What should be considered by network designers when customers require both VoD and streaming video in their daily operations? A live stream of video data packets is prioritized by default on the network. The store-and-forward method of viewing VoD increases the load on system resources. Placement of video storage servers inside a server farm facilitates traffic management in a network. Multicast routing must be enabled throughout the network to send VoD to specific users who request a video. 18 A company is concerned with protecting internal e-commerce servers against external attacks. An application layer firewall is installed at the network edge and a host-based IDS system is installed on the internal LAN. What should be done to ensure a fast response and minimum server downtime in the event of an external attack? Replace the host-based IDS with an IPS. Place the e-commerce servers in a DMZ. Install a logging server to monitor all attacks. Replace the application layer firewall with a stateful one.


Refer to the exhibit. What three actions will R1 take after receiving a frame from host H1 which is destined for host H2? (Choose three.) The data frames will be forwarded out interface FastEthernet 0/1 of R1. No data frames will be forwarded out of either FastEthernet interface of R1. Router R1 will replace the destination IP address of the packets with the IP address of host H2. Router R1 will place the MAC address of host H2 in the destination MAC address of the frames. Router R1 will place the MAC address of the forwarding FastEthernet interface in the place of the source MAC address. Router R1 will place the IP address of the forwarding FastEthernet interface in the place of the source IP address in the packets. 23 Which technical requirement is satisfied when providing QoS for delay sensitive applications? availability manageability scalability security

If the MAC address of this Ethernet interface is 01-1C-70-CF-B4-30. Based on the output of the show version command. which statement accurately describes the ability of the router to run the Cisco IOS image selected? There is enough DRAM and flash.Refer to the exhibit. 0 4 A network administrator is configuring a router interface with the command R1(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:DB8:C18:1::/64 eui-64.scribd. in what mode does the boot process end? setup mode user mode . There is not enough DRAM but there is enough There is not enough DRAM and flash.) IPSec yes tunneling yes dual stack authentication anycast addressing header simplification 2If a router is unable to find a suitable IOS to load into RAM. what is the host identifier for this interface under EUI-64 format? 11C:7000:00CF:B430 11C:70FE:FECF:B430 11C:70FF:FECF:B430 11C:70FF:FFCF:B430 http://www. flash. There is enough DRAM but not enough flash. The network administrator wishes to use the Cisco Feature Navigator to choose a Cisco IOS image to install on a router that will allow VoIP functionality.scribd.com/doc/15447599/CCNA-DISCOVERY-MOD-4-FINAL-ANSWERS http://www.com/doc/39172896/CCNA-Final-Exam-4-0 1Which two processes allow a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6? (Choose two.

What can the field engineer conclude about the EIGRP authentication between Router A and RouterB? Authentication will fail because only one key is configured.rommon mode yes privileged mode 3Which two pieces of information are needed before an IOS image may be loaded on a router from a TFTP server? (Choose two. Authentication will fail because the key chain names do not match. What two features or technologies must the network designer identify as training needs in order for the staff to understand the basic operation of VPNs? (Choose two. Authentication will succeed and EIGRP updates can be exchanged. Authentication will fail because the key chain names must match the router name What can be broadcast over the wireless network to help a user connect to the network and use wireless services? SSID YES WEP keys VLAN parameters WPA encryption keys VPN authentication information A company has an IT staff that is not highly trained.) the IP address of the TFTP server Y the current name of the IOS image on the router the operating system of the TFTP server the name of the configuration file in NVRAM the name of the IOS image on the TFTP server Y encapsulation of the router interface that is connected to the TFTP server 4 Refer to the exhibit.) access control lists encryption algorithms Frame Relay configuration QoS operation tunneling protocols .

