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Trinity Lutheran Church Mark Hallonquist, Interim Pastor Monticello, MN

February, 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk

The young sophomore in Religion over for him; it will be like being born lieves in him may have eternal life. For
101 says to the teacher, “I will not again. But Nicodemus still doesn’t get God so love the world that he gave his
believe in the existence of what has it. He yearns for it, yet he is afraid to only son, that whoever believes in him
never been seen. We are creatures of let go. “How can these things be,” he should not perish but have eternal life.
reason, you know.” The teacher re- asks. How can thousands of years of For God sent the Son into he world, not
sponds, “Have you ever been to law, and tradition and interpretation to condemn the world, but that the
France?” “Well, no, but other people be wrong? How can they be cast aside? world might be saved through him.”
have. So I believe there is a country Jesus responds, “You’re a teacher Isra-
Jesus then compared that sign
called France based on their testimo- el and you don’t understand these
of salvation to himself. He, too, would
ny.” “Ah,” said the teacher, “so you things?” And there it is. His worst fear
be lifted up – it would be on a cross –
will only believe in what you or anoth- is exposed; his own failure as a true
and this cross would be another sign of
er has seen.” “Exactly.” “Have you ever son of Abraham. He was a teacher of
salvation and deliverance for God’s
seen your brains?” “No, sir.” “Have you Israel, and yet his did not even get the
people. Being born again, being born
ever met anyone who has seen them?” basics
anew, being born from above, happens
“No, sir.” “Do you believe you have How much do we have in com- to us through the crucifixion. It’s a
any?” mon with Nicodemus? There may be gift. God’s love required it. It isn’t
some of us that think we are alone in something we earned, or brought
Have you ever been in a situa- our darkness; or our shame; or our about, or made ourselves worthy to
tion like that – where you were abso- guilt. Maybe there are some of us who receive. No, in answer to our guilt, or
lutely sure of something, totally con- thought we had it all together, only to our shame, or our confusion or sense of
vinced, and then realized you weren’t find that we didn’t have it together at inadequacy, our doubts and questions,
so sure after all? I wonder if Nicode- all. Maybe there are some of us search- and our sin, God “gave his only Son….”
mus didn’t have a sinking feeling like ing for something to make things
that as he went to see Jesus, under make sense – we have scanned the self
the cover of darkness that night. After -help shelves, tried medication after
all, he is described as one of the ruling medication, read and studied and at-
elite. To all appearances he had ar- tended a lot of therapy. Maybe we’ve
rived. He knew the law and the proph- received approval from bosses and
ets. He knew how to participate in teachers; been assured we are im-
those lively and energetic rabbinical portant to the organization. But there
debates. And yet, God seemed at a is still something missing.
distance to this learned, lifelong mem-
ber of the community of faith. Why? In leading Nicodemus to em-
And why did he come to Jesus at brace something new about God –
night? Was he ashamed? Was he wor- something he probably already knew
ried about what his friends would but had been crusted over by too much
think of him talking to this nontradi- tradition and too much “this is the way
tional rabbi who was rattling the cage we’ve always done it” – Jesus referred
so much? back to Moses and the people’s wan-
dering the wilderness. He reminded
Jesus recognizes his confu- Nick about an episode when Moses
sion, and his longing to have a deeper erected a totem pole to focus the peo-
connection. He tells Nicodemus that ple’s faith: “As Moses lifted up the ser-
embracing his new teaching about pent in the wilderness, so must the son
God’s kingdom will be like starting all of man be lifted up, that whoever be-
President Greetings Trinity,
Marc Jacobson
Our Annual Meeting is behind us and we are moving forward to what I think will be
a wonderful year. We had enough people in attendance at the Annual Meeting to
have an official quorum. Thanks to everyone who fought the brutal cold and attend-
ed the meeting.
Two members were voted to serve on the council, they are Steve Torbit and Alyssa
Olson; please join me in welcoming them. I am excited to get to know Steve and Alyssa more and look
forward to their ideas and input to help our congregation and church grow.
Annie Savage gave us an update on the Call Process; the Committee is starting second interviews in the
next couple of weeks.
Let us all work together and with God’s help; we will make 2019 another amazing year here at Trinity.
God Bless.
Marc Jacobson

In Need Of Prayers
Feb. 3 Jackie Dye
Pray for one another that you Feb. 10 Marilyn Stickfort
may be healed (James 5:16b). Feb. 17 Judy Hayungs
Feb. 24 Judy Harn

