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Scottish Charity 020762 January 2019

Jack Kane Community Centre

Jumping in to January

新年快樂 xīn nián kuài lè

“Each day of the New Year is like a page of a book – potent with
lessons and adventures thereby creating memories to last you a
lifetime. “

Let’s Begin with

A New Year brings exciting a Thank You
adventures. “Thank you for
Delightful December, brought so many magical and putting me and
wonderful moments for all ages in this community. Alexander in the Jack
Ably assisted with our partners within the community, Kane Centre
especially the CECs lifelong learning department, we newsletter for the
collectively shared and put in place a programme which football in December
tapped in to what this community’s requested. he is so proud to be in
it and thank you
Our reach went even further in December with a record
again for the football
number of people being involved in taking part in what
we and our partners had to offer.
tickets” Parent

This drive and commitment to bring about real

motivational moments carries on in to January. So
enjoy the read of our Jumping in to January and Happy
New Year to everyone.

This photo is brought to you by

Sylvia Hawthorne
. Now that we are in Januery things have not slowed
down one bit.
Scottish Charity 020762 January 2019

Bringing it back and making it

Dales Delightful Story

‘I first got involved in the centre as a young person a whole 13

years ago, pitching up to the Friday night group. “This is
Fast forward 10 years and I started volunteering to give a little me”
back to my community. From that, it got me involved in a youth
exchange to Italy with young people from all over Europe which
opened my eyes to a whole other world that I was blind to.

That inspired me to go to university where I currently study

Social Sciences, alongside being the Vice Chair of this amazing
centre. The work that goes on here really is life changing, and I
think I’m a pretty good example of that’.

Gillian’s Go Get Attitude written by Gillian Davidson

Working alongside Beautiful People written by Kym
I have had the pleasure of knowing Kym and Emma for I have worked alongside Gillian since she was very young;
about 10 years. I met them at the Jack Kane Centre, when I first met her she was a really shy girl with the
(girls group). I was not very confident when I first unforgettable hair, eyes and smile. After a few sessions,
started, but they soon made me feel comfortable and Gillian slowly started to talk to staff. After a few months she
gave me confidence. I soon began to relax and enjoy was sharing her views, stories and opinions within the group
the company of the other girls. As I grew older and left discussions. It was refreshing to see such a quiet girl
school and the Jack Kane Centre, Kym and Emma kept change in front of my eyes. I got the privilege to learn more
in touch with me. and more about this strong young woman. The relationship
we built was priceless; she would share her stories about
Kym and Emma come and see me about every couple her family, friends and school. The one thing that was
of months we go out for a coffee, and I feel I can still crystal clear was the loving relationship she had with her
talk to them. They have been great support to me and family especially her Grandparents.
my family through a couple of difficult years. I can’t
thank them enough for their work and the Jack Kane Although Gillian quite openly spoke about the tragic loss of
Centre and also their care and compassion after I left her mother at such a young age, she never spoke about it in
the centre and right up to this day they are FABULOUS front of the whole group. As part of the project the young
GIRLS. females were encouraged to showcase their stories, and
Gillian decided to share hers. To watch her stand in front of
They are both very helpful on many levels, and they still a room full of guests and be proud of her journey was one of
support me through my illness and helping me to be an the highlights of my career.
independent confident person.
At our most recent visit, I saw a happy, confident and
Jack Kane Centre has many activities helping the independent young lady, ready to take on the new challenge
community and all the kids that come to the club’s. No of living in her own tenancy. It has been an absolute honour
problem is ever too great for them. There’s many times for her to invite me into her life and allow me to pop in and
when I think, I don’t know how I would have managed
out of her journey. I always see a determined and
without their support thank you.
inspirational young lady who has brought so much joy and
memories within my career and life, and for that I will always
be thankful.
Scottish Charity 020762 January 2019

Transition Tuesday

Tuesday is all about transition as the Primary 7 children from the cluster positive
action primary schools. Come together at the centre. This year long transition group
supports the primary 7 children on their journey as they reach the ultimate
destination of High school. The group assists the children to be confident
individuals and build positive relationships with their peers. To add even more
value to the project the children work alongside key figures from the local high
schools, taking in informal visits and getting a better understanding of schools, in
order for them and their families to make more informed choices.

Roaring Towards Road Safety

Driving this group forward in the right direction, the good hood group children’s
group meet every Friday 1-3pm for children in primary 4-7(8 years and over) have
been exploring keeping myself safe and this month’s topic focused upon Road the
them saw the children producing our online safety guide for the wider community.
The group are always keen to work together share ideals and thoughts about
keeping safe. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on line safety tips from the
children and the group.

Agents 4 Change

Creating new learning whilst having fun the agents for change have begun the new
training camp with St Francis RC primary school and Niddrie Mill primary school. The
project will work alongside the current primary 6 children and class teachers for the next
8 weeks.

Exploring relevant community based issues and topics, the programme looks to build
confident individuals and effective contributors to the wider community. The agents
training programme looks to take the programme further by digging deeper in their
communities so that children can uncover and explore the world that the live in.

