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The Scholarship Offering

Section 1. General Description. The Provincial Scholarship Program (PSP) consists of financial assistance from the Provincial Government
of Pangasinan for the college education of poor but deserving graduating high school students.
Section 2. College education, what it consists of. College education consists of completion of work, leading to any four-year or five-year
Bachelor’s degree in any government recognized institution of higher learning in the country.
Section 3. Financial Assistance, what it consists of. The amount of ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) every term or semester, i.e., twice
every academic year, shall be given as financial assistance to the scholar. If the receiving school adopts a trimester program, the
assistance is given at the first and the third trimester. The basis of computation would be the General Weighted Average (GWA)
of the first trimester and the sum of the GWA of the second and third trimesters.
Section 4. Standard for maintaining scholarship benefits
Par. a.) Every scholar must, in every semester of schooling, maintain (1) a full, normal load. Full normal load is the number of unit
load of the scholar every semester as provided for by his/her school’s curriculum; (2) a GWA of eighty-five percent (85%), with no
grade below eighty percent (80%) in all academic and non-academic subjects.
Par. b.) In highly technical courses like Engineering, Architecture and Accountancy, a GWA of eighty-two percent (82%), with no
failing grade in any subject, shall suffice in order to be entitled to the same scholarship benefits for the ensuing semester.
Par. c.) Failure to meet the foregoing standards for any reason terminates the scholarship assistance.
Section 5. Effects of other scholarship grants/ assistance
Par. a.) The scholar who is able to earn academic scholarship or some other kind of educational benefits or privileges from the
school itself, or other private sources, shall still continue to receive the financial assistance from the Provincial Government of
Pangasinan. Where the scholar is a recipient of the Free Tertiary Education benefits for State Colleges and Universities, he/ she
shall continue to receive the financial assistance. He/ She shall be disqualified if he/she receives another scholarship assistance
other than the Free Tertiary Education package.
Par. b.) In case a scholar qualifies for another scholarship from another government agency during his/her term with the PSP, the
scholar will have to choose between the PSP Academic Scholarship or the scholarship coming from the other government agency.
Par.c.) When a scholarship slot is vacated or waived, the PSP Scholarship Committee reserves the right to give it to the applicant
who is next in rank, based on the qualifying examination results. This applies to First Year scholars only.

The Selection Criteria

Section 1. Automatic Qualifiers. Valedictorians or its equivalent of Senior High Schools that are recognized by the Department of Education
shall automatically qualify for the scholarship. They only need to personally apply and meet the standards on family income to
qualify for the scholarship as stipulated under Section 3 of this Article.
Section 2. Automatic Qualifiers from public and private senior high schools, a maximum of two (2) from each school may be qualified
as Automatic Qualifiers, on a “first-to-apply, first-to-be-served” basis.
Section 3. Family Income Standard. The qualifier or candidate for scholarship must belong to a family with an annual combined income of
parents/guardians of not more than one hundred fifty thousand pesos (P150, 000.00).
Section 4. Other Qualified Applicants. Other Senior High School Graduates with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of eighty-five percent
(85%) or its equivalent are qualified to apply for the qualifying examination. High School graduates of A.Y. 2015-2016 are also
qualified to apply provided that they are enrolled in the college/ university bridging program. In all cases, the applicants must be
residents of Pangasinan, except Dagupan City, for at least one (1) year.

Forfeiture of Benefit

Section 1. The scholar will lose his/her scholarship in any of the following:
Par. a.) When he/she fails to meet the grade requirement.
Par. b.) When he/she fails to enroll during the term or semester he/she is qualified.
Par. c.) When he/she, for any reason, stops schooling for one (1) term or one (1) semester.
Par. d.) When he/she fails to submit his/her grade requirements for one (1) term or one (1) semester
Par. e.) When he/she avails of another government scholarship assistance other than the Free Tertiary Education package.
Section 2. Exemption. A scholar, particularly enrolled in highly competitive quota courses like the B.S. Accountancy program, but with
passing GWA and with no failing grade in any subject, may shift to a related course in the same school, subject however to the
PSPMEEC’s review and approval.

Submission of Application Requirements

Section 1. All applicants should personally submit the complete application requirements to the PSPMEEC, Office of the Governor
Administrative Services Division, 2nd Floor Capitol Building, Lingayen, Pangasinan.
Section 2. For A.Y 2019-2020, there are thirty (30) slots for Automatic Qualifiers. Submission of application requirements will be on a “first-
to-apply, first-to-be-served” basis. Deadline is on April 12, 2019. Certificate of Honors from the School Head shall suffice, complete
requirements to follow.
Section 3. The deadline of submission of application requirements for A.Y. 2019-2020 Qualifying Examination is on April 12, 2019.
(No Extension)

Date and Place of Examination

Section 1. The PSPMEEC will administer the academic scholarship examination on April 27, 2019 at the Pangasinan National High School,
Social Hall in Lingayen for Divisions of Pangasinan I, Alaminos City and San Carlos City and at the Juan G. Macaraeg National
High School, Social Hall in Binalonan for Divisions of Pangasinan II & Urdaneta City.