When questioned. What design requirement is being satisfied by this situation? availability manageability security scalability 27What are two suggested best practices to implement when securing network devices? (Choose two. the account manager should do nothing An administrator is adding voice and video service capabilities to an existing network. Enable SSH and disable Telnet. a portion of the company backbone will be increased to 10 Gb/s and needs to support unequal cost load balancing between routers. Inform the customer that the project cannot be completed given the unreasonable budget constraints. Which routing protocol should be selected for the network? BGP EIGRP OSPF RIPv2 A customer of a large multisite organization has asked a network engineer to compare a new IPv4 addressing strategy with an IPv6 strategy for their new network implementation.) Configure VLAN 1 as the native VLAN. Which action will help the company accomplish this goal? Assign to each server a static internal IP address that is mapped statically to a public IP address. Assign addresses from a pool of public Class B addresses using DHCP. Communicate any risks that are associated with the equipment substitution and obtain customer approval to proceed. Which action should the account manager take? Inform the customer that the project budget must be increased. the systems engineer responds that the switches specified by the designer cannot be purchased within the budget limitations of the customer. Which tool is appropriate for testing and comparing both addressing schemes? NBAR Cisco SDM Network Assistant network simulation tool . Consolidate guest traffic and internal employee traffic. The IP addressing scheme is also changing and needs to support VLSM and CIDR. Place all servers in their own Class C private subnet. Ensure that logs are stored locally on routers The network infrastructure at the headquarters of an organization consists of Cisco network devices that are running RIPv1. Provide a private address to each server using DHCP. Disable unused ports on switches. an account manager of the network solution company realizes that the systems engineer included a switch with lower cost and reduced capabilities for the access layer than was originally specified by the network designer. less capable equipment. As part of an upgrade project. During a review of the proposed bill of materials. Because the customer is probably aware that the budget limitations will require lower cost.VLAN configuration A large company plans to add several servers and requires that the servers be reachable directly from the Internet.

1.1 35 on a router? (Choose two. A Layer 2 address is statically mapped to a Layer 3 address.1.10.) allows connectivity between different VLANs provides reliable connectivity to the end user reduces the number of required redundant links results in fewer IP subnets to configure and manage enables traffic filtering that is based on subnet addresses 15During the boot process and assuming the default sequence.1. Router BRT uses DLCI 35 to forward data to 10.10.1.) The remote router updates the Frame Relay map table with DLCI 35 to reach the 10.) Frame Relay Layer 2 address one DLCI allowed per local loop locally significant circuit endpoint signaling standard between DTE and DCE establishes the data transfer rate through a Frame Relay network 17 At which layer in hierarchical network design should ACLs be implemented? core layer access layer .1 into the Frame Relay map table via the use of DLCI 35. What best describes the function of QoS in data networks? prioritizes data traffic over all other types of traffic increases bandwidth on a link to ensure voice quality provides preferred service to specified network traffic automatically assigns the highest priority to web and database traffic 14What are two advantages of using Layer 3 devices instead of Layer 2 switches at the distribution layer of a hierarchical network? (Choose two. what is the second location where the router will look for the IOS? ROM flash NVRAM TFTP server 16 What are two accurate descriptors of a DLCI? (Choose two.1.1. DLCI 35 replaces the MAC address in the ARP table for entry 10.10. Inverse ARP is used to add an entry for 10.1.0 network.10.Which two statements accurately describe the result of entering the command BRT(config-if)# frame-relay map ip 10.10.

Place all servers in their own Class C private subnet. Heavy network traffic will be handled best by using a dedicated device Which task would typically only require services that are located at the access layer of the hierarchical design model? placing a VoIP call to a business associate in another country connecting to the corporate web server to update sales figures . Why would the designer use a dedicated firewall rather than using the Cisco IOS firewall feature set on the existing router? Traffic filtering is needed on the internal LAN. which two features or technologies must the network designer identify as training needs? (Choose two. The account manager proposes a change to a Frame Relay network because the costs are lower. Provide a private address to each server using DHCP. Create three separate point-to-point subinterfaces on the serial interface and assign a different subnet IP address to each one. Which action will help the company accomplish this goal? Assign to each server a static internal IP address that is mapped statically to a public IP address. The DMZ requires packet filtering and port blocking. The customer network uses RIPv2 as the routing protocol within both the LAN and the WAN. Multiple levels of access to the network are needed.network layer distribution layer presentation layer 18In order for the IT staff of a company to understand the basic operation of VPNs. disable split horizon on the serial interface. Assign addresses from a pool of public Class B addresses using DHCP The main office of a NetworkingCompany customer currently connects to three branch offices via three separate point-to-point T1 circuits. Configure the serial interface with a single interface DLCI number and create frame-relay map statements for each remote site address A network designer has chosen to specify the use of a dedicated firewall appliance at the perimeter of a large network. How can the main office edge router be configured to enable the customer to continue to use RIP as the WAN routing protocol? Enable Inverse ARP on the serial interface in order to learn the routes to the IP addresses of the remote routers To prevent the Frame Relay network from causing a routing loop. A single local loop connection can be installed at the main office with three separate PVCs to connect the branch offices.) IPv6 tunneling QoS operation tunneling protocols VLAN configuration encryption algorithms A large company plans to add several servers and requires that the servers be reachable directly from the Internet.