Karen Wickline Joan Rohloff

Rebecca Florek Becky Grabski USHERS
Ki Orre Lance Gubrud READERS
Feb. 3 Steve & Janet Bromberg Janet Bromberg
Loyal Dudley Denny Holker Feb. 10 Phil & Ollie White Steve Fuchs
Merilee Heuchert Larry Peterson Feb. 17 Ketzel & Deb Domke Ketzel Domke
Jim Thorpe Darla Berry Feb. 24 Gayle Poepping & Raymond Gayle Poepping
Barb Thorpe Buddy Kalprin
Mary Jo Carr Sara Freiday
Frederick Petrich Natalie Myrick
James Given Sam Clement
Nancy Axelson

Sock, Mitten, Hat, Scarf Tree

(Even undies)
We have a nice pair of suede ladies gloves. Tan
with Schering lining.
We are once again collecting items for the Place of Hope in Also a black zip sweatshirt jacket. On the back it
St. Cloud! They have men, women and kids staying at the says, “Wear Your Crown Like a Boss”. This has
shelter at any time. Remember since the people are home-
less, they wear out socks very quickly from doing a lot of
been at Trinity for some time.
walking. A warm hat and scarf can mean the difference
between frostbite and not. Mittens too! Warm blankets
are also welcome.
There is a box by the coffee rack to place the items.We
all know how the weather has been, and we would hate to
be without warm gloves, hat, etc.

The Social Ministry committee meets the

Frist Sunday of the month during Fellowship
hour. Since that is the Sunday they serve
coffee and treats, they meet in the kitchen.
They are always looking for new members
to their committee, so if interested, talk to
Kim Kjellberg, or just show up for the meeting. Make a Valentine wish come true for a choc-
olate farmer this year! When you purchase
Committee Members: Kim Kjellberg, Jan Hopkins, Merry Equal Exchange Fair Trade chocolates and
Briner, Joan Rohloff, Darlene Solberg, Steve & Linda Ray, coffees, a farmer can give his children the
gift of an education! Think of these gifts for
Deb Domke, Kristina Kjellberg, and Alyssa Olson.
your friends this season!


Think warm meals! Soups, chili, “Helper” meals, tea, coffee

and cocoa. Give thanks for your meals and give to those with-
Time to start thinking ahead. The soup supper will be start- out. We need to help fill up the food shelf! When mes are
ing on Ash Wednesday March 6 and continue for 7 weeks hard, those with the lowest margin of safety descend into pov-
ending on Maundy Thursday. We need the help of the erty. There is lots of need all year.
youth in the congregation to help with setup, serving and Please do what you can to replenish with food (dropped at
clean-up every Wednesday. Donations go to help offset food shelf, or our barrel in the narthex), or a cash donaon.
part of the cost of going on the canoe trip this summer. You can label a pew envelope “Food Shelf” and put it in the
Soup will be served at 6:00pm this year so come after offering plate.
school and help setup. We need desserts donated from
families and friends in the congregation as well. My One dollar can buy seven meals with the Help Center dis-
grandson Cory and his wife Jessica will be helping me with counts. They can get far more for the dollar through Second
the cooking again this year. Any questions contact Larry Harvest, etc.
Kounkel at 612-839-4090.


Trinity Website:

Tech Commiee techcommiee @

Trinity e-mail:

Trinity Phone: 763-295-2092

Pastor Marc (cell) 612-810-1518

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6. We will
worship at 7:00 pm with confession, imposition of Ellen Bjornlie (Home) 763-295-5653
ashes and Holy Communion. (Cell) 612-810-1697

Midweek Lenten worship services will be offered Ketzel Domke (Cell) 612-598-0437
on the following Wednesdays, also at 7:00. for our
liturgy we will return to "Unfailing Light," an even- OFFICE HOURS:
ing service of Holy Communion. Monday-Thursday
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

HOSPITAL AUXILLARY It is that time of the year again when the Trinity
AMERICAN RED CROSS Lutheran Women have their bake-less bake sale.
BLOOD DRIVE Instead of baking something, you contribute mon-
ey to Trinity Lutheran Women to help with their
projects during the year.
Wed., February 20th, 2019 Please print fill out this form, and place it and
1:00-7:00 p.m. your check in the offering plate the next time you
are in church. Make your checks payable to:
You can set your own appointment
by visiting their website Trinity Lutheran Women
(enter Sponsor Code: Monticello Community NAME:_________________________________
or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS).
The need is constant.
The gratification is instant. Thank you for your support!!
Give Blood!

God’s Angels - “JammerTime”

(Parent’s “Date Night”)

The following youth will be

receiving their First Communion
WHEN: Friday, February 8th, 2019 on Sunday, February 3rd with

WHERE: Trinity Lutheran Church their families.

