we listen.Storytelling They always delight audiences with our content and the way we deliver it to them Passion We go that extra mile because we love what we do Integrity We are honest and ethical in all our dealings Compassion We care about our people.

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