What is the benefit of using RSTP rather than STP in this situation? Redundant links are not blocked. Fewer redundant links are required to maintain connectivity.using a VPN from home to send data to the main office server farm responding to an e-mail from a co-worker in another department printing a meeting agenda on a local departmental network printer A new WIC is installed in an available router slot. At what point during the router startup process does the router test the card for hardware problems? after the configuration from NVRAM is loaded into RAM after the configuration from NVRAM is loaded into ROM when the bootstrap program is loaded into RAM during the POST What is a function that is associated with the access layer in a hierarchically designed network? performs routing and packet manipulation supplies redundancy and failover protection provides a high-speed.) packet filtering . Spanning Tree convergence times are reduced. Routing tables converge more quickly. What is the spanning-tree role of all the enabled interfaces of SW11? Alternate Backup Designated Root The network designer recommends using RSTP in the design of a new data center. low-latency backbone serves as a network connection point for IP telephony devices Refer to the exhibit. There are multiple redundant Layer 2 switches and links contained in the new design. 39Which three characteristics are associated with the core layer of the Cisco hierarchical network design? (Choose three.

uses the higher bandwidth tunnel. After the administrator makes the change and reboots the router.high availability monitoring of DMZ traffic use of EtherChannel redundant components high-level policy enforcement 40What type of system connects to the PSTN and uses a PBX to route calls via analog or digital lines? VPN VoIP IP telephony traditional telephony Which statement best describes the VPN feature called split tunneling? It creates separate pathways for different VLANs It creates two tunnels. The administrator probably configured the wrong IP address for the serial interface . According to the output. the technician issues a show interfaces serial 0/0/0 command. The administrator probably configured the wrong password. such as voice and video. The administrator has not issued a no shut command on the serial interface. one for user traffic and one for management traffic such as CDP and SNMP. It allows user traffic that is destined for the corporate network to travel across the VPN tunnel. It allows separate tunnels so that high priority traffic. while traffic destined for the Internet travels through the local LAN of the VPN client. while all other user traffic travels on the lower bandwidth tunnel Refer to the exhibit. what can be concluded about the serial connection between the client site and ISP site? The router at the client site is still in the process of rebooting. A technician at the ISP site asks the network administrator at the client site to change the CHAP password as part of the routing security maintenance.

The plan is to replace old routers gradually with the latest Cisco routers. Placement of subnets and route summarization can be verified. The current network infrastructure contains both Cisco and non-Cisco routers.) Address configuration errors can be corrected using out-of-band connections. It provides real-time monitoring of a production network . An engineer can test physical security without leaving the office or lab.) BGP OSPF RIPv1 RIPv2 EIGRP What is meant by "tunneling" in the context of migrating from IPv4 to IPv6? obtaining IPv6 addresses from an IPv4 DHCP server allowing both protocol stacks to run on the same network device encapsulating one protocol packet within another protocol enabling direct communication between hosts that use different versions of the IP protocol What are two advantages of using a simulation tool to test an IP addressing scheme? (Choose two.A network administrator is asked to upgrade the enterprise network devices and to modify the addressing scheme to support VLSM and route summarization. The addressing scheme can be tested for scalability. The effects of combining new with existing infrastructure can be measured. Which two routing protocols can the administrator use to support both upgrading requirements? (Choose two.

44/28 192.32/28 192.Refer to the exhibit. the engineer provides a training session for the support staff. Verify the free space available on the router to store the new IOS image .1. What IP address should be assigned to this new host?192.55/28 54A network engineer is at a customer site.1/26 192. Which job function best fits the activities of this network engineer? network designer account manager pre-sales engineer post-sales field engineer 55A network administrator has removed a router from the network for maintenance.168.168.168. Router R1 is attached to the switch via a trunk and is configured as shown.1. Copy the new IOS into NVRAM to create a backup copy.1.168. Restart the router and verify that the new image starts successfully.1.31/28 192.168. After resolving technical problems in the network.1. A new host needs to be connected to the switch and be assigned to VLAN 3. A new Cisco IOS software image has been successfully downloaded to a server and copied into the flash of the router. What should the administrator do before placing the router back into service? Delete the previous version of the Cisco IOS software from flash.

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