Adam Brenny Will Savage
WEAR: your favorite cozy jammies
Zachary Horst Alivia Voss
TIME: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Kira Kalway Olyvia Yonak
WHAT TO BRING: wear your cozy jammies, Cayden Kalway
bring a bag lunch, a blankie and a bed-time

WE’LL PROVIDE: games, fun, crafts, faith, tat- Congratulations to all of you!
toos, fellowship, fun, PG movie, friendship,
snacks and more fun!

WHO: K-6th graders – friends are welcome!!

PLEASE sign your child(ren) up on the sign us

sheet on the Youth table. Call the church office,
or Linda Elstad @ 612-701-7024 to reserve a
spot. Parents: Start making your “Date” plans!
February 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2
Office Closed 9:00 Refit Class
9:00 First Commun-
ion Class
2:00 Bill Capistrant’s
5:00 Iglesia Shalom Funeral

5:00 Iglesia Shalom


3 4th Sunday 4 5 6 7 8 9
After Epiphany
Holy Communion 9:00 Bible Study 9:00 Faithfully Fit 9:00 Ruth Circle Office Closed 9:00 Refit Class
5:45 Refit Class 10:00 Staff Mtg. 7:00 7th, 8th, 9th 5:45 Refit Class
9:00 Worship 7:00 Men’s Group 2:00 Welcome/ Confirmation 6:00 Trinity Choir
First Communion Outreach 6:30-9:00 God’s
5:30 Girl Scouts Angel’s “Jammer 5:00 Iglesia Shalom
10:00 Fellowship/SCS 5:45 Refit Class Time” (Parent’s Service
10:00 Social Ministry Date Night)
2:00 Iglesia Shalom

10 5th Sunday 11 12 13 14 15 16
After Epiphany
9:00 Bible Study 9:00 Faithfully Fit 5:45 Refit Class Office Closed 9:00 Refit Class
9:00 Worship 10:00 Staff Mtg. 1:30 Rebecca Circle 6:00 Trinity Choir
10:00 Fellowship/SCS 5:45 Refit Class 5:45 Refit Class 6:00 Cub Scouts 6:00 Cub Scouts
10:00 Worship/Music 7:00 Church Council 7:00 7th, 8th, 9th 5:00 Iglesia Shalom 5:00 Iglesia Shalom
2:00 Iglesia Shalom Confirmation Service

17 6th Sunday 18 19 20 21 22 23
After Epiphany
Holy Communion
5:45 Refit Class 9:00 Bible Study 9:00 Faithfully Fit 5:45 Refit Class Office Closed 9:00 Refit Class
9:00 Worship 7:00 Men’s Group 10:00 Staff Mtg. 7:00 7th, 8th, 9th 6:00 Trinity Choir
10:00 Fellowship/SCS 5:45 Refit Class Confirmation 6:00 Cub Scouts
2:00 Iglesia Shalom
Service 5:00 Iglesia Shalom 5:00 Iglesia Shalom

24 7th Sunday 25 26 27 28
After Epiphany

9:00 Worship 5:45 Refit Class 9:00 Bible Study 9:00 Faithfully Fit 5:45 Refit Class
Baptism 10:00 Staff Mtg. 7:00 7th, 8th, 9th 6:00 Trinity Choir
10:00 Fellowship/SCS 2:30 Service @ Confirmation
2:00 Iglesia Shalom Care Center
Forty Days – Forty Items
Wednesday, March 6th is the first day of Lent. We have a challenge for you!
Each day of Lent, remove one item from one of your closets that you no longer want or need and put it into a trash bag.
At the end of the forty days, donate the items to a place that can share them with people who can really use them! For a
real challenge, give each member of the family their own bag!
Ask a Social Ministry member if you need ideas of where to donate your items. Think Help Center and Warm clothes
drive for the Homeless.


It was suggested by Pastor John Hulden from the Mpls. Area Synod, to the Call Committee at their first meet-
ing, that Trinity Church possibly search for a 3/4 time Pastor. The process has been going smoothly, and they
are having thorough discussions.
The Call committee has completed the first round of interviews in early December, and before Christmas, and
will be starting the second round of interviews in the next few weeks.
At the November 13th, 2018 Church Council meeting a motion was made to offer the Pastor elect two options
for housing: Option A-including the Parsonage, or Option B- without the Parsonage. The motion passed by all.



(confession, imposition of ashes and Holy Communion)
March 6, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Soup Supper—6:00 p.m.

(Following Wednesdays)

7:00 p.m.
“Unfailing Light”
An evening service of Holy Communion.

Soup Supper—6:00 p.m. each Wed.

Confirmation students are required to take part
as there will be no classroom work during lent.