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1) Identify the subject in the following sentences:

a. Maria is a very big friend of mine. _______________________

b. Carlos and I are living nearby. __________________________
c. My father goes to work by car. __________________________
d. Does your mother work at home? _______________________
e. The animals in the zoo don’t like their food.
f. The plane ticket to New York costs a fortune!
g. The cake is ready! ___________________________________
h. How is your aunt going? ______________________________
i. Does your mom and her sister get on well?
j. The CD’s are in the box. ______________________________

2) Now substitute the words for the correspondent pronoun.

a. __________________________________________________
b. __________________________________________________
c. __________________________________________________
d. __________________________________________________
e. __________________________________________________
f. __________________________________________________
g. __________________________________________________
h. __________________________________________________
i. __________________________________________________
j. __________________________________________________