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Press Release on behalf of Ayyad Brothers Enterprises, LLC.

Press Release:

“We do appreciate the time spent by Judge Kyle in reviewing the legal and factual arguments
presented at the summary judgment hearing on January 10, 2019. We respectfully disagree with
Judge Kyle’s factual analysis as well as the applicable case law directly on the rights of the
Tenant to engage in a business which meets all Federal, State and local requirements. We don’t
believe that the Order issued is supported by current case law or the actual contractual
language in the Lease and as such should not result in a finding of Eviction under the Lease.

We further assert that our opinion is that such Order is clearly not appropriate to be entered at a
Summary Judgment hearing by granting eviction on a lease in which the facts are challenged
and the Florida law on point supports the position of the Tenant.

Lastly, it needs to be pointed out that the Tenant is in full compliance with Federal, state and
local laws allowing it to operate, in compliance with all monetary obligations under the lease
and each and every other lease covenant, with the only claimed breach of the lease is that the
use of the lease premises for music and entertainment is specifically prohibited by the lease and
any such use results in the ability by the Landlord to seek equitable relief to evict the tenant.

With that said the Defendant, the Ayyad Brothers Enterprise, LLC will be filing an appeal to the
Second District Court of Appeals to request that such Summary Judgment ruling be reversed on
a host of legal and factual arguments.

We are cognizant that the political climate surrounding the operations of the Fly Restaurant and
Lounge has resulted in a belief that such restaurant and lounge cannot be operated legally.
Further we recognize law enforcement is concerned over the clientele and the specific type of
shows and entertainment being offered while at the same time a nightclub in the very same
center offering entertainment and acts is not the subject of the same scrutiny, in our opinion.

Notwithstanding our belief in the ability of the Tenant to legally conduct its business and engage
in lawful commerce, and out of respect for and in order to address the concern of law
enforcement, the Tenant has already retained an experienced and qualified former local law
enforcement officer who has the background and skills to create a revised premises security
plan. This security plan will address law enforcement concerns and also proactively address and
remedy the issues which has caused such public scrutiny and negative press and the resultant
actions by the Landlord.

The goal of the Tenant is to continue to engage in lawful commerce and to remain in compliance
with all Federal, state and local laws, be compliant with all obligations under the Lease and
work in harmony with law enforcement to address any security concerns either inside or outside
the lease premises”