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Congress of the United States of Representatives ungron, DE 20515 As I begin my third term, [ rite to request your favorable consideration for an appointment to the Committee on Ways and Means. Its my understanding that many factors are considered in the selection of members o serve on committoes. Predominant among those factors, strong consideration is given to regional representation as well as ensuring racial and gender diversity ‘Lam pleased to be one of nine Democratic members from Pennsylvania. Th addition to Pennsylvania there are thre other states that comprise Region Ten. There are no Democratic ‘members on the Committee on Ways and Means from my-region, It is my understanding thet the Steering and Policy Committee will replace our fiends, Joe Crowley and Sander Levin, who will not be returning in the next Congress. In addition, once ‘the ratios are established, the Committee could be allocated eight additional seats. Therefore, you may be deciding how to fairly designate ten or more seats on the Committee on Ways and Means. LLrespectfully ask that you consider allocating two of the likely ten seas to Region Ten, will proudly represent th: Third Congressional District inthe new Congress which includes the cradle of American Democracy, the City of Philadelphia. Please know that | served 36 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives with twenty of those years serving as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. You may find it interesting that one of our revered Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin also served as Chairman ofthis commit respectfully suggest to you that Iam seasoned and experienced in the appropriations process and also have considerable experience onthe subjects of tax reductions and revenue enhancements. For 20 years, Lwas the lead negotiator for House Democrats not only on state spending outlays but also on the controversial isoues of tax reductions and tax credits took the oath of office on November 14,2016 following # Special Blecticn. Even before] was swom in, I demonstrated a strong commitment to helping secure the majority in the House by becoming a Majority Maker. depleted a significant portion of my campaign account end very early contributed to the DCCC, Id this~and raised nearly $800,000 for the DCCC in my first two years ~ because I am committed to advancing Democratic proritias and making a difference os part ofthis Caucus, and because Ihave no interest in seeking an office besides that of US. Representative, My key priorities in Congress include: ‘+ Putting America's Middle Neighborhoods back on top ~ these are neighborbocds that ‘could lip toward grovth o blight, Finding solutions to hunger and poverty, ‘Working towards a progressive tax code, Investing in public schoo! infrestructare, and Increasing access to capital and credit for small business owners and citizens in out communities, An in lange part because of my experience as chairman, Junderstand these complex issues ‘with the granular detall necessary to debate and engage but possess the humility to continue to Jearn from my colleagues and inezease my acumen. Thave not only the intellectual stamina, but also the emotional intelligence necessary to become a high-functioning Member on the Ways and Means Committee, anda leader amongat our peers if Lrecsive the honor of being selected {or this committe. {In addition, nothing highlights my bipartisan credentials more than my leadership as Chaiernan, cof the Appropriations Committee is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 20 of my 36 years {nthe state legislature. Tmanaged to master the legislative process with curl, utban, and suburban Pennsylvania, and was willing to listen to and negotiate with others who did not share my views, critical trait to possess in these times. also worked withthe Senate Republican leadership to create and fund Pennsylvania's Children’s Health Insurance Program, ‘hich became the model fr taking CHIP national My region needs a strong voice o reagon with policy makers across the aisle on healtheare needs for minorities and rural Americans. I understand why itis important to fight fr reliable, high-quality, and affordable healthcare that will be there when our constituents need it. My congressional district comprises several well-enawn medical an higher education institutions, such as Penn, Drexel, Jefferson and Finstain. ‘And since coming to Washington, my background working on the complex Farm Bill as a member ofthe Agriculture Committee has provided me the chance to increase my understanding of how loa economies are impacted by global trade practices, [ean better appreciate, fr evap the ee yb at ava or Penaylvania daly n dealing withthe likes of Canada, Japan, and the European Union, while being cognizant of the interests of others ‘on the Committee and the foreign nations with whom we engage. Ihave come to view food policy as foreign policy ‘And as the Ranking Member of the Small Business’ Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access I vigorously embraced my role as 2 champion of progressive values on tax policy and intelligent collaboration between business and government. In my frst two years in ‘Congress, Ihave also atterded nearly every meeting ofthe little-known but well-regarded ‘Democratic Budget Group toad to my knowledge of budget, tax, finance and foreign policy. Inadition, because of my Pennsylvania House experience, !bring poliey aptitude, the ability tobean advocate, and to provide vigilance when necessary. would ada that tis no cincidence that my fist bill introduced in Congress, H.R. 922, is legislation which would help schools by including them in the Federal Rehabilitation tax credit and isan example of how © use the tax code to foment economic growth. [understand the depth and breadth ofthese critical issues, and if selected to serve on the Ways and Means Committee, will bring a voice of reason, a conscience of mind, and fearlessness of character to the Committe. ‘The 116th Congress presents a historic opportunity to move beyond partisan gridlock and produce results in tax policy, Social Security and retirement savings, and the overall economy forthe American people. Sadly, fo the past two yeats, progress has taken a backseat to politics ~but today is a new beginaing—and tomorrow a chance to demonstrate to the American people that we can govern by putting ideas nto action, such as fine-tuning our tax treaties, ‘working to make health care more accessible and affordable, preserving Socal Security's guaranteed benefits, and strengthening economic security forall Americans, ‘The months ahead will present many great challenges, bu they also offer the opportunity to ‘estore the faith ofthe American people and make progress to ensure security and prosperity for all Americans by getting things done. I respectfully and humbly ask that you appoint me to serve as a Member of the Committee an Ways and Means. Sincerely, —— Dwight Evans ‘Member of Congress