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Name: Kharisma

No BP: 1710313017


Nina 25-year-old, a housewife, came to the doctor complaining of itching and often
itching at night. Itching is felt between fingers. Armpit,wrists and elbows, the itching on Nina’s
skin gets worse after a week, because it is so itchy that Nina’s skin feels itchy after she has
contact with her siblings. After Nina was examined by a doctor, Nina diagnosed with scabies
which was caused by mites.

*The patient knocks on the door*

Doctor : Good morning and Come on in and have a seat

Patient : Thank You

Doctor : Ok. Hi, my name is dr Risma . and what’s your name?

Patient : i am Nina

Doctor : How old are you?

Patient : I’m 25 years old

Doctor : What do you work as ms?

Patient : i’m a housewife

Doctor : Ok Ms Nina,for me to able to help you today , I need to take a history which will
involve me asking you questions about your health also put your social circumstances. Is that
okay with you?

Patient : It’s okay

Doctor : Before we start , i just want to confirm your details. So Its Nina and you are 25 years
old, and is this your address?

Patient : That’s right

Doctor : Good. So just in your own words tell me what’s brought you in today?

Patient : I have been having problems with my skin.

Doctor : Ok. Would you like to tell me any more detail about what’s been troubling there.

Patient : I felt my skin itchy lately doc.

Doctor : How long have you felt itchy on the skin?

Patient :It’s been once week ago,doctor.

Doctor : Which part on your body that you felt itchy?

Patient : I felt itchy in armpit, fingers, and elbows.

Doctor : Hmm okay. Is that any other complaint?

Patient :Sometimes its feel burn and itchy feel when the night comes.

Doctor : Are your family also feel the same way?

Patient :Yes Doct. Two days ago, my cousin visit my house, after I had occasional contact with
her, i immediately feel the itchy on my fingers.

Doctor : Okay. I already get some information from you. But before i jump to the diagnosis, we
have to do the physical examination. Do you mind to?

Patient : Okay doctor. No problem

Doctor : Please lie down, Mrs. First I will examine your pulse,your blood pressure, your heart
rate and your body temperature. After that I will examine your skin too

(The doctor measure patient’s blood pressure,heart rate and temperature body)

Doctor : Your blood pressure is 110/70 which is normal, your pulse normal, and your temperture
body normal too.

Patient : Okay Dok

(The doctor inpections and palpated her skin)

Doctor : alright. I already check your skin.When I inspection and palpastion, I found redness in
your skin and acne like bumps.

Patient : what should i do?

Doctor : We have finished the physical examination . From what we get on the interviews and
her physical examination, the sign and symptoms that you have skin disease called “Kudis” is
causesd by a small mite. This transmission can be from contact with the sufferer or with animals.
The potential spread rapidly through a handshake or embrace.
Patient: Then how is the treatment doc?

Doctor :For now, I will give you a remedy to resolve itching cream( steroid cream). Then i will
also prescribe oral antihistamin not to feel itching and redness in your skin.You must also
maintain the cleanliness and always wash your hands after doing any activity.

Doctor : Do you have a question Mrs? Or is there something that you didn’t understand yet?

Patient : No, thanks. Thank you very much doctor.

Doctor : You’re welcome. Don’t forget to take your medications regularly and get well soon.

I would to present Mrs Nina, a 25 years old .She felt itchy very hard and redness her skin.
From what we get on the interviews and her physical examination, blood pressure
110/70(normal),temperatur body normal.On examination skin redness on the skin and found
there are small bumps like acne.Skin feels hot,red and blisters. Treatment with steroid cream and
oral antihistamine.


Mrs Nina/25 years old

Bp 110/70

Temperatur body normal

Pulse normal

Heart Rate Normal