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Assemblymember Kevin Cahill, Chairman of the Assembly Energy Committee said, “Commissioner Pete Grannis was fired for sounding the alarm and because the truth came out about the Department of Environmental Conservation. Budget cuts and staff attrition have pushed the agency to the brink. Instead of rising to the challenge and working to address these serious issues, the Governor's reaction was to fire the one person holding it all together. This wrong-headed move will cost New Yorkers dearly. A functional DEC is essential for the protection of our air and water quality and right now the agency is struggling to meet its responsibilities. We are seeing it locally with a permitting bottleneck further delaying responsible developments. Looking ahead, even if hydrofracking was safe, DEC does not even come remotely close to having the resources to enforce drilling regulations," said Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Chair of the Assembly Energy Committee.” Assemblymember Robert Sweeney, Chairman of the Committee on Environmental Conservation stated, “The firing of Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis is one more in a long series of examples of the Paterson administration’s open hostility to the environment. It is obvious that the performance of Commissioner Grannis was anything but poor. He performed his duty as New York’s environmental caretaker with diligence, clarity and fearlessness. Commissioner Grannis stood firm against proposals to cut the DEC to nearly the lowest levels in its history, and he paid for it. Today we honor his courage to stand up for our water, land and air and to be a staunch advocate for his agency. Governor Paterson may think that by firing Pete, he can silence criticism from those who care about our natural resources. We will not be silent at a time when the DEC is in danger of losing its ability to protect our environment. This administration fired him for speaking the truth – DEC can’t suffer any more staff losses and still protect the environment. We must not allow Governor Paterson to undo 40 years of environmental progress.” Assemblymember Sandy Galef said, “It is critical for the Department of Environmental Conservation to have sufficient resources to continue protecting the environment from both natural and man-made harmful effects. I thank Commissioner Grannis for his years of services defending the environment as both an Assemblyman and as the DEC’s Commissioner. We are lucky to have had such a great advocate for environmental causes and I hope Governor Paterson will reconsider his decision to let this outstanding commissioner leave state government.”

Assemblymember Harvey Weisenberg said, “I know first hand that Pete is the most reliable and responsible person to run DEC. He’s been a vital asset in preserving and protecting our state and this is yet another loss for our environment.” Assemblymember George Latimer stated, “Peter Grannis has been a terrific DEC Commissioner, and his firing was simply unwarranted.” Assemblymember Barbara Lifton said, “I am appalled at the firing of Commissioner Grannis because someone unknown to him leaked an internal memo outlining the terrible consequences for the protection of our environment that would result from state budget cuts and further loss of DEC staff. The memo was requested by the Governor's office and Commissioner Grannis was simply doing his job in reporting the painful truths about this critical matter.” Assemblymember Michelle Schimel said, “We have a new environmental folk hero in New York State, Pete Grannis. Pete has always stood, sometimes alone, as the consummate advocate for the environment. He understands you cannot compromise on regulations, and enforcement requires a constant vigilance. By the way, he was always my hero.” Assemblymember Jim Brennan stated, "The Governor’s actions are a completely inappropriate way of dealing with the fact that the State’s environmental conservation agency is facing grossly disproportionate cuts. Commissioner Grannis should be reinstated immediately." Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, former Chairman of Environmental Conservation stated, "It’s always disturbing when an official is removed from their post for upholding the oath of office they’ve taken. Pete Grannis’ opposition to potential budget cuts that he knew would cause irrevocable harm to the mission of the agency he piloted is not something he should be fired over but something he should be applauded for." Assemblymember Steve Englebright stated, “The Governor has shamed himself and his office by terminating Commissioner Grannis for doing his job by speaking factually about how disproportionate cuts to the DEC will likely hurt the public health protection mission of this vital agency. Sadly, the message sent through this unwarranted firing is that accountability from officials in this administration is not only not valued but that truthfulness will be punished. The reckless discharge of Commissioner Grannis also sends another signal: it is time for the legislature to consider how to halt Governor Patterson's relentless attack upon the environment.” Assemblymember Marc Molinaro said, “The termination of Pete Grannis is yet another unfortunate chapter in Governor Paterson’s heavy-handed administration. The timing of the firing of a staunch environmental advocate could not be more devastating for our local environment. This will undoubtedly further delay public works projects, private investment and job growth. The DEC is already reeling from the recent departure of experienced employees through the early retirement incentive. Mr. Grannis’ transparency – outlining the consequences of proposed layoffs – should be commended, not punished.”


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