Happy & Healthy

Let’s help develop happy healthy children. The 426 Thursday group continues to
work alongside the primary 4- 6 children from the cluster positive action primary
schools to explore health and wellbeing. The topic for this term is healthy eating.
with the group exploring the 3 main meal times.

Each week the children pick a meal time they want to learn about further with the
session then being tailored to suit the age and stage development. The group
recently explore Burns night to find out more about the traditional Scottish dish.

Scottish Charity 020762 January 2019

Look whose back

In partnership with CEC Lifelong Learning, all youth and children’s groups have
returned to the centre for 2019! Welcoming 20 new children and young people to
the groups, the centre has been a burst of energy and learning with a range of
innovative projects taking place. These include; development of girls group
animation project, with a sneak preview for the MC coming to a meeting soon,
fundraising efforts in full planning process as the males group look towards their
European leg and exciting term within the Smooth Moves group as they look to
further explore the transition to high school and what to expect in the coming
months. MC members are always more than welcome to come along and visit 12 Steps of
groups and please contact lead staff members to arrange.
Full centre/team involvement and
sharing of roles
Back again Review centre lets from 30th
The centre’s youth and children’s team welcome back Kirsty Murrin as a November – 2nd week in January
sessional worker. Kirsty, currently a 3rd year student at Moray House studying
Community Education, has previously worked within the Saturday and Friday Clear and agreed timescales in place
evening services. Kirsty will bring her bubbly personality and range of skills and for set up of centre, grotto and
knowledge of working alongside children and young people throughout the city, overall programme
in a range of capacities from school based, open youth provision in Westerhailes
and currently placement supporting children, young people and their families Inventory to be created for resources
with varying medical needs, at the Sick Kids Hospital. and equipment

Sharing and spreading the ‘magic

moments’ – why we do it

Have an opening – ‘switch on’ of the

Call the Inspectors lights and marking the start of the
We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity for young people to share the
festive programme
impact that the centre has had on them, at a recent meeting, as part of the
Integration Children’s Service Inspection, taking place throughout the local Increase set up – include office areas
authority. Through one to one and group work discussions, young people were and lounge
able to express their feelings of the centre, the work that it does and the direct
benefits of this in their lives. Young people’s views and the inspector’s findings Keep the wrapping – therapeutic and
are likely to feature within the final report and this will be made available to the good involvement of different people
MC. A sample of what this may include; and one of the inspectors final parting
words included: Improve communication amongst the
team and lead people for different
‘This centre, the young people, and the work you do, is truly inspirational’. elements of the programme and

V-Inspired? Have more Santa’s! – recruit at least

one new Santa for next programme
Putting the V in Victory for Inspiring young people in volunteering
Increase team involvement – grotto
V-inspired has come alive this month as the centre externally advertised the new nights and set up of centre – specific
part time co-ordinator vacancy. Nominated representatives from the MC have dates
been meeting, forming the recruitment panel and have been working in line with
the centre’s recruitment procedures. With interviews scheduled to take place in We want to improve on:
the 2nd week of February, V-inspired look forward to putting the spotlight on the
successful candidate in the next edition of the ‘Centre News Report’. Planning, timescales,
involvement and commitment.
Scottish Charity 020762 January 2019

The Circus is coming to town

Roll up Roll up, the centres Disability in Action Saturday
morning family group received a January bonanza as they
were provided with tickets for fantastic seats in Portobello
Town Hall.

Circus Starr performed their winter circus extravaganza

which was created for children who are new to the spectacle
of live performances or who find it difficult to sit and
concentrate for any period of time. The performance was
funded by local businesses from the area.

Through our amazing relationship with the Hopscotch

charity (they are the ones that we go to Ardvillin with) seven
families (23 people) took up the offer to experience this
magical show. By all accounts it didn’t disappoint.

‘We don’t often do these kind of day outs like this, but it was a very
inclusive audience’.

‘It was excellent and the atmosphere was so child friendly’

Read All about It

What a great way to celebrate the centers news and get our stories to a larger audience.
Heres what people have said so far about the content?
It’s impressive and shows what can be achieved
You are all so positive all the Your stars! through good partnership working. Paul
time. Maureen
Good to see the great work we
know you’re doing captured so Thank you for the Well done to you and the team, and
well! Kate update, which I the local community for making the
know doesn’t cover winter programme such a success.
half of what you get Evelyn
up to! Mary


The February break brings so many wonderful opportunities? Sun, sea and no school. Well this isn’t true when your part of
the EXCEL project. In February we are looking to put on a range of fabby activities over the week long holiday period.

Schools In will see staff from the centre working alongside our fabulous community school partner and a range of key
organisations to bring children from P4-7 an amazing feel good health and wellbeing programme. Focusing on children
from St Francis RC, this free programme will run through the February break, Monday to Friday from 10am-12noon.

The children will take part in various sporting and non-sporting activities exploring health and wellbeing and team work.
There will be fun, games and laughter alongside a free snack. The children will get the opportunity to take part in these
amazing activities all within their own current school setting. Please don’t hesitate the centre for more information.

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