Section 2. Only the first top one hundred fifty (150) among the examinees will be accommodated to enjoy the scholarship assistance.

Note: PSPMEEC Academic Scholarship Application Form may be reproduced. Page 1 of 3 (January 30, 2019)
PSPMEEC Form No. 1




I wish to apply for college scholarship assistance and enroll at _____________________________________________

(Name of school and address)

for the course _____________________________________________________ effective Academic Year 2019-2020.

In support to my application, attached are the following documents:

1. Senior High School Report Card (certified photocopy)

2. Medical Certificate from a government physician (original copy)
3. Duplicate copy of Income Tax Return (ITR) of Parent/Guardian or Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal
Revenue (BIR) if parent/guardian is exempted from tax (original copy)
4. Certificate of Scholarship Eligibility (PSPMEEC Form No. 2)
5. Individual Information Sheet (PSPMEEC Form No. 3) with recent picture [Taken within the last six (6) months]

I hereby authorize the Provincial Scholarship Program Management, Evaluation and Excellence Committee (PSPMEEC)
or its duly authorized representative, to investigate all facts concerning my skills, habits, character, background and such other
information pertinent to my qualifications.

I understand that any misrepresentation, falsification or any omission of such fact, of whatever nature, required by this application
shall be considered a sufficient cause for denial of my application or termination of my scholarship privileges if already granted.

If accepted, I promise to abide by the rules and regulations, as embodied in the provisions of the Guidelines for PSP for Highly-
Competent College Students, which I have read and fully understood.

(Applicant’s Signature over Printed Name)

(Name and Address of School Graduated)


PSPMEEC Form No. 2


This is to certify that _________________________________________________________ is a candidate for graduation

(Name of applicant)

from _____________________________________________________________________ on _____________________________

(Name of school and address) (Date of graduation)

under the __________________________________ and meets all the requirements for graduation.
(Academic Track/ Strand)

This is to certify further that he/she is of good moral character.

He/ She is a recipient of the following academic and non-academic awards and citations:






(Signature over Printed Name)
School Head of Applicant


Note: PSPMEEC Academic Scholarship Application Form may be reproduced. Page 2 of 3 (January 30, 2019)
PSPMEEC Form No. 3
photo here
(Taken within the last
six months)

Name: ___________________________________________Age: ______________Gender: _______

Directions: Give what is being called for as accurately and honestly as you can. Any misrepresentation may disqualify you for
the scholarship. PART III should be accomplished with the help of your parents or guardians.

1. Date of Birth_________________________ Place of Birth____________________________________
2. Present Address _____________________________________________________________________
3. Contact Number/s: ___________________________________________________________________
4. No. of years of stay in the present address_________________________________________________
1. Name and address of secondary school __________________________________________________
2. Classification of High School Curriculum
/_____/General /_____/Vocational /_____/Special Program (Pls. specify) _____________________
3. Date of Graduation __________________________________________________________________
4. Academic Honors Received ___________________________________________________________
5. Non-Academic Honors Received _______________________________________________________
6. Special Talents and Skills _____________________________________________________________
1. Father’s Name __________________________________ Occupation __________________________
Gross Income per month ______________________________________________________________
Amount of Income Tax paid for previous year ______________________________________________

2. Mother’s Name__________________________________ Occupation __________________________

Gross Income per month ______________________________________________________________
Amount of Income Tax paid for previous year ______________________________________________

3. Guardian’s Name (if applicable)__________________________________ Occupation _____________

Gross Income per month ______________________________________________________________
Amount of Income Tax paid for previous year ______________________________________________

4. What do you like to be someday? _______________________________________________________

What does your father like you to be? ____________________________________________________
What does your mother like you to be? ___________________________________________________
What do your teachers like you to be? ____________________________________________________
What do your friends like you to be? _____________________________________________________

5. How many brothers and sisters do you have? ______________________________________________

How many are studying? ______________________________________________________________
Elementary: ______Junior High School: ________Senior High School ________College: ___________

6. What other means of income does your family have aside from those mentioned in questions 1 and 2.
Please list them below:
Other Sources of Income Monthly Income
________________________ _______________________
________________________ _______________________

7. In at least 50 words, state your reason for applying for this college scholarship.






to the foregoing are true and correct.

___________________________________ _________________________________________
(Applicant’s signature above printed name) (Parent’s/Guardian’s signature above printed name)

_______________ _______________
(Date) (Date)

Note: PSPMEEC Academic Scholarship Application Form may be reproduced. Page 3 of 3 (January 30, 2019)